Food prep question for experienced carnivores

(Jane Srygley) #1

I’m a little intimidated by you carnivore people, not gonna lie :flushed: but I need your help. I’m going to attempt to incorporate more meat protein into my diet to help me feel more satisfied and see if that helps me reduce/eliminate my snacking tendencies. I’m not going to go full carnivore, but I’d like to get my protein needs satisfied earlier in the day. Just eating more fat doesn’t make me feel satiated. I really need to protein component and non-meat protein doesn’t do it for me.

I need to prep my food ahead of time, so how much do you think would take care of my carnivorous needs for the day? I’m not sure how much to prepare… Currently, I eat one meal a day with meat protein, typically like 4 chicken drumsticks or 4 oz beef. For the remainder of my protein, I eat a little turkey bacon (I don’t eat pork and don’t want to talk about the reasons for that) plus eggs, cheese and an occasional protein bar.

So what’s a good starting point? How much meat do you guys tend to eat in a day? I’m female, 57yo, 5’3" and about 210 lbs. Thanks :heart:


Hi! I eat about a lb of meat a day, but I’m trying to increase that. I’m also 5’3". For my meal preps, which I do, for work lunches… I just make sure I have cooked meat the night before, so i can take something to work. If I don’t have enough leftovers in the fridge, I cook more that night. Last night I made steak, and I already had ground beef in the fridge, so today I brought steak and ground beef to work, and half of a cheeseburger my husband didn’t finish, haha. I have researched lots of tips on how to re-heat beef without drying it out… lol. I’ll even cook eggs to bring to work the next day, I’ll just undercook them a tad so I can re-heat.

(Elizabeth ) #3

I eat 2-3 pounds of meat a day, no dairy no eggs. 63yo, weigh a little less than you but sedentary. Losing weight still :grin:


Oh gosh you had me laughing on this one!

BOO! HAHA All we all good here and will help you for sure.
And you don’t have to go full carnivore.

I think you are heading in a great direction. I see from your stats you lost bigger weight already. So you been here, done that :slight_smile:

Won’t hit you with carnivore chat etc. You are asking about protein and fat.

the fat you want is from the protein you eat. Don’t think added fat like butter. You want fatty type meats.

I eat around 2 lbs per day. I am 58 and 5’8 and actively losing lbs now on carnivore. I am about 190 now heading down the scale. Thing is one day I will eat 2 lbs. easily, the next day 1.5 or the next maybe lower in heavy meat like steak and gear toward seafood, maybe some processed stuff like salami, it is just cause I am not that hungry that I head that way and eat lighter, but then boom, I want my heavy meat days again. I eat exactly how my body asks and follow the quantity it wants all the time. I never limit. Never overeat. Eat til absolutely full and done.

I just ate a 1 lb. ribeye. I couldn’t finish it. I ate 75% and will snack out on the leftover in a bit cause I will want it…then tonight I will gravitate toward 2 chicken breasts, smaller size and eat both. Now that I sautee in some grass fed butter cause it is so lean.

I might hit a tin of sardines if wanted. Yum.

I do seafood a lot. I fair best on about a 8-10 oz ribeye then eat up like easily a 1/2 lb of jumbo with it.

one thing. eat more protein. it is so very very vital. so many are undereating protein. it is a fact out there. no denying it.

think fatty type meats. eggs are great but pair with some true red meat. seafood is fab…pair with red meat. chicken is great but have that paired up with some red meat in your day.

key is beef here :slight_smile: heavy dense fatty delish cuts of beef. these cuts of meat are the game changers to being content, full, happy, no cravings, not snacky or hungry in that needy feeling way.

You got this Aunt Jane. Any way you up that protein in your day will be key for you. And beef it out, the good protein :slight_smile: give it a fair shot.

think meatballs. think turkey bacon cheeseburgers. think a steak…and yea eat that big old steak!~ add seafood, any kind you like to any of your meat options as a ‘side’ dish.

Important also now…don’t think OMAD. Don’t fast.

Just eat your meat, eggs, etc. and eat any time you feel you need to eat. Very important because if you do this, it leads to your appetite become more satiated etc. You build it up. So it is important not to ‘diet’ at all. Just eat the meat and go for it :slight_smile: And in a while see how you feel…I would say hopefully within a week up upping that protein level you will feel way less hungry and more calm.

keep the thread alive and let us know how you are doing thru your days. It is great to try a bit of experimenting on yourself…not a darn thing wrong with that :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hear about any changes you experience. See, we ain’t that bad HAHA

(Edith) #5

Dr. Ted Naiman has a theory that we feel hunger until we get all the protein and micronutrients we need. That’s why people over eat on SAD, because they have to eat a lot to meet their needs, especially protein.

Some fat has a few vitamins, but it is mostly energy. I think if you are not eating enough protein on keto, eating more fat is not going to help because your body still wants protein.

I will cook a bunch of chicken thighs and freeze them individually. Then, I can pull them out of the freezer for lunch. I also make pulled pork or brisket and freeze them in half pound portions.

I’ve been eating up to 1.5 pounds of meat per day. I’m 53 years old, 5’3”, 120 pounds. The interesting thing I am finding is that I no longer need to supplement with extra salt during the day, although I still salt my food.

On carnivore I am naturally following a 2mad pattern with some 3mad in there, too. I couldn’t do that on keto. I think because I am getting better nourishment now.

(It's all about the bacon, baby!) #6

At 210 pounds, and assuming that your body composition is about 70% lean mass and 30% fat mass, you would want to be eating 67 - 100 grams of protein a day. Since proteinaceous foods contain about 7 grams of protein per ounce, that means eating 10 - 14 ounces of meat a day.

