Fire in a Bottle - The ROS Theory of Obesity and The Proton Theory


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Also this one


I’ve been angry with science lately - eggs are good for you, eggs are bad for you, eggs are good for you, limit egg white, eat yolk, eggs are good for you, eggs have omega 6, supplement omega 3, don’t supplement omega 3, GNG is demand-driven, no it isn’t, yes it is, yes it is BUT… :wink: Are you sure it won’t matter? What if it does? How do you know what quantity is “forgiven?” :joy:
Maple, pecans - carbs and omega 6 :joy:

How about lemon/lime and some italian spices like rosemary,thyme, parsley and chives?

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That’s a nice idea. I sometimes use cocoa butter and coconut oil with lemon & lime to make sweet fat bombs. I’m not much of a fan of fruit + savory.

Except maybe lemon chicken chinese which I haven’t eaten since … feels like the dawn of time :smiley:

You know, there is always going to be SOME carbs and omega 6 in one’s intake. At least in my world. (Trivia: I am low-carb currently, with carb-up days; keto only when chance makes it that way.)

What I was looking for in recipes was stuff where one could use beef tallow in place of some other kind of fat, to pointedly elevate the stearic acid intake.

Maple extract doesn’t have much in the way of carbs, but you could use something different (I mean it’s not like it had maple syrup). You could use a diff kind of nuts as well or leave them out and do something else.

Recipes are always “concepts” – the individual mucks around with it as they desire. :slight_smile:


I completely agree, we cannot remove all PUFAs from our diet, we do need them, but since you’re testing a higher SFA intake, maybe it’s worth eliminating all omega 6 that are not needed? At least for the sake of the experiment…

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Sure, sounds reasonable. I’m working to increase SFA and reduce PUFA 6. I’m not obsessing over it since that would send me back to eating meat all the time. The olives you worried about in that recipe for example… in the entire recipe… there were four green olives. If I were focused utterly on removing every trace of non SFA I’d skip it, but I’d rather just try to make it ‘very little’ and have a lot more food options. To each their own, of course. :smiley:


Definitely, to each their own and I am sure that those 4 olives wouldn’t really make a difference, but I’ve been grumpy lately, science is driving me nuts, literally and figuratively. :joy:

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Is “used to be” before keto or before high stearic acid?

The base metabolic rate is everything. I find myself being cold a lot after my failed experiment (90% carnivore for 2 months, which led to stalled weight loss, cravings and apparently a lower bmr), so I’m even eating 2 meals a day and I try to overeat just a little bit (for a week or two) in order to get my metabolic rate back up. I have wondered a lot whether I should supplement with high cocoa butter or not in this phase.

Huh? n-6 linoleic acid in these quantities should be quite toxic.

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Any references?

Are you thinking in volume or calories?

I think they are talking about % in calories?

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I was just quoting your post, which amounted to a big question mark for me :slight_smile:

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Have yet to find a link to the full study. However, this one shows all the tables from it. Some interesting data here:

Found it!

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This link has a PDF of the full study:

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DHA and EPA, more fatty fish or Algae counter acts PUFA 6.

And green un-ripe Bananas not just because they have resistant starch (feeds SCFA in the gut) but because they contain lots of B-6 which regulates PUFA metabolism[1].

B-6 does not seem to want to stay in the body very long so eating foods rich in B-6 may be better.


[1] “…These data suggest that B-6 deficiencies impair the metabolism of (n-3) PUFA from alpha-linolenic acid to EPA and DHA with the most pronounced reduction in the production of DHA. …” …More

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Green bananas don’t upset the stomach? What do they taste like?

Wait, never mind. They’re like a gazillion carbs, I can’t eat them.


Well, the carbs when green remain fibrous, is the thinking. Specially when fried.

Beef liver is also a great source of B6, I doses in capsules several times a week - but eating it raw (has little taste from what I hear) and even hidden in smoothies is a better way to get it. I’m not there yet tho :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not there yet? Raw beef liver smoothie is so far from me I can’t even see it on a map. Is that a real thing? :flushed:


Yes it is! Being that it’s hidden and you can’t taste anything strange, it’s handy for those who are quite at the point of downing little frozen cubes of raw liver… I hope to do so someday. Mongolian nomadic peoples and other, high Arctic peoples prized raw organ meat from what I’ve read. Just supplementing with dry capsules is wonderfully and noticeably energizing in my experience. :grin:

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Google says “Unripe bananas contain mostly starch, which makes up 70–80% of their dry weight. Much of that starch is resistant starch, which is not digested in the small intestine. Therefore, it’s often classified as dietary fiber. However, bananas lose their starch as they ripen.”

@atomicspacebunny I bought some unripe bananas today and tried one. It was unpleasant to eat, but bearable. I am going to see what happens. Maybe I will be magically cured of everything :slight_smile:


I have a question for all you bulletproof coffee drinkers. :slight_smile:
I eat OMAD, weekends are TMAD 20/4 and I always start my morning with coffee, just simple plain Americano. My OMAD is around 5pm, so I wouldn’t want to drink a coffee+cacao butter. I’ve never tried bulletproof coffee, so I have no experience if and whether it has any benefits.
I’ll begin my PUFA vs SFA test these days and I was wondering what an Americano+10 or 15g of cacao butter would do. Do you use your bulletproof coffees as breakfast or do you have some other benefits? Would this coffee with cacao butter make any difference or would I just be adding fat that I don’t need?
Am I complicating too much? :slight_smile:


I just listened to the Brad Marshall Biohackers Lab interview.

It is full of very interesting information.

That discussion about pork and bacon in the USA being fed the biproducts from corn made into ethanol was a bit scary. About how that feed stuff can change the pork bacon fat to have a PUFA make up similar to canola oil, because the pig is a hind gut fermenter and bioaccumulates the PUFAs. So many ketogenic forum writers have bacon as a staple and the bacon :bacon: emoji is the most used.

Beware the Bacon (made in the USA :us:)

@ctviggen Bob your thread and your experiment inspired me to track down some cacoa butter at the local bulk foods store and try it in coffee instead of heavy cream. I think it will work well.

I’m just getting onto this trend (after the podcast and stalking Bob).

Now it’s back up to the top of the thread and start reading 138 comments.

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I remember a half life of something like 2-3 weeks for B6, but it might get used up if you consume a lot of n-6 PUFAs.

They taste pretty good, IMO. About 20g carbs per 100g, virtually no sugar, but I couldn’t find any consensus on how much of this is soluble fiber and how much is digestible starch. So not keto, but a good addition if you go low carb or if you do carb days. (And please spare me the discussion on whether that’s a good thing or not.)