(Laurie) #81

Ah, the rainbow. What a week!

Do you have a laser thermometer to check the freezer items? I have one, a great toy – almost as much fun as my level.


(Karen) #82

I don’t have any heating in my bedroom either, the radiator was removed to fit the stairs to the loft and i said not to bother putting another one in there. I certainly don’t regret that decision now! :wink:

(Karen) #83

I thought I was just at the end of the menopause as all the hot flashes stopped but when I started ZC it all came back :open_mouth: i have been getting them through the day too, suddenly going bright red ! I know it is mainly the rise in my body temp and I love feeling warmer just could have done without the meopause symptoms returning hahaha… oh well so it goes on a little longer I feel great and thats all that matters :grin:

(Karen) #84

Wow you have certainly had a crazy time one way and another. Crazy weather, we are very fortunate really here in the UK. We moan about our british weather but should think ourselves lucky. Glad the food was okay after your power cuts … :wink:


-4F today, with sunshine and wind. Beautiful day!

Yesterday, eats were:
6 eggs fried with butter.
Coffee w HWC
8 turkey sausages covered with a little melted cheese.
Wasn’t hungry last night after work, so just went to bed.

Today, 4 eggs with butter
Coffee w HWC
few slices of turkey and butter
Gotta go to work soon, so going to say bye for now! Have a great day!!!

(Vic) #86

-6C or 21F, canals are freezing over.
Unfortunately no ice skating yet.
Had a long walk this morning, kinda love the cold.

Hope the walking sport clubs open again soon, miss the organized long walks.


Things went south in the last 2 days, yep, I need to be more strict, it never works for long otherwise.
But finally I have a lot of meat. Big shopping yesterday. I don’t want to go near a shop in the next month (except buying some carbonated water but I can live without that too).

Maybe not A LOT of meat, only ~7kg pork (not counting the sausages) and many chicken thighs. And a chicken (after Alvaro longingly looked at some turkey breast but put it back. I like the not-breast chicken parts, Alvaro likes the not bony parts and it was on sale. chicken on sale barely costs more than the breast fillet bought separately). And I found beef heart, I never ate it and now I will try it. And next time it will be liver, the hypermarket has that too normally, not now.

Alvaro’s Mom showed us how to take a chicken apart! It looked so easy and I could do it myself with the other limbs…

I am very much satiated now (it’s 3:40pm but I ate much lately) but I took a bite of the beef heart. The flavor is unmistakably heart! Just like chicken heart, that heart flavor with something extra and it’s chewier. I have no idea how one cooks heart, I fry everything so I did that (okay, surely there is heart stew and there is a dish with an odd name I can’t translate to English but I have no idea what that is. I only knew it with lungs anyway, the name, I mean as I avoid eating lungs). It’s not pretty but organs tend to do that. It’s good enough but won’t be my favorite.

I try to focus on meat and eggs in this month (and hopefully later too), with a bit more emphasis on meat than usual but of course, I bought a ton of various dairy and some has a short shelf life. I totally use Alvaro’s love towards them but I can’t just not eat from them at all. But it’s only for the first week after shopping.

Ugly weather, much rain and mud but freezing days are coming! :smiley: We had more than enough mud for this winter and several dry days just can’t happen.

I ate at 4:25pm.
Beef heart with sponge cake (I ate half of the meat):

Here is my FIRST SAUSAGE EVER! I made it :smiley: Without proper tools, I forgot to soak the intestine and I didn’t use the right ingredients (I had to do something with some meat I had at hand :slight_smile: I expect I will experiment a lot - or not, this spice mix makes nearly everything pretty good). I am proud. But I don’t want to cook much in this week anymore, I cooked so many dishes today, for both of us…
So, my raw kind-of-sausage (I surely broke some basic rules of sausage making):

My sausage lost its integrity during frying (I didn’t play with this single piece in the oven) but the taste is okay. A bit too spicy and salty, I will change the recipe next time.
It was very satiating.

I ended up eating only 0.5 pound of meat today but I wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t eat much in calories either but possibly borderline enough, just for today… I wonder if I get hungry later.

I have chicken, sausage and beef heart for tomorrow so I won’t roast some pork yet.

I think I would feel better if I didn’t drink a little milk… It was very calming after my too spicy and salty sausage though… And I didn’t drink milk alone since ages, I wanted to try. Interestingly, I have the same odd feeling when I drink egg milk. A yolk blended with water isn’t like eating eggs normally at all even if they are all raw. Hmmm…

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(Polly) #89

Wow, it sounds like a lucky escape. No wonder your focus shifted a little and it could have been a lot worse.

I hope all is well now and that the forest fire has been extinguished and the birds are finding enough flying insects to satisfy them and that your freezer contents are safely below the threshold temperature despite the black out.

(Karen) #90

Did my 100 stair runs first thing in just 26mins which is quite good for me. Then I got my trainers on and had a brisk walk on my own to the nature reserve. Something very satifying walking over crunchy frosty ground. Took a few piccies of the birds and wildlife, daid hello to some friendly doggos and their owners. Think I am turning into my mother bless her she knew all the doggos names but not their owners names. I am thinking she is definitely with me in spirit when I am out walking now as I am sure I never used to be this batty with the doggos!!! :grin: Nice that the waters have receded now. Was a brisk walk for an hour. Very chilly ear nipping weather but lovely and fresh.

On return I finished off the last of the chicken stock then a lttle later had sauted chicken amd cheese. Later had some mature blue stilton and 100g of neufchatel cheese. Then some canned corned beef and a little more cheddar. Bit of a cheesy day I guess lol. Roasted another chicken, stripped the meat off the carcass and made some more stock. Had a mug full as it smelt so good!

Early bed tonight ready for up at 4.45am for work tomorrow.


first meal of the day

1.15 lb. NY Strip steak
it was yum :wink:

just had a tin of sardines

dinner later? not sure cause I sure am not that hungry.
maybe a bit of chicken or 2 pork chops.

easy peasy eating day for me


What is this Karen? I am intrigued. I bet @Carnivoor Vic knows. Country of origin?

Thanks Polly. All has been restored. They are still hunting the arsonist who set 6 ignition points, with two blazing up into large bush fires. I’m going to bake some lambs ribs tonight to get back on the ruminant animal saturated long chain fatty acid train. That’s a long name for a train.

Unfortunately, I have made it through peak apricot, peaches and nectarines season without faltering. But now there re big fat juicy figs ripening in the food forest. Figs are high in oxalates. Well, I’ll keep telling myself that.

Congratulations Shinita. It looks like a wonderful sausage. But you don’t have to wonder what it’s filled with. I think we should all learn sausage making. Pease post your tips, tricks and pics!

You carnivores “North of the Wall” are crazy. Minus anything is waaaaaay too cold. :sunny:

This is my personal trainer Labrador, Billie, photo bombing down at the ocean lagoon. She loves seeing her friends down there. The physical activity is a soft beach sand walk. Really gets the leg muscles working #bunsofsteel.

Today’s 3 egg omelette featured beef breakfast sausage cooked in tallow from last nights 500g rib eye with extra tallow added.


VERY high winds here. Might lose power. yippee. Have had a weather alert warning of wind chill temps ranging -25 to -35 through today. Walking across the parking lot at work last night…I totally felt that. So many micro climates, though. When I arrived home, it was a balmy 6F. Still quite windy.

With the heavy snowfall and below zero temps, we’ve had some delays in vendor and dc deliveries. Thought I was off the hook unloaded our weekly dc truck- as it was scheduled for 8am yesterday.- and I didn’t work until 1pm. Truck broke down due to low temps, and is coming at 8am today. Guess who opens?! Yours truly - and the boss are going to unload. ugh. ugh. ugh.

Eats yesterday were stellar.

Coffee w HWC
4 eggs with butter.
1 cheddar cheese stick
2 hard boiled eggs+6oz tuna

Wasn’t even hungry when I got home. I thought I was pretty tired, and ready for bed…but no. My left hip decided to go AWOL. I was in so much pain laying in bed, I had to get up, lay on the living room floor, and work it back into its place. Not fun at all. FINALLY got back to bed - and could not get comfortable. Guessing I slept 2 hours all night- and that’s a generous estimate. Between that, and the hot flashes -not sure how I am even functioning. Must be the carnivore diet that keeps me going! LOL!

Not the slightest idea what I shall eat today, but, we will keep it clean and carnivore. Have a good one all!!!

(Vic) #94


Had to google it, there are so many different types of French cheeses… and then there are the Dutch and Belgian cheeses, goodness overload :crazy_face:


wow. blackouts and fires and all that crazy.

and yea you keep saying figs are high in oxalate cause they are LOL I hear ya and applaud you for holding your carnivore experiment this month and trying giving your FabFatFeb a real go!