Protein recommendations tend to vary, but from what I can tell, 1.0-1.5 g/day/kg lean body mass is a good range. So I figure that 210 lbs. = 95.5 kg, and 95.5 x1 0.7 = 66.8 grams, so you want to be eating roughly 67 - 100 grams of protein a day. You could even eat as much as 134 g/day, according to some of the experts.

(Bob M) #7

I’m no longer 210, that was a while ago. I’m about 195 or so now, but I can easily eat several pounds of meat a day. This is the trouble with a fixed protein level. You could add a bunch of fat to that, even beef suet if you wish. That would keep your protein down. I have trouble doing that, though. It feels “fake”. Instead of eating “real food” of say a steak, I’d have to eat the steak and pure fat.

(Katie) #8
  • First of all, I find that beef, goat, and lamb are way more satisfying than chicken or other meats. I suggest experimenting with that.
  • Many find that if they get in adequate micronutrients from liver or other organ meats, their cravings/snackiness are curbed. The thinking is that the snacking is a way for your body to get those micronutrients, but if you are not filling up on nutrient-rich foods then your body will keep searching. Begin your day with liver, maybe just 1 oz, or do a little pill-sized amount daily. I think that the recommendation is about 4 oz weekly.
  • For an amount in one meal, try beginning with about 8 oz of fatty meat.

(Daisy) #9

I eat about 1-2 lbs of meat a day. For reference, I’m 39, 5’6” and under 150 lbs. I’m looking to make some adjustments in that area, as I’m still actively trying to lose weight. I usually make .5-1 lb of steak or ground beef in the morning and under cook it. That way, when I microwave it at work, it’s not over cooked.


wonderful post!

(Raj Seth) #11

NO, we can’t eat all of you in one day. would definitely have to portion you out over a week or so.

Oh - carnivore. I thought you said cannibal…

(Full Metal Carnivore AF) #12

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this quantity of meat to do Carnivore. I hardly eat any vegetables at all 5 days or more a week. Sometimes it’s just a couple Jalapeños chopped up in my eggs or a small tomato as a side to meat or eggs. Now and then when my son stays here I eat a serving or two of broccoli or cauliflower, maybe a salad. But I eat quite a few days weekly that are 98% animal foods. Maybe I eat 1-1.5 lbs of meat and 3-4 eggs per day. 0-3oz of Cheese too. But I am not hungry for 2-3 lbs of beef in a day. I weigh 145 lbs and I am 60 yo. To eat more than I am would be pushing myself into excess food in my stomach because I already eat till satiety. When I go full carnivore in a couple of weeks I don’t at this point plan on trying to significantly increase my food, just going to eliminate the spices and hot peppers and dairy and the little veg I eat to see where that leads. I don’t think it will leave much of a deficit to fill, maybe just a little more protein. This is what I will attempt the first month and decide what to do going forward at that time. Right now I’m getting my cheese and spices in while I can!

@Elizedge Honestly I can’t fathom how you eat that much! :cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat: :cowboy_hat_face:

(Katie) #13

Unless someone has a metabolic disease or has to keep ketones really high for other medical reasons (epilepsy), is it really that bad to have too much protein? I would air on the side of too much rather than too little.

(Katie) #14

Sounds like that may be an adequate amount, especially if you are not very active? Is there need to push for more meat?

(Full Metal Carnivore AF) #15

I don’t know, maybe I just have a problem being outdone by the ladies! :laughing::joy::joy::grin:

But seriously I think 2+ lbs per day is a standard recommendation for Carnivore. Everyone talks about under eating being a common fail point on carnivore. I watched a Kelly Hogan video interviewed by Judy Cho yesterday and they look like 125 lbs wet, and eat a 2+ pounds daily, almost always beef. A pound of ground beef stuffs me pretty good and is hard to finish, it’s hard to imagine eating that twice daily.


(Edith) #16

I think when I made my first attempt at carnivore, I was just getting full very quickly and I didn’t eat enough. I lost a lot of hair.

This time around I’m eating more meat and getting liver via liverwurst. The hair loss has finally stopped. I think I was stressing my body from not enough nutrients.


The eating well and making sure you do just that is very important on carnivore.

remember also tho we bounce sometimes. 2-3 lbs easily and then we might do a 1 lb one day cause it is all we need.

just truly follow your hunger. It will ramp up and ebb so just eat as you want, never restrict.

Ladies on carnivore know how to eat LOL

See Kelly can eat like 10 cheeseburgers from McDs. I just can’t do that. I don’t like fast food burgers to even go there. But she loves them.

Just eat what you love, when you do just that, you do eat a bit more cause you are enjoying the heck out of your food :slight_smile:


Like David, I am fascinated at the amounts of meat you can eat on carnivore…:joy:

In metric, that is about a kilogram of meat!!


I like that…it sounds so lady like. I eat 1 kilogram of meat/seafood per day…beats I hoover down 2 lbs LOL cool

(Utility Muffin Research Kitchen) #20

This. And as others have said, make sure the meat isn’t lean and try beef.

I solved the problem by not carrying food at all, mostly :slight_smile: I usually go one meal a day which I prepare at home, so no problem there. Anything from half a pound to a pound of meat, with some salad, veggies and sometimes dessert.
I will eat a second meal occasionally but I’ll need only a snack and it can be something portable like nuts, hard boiled eggs, cold meatballs or a keto muffin or bone broth (with or without meat in it) if you have a microwave.

Also you’ll adept. I was the same as you a year ago, I always needed meat to be satiated. This changed after half a year or so…