Food prep question for experienced carnivores


I think he means this.

I failed carnivore or carnivore failed me??? ahhh so when one can’t do it and says it sucks, most times it is because they did not eat enough.

coming from that old myth of counting kcals, controlling their food/fat intake and other things like attempting fasting right out of the gate on carnivore. tons of reasons…if people would only do the right thing from the start.

eat as much meat as you want, all the time, never fast, never drink your food or let it take your appetite away and let it happen naturally but many still try to control the entry into carnivore. never works for most.


yeah, I know. lol… I’m working on it. It’s my soothing morning ritual. It’s not a lot… a few tablespoons of HWC, but I think it (and the fact that coffee alone is suppressing) is preventing me from eating enough meat. Last week I bought myself a smaller travel coffee mug to take my coffee to work, to force myself to drink less (I don’t drink the yucky office coffee).


hey that is smart :slight_smile: I like that LOL

(Jack Bennett) #44

M / 44yo / 175-180 lbs / 5’11"

When I’m doing OMAD (weekdays) I tend to have about 350-450g of ground beef (but also a couple of eggs, a protein shake, and some string cheese).

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Wow! That is shockingly expensive for rib eye!

(Elizabeth ) #46

I think that’s about $14 a pound yeah very pricey but I’ve seen butcher shops and grass-fed at that price even more closer to 20 or 25 a pound


Yup :frowning: beef tenderloin is about 38€/kg, chucks, shoulders range from 8-15€/kg…

(Raj Seth) #48

Now that’s good E9-E17/KG = $4-$7 / lb for chuck/shoulder - that is a great price for a tasty cut. Just cook it slow - sous-vide and sear, or low and slow in the oven or indirect heat on the bbq
Pounds of deliciousness

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(Elizabeth ) #50

some people recommend 200 degree oven until rare, cool, slice off steaks and sear in hot pan.


Yup, we make lots of chucks, briskets, shoulders…delicious :slight_smile:

(Jane Srygley) #52

I told my partner that I’m “carnivore curious” and that I definitely want to start eating more meat. We went shopping yesterday and I picked up some ground beef. He was like, “Here, have these for your lunches this week,” and put 1.29 lbs of ribeye steak in the cart! So… that was cool! I cooked one of the 2 steaks last night and brought it to work. I already ate half of it and it’s only 7:15am! I really like that stuff but haven’t eaten a lot of meat in many years. I do feel like my body is happier with this type of food. It’s like I’m a reluctant vampire or something… :vampire:


That is one darn good supportive partner for sure! very cool. I consider anyone putting ribeye in my cart and saying go for it is a wonderful thing :slight_smile:

So glad you are eating your fill as you need it. Very important. Protein is so vital. Just so vital it is crazy yet so many limit and control it way to low in their ‘tracking/counting’ etc. lifestyle. Free protein to eat as the body needs is just what the body wants!! The body wants that protein and fat nutrition.

So happy you are doing so great…feeling good and feel like this is fitting you well!!

How has it been for you? Are your snacking tendencies and all that feeling of needing to eat etc. starting to wain a bit for you? Do you feel more in control etc. about your food intake…in that you are eating all you need in that carnivore way but do you feel like a loose cannon with food as you might have been a bit? just wondering how you are feeling in general and how you feel you might be changing a bit.

(Jane Srygley) #54

Thanks so much for asking :heart: I think it’s still a bit early to tell. This is the first time I can remember in many years eating BEEF first thing in the morning so… that’s new! I’m still working out how I’m going to do this. I don’t plan on going 100% carnivore but definitely want to work on getting my protein needs met carnivorously. In addition to the 5 or so oz of steak this morning, I had a keto bagel, cream cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs. I definitely notice that I have a tendency to overeat any dairy. The cream in my coffee is fine but any other dairy just makes me want more… so I may have been better off just finishing the steak! So yeah… still in the experimental phase but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much for your interest and support :heart:

(Susan) #55

It is awesome that your partner is being so supportive of your way of eating, that is terrific. He is a keeper for sure!!


yea. I know you are experimenting but finishing the rest of the steak probably would give you that more full feeling.

dairy is so weird for so many. it can make one crave, you feel more hungry after eating it sometimes, it just doesn’t hold us mostly. We sure love it tho. And so many have some form of allergy to it. Low tolerance.

