Fluffy "risen" keto bread anybody?

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Hello Abdullah :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome.
If you do any of those recipes, and they come out good, please post back with the results :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW though, just so you know, their is a subset of Keto’ers who don’t / won’t make low carb replacements for bread, or pasta, etc. These folks believe that this is not the most beneficial way to practice Keto.

I’m not one of those folks :wink:

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Charlotte and all, we did this same recipe again this evening… I looked everywhere for Red Star yeast, and couldn’t find any… But this time I got Fleischman’s regular dry activated… Where the last couple times we tried Fleischman’s Quick rise.
And the regular blew up like crazy :slightly_smiling_face:

I did change one little thing with the recipe. Instead of two tablespoons of Stevia, I used about 4 or 5 tablespoons of Splenda.

So I stole a little of the loaf for a couple buns for my weekend sandwiches, and they came out great !
The loaf blew way up, but collapsed a little during baking.

Flavor, was unbelievably good though ! I mean, my GF has baked home made, high carb bread for a few decades, and she says it’s some of the best tasting bread she has ever baked ! I’d certainly put it against any regular carb bread I’ve ever eaten.
The extra sweetener made it taste like some kind of honey baked artisan bread :bread: :slightly_smiling_face:

We made a couple grilled cheese sandwiches with it to test it. SO good !

No photos this time, as like I say, it collapsed a little so it wasn’t the prettiest loaf of bread, but my GF is stoked to try it again, so we will see if we can work that problem.

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Mine did too after I put it on the cooling rack which is why I’m going to punch it down before baking it since it will have the second rise in the oven. I added 2 tbsp of swerve to mine but it wasn’t enough so I planned on doubling that and cutting the wheat gluten down to 1 cup. We’ll see how that goes today. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… Ours rose really well before the oven, but not a lot more once baked ?
Anyway, let us know how your next bread baking goes.
With all else the same, but not trying to collapse, would be as good as it gets :slightly_smiling_face:

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So the only thing I ended up changing this go around was that I doubled the butter to 4 tbsp, added 4 tbsp of sweetner, and then I punched it down before I put it in the oven.

It turned out moist, flavorful, the crust wasn’t so chewy. It was light and airy, not much crumb. Best of all it didn’t collapse! I followed your lead and made a grilled cheese sandwich out of it. I used monterey and colby jack with a light sprinkle of garlic powder. It was so good and filling! I’m going to keep experimenting until i get it perfect, but I’m getting closer! I don’t like my bread “bulbous” or super tall. A standard height loaf is good for me.

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That looks great, Charlotte =).

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Ooooh :slightly_smiling_face: Heck yea’ !

I actually have not one, but two loaves (one is for my GF’s Keto friend / neighbor) in the oven right now rising, but couldn’t wait to reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually read something too, that said cooking too cool could do this as well… And I hadn’t said so, but because my GF’s oven tends to cook kind of hotter, I had only cooked it at 350… So today, back to 375… I’ll just pull it out sooner if I have to.

And one other thing… Holy moly are these two loaves rising like crazy ! Only been 45 minutes, and I’m thinking about throwing them in already, to halt them from blowing up huge !

Will edit this to post pics… Unless they completely flop !

Okay, even if they flop when cooking, look at them after less than 1 hr rising !

Whooo hooo :grinning: Check these out ! Didn’t collapse at all ! The house is smelling SOOO good too :wink:

Help converting a recipe
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That’s great! Perfect loaves! My oven cooks hot too so I cook them at 350.


So are you following his recipe exactly by proofing it in the microwave with a small dish of hot water in there or just in a warm place in your kitchen?

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I proof my yeast by putting it in the microwave. It seems to turn out better for me. I keep my house a little too chilly to leave anywhere else.

As far as letting the bread rise, I’ve tried the microwave and the oven both but wasn’t happy with the result when I let it rise in the oven, so I’ll keep using the microwave for that.

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We are setting our oven to the lowest setting…like 140F I believe, then leaving the oven kicked open about 6™, probably stays about 110 F ?
Works great.

Oh wait, do you mean for proofing the yeast, or rising the dough ?

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Gah, that looks great you guys.

It was going low-carb that indirectly led me to discover that my severe allergies, severe asthma, severe acid reflux, skin rashes, and several other issues were due to ingesting grain proteins (I’m ok with corn and oats it seems, but everything else nope). I honestly thought keto had cured me magically at first! It was simply that three weeks of eating nothing but meat/eggs and some cheese got me off it totally and long enough for the symptoms to disappear – and then come roaring back the instant I ate a bunch of it suddenly. Took awhile to figure out what was going on. But my life was gigantically improved by the discovery.

I’d love to make and eat keto bread. I have some fairly firm disks I make in the Ninja food processor (cheese egg coconut meal and protein powder and herbs/spices) that I use as a base for pizzas or open-face deli stuff. I’m experimenting with chaffles, which I currently despise but I think as soon as I mix something with the egg my taste buds won’t pick up the browning protein and it’ll be fine.

I do have some Einkorn which I will experiment with after my current 13 week cycle ends (I have one day for carbs before next cycle). Many “intolerant, but not allergic or celiac” people can eat that kind of wheat without issue. It has gluten – vastly less than modern wheat, and different qualities – but it’s genetically different. Here’s hoping.

I’m pretty sure that if you can and will eat VWG, you could probably come up with quite a few very decent breads from it. Even with keto ingredients.

The loaf pictures look delicious! :slight_smile:


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Thank you PJ :slightly_smiling_face: Honestly, to say it was as good as regular carb bread, would not be true. It was WAY better… Tasted like some kind of artisan whole wheat sweet bread, or something really expensive :blush: lol


Rising the dough in the loaf pans. Hoping to try it tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

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Rising all the way overnight ? I didn’t even know you could do that ? We have risen ours up to 2 hrs…


Depends on a cool house. I have done that many times during the winter. What I meant by previous message was that I am going to try it tomorrow.

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Oh okay got it :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ll better go check out the Ketokings pizza crust if you can eat this bread. He just put it out recently.

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Hello there!
Your pics are beautiful. Can you please share the exact recipe with me? I’ve failed so many times so far.

Thank you.

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Sorry, David, almost a year before I answered this.

Einkorn is wheat. It’s just a non-hybridized variety from 2,000+ years ago.


It has a different gluten, which is why it’s impossible to make fluffy breads. I tried croissants, rolling and rolling, etc. They looked great going into the oven…and completely smooshed out in the oven. Nowhere near croissants.

I only make this bread for holidays, but I wanted try a high fat (saturated fat) TKD, and thought these would be good. They did not work.