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I went no salt as a New Year’s resolution. I dropped a couple of pounds, but that’s about it (sure wish it was more!). I have definitely noticed the sodium more in the meat I eat and now I can tell the difference between the taste of ribeye vs. tbone. I had that one really bad cramp (charley horse) I had referenced in an earlier post, but I think that was because I had a bacon wrapped chicken breast that had a ton of sodium in it and I hadn’t had much at all for a few weeks.

For a while, I had absolutely no inflammation, but I’ve noticed even with no added salt, there are certain meats (no processed) that my body reacts to and my legs swell up. That is one thing I was hoping to be rid of completely.


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To what meats do you react?

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thanks for an informative post about how it went down for you.
Very interesting and I would think truly a definite plus in dropping added salt means you would taste meat differently. Like I can taste 1 molecule of sugar a mile away now LOL so I would think sodium would fall into that category when one dumps it too.

happy carnivore day

taylor ham
chicken breasts

I controlled the salt shaker. I wasn’t happy about it but I did it :slight_smile: I noticed my ‘less than salted’ meat for sure but I did put on some and it was way more controlled so I ‘did ok’ in cutting back. I only shook a bit but it was very hard not to keep shaking that shaker HAHA

Hey I felt proud of me ya know. I made an effort and I accomplished it and now I am going to definitely keep a big eye on added salt intake. Not thinking of dumping it all just yet but I like that I did a day of controlling and cutting it back without me going hog wild in any way :slight_smile:

You know it is funny but I don’t like any changes to my eating at this point. It is like I whittled down over and over heading into zero carb and now after years my eating ‘is oh so set’ ya know. I eat very limited foods, I don’t drink anything but water (with my occasional rare booze days :wink:) and I like my food cooked only my way. I am very locked into my way of eating now so this little bit of cut back salt etc. is annoying as hell to me but in the end, yesterday did go well with intentional cut back on salt intake and I can continue doing so.

Will be interesting to see where it leads.

Other than that I am doing great on carnivore. Eating well. Feel good. Just chillin’ along. I have steak and ? as my combo today, either chicken or I might rip into those crab legs. Sadly my shrimp supply is gone, my hubby ate the last bag on me and now my freezer is empty. Waiting on good shrimp sale and will load up again. Can’t live without them :crazy_face:

Hope everyone is doing well. Hold the zc fort! :bacon:

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@Fangs … If ya get alot of shrimp - you can store it here. In my front yard. It’s a balmy -27F this fine morning! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: One of the neighboring towns hit -36.

Hubby found a a chilly heifer yesterday afternoon when he took hay out for them. Ended up to bring it in the garage (heated floor) and thaw the little bugger out. So, now its romping around and pooping on his side of the garage. Farm life.

Its supposed to warm up to 0 sometime over the next few days. When it hits 20F, half the town will be wearing shorts. 40F and pretty much everyone will wear shorts. HA!

I’m a little concerned that my youngest son is doing an 11 hour shift at the ski hill. Hoping he can keep warm. His car started fine, so that is a positive. I work afternoons again… 1-930pm. Hope the engine on the car turns over once I get out. But first… LOTS of orders to ship out - so heading to the post office in an hour, and gotta get them goodies out!

Eats yesterday:
Coffee with HWC.
Around 1130- had 2 hard boiled eggs, and some turkey bits
Dinner- ate like, IDK - half a rotisserie chicken.

Yesterday was weird. I unloaded the weekly truck with my boss. That was fine. We were moving constantly, so the cold really didn’t set in with either of us. I was really quite hungry afterwards, and eating those salty turkey thingies really helped. I’ve got tomorrow off, and then work the morning shifts over the weekend. Hope to plan a bit better and actually gather some eats from home. I gotta say…after being off carnivore for awhile - and having difficulty getting back on 100% - it feels so good to finally be back and killin’ it!

Well, the sun is shining- and the snow is sparkling like diamonds (that’s when ya know its REALLY cold!) So beautiful though!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Something as simple as a tube of ground beef. The only ingredient listed is “beef” and it’s 73/27 for fat content. I “plop” it out of its plastic in a glass baking dish and bake it at 375 degrees for one hour. For some reason it tastes “salty” to me, but it shouldn’t. My legs seems to swell on the days I have those.

However, I had a blood clot in my right leg several years ago and poor circulation runs in my family. I do tend to “overdrink” water in the morning and I do stand at my desk for several hours throughout the day, so those could all come into play with the swelling as well. Then…if it’s close to AF time, they swell also.

Sigh…maybe it’s not the meat. Who knows??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Balmy!! :skull_and_crossbones: omg I would freeze but you are living it and used it :100: I remember olden days when I lived up North and would ski and more and the cold never touched me…now, omg living in the South, going back into the great white north is not an option, I would perish :scream_cat:

yea we did alot of critters in the garage or house when needed. I had alot of baby kid goats in my living room, getting them to live so I get ya on that one :wink:

SO SO HAPPY you are slaying it on carnivore again and going full speed. Being zero carb gives us so much ya know, and when we do go off plan, boy we see what we left behind, but you got your zippity-do-da back for sure!!

Could be a combo of things for sure but believe me, what we eat can be a factor. It could be that fat content not helping in a way also…I am sure you do great on it cause you eat it and do fine…I used to eat it but I had to go leaner and leaner on my ground beef. The fat content in burger just doesn’t sit well wtih the guts anymore, I only buy now 85/15 or 90/10. Yea more dry but I love it vs. anything more fatty. Never thought I would go off my fattier burger but thru the years I sure did.

You know, pick a day and experiment on you. Do a day you are off, rested, feel good, not alot of standing and all and eat a big old amt of your burger and see if you get any effects, you might not?? or yea you do without alot of outside intervention that might come into play?? So ya never know, would be interesting to see…hey I am using you as a guinea pig here HAHA, opps :wink:

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Thanks for the input! I will give that a try. I actually just went to 80/20 for today’s lunch, so a step in the right direction. I do find that I am feeling better by slightly upping my fats in other areas.

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Neufchatel cheese is a semi creamy cheese that looks almost dry and crumbly but when you take a bite it is soft and creamy with quite an intense flavour. It has a crusty outer layer like brie. I find brie so bland but this cheese is full of flavour. It is from france. It is in a heart shape, the photo I posted earlier of the chopping boaed my son in law made for me had the cheese on it. There is only one prblem with it, once opened I have great trouble resisting eating the whole 200g at once! 0.1g carbs per 100g 292 kcals 24g fat.

Another amazing photo you have posted to make me green with envy. Love the seaside x

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I thought -5°c was bad today

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Spent last 2 days getting up at 4.45am and stair running before getting ready for work. Wasn’t a hard 2 days as it was just doing overtime watching contractors. Today was just a repeat of yesterday whereby all morning i sat with another lass and we talked and talked and the morning flew by. The afternoons where somewhat longer and my ass was sore from too much sitting. Glad I do my stair runs as it makes me feel I have at least done some exercise!

Both days just ate the same food.
My pack up
Chicken sauted in butter with cheese
5 slices of topside beef
Canned corned beef
At hone
1 frying steak cooked in lard

Took a covid test just prior to leaving work this evening and hopeful i will get a neg result text first thing tomorrow. I have been asked to assist getting my son the covid vaccination in the morning. The doctor is goung to go to his care home. A positive test will put a spanner in the works! I haven’t seen my son since the beginning of the first lockdown last march so I have a bit of anxiety as to how he will react and how he will behave after I leave again. Not sure I will sleep tonight :roll_eyes:

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I’ve been following the salt discussion with interest. I don’t like salt, and I never had keto flu or other problems. However, I started adding salt on the advice of some keto forum members. I’m not going to bother with it any more.

@Redrobins In North America, all kinds of things are added to meats, that don’t have to be listed. Good luck figuring out (and eliminating) the culprits. I used a standing desk with wobble board for years, as it was supposed to be better than sitting. But now I have problems, as did my father, who stood at a drawing board all day. So I think standing all day can be problematic too. Would it be possible to put your feet up several times a day?

@Karen18 Thank you for the info about Neufchatel cheese. I’ll keep my eyes open … I was eating a “dessert” of Cambozola every day, but our Costco stopped carrying it. Good luck with the test results and with your son.

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Interesting. Neufchâtel cheese in the US is a semi tasteless, low fat cream cheese.

(Karen) #115

Thats how I find brie lol.

(Laurie) #116

I remember that 50 years ago, provolone cheese was so strong you could hardly get near it. Now it’s sold alongside – and tastes about the same as – regular cheese.


We had a similar temperature (that’s fine, it’s winter, after all) with very heavy wind today. My face almost froze off, I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes outside… Wind makes a big difference, I know that and it’s a windy place but it was worse than usual.

I would simply die at -27F, no matter what… :smiley: But we have no chance for that here.

I actually like brie to some extent and buy it a few times a year. Well, I did, I have found my favorite camembert and I do appreciate flavor, they are similar enough (I normally eat half-hard cheese like not very old Gouda and Maasdamer). But brie on my egg sandwich, accompanied with some very flavorful dry sausage is nice. I eat things for other things like flavor too. My staples are never like that but it may add variety.
By the way, Hungarians love tasteless camambert, it seems. “Hungarian camambert” (we totally have some brands and they are called camambert and look like one and tastes like brie. and brie tastes close to nothing to me) is nothing like a proper French one and I don’t even know much about them as I ate real camambert the first time a few month ago. I never will even look at the bland ones again.

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I have noticed my back has been hurting more and more…I will try to put my feet up. My co-worker might glare at me as I’m in the main office area. :laughing: Oh well…


Pretty stellar eats again today.

4 eggs with butter. 4 thick slices of bacon.
a half pound beef sausage. Nothing else with it.
A little mozzerella cheese, melted and a little toasty around the edges. Very satisfying.
Coffee. Water, and a diet Red Bull. (I was dragging at work today.)

On the subject of cheese…
Provolone- smoked. Very delicious.
Block of KerryGold Aged White Cheddar. Even more delicious.
Parmesan. Mmmmmm.
There’s some other good ones to be found- but those are some of my favs.

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OMG, that shocks me. How can keeping mothers from there children be good for …anything? Its madness.

Theres no way I could handle this, comming between me and my kids or wife would end in violence. I admire you Karen.

Eat fish, that makes me sleepy, it may help you :slightly_smiling_face: