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Isn’t most raw meat awfully chewy? Sometimes I am happy I can chew the very soft cooked ones… My beef is always challenging a bit.

(Alvaro’s mom cooked chicken too. Pork will be a welcome change tomorrow. Fully roasted, obviously, I usually overdo my roasts a bit, I want them to be crispy and they become a bit dry if they are chicken. Fatty pork tolerates my tendencies way better.)

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Yes they are, I eat slower and less because of that. Its only the first day of my experiment.

First findings…while I love raw, fully raw may be to much of it and get boring quickly.
Lets do it a few days more, see what happens?


Think I’m gonna go for some burgers. Thawing out ground beef. Will make sloppy joes for the fam, and I will just do burgers with a bit of chedder.

Gotta work even earlier tomorrow. 7-4, though I might cut out at 3 pm, because I worked late today. So, our AG let us open restaraunts at 25% capacity, and dontcha know…my son got reservations at the best steakhouse in town- for dinner with his girlfriend. My daughter was trying for the Mexican place across the bridge- but we haven’t heard back yet.

Me? I’ll be flippin’ burgers after working an 8 hour shift. Won’t that be fun?! LOL!


here is a lady who definitely had to address the histamine troubles.
here is the link to read–might help?

Salt challenge is not bad. Still just cutting down but being very aware to do just that :slight_smile: so far I do miss my tons more salt but it is ‘doable’ so far for taste, so at this point, yea OK and hanging on :slight_smile:


WOw. I must be losin’ it. Forgot that I cooked a turkey breast yesterday, and had ton of meat leftover in the fridge! Just ate a few slices with skin, salted, and with a slice of butter on each piece.

I buy butter in 1 pound blocks when I can, so when I say, a slice of butter…its a big slice! LOL! I stuffed the turkey breast with whole mushrooms…kept it very moist throughout the cook. Really yummy!

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Thank you, so much ladies, for all of your input on menopause. I am 48 this month. I’ve been showing some signs of menopause, but I believe I have a long ways to go. My period is still vey regular (for the most part).

I loved the imagery to go along with hot flashes…I’ll have to remember that! I’m always cold, so maybe I’ll welcome them? :grin:

I am looking forward to hairless legs, less sweat and less mood swings. That last one will be a big one for me and my hubby will be thrilled —LOL!


I bought 3 steaks for 3 meals.

My plan is to break down their nutritional values in this post.

I am wondering if big carnivore meals create too high a blood glucose response based on nutrients. Then I can check it with a constant glucose monitor as a follow up test.

I’ve been listening to a podcast about the detriment to weight loss of ad lib eating of fats and protein on a low carb plan, and how elevated blood glucose rise greater than 1.7 mmol/L after a meal may indicate over nutrition. If my normal fasting goal blood glucose is 5.0 mmol/L. That means a post meal rise of staying under 6.7 mmol/L is a goal. Maybe even staying under 6.5 mmol/L after a meal.

Each rib eye steak is 700g. That’s about 1.5 lbs raw weight.


For our own health, men need to know about menopause.

Hey @Carnivoor Vic, are you experiencing any symptoms of manopause?

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Oh yes, my midlife crisis is bigger than the corona crisis.
But I don’t dye my hair blond and chase other women, instead I chase my wife like a 16y old…

She chases me all the time to make me a better man, and she is succesfull at it.

The end result is that we spend way more time between the sheets than 30y ago.

We are convinced that the best way to fight the bad hormones of her menopause is good hormones that come from love, happiness and lots of …

And it works, menopause, manopause bearly bothers us.

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How are you cooking the steak and ground mince?

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I overate on the cheese yesterday too! I have also been trying to go less today but not easy lol. Love my cheese too much!

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I love this @Carnivoor it is so lovely to hear how you and your wifes relationship is blooming good. :heart:

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Steak I cook to rare/medium rare.
Mince/hamburgers I cook to medium.

The strange thing is that I haven’t changed how I cook anything, so it’s not like I suddenly changed something to cause the problem. I also freeze meat as soon as I bring it home unless I’m using it that day or the next to keep it from “aging.”

I currently have three hypotheses:

  1. Age / hormones: I can tell my hormones shifted about a month ago.

  2. Draw down of some vitamin that is necessary for producing DAO, the enzyme that helps us breakdown histamine. Possibly vitamin C?
    I’ve been almost constantly dumping oxalates since I started my experiment. Oxalate dumping can delete us of certain vitamins and minerals.

  3. Electrolytes. I’ve noticed my resting pulse rate has been slowly climbing since I stopped my extra salt supplements. I’ve taken magnesium for years and I cannot tolerate it at all now. Sodium helps keep all the other electrolytes in balance. I’m wondering if somehow not enough sodium is playing a part in all this?

Unfortunately, I’m not being very scientific in my approach. I’m trying a bunch of things all at once.

  1. No more black tea: I was drinking that to slow the dumping, but black tea can also inhibit DAO production.

  2. Supplementing some vitamin C.

  3. Adding some extra salt back into my diet, just an extra 1/2 teaspoon a day at this point.

Yesterday was only pork and chicken and I felt
fine. I did take some salt in my water. My resting pulse rate was 2 beats per minute lower this morning. It will be interesting to see how it trends over the next month with my changes.

