And we’re off…

Our month is a mouthful in that title :partying_face:

There is a wonderful group of carnivores here and we are all on a different part of our journey with our time on plan, but everyone here is doing wonderful and learning about themselves…lets rock out another great month!

Chat out any small goals you might want to focus on or any experiments you want to see about yourself and more…we got great support on the thread for whatever we need to handle :slight_smile: :100:


yesterday food was

1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty—breakfast early
10 oz NY Strip steak—lunch around 2
then hubby dragged me out to dinner!
got 8 oz prime rib cut (eh, ok but $$ for what I got and I can do better at home easily…the prime rib cut ‘seasonings’ kinda was icky. not a fan anymore of that taste. Won’t be ordering out anymore on that.)
1/2 rack baby back pork ribs…got 1/2 rack to go with 8 oz prime rib meal just in case, which I am glad I did, that little amt of meat was not enough…the ribs helped me eat enough)

Feb. for me.
Lose a few lbs. I am in that last 15 lb. range to hit where I would like to be. I don’t care if it is 1-2-3 lbs this month, I just want anything gone to hit a new low on the scale. Don’t take it wrong here, ain’t focusing on ‘dieting’ to lose lbs LOL but I have to say for Dec and Jan. I ate very ‘big zc’ food to make sure I was never ever hungry to cave in to holiday treats and food flying around. Which worked! But now it is about just eating very clean and very intuitive to my personal hunger and not having to worry about holiday times etc. I feel I can get more in tune with me again. So will work on that as a small goal for this month for me.

Other than that, all good on my carnivore plan and hope to rock out Feb in fine form :slight_smile:


I just ate some big chunks of fatty lamb back. Baked in the oven at 150’C for 90 minutes. I feel well satiated.

The omelettes, since I started working my way through this gifted lamb carcase, have been delicious because I have been using the rendered tallow as a base to fry up the 3 farm eggs with some protein (at the moment it is mackerel 120g) and 2 cheeses - fermented dairy. Cheddar and a Swiss-style cheese.

I am looking forward to focussing on an increase in long chain saturated fatty acids this month to see if my abdominal girth measurement will shift over the 28 days. Other than that I have been feeling strong and energetic on this WOE. Supplementing twice daily magnesium citrate and Vitamin B3 continues. On hot, sweaty summer days with physical exertion, I add in salty beef bone broth as well. Drinks are rainwater from the tanks and a daily black coffee in the morning. I’m still looking at a contained feasting window between 12 noon and 8pm with 2 meals a day (2MAD).

We live near the beach, so a daily soft sand walk with the dog personal trainer is the cornerstone to physical activity. Otherise swimming, body surfing or surfing.

(Vic) #4

Lunch. Lamb.

I have no particular goal for FFFFEB.


Loved your post and I am SO into your experiment!
I love your eggs paired with mackerel and these are good pairings for sure. I am SO gonna follow your progress! Hope you took measurements so in the end you know results!

Why the no swim sign? I thought you swam at your beach area? just curious why they put that sign up.

I love Billie is your personal trainer! Keeps you moving cause you wanna keep her active and loving her life and you guys together, quite the active pair!

beautiful meat pic

you said FFFFeb and I swear I thought you were cussing at us :crazy_face::partying_face: I was like – all those Fs! Hmm…lol

It is wonderful you have no goals other than maintain and enjoy your zc lifestyle! I hope when I get rid of my ‘last freshman 15’ and hit my goal area I want then I can just sit back and not have ‘any goal focus’ in mind…seems I live with goal focus and I am tired of it LOL But all good, I am close and zc will take me where I need to go!

(Polly) #6

Hip Hip Hooray for FFFFeb!

I started my day with cold pork, crackling and cheese with black decaf coffee followed by a looooong dog walk. Dog is now sleeping soundly whilst I catch up on some personal admin online.

@FrankoBear Does the sign on the beach mean no front crawl or is all swimming banned? Is it a shark issue?


Hey all. Being back on track feels SO good! Last night was the first night in eons that I was able to sleep through the entire night. No foot cramps, no trips to the loo, no hot flashes, no headaches. Slept a full 8 hours. Gotta head into my workshop to get some orders done, and finally feel as though I can handle it.

