Food prep question for experienced carnivores


Please don’t feel that way. Most of us genuinely want to fix ourselves and help others if possible.
FYI: I thought carnivore was batshit crazy when I first went keto. It took someone I respected taking the plunge, sucessfully, before I gave it a go. :smile:

I tend to eat 2-3lbs a day. I don’t measure. I precook a lot because I eat a good amount of ground beef. I add fat to my meal when cooking leaner bits; not butter or cheese usually tallow, lard or fat trimmings.
I eat mostly beef as it is what my body seems to prefer. Pork (other than belly) has mostly lost its appeal, I no longer care much for chicken although I do eat eggs.

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You guys are so awesome :heart: Just fyi, I just ate 4 chicken drumsticks at 7:30am. I think I’m good for awhile… I hope :blush:

You win the internet for that one! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


be aware chicken won’t hold you very long. So when you do get hungry again, if sooner than you thought you might…you eat again. You have yourself a big old cheeseburger or something like that, it will stick to your ribs :slight_smile:

Now that is breakfast…4 chicken legs!! You rock it out!!

But if your hunger comes quicker feed it again. Chicken is one of those on the fence foods. We love it til we hate it HAHA


omg your too funny. I guess I was a batshit crazy person to you huh? HAHA

yea I thought it was nutso also. Carnivore. Are ya kidding? Who knew I would be one and love it :slight_smile:

My reason behind it being crazy was the fact the carnivores didn’t eat ‘good stuff’ LOL
I thought how in the world can they give up those delish foods…well, now I know :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ummm…been meaning to talk to you about that… :joy::joy::joy:



ok, ok, I get it, I get it…one thinks I might be batshit crazy before I hit carnivore, eh? Cool, cool

you had cracking up there on that!!!


I actually think my first two carnivore trials ended because I just wasn’t eating enough, and not enough of the right things. I ate a lot of dairy and processed meats.
The stricter, and cleaner, I got the more enjoyable this way became.
Odd but the more restrictive I was, the easier it got.
I pre-cooked a batch of meat cookies last night to take for lunch today. Packed some tallow for icing. :yum:


True. That is why the beginning of carnivore it is stated eat the beef and tons of it.

I think people a lot of times miss that point in a way. They want a bit more variety kinda? A bit more slack in what meat they do choose, like chunks of salami with some cheese over a steak.

It makes all the difference in the world to go big beef and hold it for a bit and then you find, you mainly want only that.

Beef is the one no one gets ‘sick of’ mostly. Pork goes away for a lot of us, chicken, ugh, we like it til we hate it, we find the processed stuff won’t hold us long at all so we always tend to head back to the beef.

It seems I always have a 1 lb. ribeye in my life daily. Then I decide what else if wanted cause I am not that hungry later. As long as I start my first food of the day being beef I feel SO IN CONTROL.

Not eating enough and less dense good protein and fat from beef.
Yup 2 things that do effect this plan a lot.

Meat cookies :slight_smile: love it!


There is no way I could sustain ribeye carnivore😂 1 kg of ribeye is around 30€ and I’ve never seen it on any type of sale or special offer…


I feel for you on those prices.
We are like 12.99/lb around here but they sale them down to like 9.99/lb or sometimes specials of 7.99/lb and I grab the heck out of them for the freezer.

So your 30euro is about $15 a lb. basically…around $30 for 2 lbs of meat?

ok, eat 1 lb of meat. $15 meal of ribeye. I know, I feel it also tho. in the wallet. I truly save money elsewhere in my life, frugal gal here, to pay for my meat purchases. I would rather do without some ‘stuff’ purchase and put my money on my steaks :slight_smile: best I can do sometimes.

So many good cuts of meat to eat tho that are cheaper, like I love chuck roast and it is one of our lower priced meats. I could live on that also but I like it in the slow cooker and for me that ribeye is just so easy to just throw in a pan, fry it up fast and eat. It is the easy cook option even vs. a slow cooker for me.

Kinda like beef on demand HA

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It doesn’t have to be ribeye, which is often way too lean anyway.

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I have found the same thing. Especially with the pork belly for some reason. When I first discovered pork belly I couldn’t get enough. Now, it’s meh.


True, we all save where we can and splurge on items worth it :slight_smile: I think my husband and I spend about 50% less on food than we did pre-keto.
Chucks, roasts, shoulders, etc - great prices for huge chunks of delicious beef :slight_smile:

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I have not heard about the under eating issue. Is it carnivores themselves saying that or people trying to find reasons to not do carnivore?

Provokes an interesting conversation about how much someone needs. If someone is meeting her micronutrients requirement, is healthy and not losing muscle, then is she under eating?

(Edith) #35

Well, one pound of sirloin steak, trimmed to 1/8 inch fat, broiled is about 1000 calories. A pound of 80/20 ground beef (raw) comes in at about 1100 calories. Unless one eats more than that, one pound is under eating for most of us.


yes good point @VirginiaEdie . For me, I think the fact that I do have a HWC coffee in the morning might be why I can’t eat more than a lb of meat. So while I may not be depriving myself of calories between that; the meat; the little bit of dark chocolate; the cheese for a cheeseburger, etc, I may be depriving myself of nutrients my body wants from the meat. Also, coffee is an appetite suppressant and can make us think we can’t eat as much as we need to. Me, I’ve been trying to have smaller amounts of coffee, smaller amount of HWC, and up the meat… the other day I had 1.5 lbs of meat, plus cheese on 1 lb of that meat, the HWC (not much, like 3-4 tablespoons) and I was SO uncomfortable by the end of the day… so I have to be gradual about increasing.

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It’s two decades of experience from the veterans and admins in the Facebook groups that have about 40,000 people currently but have seen many more come through those groups over the years.

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About 7 big meatballs at the Christmas party :rofl: Plus I had some cheese earlier, so we’ll see if the beef lasts longer, satiety-wise…

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I think a lot about ancestral eating… I don’t remember any cave paintings of humans chasing birds around! Lots of them hunting ruminants though.


just throwing this out as a carnivore chat issue…in that we should not drink our food.

if HWC in coffee is maybe taking from the food in that it is satisfying you, you might want to rethink how you do your food…eat meat first to total satisfied meal and then have your coffee…with HWC IF YOU can than stand drinking it LOL

carnivore don’t rely on bone broth to replace meat.
coffee with hwc that could take your appetite.

just general carn info that flies around out there. food takes priority before drinks