Fish Oil still necessary?

(Keith) #1

I have my fare share of fatty meats, Coconut Oil, and MCT Oil. Even Avocado and olive oil.

Am I still missing out on the benefits of taking a spoonful or two of Fish Oil?

I train at a very high intensity and compete in various things. Jui Jitsu, MMA, Trail Running, Cycling, Obstacle courses… etc.

I need all the benefits i can get. But I am not into throwing money, effort, and calories away.

(Allie) #2

If you’re concerned with getting enough omega 3 then yes as none of the oils stated are really contain it.

(Tom Seest) #3

You can order a blood test like this, if it is important to you, and then you will know:


I’m not a fan of taking supplements where the nutritional value can easily be gained from food sources. Just eat fatty fish a couple of times a week. If fresh isn’t an option, canned salmon, mackerel, and sardines are readily available.

(Keith) #5

i’ve tried… Just can’t do it. I haven’t found a fish I don’t think is gross yet.

Although I have asked a few friends to take me fishing in order to try something fresh out the water in hopes I will learn to like fresh fish.

(Hoteski) #6

Try cod… It’s the mildest tasting fish I’ve ever had and the only fish I’ll eat … make sure it’s while though as farmed fish is terrible for you


Mahi is delicious dipped in egg and rolled in a mixture consisting of crushed pork rinds, crushed macadamia nuts and old bay seasoning… deep fried in coconut oil and served with purple cabbage cilantro cojita cheese and a squeeze of lime

(Keto Victory) #8

You can freeze fish oil pills to help combat the taste.

There’s also Lovaza, a fish-oil derived prescription Omega-3 med (EPA + DHA) that’s used to treat high triglycerides.


Here’s another one that when I make it, it’s gone in minutes… butterfly jumbo shrimp (raw) stuff with lump crab meat and wrap in bacon. Throw it on the grill then pour one bottle of corona over it as it cooks. Once done, squeeze a bit of lime and serve with cauliflower rice made with cilantro, butter and lime… and now I’m hungry haha

(Diane) #10

If you decide to supplement, this is something I’ve used:

(Keith) #11

When I have purchased and used fish oil routinely in the past. Carlson oil is what I used.

Not the Cod liver oil though. They have one a orange flavored one.

Is their a benefit of Cod Liver over the “normal” fish oil?

(Bunny) #12

If you don’t like eating fish like tuna, oysters, sardines or freshly caught fish to equal out your omega 3 to 6 ratios you could try extra virgin cod liver oil, you don’t want any cod liver oil that is processed or heat treated or exposed to light, if light can hit it in clear caplets though the container or the glass container don’t buy it because it may be rancid or oxidized, even if it is extra virgin…


Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Recommended by Chris Kresser Highest Quality Fish Oil with Lowest 3rd Party Tested Rancidity Levels Worldwide by Rosita Real Foods

(karen) #13

Omega 6 and Omega 3 are both PUFAs. I believe the point behind taking fish oil is to balance the overabundance of Omega 6 in the average SAD with an adequate amount of Omega 3. But, depending on your other oils, if you are eating a keto diet of pastured meats, butter, eggs and dairy and not going crazy on the nuts and seeds, your diet may not be that high in Omega 6 to begin with. Calculating your own Omega 6 profile might be a good place to begin when deciding whether you need to balance with Omega 3 or not.