Absolutely love you guys being a chatty bunch :slight_smile: Enjoy reading all these posts!

yesterday was steak, pork chops, some bacon and some taylor ham

on plan and doing fab. still cutting back salt intake. not a fan of doing it, but so far it is OK if I make it OK --lol
feel good, going strong and doing my zc thing.


Cold and blustery winds today. I think this sub-zero phase is supposed to stop over the next few days.
Not really feeling too hungry this morning. Slept much better the past 2 nights. Pretty sure the better sleep has something to do with cleaning up the eats, and getting oxalates out of my system.

Well, my kitchen is a disaster. This is what happens when I work more than 32 hours a week, and spend another 30-40 in my shop. And, we have company this evening. And, before that, we have to head off to a funeral visitation. And, have customers coming to the house to pick up orders before that. So. better git. Have a good one all!


So get ya SB! Farm life is full swing and crazy cause I did an all natural goat milk soap biz on top of a ‘real’ full time job and the ‘full time farm’ and my ‘side biz’ which took off like crazy LOL

Just walk thru the kitchen with your eyes closed HAHA I did many times!

--------------darn…the sale at the store is ribeye. I WAS SO a ribeye person til I switched to NY Strips. But yea a few ribeye in the freezer is going down today. Must have…funny how I change steak cuts thru the years. Only ribeye, then only beef tenderloin, then only Tbones then only NY strips! Ahhh, what a rough life ya know :smirk:


double post :slight_smile:

(Edith) #125

If you do your experiment, I’ll be very curious to hear your results.

(Heather) #126


Well, yesterday I had 80/20 ground beef (3/4 lb.), but then I added 1/4 lb. of pork sausage from ALDI, which has dextrose in it (but zero carbs, of course :roll_eyes:). I now know I am affected by that, as I had cravings last night and some inflammation in my legs. I just wanted something other than plain ground beef.

Today, I made 80/20 ground beef in a loaf and did not add any pork sausage with dextrose. Oddly, it tastes less salty than the 73/27 ground beef that I was having plain last week.

Just working to figure things out with my body. I do really feel my cycle plays a big part in my inflammation as well, especially when I’m ovulating or during the start of Aunt Flo. About one week prior to starting my period, I drop about 2 pounds of water weight, but it always comes back. I’d like for it to stay away, permanently.

Sorry to the gentlemen in this thread for the TMI (@Carnivoor and @FrankoBear) :crazy_face:

(Karen) #127

@Carnivoor my sons care home is very good . They have had to put these measures in place to keep them and the staff as safe as possible. They certainly wouldn’t have ben able to manage if too many staff had gone off isolating. I guessed my son would have maybe coped better with such a rigid regine and i took solace from that. I have been keeping in touch via emails as he can’t deal well on phone calls.

Today went well and he got jabbed and now he has more protection I will be able to take him out walking. He was very pleased to see me but equally pleased to see me go after he had the injection :grin: i left him with a lindt golden bunny and lindt eggs and I am sure eating all that chocolate didn’t take him long to forget that nasty old needle in his arm :wink: my baby is 35yrs old albeit probably only 15ish in his head!

Thank you x

(Karen) #128

Stair runs pu’s and russian twists this morning. Felt quite tired and plodded through the exercising.

Then dashed off to get to the other side of Nottingham to get my Ben his vaccination. The Doctor and nurse were an hour late but were done within 5 mins. Then had to wizz over to get some medication for my friend Raymond who had had to call ambulance the night before last. He didn’t want to go to hospital and is somewhat better today but not well enough to get to the pharmacy. Left his place with just enough time to get home for a phone call from prison ombudsman regarding a death in custody which lasted about 40mins. Then nipped out for shopping for Raymond and took it back over to his house. I’m sure all my journeys were necessary today lol. Finally got back home at 5pm and tummy rumbling and yelling “feed me!” Not a deliberate fast.

Last of the frying steaks
Cheese omelette
Assortment of cheese
Chicken stock mug of
Sliced italian pork

(Edith) #129

Karen18, I’m so glad your visit with your son went well. I’m sure knowing he is well cared for helps make the time apart easier.

The same thing used to happen to me. Now I’m in the throes of perimenopause and that is a whole different set of hormonal problems and inflammation. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After almost two weeks of very little beef, I had steak last night and ground beef for lunch. This afternoon the nausea and diarrhea, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath were back. Sigh. :pensive: I think I will have to stay away from beef for a bit. I hope this trouble isn’t permanent.

(Laurie) #130

Oh wow. At least you’re paying attention, and are able to make the connection. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do next!

