Fibre - is it the high carb diet's last straw? Keto bashing in the mainstream. "There goes the keto diet!", predicted the celebrity doctor


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It isn’t Fung that says that it is dr Lustig in a YouTube video. He was one of the first people to come out and say that sugar is poison. He has a great lecture on this.

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I had posted this to another thread this week… For me, it seems to be correct. Maybe not everyone.


Yes, I’ve been hearing more about this in podcasts recently as some belligerent plant-based diet proponents are watching some of their earlier nutrition hypotheses being dismantled. I think it is the current interest in the carnivore (elimination) diet that has reinvestigated the relationship between fibre in the diet and constipation. And that the wrong amount of fibre can make the constipation problem worse.

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This clown was the medical expert on The Biggest Loser IIRC :roll_eyes:


Dr Swan’s rap sheet gets longer. Previously discussed: cholesterol, dementia, salt. Now add fibre. At least he encourages us to examine our own thoughts and experiences by his misaligned reporting. That is a good thing.

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No. More meat. Mostly steak and chicken.


Robert Lustig MD (the sugar researcher who exposed the horrors of HFCS) says the same thing about fruit, in response to the fear of whole form fructose in moderation.


Omar, have you listened to the Tucker Goodrich interview on Peak Human podcast?

It has some interesting anecdotes about processed seed oils and diverticulitis.

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I realy appreciate this link

I listened to the first 30 minutes. I will continue later.

I was so close to removing sections of the colon untill I start the keto diet.

My pain went down from 100 to 40%

I have a feeling that the healing process will take some time before I go back to normal.


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I listened to the full audio

I knew about omega6 but the way it was presented it realy enphysised the importance of not only reducing the omega 6 but Also improving the omega 3 intake

What I found interresting is the role of carbs and x rays in oxidizing omega 6 fats


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Reversed mine!
Had to eat carnivore but no sign of diverticulitis since keto…and I had 7 emergency admissions in 3 months prior to keto. None since.

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Awww. Thank you!


A link to a video by Dr Paul Mason who outlines high fibre foods in the ketogenic diet and the story about fibre providing the substrate for short chain fatty acids from the gut biome. The information is wonderfully challenging.


In this podcast there is a warning that once diversity of gut microorganisms are lost, then they can’t be regained?

So if we eat a low fibre diet, the biota that feeds on fibre will reduce.

If we eat a no fibre diet, plant fibre that is, then we may lose those digestive bugs?

They don’t come back when cycling through dietary strategies.

Do animal fibres suffice?

For those considering a carnivore way of eating.


Collecting references.

Dr. Harcombe.


Lose or just greatly reduce? Are they studying people who lost some species due to anti-biotics? (will listen later)

Also, if some of those bugs are in overgrowth or in the wrong part of the intestines, like in SIBO, then there’s a good reason to have less of them around.

‘Lack of diversity’ sounds like to broad a generalization compared to more specific markers of what species are and aren’t present and/or needed.

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Since one of the main benefits of fiber is supposed to be that it gets fermented into butyrate by the gut bacteria, and since a ketogenic diet provides β-hydroxybutyrate (which is as good as plain butyrate, or even better, for intestinal health), I don’t see changes in the microbiome as a serious issue.


Marketing fibre as game changer is like halfway admitting carbs arent good for you. :rofl: