Fluffy "risen" keto bread anybody?

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So my GF and I have made quite a bit of Keto bread, of the Almond flour, oat fiber, eggs, and cream / mozzarella variety… Which usually comes out pretty good, but kind of dense… Never fluffy.

Recently I was surfing around on YouTube, and saw where a guy was making bread with almond flour, and oat fiber (don’t remember all of the other ingredients) but the kicker was, he used “yeast” and he actually used a small amount of “honey” to feed the yeast ! Then he went on to say, “Don’t worry, the yeast will actually use the honey and you will end up with zero sugar carbs” ? AND, you will end up with bread which actually fluffs up, looks, and tastes very much like traditional, yeast risen bread !

Anybody here making and Keto breads like this ?

Your recipes, and experiences here. Thank you :slight_smile:

Freeze bread, eat bread?

On Reddit, this one’s gotten quite a few raves:

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@OgreZed This is low carb but I question how healthy it is with all the seeds, fiber and wheat gluten. I considered making a bread like this, I was an avid bread baker for years and did some for a restaurant too. But I decided against it because of the gluten.

Chris the fluffyness comes from the starch. White bread is fluffier than whole wheat bread because the bran is removed increasing the starch content. You can’t fill that missing element with ground nuts and oat fiber and through some kind of kitchen alchemy transform bran into fluff!



I’ve done the fathead dough a few times, and once, added yeast to the dough for the flavor. I think it was when the fathead dough had been adapted for keto cinnamon rolls.
Those did get kind of poofy, but they sink pretty fast after coming out of the oven. The yeast had no effect on the poofiness…it was really just for that nice doughy flavor. The first one or two rolls were really quite enjoyable, but the others turned into hockey pucks.

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I think gluten must have some effect. For holidays, I make bread from Einkorn wheat (all purpose flour):

It’s impossible to get this fluffy. It’s always dense, no matter what recipe (I usually use sourdough starter, but have made it with yeast and it’s still dense).

Now, maybe there’s less starch here, I don’t know. I do know the gluten structure is different.

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@ctviggen Gluten adds the chewy texture and traps gases, good for bread but not for cake. That’s why cake and pastry flour is low gluten and higher in starch.

Bran makes bread texture more coarse. That’s why many whole wheat bread recipes include some unbleached white flour and gluten flour to make the loaf lighter and fluffier and to rise better. Oat bran is a lot less coarse than wheat bran. I have never tried einkorn. Does it taste like wheat?


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There is a cloud bread recipe in the Recipes forum that is fairly fluffy. You separate the whites from the rest of the eggs, mix the yolks and other ingredients together, then fold in the beaten whites. I liked the airiness of the result, but all these keto “bread” recipes always taste too eggy to me to be acceptable as bread. (As complicated omelettes, however, that’s another story . . . ) :egg::egg:

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Okay, I found the video I was referring too earlier…

We are going to try this recipe, and will be back with the results :slight_smile: If this works, this might be our new “go to” for all kinds of stuff that needs buns. Especially my weekend “two sandwich diet” :slight_smile:

BTW, ironically, I’ve never really liked “sliced” bread. It’s good toasted with butter, I guess. I might do it exactly like this as a test… But I’d really prefer to make buns with it.

First keto yeast bread fail

I make this bread. I have to order the oat fiber. I get vital wheat gluten and golden flax to grind at wincos. It is so close to real bread. You can make it in a bread machine. You have to have fresh yeast. I get the instant yeast and the best in the future buy date. The crust is sorta chewy so I cut that off, dry and grind up to use as “bread crumbs”.

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I just got done baking this and I thought it was good. Next time however, after it rises I’m going to punch it down before I bake it because when I put it in the oven it doubled again while it was baking. I was expecting a huge air bubble when I cut into it, but there wasn’t. The crust was a bit chewy but still tasted good. I’ll probably tinker with the recipe and make some changes and experiment a bit. The bread tastes like popcorn to me which isn’t bad. My teenage son hates keto bread, but he really liked this recipe which shocked me. Thanks for sharing the video!

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Wow, I wish ours had risen like that. The first try rose pretty decently…
The second try (for buns) didn’t rise at all, and I thought it was a complete fail…but my GF went on and through them in the oven, and to our surprise they rose decently while cooking.
We used Fleischman’s instant yeast… And even proofed it a little, although you shouldn’t have too.

Want to try again in the next day or two. Will post back here with the results, and pics.

Agreed about the crust being a little chewy… But its probably better for big fat sandwiches, as it doesn’t self destruct so easily :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Red Star Dry Active and I proofed it. When I first made the dough it filled about 1/3 of a standard loaf pan, after it rose, it filled the pan and then some, and after baking it rose again to the equivalent of 2 loaves of bread. It was huge! I guess my yeast was just a really good batch.

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I have only used the version above. It tastes exactly like wheat, although it’s much more dense than normal bread. Also, if you’ve ever made bread or pizza using modern wheat, you can get a “skin” on the ball of dough. That doesn’t happen with Einkorn. It does not have the same gluten structure, though it does have gluten.

When I make this the few times a year I make it, everyone likes it. I’ve taken it to a party, and they all raved about it. It takes days to make it, though, since I use a starter that has to be refreshed, and since I’m low carb/keto, I try not to make it that often. I usually make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe one more time per year. (Hmmm…it’s a lot of work to refresh the starter every 1-2 weeks just for this!)

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Thank you. I think we need to try some different yeast. Will look for that Red Star. And I guess use by dates might be particularly important with yeast…

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I have been on the same jar of yeast for a long time. The date on mine is past, but its still alive and kicking because I store it in the fridge. Its a living organism so I dont throw it out until its dead… So morbid.

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Hmmm. Maybe our hot dry environment in Sacramento is not good for happy yeast ?

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Thats why I buy it in dark glass jars and store it in the fridge. I never buy the individual packs. Yeast needs to be stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

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Okay, glad you said this. I had no idea yeast could even be bought this way ? I’m sure my GF will know about this, as she has been into baking her whole life. Just wondering where to get it now. I guess the packets are the most common, but maybe not the best way to get it…

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Every store has it. Its very common. Just keep it in the fridge and youre golden.

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