(Heather) #131

What?! That’s terrible news! I was hoping for things to get better, not worse!

Please tell me there’s something good that comes with menopause.


(Edith) #132

Well, I’m not in menopause, yet. I will say perimenopause has been the pits.

(Laurie) #133

In my opinion, many things got better after menopause. No more “curse,” of course. My hairy arms and legs became hairless. I hardly sweat at all. My chronic depression went away.

We are all different. I hope the best for you.

(Vic) #134

Yesterday, a visit to dear friends.

They were so kind to make a carnivore pizza for me, my wife gave them the recipe.

They naively added barbeque ketchup to it. It was horribly sweet and made the whole thing tasteless.

I said nothing, didn’t want to hurt there feelings.

I ate it, little part of me is ketovore and 20gr of carbs in a week is ok.
There goes my Saturday evening beer, non of that this week, I already feel like a plant eating goat (guilty)
I want to feel like carnivorous Human again.

I’m playing with the idea of going fully raw for a week, just to experience it. Wonder if i should do that?
I love raw meat and fish, but I’m already controversially weird, no need more of that :crazy_face:


Ouch, that’s bad. It’s one thing eating some carbs because they are worth it and another getting them from a ruined, otherwise okay meal :frowning: Sad. But not surprising, it’s much to expect a non-carnivore making a truly carnivore meal. My family can’t handle keto either, it’s just too far from their woe and even knowledge. But I feel lucky as I read about sugary marinades or whatnots a lot and my family doesn’t do that. I don’t think I ever had meat coated with anything sugary in this country (except in Chinese restaurants), why would people do that? We use spices and maybe fat here, of course, the breaded things and stuffed chicken and some others are carby but it’s quite obvious. A roast is carnivore enough.
I don’t even think I ever see and ate gravy in my life… But as long as the carbs are in the sauces and side dishes and we can get only the meat, it’s fine.
It seems it’s very different in some other countries…
But pizza is pizza, one must know what they are doing… But it’s lovely they tried :slight_smile:

I don’t use ketchup at all (and store-bought would be out of question, clearly) but I still often use mustard. I have read the label of my current one and it’s worse than I thought when I first looked at it in the shop, I did a mistake in the hurry. I try to use it only when I feel miserable without it. And won’t order from a specific webshop if they are out of usual sugar free mustard ever again. And try to like my homemade one. Mustard is way too good with eggs and cheese and sausage but I am choosy. I don’t feel this one overly sweet though.

We have -10C lately, with less wind than before. Poor cats almost always has frozen water in their bowl but as we always fill it with warm one in every few hours, they can drink when it’s still liquid so they are fine. Our cats drink very much for cats.

I still had too much other stuff to eat and I just adore eggs now so no pork roast for me yet. That makes staying on track borderline impossible for me (especially now that I have little momentum) so I change that now. I get out some big slab of chuck (the size my mini oven can handle at once) and finally make my experiment. I am curious how satiating is eating only pork and eggs (I think it’s the best possible for me). My liver experiment wasn’t successful, I just don’t want to eat much liver at once (be it chicken or pork), I don’t even want liver again since I overdid it a bit but I do want a lot of roasted chuck regularly. So I will eat that tomorrow. I have chicken drumsticks for today, it works when I have some other meat as well, even a little sausage does the trick. And I always have my eggs, obviously but I suspect chicken and eggs are hardly enough, it never worked this far.


@Redrobins … There are good things that come w/peri-menopause. If you live in a really cold climate, the hot flashes are quite handy! LOL! If not, well, then, they suck. I try to imagine that the hot wave of heat is me sun-tanning- and that I am glowing and glistening afterwards. =)
Seriously though, the part I am struggling with is the weight gain that comes the 5-7 days before cycle. I’ve always gained at least 5 pounds of water weight just prior, and it comes right off in the first couple of days. But, this last time, I gained all the water weight, as is normal for me, but then Aunt Flo never fully showed up. And, I’m stuck with the weight now! Clueless about how to fix this, other than carnivore - to help relieve the bloating.

Got a couple of super early days this weekend. Leaving in a bit for a long shift. Tomorrow- even longer. Hopefully, carnivore will just take me right on through today and tomorrow.
Cheers, my peeps!!!