So far, I’ve just had coffee/hwc today. Gonna cook up a couple ribeyes when I get to feeling hungry. Goals for February are to take off all the holiday poundage accumulated from going off carnivore. and also incorporate an extended fast either during or after Feb. I know it is not necessary for weightloss, however, there reasons for it are spiritual, heals my body, and incredible mental clarity.

Long terms goals:
I am hesitant to set goals, just because I’ve kinda sucked at attaining them in the past. However, I now KNOW that I have the capability to do this, so, perhaps now is the time to become bold. I am aiming to shave off all of the pounds from when I was pregnant. The youngest is 16. So, yeah. Me thinks it is about time! This year will also be our 25th wedding anniversary. No big plans at all - but just thought it would be nice to get down to where I was before we got married. Its a goal.

Better get myself into the workshop and crank some order out! Have a great day all!


SO HAPPY you are feeling great and back on plan and getting the wonderful results our lifestyle gives us again!!

hey that is how we all have to walk the path mostly…give and take, give and take and boom, one day we are back and we are ‘forever’ back and do great so you are doing fine SB!

I get your fasts and I absolutely understand why…but never and I mean never go against your body ‘requiring’ some action from you during the fasts. I know you know this :slight_smile: :slight_smile: If you need to break the fast cause your body is saying ‘break it’ then do that and do another later…just listen to the body at all times and if it says fast away a bit, and I am good, then you do just that! I know again you got this part.

Couple of ribeyes…oh yea me jelly on that :partying_face:

Don’t make ‘set goals’. I don’t on zc. I ‘let zc’ give me my goals on whatever timeline it wants…I got the last 15 I want gone now and I am still never ‘gonna diet’ it off…but I will listen more close to the body and do what it asks.

So put that focus on ‘all in carnivore’ food and let the plan do it for you. Won’t be your timeline on reward but its own and yea, believe me it will give you just that and your holiday carb bloat will drop fast for sure and give you a nice drop again once your body comes around from the carb intake.

you are in good form SB! You rock out this FFFFFFFFFFF Feb for sure :crazy_face:

wait too many Fs… :skull_and_crossbones: alot of Fs. too many for this ol’ gal :ghost:


posting this in 2 spots

1 because FB is ALL about BEEF BACON

and posting also here cause this gal’s eating level is very near mine :slight_smile: and how I roll and I can easily relate to her.

and then posting it also in ZC vids thread to help others.

(Laurie) #10

Thanks for the fab thread, @Fangs.

In the previous thread, I said my February goal would be to eat beef every day. I have to amend that, as I had already decided to eat up what I had on hand before buying more food.

So I’ll just keep tweaking my supplements, particularly salt. I had avoided salt for years, but was convinced I needed it on keto/carnivore, so I add very small amounts to some foods. I hate the taste, and it might be contributing to other problems.

I also should get a scale. I never get sick, so I don’t go to the doctor’s office for legitimate reasons. They did let me use their scale in October, but very reluctantly because of the pandemic. Time to get my own scale I guess.

Re @FrankoBear 's sign: My poor brain has a problem with icons. When I look at that, I see “No playing hockey in the water.”

Good luck with your goals and/or staying pointed in the right direction, everyone!


The surf was too big.

(Edith) #12

That’s what I said when I lost my last 10 pounds, “I finally finished losing the baby weight.” :laughing:
My youngest I was 15 at the time.


That is fine. You say all beef Feb and you have other carnivore food then eat it …you will never go wrong in doing just that but it goes against you limits you put on you…don’t do that…thoughts are carnivore food all the time and you are right there, where ya need to be!
no stress, no muss and no fuss and if beef is your goal, when ya focus on it and get it, you are on that goal but NO other carnivore foods are bad :sunny:

Now if you eat your meat and feel fine, your salt (icky taste to you) is probably not needed cause meat truly has sodium in it so? just do you on that one.

no scale required cause many of us who have a scale, heck we NOW go by clothes. Clothes feel looser and giving we know we leaned out and that means more ever than a number on a scale!

So no scale required, you eat ‘as close to goal’ you desire but never saying ever if you hold carnivore plan that is wrong cause it never will be.