Yes more time with more protein and you can then see what differences you may get. Good thing is you have time to see how it all goes for ya :slight_smile:

(traci simpson) #57

I’m 54, 5’3” but 160. I want to be 150!!! Scale won’t budge. I stay within 158-163. So frustrating.

(Edith) #58

I’m sorry you are so frustrated. :pensive: Are you still trying carnivore? I’m finding food control much easier on carnivore.

Also, I just listened to a podcast with Dr. Eric Westman. He mentioned that when people are having trouble losing weight on low carb/high fat diets there is usually carb creep. He tells his patients to only use total carbs not net carbs.

We should meet for lunch again. I had fun meeting you last time. :grinning:


F/5’8"/ bouncng between 182-190#

I had stayed carnivore pretty much this fall through Christmas, but added in some veggies (and a few other carbs here and there). While in full carnivore-mode, stopped intentionally IF and EF. Which, I don’t think was a great idea, but I wasn’t eating more that OMAD or TMAD. So, to me- that was kind of fasting. I wasn’t hungry more than once or twice a day. Think I messed up the metabolism some by stopping my previous fasting. What I should have done is more intentional fasting for a longer period- like the Zorn fast every month, or a 48 fast each week.

Jan. 14 my hubby started carnivore with me- just to see how he’d feel. He’s slipped up a couple times, but for the most part, is doing quite well. He has to eat way more food, and much more often than I do. Beef is our go-to food. We raise grass fed beef cattle, and are loaded to the gills with beef right now. Since you asked about quantities, I can list the types of meat and about how much we eat.
Burgers … about 2 for me, maybe 3 for hubby Maybe around 4-6 ounces before cooking. Once cooked, I dip each bite in melted butter.
round beef crumbled w/ homemade taco-type seasoning 1c for me; 1-2c for hubby. w/ sour cream
short ribs cooked in the slow cooker then broiled…a pound, w bone in for either of us. (dipped in butter)
Beef bacon…pretty filling due to fat content…no more than 3 slices each as a side to an egg dish.
Brisket ??? No clue how much of that I eat, honestly. It’s like meat-candy to me, and I dip it in butter.
Steaks - no more than 16 ounces at a meal. for either of us…and yes, I dip each bite in butter.
Uncured Turkey bacon (from Aldi)…I’ve eat a whole pack before, cooked in butter/ghee.
(we don’t eat pork …not going to disucss why either.=)
As for the chicken…I only get the skin-on, bone-in thighs. A whole pack - 8 to 10 of them, I cook top down in an iron skillet until they are med-golden brown, flip them, cook for about 5 min, then into a hot oven for 20-30m. The crispy skin is like the more delicious chips ever, and the meat is nice and fatty. I can’t eat more than 4 in a sitting. Same for hubby.
3-4 hardboiled eggs in a sitting, with some bacon on the side, maybe. We’ve both been feeling a little like Cool-hand Luke, the way we’ve been going through the eggs lately! Its turned into hubby’s snack food. I like the eggs cut open longways with a pat of butter on each side, then salted.

All these meats, done in a skillet, or in a slow cooker- I save the drippings, and cook more meat or eggs in it. Got half a jar of the drippings from the beef bacon. Awesome for cooking scrambled eggs!

I make cheese crisps as well. Either nuke or bake shredded cheddar until brown, cool, and then break up into “crackers”.

I’ve added in a 24 hour fast each week for now. Will go up to 48 hr in Feb. I didn’t start the gym yet but that is coming.

Like you, I’ve got to cook things ahead of time. Hard boiled eggs with butter is a staple. Burgers, or cut up cubes of steak or roast with butter for dipping…another staple. 3 hard boiled eggs really holds me over for most of the day. If I eat them around 730-8am, I don’t get hungry until 3-4ish. If I eat any sooner, its just because of scheduled breaks at work with no other opportunity to eat later. I’d rather fast, but a grumbling tummy at work is kind of uncomfortable when I’m around other people. Recently started putting MCT capsules in my pocket, and pop a couple when I’m at the desk with a water bottle nearby. That seems to help.

(traci simpson) #60

Hi. I’m about 90% carnivore. I cook with onions, not a lot just a pinch and garlic. I’m going to have to be even more careful if I eat out or what I drink. Maybe less HWC