Food prep question for experienced carnivores

(Daisy) #81

Spoke too soon on the digestion. Whatever they cooked that steak in last night has destroyed my stomach ever since. Back to running to the bathroom after every meal. I asked my husband to remind me to say only salt next time we go. :disappointed_relieved:


LOL This is when I lick my fingers a lot when it is more fatty :slight_smile:


LOL, ut oh you might want me on your butt also…hey you are doing stellar on your PKD! What you guys are accomplishing is wonderful!


ohh Daisy that happened to me when I ordered prime rib out at Outback Steakhouse a while ago. It was ‘encrusted’ with herbs/spice and I thought, ut, cant be that bad? Oh yea it nailed me. So I feel for you on that one. I also now ask for my steaks without any type of seasoning they splash onto them now. better safe than sorry :slight_smile: Hope you feel better soon!!


Of course I lick my fingers (usually just 8 as my little fingers are little and stays pretty clean) first :smiley:

(Jane Srygley) #86

@ketodaisy I have to wonder if it’s the oil the steak was cooked in. If they’re using gross seed or crapola oil, that could be the issue (i think so anyway).

(Daisy) #87

That’s a good possibility too. I’m getting to the point that I don’t even want to go out anymore, but that’s not fair to my family. I just don’t want to feel bad anymore!! I got a taste of what I should feel like and that’s what I want! Lol


I know for me this prime rib was slathered in some crunchy crusty herbs and spice. it was a nightmare LOL, but yea I get that. who knows how truly food is cooked in or with what or handled etc. Boy makes me love my kitchen more and more!


oh yes I can relate big time. I also ‘go out’ for them. I could skip all restaurants with no troubles now, but famiy drags me to it and I just deal.
great post!