You are an extremely positive person…
I don’t often like excess heat even when I am in freezing temperature. I tend to search for some cold object to cool down sometimes when I just WALK in slight frost having 2 layers, no hat and of course, no gloves. I am not looking forward to menopause or the peri thing I first heard about today (or I forgot, more like) :smiley: I want to stay younger anyway. I am not vain, I never was pretty but I removed 3 gray hairs today (I didn’t do that since several months so I had them again). I may be childish (I have so many way bigger problems than that. they mean nothing, health is the important thing. and I have a lot of hair, color is less important) but I dislike them. If they come, I want a full white/silver lock among my normal dark brown ones! :smiley: That would be cool. Now I had to dye it deep red to be cool (my original color is good but not always good enough for me).


@Carnivoor, ohhh, you love raw and wanna go there, then you do it. Being ‘different’ is not something new to me HAHA so with our food intake, no one counts on it but you :slight_smile: You do you…and I feel ya on the bbq sauce! But real nice they tried!! I know that sweet taste is tough actually when we don’t eat sweet tastes.

@ the ladies only :slight_smile:
I am thru mena. Believe me it is fab on this side of it HA
ZC cleared up my troubles a ton. Hot flashes got way less, but I still had some, got nicer as the irritability dropped from zc too, got less ‘restless leg’ type crap trying to sleep and all that crap that going thru the change can give us. I hit zc and the full change time at the same time so I went from very extreme lc and eating few plants----into carnivore and I know carnivore ramped all of the icky troubles better for me…so everyone hold on…hormones and some inflammation etc is going to happen to us thru the symptoms of it ya know…but they were so much less on zc for me, I was happy about that and then one day…boom I got to that other side and wow, it is great on this side of the fence :slight_smile: :clown_face:

so happy all went easy with your son’s shot
plus it sounds you guys had a good visit!!

@VirginiaEdie, hopefully it won’t be but when you add back beef, skip the burger for a bit and add back just a cut of very fresh beef and a smaller portion and pair up with another meat, like some chicken or seafood. Add back little super fresh beef and see how it goes. It is truly normal for zc people at a stage to find some things change up on them and they have to adjust thru, but then again, further down the road it change again and you can have it all back and do fine. This is ALL about you only tho :slight_smile: Your body and reactions and you just bob and weave, adapt and change with it all and see how you do! Alot of people have issues of some kind and they get thru them and I know you will too VE!!

----------good carnivore morning everyone

food was

3 big cheeseburger patties
1 lb. jumbo shrimp in my homemade alfredo sauce (and boy I used alot of fresh grated parm cheese to thicken it up and I got bloated from doing that LOL but damn good to the taste)
few pork tenderloin medallions (I used 1 teaspoon of sugar free BBQ sauce I have sitting in the fridge…omg the sweet was nasty. I threw the old bottle in the garbage. I am SO over sugar free BBQ sauce, haven’t had it in ages and tried a teaspoon and boom…the sugar tasting hit was too much for me.)

feel a bit bloaty. cheese on the burgers and I used alot of parm to thicken my sauce. So I got cheese bloat LOL which I am not worried about, will be gone by tomorrow.

I haven’t made super thick alfredo sauce in a long time. Darn good but that parm cheese always gets me and this time I laid it in thick :wink:…yum

Here is a pic of my pork with the 1 teaspoon of sugar free BBQ sauce on it…but that won’t happen again, that old bottle is in the garbage and I won’t be buying again. So over any sweet tasting crap like that. It was there in the fridge so I tried it again, ugh, but interesting to try again. I can’t remember when I bought it, but I ain’t dead this morning from it HAHA but it is gone now…good riddance :wink:

today is 2 steaks earmarked for me
keeping it super simple eats today
need bloaty feeling gone, I hate it and will just eat simple and clean without alot of cheese today. I do fine on cheese but yesterday I over-cheesed me :slight_smile:

hold strong everyone!!!

(Vic) #139


(Edith) #140

I’m pretty sure it’s histamine trouble because antihistamine helps with the symptoms. I thought at first it was maybe too much fat, except if that was the case, antihistamine would not help.

I was reading on the Zero Carb Health site that pork, lamb, and chicken are not aged before processing like beef. I’m guessing that’s why I’m not having issues with them. Histamine intolerance is mostly about dosage. A small about of beef may not cause trouble, but a whole pound at one time may be an entirely different matter.

Seafood can be pretty high in histamines and even before all this trouble started, it caused me issues, but I was eating some anyway for the DHA and omega 3s. Now, I’m afraid to eat some. :flushed:

Histamine intolerance like I mentioned earlier can be aggravated by oxalate dumping and from being a middle-aged peri/menopausal woman. I could feel that my hormones shifted at about the time this all started. :woman_shrugging:

Btw, how is your salt challenge going?