I hear ya on sand walking, it is fab for the legs. When I metal detect I walk for hrs on end on sand and at night, I know I just did that. I sure feel it also on my toes, my feet just are sore after alot of miles, but it is a sore I love actually!

wow sorry that hip got you so bad.
I battle a bit of sciatica and when that goes, omg the sleep is interrupted terrible like you and it sucks. Hoping you start to feel better fast!

beautiful pic of a fab meal.
but bet ya ate that lone little meat in the fry pan too? Am I right? or did ya save it for later? :clown_face:

---------------happy carnivore day

Ate my beautiful steak in my pic I posted
had a tin of sardines

then opted for 3 thin cut pork chops as my last meal for the day

ZC going very well.
Feel great
Eating well
Not a darn thing wrong in zc land for me

but I want to go no salt. omg I am trying. but this addiction is horrible for me. I love love love salt. Point blank.

but I checked in on my strict carnivore site and Elizedge has lost now 17 lbs. since dropping all salt. I tell ya I know salt is not helping me, believe me guys, I use salt LOL and always have on my zc eating for years but I also know if I dump it big changes will happen for me, but damn, I don’t wanna dump it, I truly feel like a friggin’ whining baby on this subject.

So today I am cutting down on salt shaker. I go very heavy. I will NOW put me on light amt. Believe me that will be hard enough then I will walk straight towards dumping it for good----------or should I rip off the bandaid and go all in and stop it now and just bite the bullet…and I will be annoyed and irked if I go cold turkey. I have tried all ways to dump salt thru the years, honestly I don’t wanna but truly feel my body needs my heavy salt load gone. But damn ya know…and thanks all for listening to my rant and vent on this subject. It is literally my last ‘situation on zero carb’ eating I keep half ass addressing and basically doing nothing about it…ugh.

OK enough of my whine on that, am gonna wrap my head around my salt intake and get a grip on it and choose a course of action :skull_and_crossbones:

today I got a lb. of steak to eat
4 thin cut pork chops for later

have 1 last bag of snow crab legs, those are gonna come into play soon if not today over the pork chops :smirk:

Carnivore on and have a great meat eating day everyone!

(Edith) #96

I am still using salt, but I was able to stop the extra supplementation. Even though I still salt food, when I stopped the extra supplementation, I think I actually went through a small, well I hate to use the word withdrawal since I didn’t stop salt completely, so let’s say adaptation for a few days. My muscles cramped at night, I felt really tired, and then it went away.

Just prepared for some adjustments, but you can do it.

(Vic) #97

No way I’m gonna quit salt. Why would I.

Its to taste, not a lot, but still, I love it.

Somtimes its to much and then we will be thirsty for a while, no problem, plenty of water from the tab.

(Vic) #98

Thx. Not this time, the plate was enough and full is full. Saved it for later :heart:


thanks for the info. Withdrawl. Luckily I was never a cramp person, on rare occasions when I left SAD into very low carb I had a few and took some mag and got thru fine, but I am happy I am one who doesn’t have that issue :slight_smile: but who knows if I dump all my salt? Yea something to watch. For me I bet it is just irritable, miserable, baby whining and more cause it is a real addiction for me.

I say I use big salt guys, I mean I am a very heavy salter. I can make my steak go white literally! I use THAT much. Always have my whole life truly. No one in my family would touch my food HAHA I have fries in the old days I would put a layer of white on them and say, I’m done, anyone want my leftover fries and everyone would say hell no :crazy_face: I just love this crap LOL and darn I know it has to go and I am mentally ramping up for it I guess. Appreciate the info on what to watch for tho. I am sure I am gonna get some effects probably.

yea I am not a normal salter. I am a super salter. Always knew it was overkill and did it my whole life. Wierdest is everyone said OMG your blood pressure ya know and I never had issues…hell I am like 110/70 even with tons of salt daily.

that is why maybe just ‘controlling and lightening’ my intake would be best for me. Instead of dumping it all?

yea yea I am gonna control it. OK…I got a plan of action. Wish me luck HA

A plan of action is a good thing, now I gotta put 110% into it and do it and stop the BS on not wanting to do it.

------------thanks guys, even in a few posts it helps me to chat it out and get a grip on action plan for me. Once there I will lock down and go for it. Control salt shaker and put me on ‘a less amt’ than my normal and just walk down from there a bit.

Today is the day :slight_smile: My poor damn steak later…won’t be salted to the max…but a only a little…ok, I am fine with that. Will go into this with a smile vs. a frown, what the hell right? :wink: :sunny:

(Vic) #100

Maybe you’re not very good at holding on to salt, who knows?
On the other hand there is enough sodium in meat as is, no real need to add more for most people.
But we are all different, if you love it so much, you probably need it.