My period also started yesterday after not having it for several months. Could that be a contribution somehow? :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for the link. I have thought about trying DAO supplements, but they are super expensive. I also don’t want to eat veal. It’s my stand against how baby cows are treated.

I going to give kidney a try. It is a source of DAO. I bought some Friday. I was planning on a beef and kidney stew. Oh the irony. :grinning:

I may cook it up plain and take it like medicine if I don’t like the taste. :laughing:

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The Raw experiment is comming to an end.
I learned things again.

Raw meat WOE is not for me. I miss the variety of tastes that come with cooked food to much.

Here is what I learned:

-when you are hungry it tastes like heaven but ones close to full it tastes almost discusting.
-its impossible to over eat.
-Eating less, not even enough at times.
-added more salt then normal (to taste).
-raw egg yolks are excellent as a dip / sauce.


OK—what’s up? Could everyone not get on the site :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I sure could not.

I so get your raw experiment. You know the nicest thing about it, you don’t have to continue LOL I noticed you combined raw every now and then with your cooked meal…best of both worlds when you want it!

--------HI ALL
nothing much doing.
got a great score on a boston butt and alot of meat. The crispy fat is so yum.

All going well and eating fine.

Pic of my boston butt…sliced alot of it into thin cuts and then a smaller type roast around the bone and cooked it. Delish.

big sale price, paid only $7 for alot of meat :slight_smile:

just cruising along on zc! Hope everyone is doing well.

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Me neither! I missed reading everyone’s great posts.

I’ve continued to eat the 80/20 ground beef for lunch and my body seems to be doing fine with it. As I indicated earlier, it doesn’t taste as “salty” as the 73/27 and my inflammation seems to be staying at bay. Of course, this is my time during the month when my body gets rid of all extra fluid anyway, so who knows.

My DD celebrated her 6 month carniversary a couple of weeks ago. She was so proud of herself. Yesterday morning, she told me she had eaten carbs the night before–some oranges, animal crackers and cheese bread. She had been having some really bad cravings for a couple of weeks. I had told her she needs to eat more and increase her fat intake, but that didn’t seem to work. Her dad told her that if she was having such “mental anguish” over want carbs, she should just give in and eat some. I wasn’t a fan of that statement. I would like to say I bit my tongue and kept quiet, but I didn’t. I launched into a big long explanation of what things would have been like for me if I consistently gave in to my craving and where would I be now. Sometimes I feel overly high and mighty on this WOE. I need to work on that.

She was worried she was going to have to go through all of the withdrawal symptoms again (she had a horrible headache when she first started), but her body didn’t really react at all. I explained that the longer we are on plan, the more efficient our body becomes at this WOE. However, I reminded her that the more often she cheats, the more difficult it will be to get back to it. I also told her that she doesn’t have to continue on this path, she can work to find something that is more suitable to her, but she was insistent that she wants to eat this way.

Today’s meals are 1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, 1 lb 80/20 ground beef and a 1 lb ribeye. Yum! Does that sound like a lot of food to anyone?

I’m so glad the forum is up and running again! I come here for inspiration throughout the day from all of you.


So bummed I could not get on here. Was going through withdrawals.=( Stayed mostly on plan with the exception of a bit of salad, and feel great. Had steaks, a wee bit of green salad, chicken, eggs, and a bit of cheese- but greatly reduced how much cheese. Just eating the meats with butter now. No Heinz 57, or brown spicy mustard. Gradually weaning my self off those things, and just doing butter and salt.
I had Monday off work, so I waiting until afternoon and took my daughter with me after school. We went to the vitamin store where they have EVERYTHING! I love that they carry all the supplements the typical drugstores don’t. I’ve never asked, but I wonder if pharmacists know all the different types of magnesium, and what problems are solved by using them. I bought 2 bottles of my iron complex, and while I was there - it dawned on me that I’d run out of magnesium glycinate. Here’s the thing… you know how long I’ve been fussing about not sleeping well? Going back on carnivore helped significantly. But, I also /ran out of my glycinate. It was something my doc had put me on to help reduce BP, stress, and help sleep. DUH. Taken it for 2 nights now, and slept like a baby. I know eating carnivore helped, but, wow. This is the icing on the cake!

I was bewildered going into work yesterday. Was thinking that our truck was delayed for a day due to president’s day. But no. Had to stay out in the cold, and unload the bugger. Not how I wanted to start my day. Anyways…today I work the afternoon shift, so…trying to get my business taxes done this morning. 2020 was sort of crappy year business-wise, so not much to report. LOL!

well…going to have my coffee, and get crackin’! cheers!!!

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Think we broke it, to much meat,the fatty kind :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That looks better than the expensive lean stuff, nice deal :sunglasses:

No, not really no. The chicken is just a snack, there is not much in it. So you can ignore that.
The rest is just 2lbs of beef. A few days a week I eat simular amounts, not every day though.