You got it IL…you are right there and just hold and enjoy the carnivore ride without ever putting stress on you----other than just hold your lifestyle and enjoy :slight_smile:

hope some of that helps you a bit, I know, I been thru all that too but in the end…one thing reigns true…hold plan, results come!


oh wow so I am typing to IslandLight and I hear ‘baaa baa and it is a goat baa bady sound’ cause hell I know it cause we raised Boer goats over the years and kidding out, wow that sound LOL

hit the front door and some guy is chasing a baby goat into my yard and his wife is driving the car…out I go cause it dealocked into my pasture fence and we ‘cornered and grabbed’ and done deal.

Probably Damen’s up the road but I said IF YOU can’t find a momma and home at all you bring that critter back to me. I still got bottles if required but it ‘seemed a tad older’ where I could raise that sucker fine.

thing is it brought back massive fun times in my life.

omgosh…now I wanna farm again and that little interaction on a baby kid in my yard and the cry was OH SO fun to me.


just cool LOL

oh well…onto retirement and no livestock/pets mostly right?

thanks for reading me out on this cause I am just chuckling here on it all.

no baby kid back yet :slight_smile: so I think home and momma found LOL

but geez, the times we had farming…ugh and the cutest darn little kiddie goat :slight_smile:

(Vic) #15


Eggs, pork meatballs, bacon, pork skin and fat boiled in bone broth.

(Karen) #16

Lovely photo… feeling some green envy coming on … :wink:

(Laurie) #17

Thank you, @Fangs. Good carni food is all I have: salmon, eggs, etc.

My limits are budgetary! I can buy a couple of pounds of local grass-fed beef this week, then I have to wait until mid-month to get more.

I mention the scale because after an initial slimming down – especially in the hips and legs – I seem to be the same size for the past 4 months or so. I don’t have much clothes awareness, and all my clothes are stretchy except for one skirt (which I altered haphazardly after the initial loss). So a scale would be some kind of reality check.

(Karen) #18

Happy FFFFeb everyone.

I can’t say I have any goals. Maybe just to keep eating well and keep fit and continue to learn more about this woe. Into my 4th month (where did that time go?) And it hasn’t been hard either. I certainly feel fit on this woe and I am not grazing or snacking half as much. I manage to not feel hungry till between 11 and 2.

I was up at 4.45am this morning and packed up some very rare roast leg of lamb and sausages for work. This woe has got me out of the habit of eating for the sake of eating! Had the lamb about midday and followed it with one of 3 sausages. I had 2 more smaller ones in another tub just in case i felt hungry before getting home. I ate them on the way home in the car about 4.15pm. When i got home i had the last 3 butchers sausages that i had cooked last night and an ounce of cheddar.

Haven’t been as active at work today as i was just doing overtime watching contractors so a fair amount of sitting which isn’t really my thing but easy money. Fortunately i did the 100 stair runs before getting ready for work this morning as i wouldn’t have wanted to do them when i returned home.


My “liver and eggs” day wasn’t good enough, I ate much while it felt little and it was hard to get satiated (I got bored with my food first… but when I finally managed to stop be hungry and some time passed, I became and stayed perfectly satiated for several hours)… Maybe the too much added fat and the calories I drunk? But it’s just a single day, it means little.

I don’t like when fried chicken liver is my main meat for sure. Not surprising. I do love liver but not like this (I didn’t eat much, only 340g though but it’s liver… I normally eat it differently from roasted pork). I had some tasteless chicken too, it didn’t help much. Even my beloved eggs couldn’t save the day. But it wasn’t bad, I forgot about food when I finally got satiated. It’s very odd, I normally think about food a lot and have big appetite without need for fuel. But now it’s my normal carnivore appetite: it’s turned off when I am not hungry the slightest. I missed and needed this. I lost my appetite and joy of eating though but it will get sorted out I guess.

In the end, I needed something else and had some dairy but not much (sausage would have been so much better but I couldn’t get it in the village shop. I chose to eat my little beef stew tomorrow). And I definitely ate simple, that’s according to plan.

I got hungry very early today, at 13:30. It should change back. I can eat a ton starting at 3-4pm, thank you very much… That timing has many benefits and it came naturally but it changed lately. It started to go back but there are odd days.

(Jane) #20

I know all babies are cute but to me baby goats are the cutest.

My dream is to have a small herd of goats once I retire.