@SecondBreakfast, your weather scares me now LOL I grew up in the North with snow up to my eyeballs but left it like 30 yrs ago and in the South now and boy, there is no going back…you write like that, howling winds and minus degs…brrrr—that gives me the shivers.

Glad you are doing well on plan and cool the hubby is taking notice of something right? Anything? hey any and all good changes to us is never a bad thing! I do miss skiing cause we loved that but I have to say more swim and kayaking and hot weather suits me now! Schools closed, wild cause when I was up North heck our schools wouldn’t close for any kind of bigger snow, they just sent out more snow plows. I think I got gyped! :slight_smile: I want some of that beer too :smiling_imp:

@Carnivoor, cool pic of your stuffed balls! :partying_face::clown_face:
I used to be a stuffer and a wrapper, wrapped it all in bacon :scream_cat: but now it seems like work to even do that. But your plates look delish!!

-------good carnivore day

just doing my thing
ate my burned up chops from yesterday, hey I can eat charcoal meat, not a problem for me HA

today I got 2 monster NY Strips. little over 2 lbs. eating both of those with some shrimp. making todays eats easy and filling. woke up a tad hungry, later I will hoover down alot of food and be super content.

omg we got 1 inch of snow but luckily rain is coming and temps going higher, that crap won’t last the day I hope!!

all good in carnivore land. had some cravings ----well not cravings in truth-----had some jealousy factor kick in cause family was oohing and ahhing over some cake/cookie contraption gunk hubby bought on his way home from work. It ‘looked so pretty’ ya know, that ‘beautiful bakery’ look but in the end I didn’t want any…ain’t a bakery person kinda but I was thankful it wasn’t a darn pizza he walked in with I guess…but I hit into that ‘life is unfair and jealous’ feeling sometimes thru the social thing of it I guess…but did fine and ok. I think that is why I defrosted another big azz pack of steaks for today and wanna eat good today :wink:

oh well it is what it is

great zero carb day all

(Edith) #62

Hi Everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot some problems I have been having and getting some information from the low oxalate carnivore group to which I belong.

The past month I had a return of my heart palpitations and the other symptoms I get from histamine intolerance. The heart palpitations, I believe, are histamine induced because when I put myself on antihistamines, my symptoms were much reduced.

I tried @Fangs suggestion of eating more beef and upping my quantities, but it seemed to make things worse actually. I was getting the heart palpitations, diarrhea, and nausea after eating the red meat. So, this week I ate mostly pork and chicken. It did seem to help: fewer palpitations, no diarrhea, no nausea.

According to my low oxalate group, oxalate dumping can trigger histamine intolerance. So… what that the cause? :woman_shrugging: Last night, I had a hamburger and pork chop for dinner. I was fine afterwards.

Something that causes histamine intolerance is a diamine oxidase (DAO) deficiency. DAO is an enzyme that helps that body breakdown excess histamine. Vitamins B6 and C are very important to the production of DAO. I figure with eating carnivore, I don’t have to worry about B vitamin deficiency, but I do still worry about vitamin C. I wonder if my vitamin C intake, while adequate to not develop scurvy, is not adequate enough to produce enough DAO.

There were many suggestions from my other carnivore group to eat kidney in some form. Kidney is actually a good source of DAO. I could try ancestral supplements with desiccated kidney or eating fresh kidney. I have to admit, I feed kidney to my dogs and I am not a fan of the smell. But, what’s the worse that can happen? I cook it, eat it, and gag on it. Who knows? I could possibly even like it.

My goal for this week, it to try kidney.

Yup! My husband and I were going through the grocery store this morning and we walked past the carrot cake. Carrot cake is my favorite. I definitely felt some longing for it. Even as I am typing this message, I am wiping a little drool off the corner of my mouth.

For everyone else, I’m glad carnivore is progressing well.


Glad ya posted, I was starting to wonder if all was ok for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Happy that group is helping you and no I didn’t put that together, oxalate dumps can trigger histamine intolerance? Yea, I can see that being a correlation and it is very good you are checking into your options on how to eat to correct all that.

ZC people do have that histamine issues for sure and I am super happy to see you finding great fixes for yourself.

Also----if you think C is low…honestly you can take a C supp. Just take a darn ol’ big C tablet and call it a day IF YOU think you need it. I get what you are saying, our C is enough for our good situations, but if you are fighting an issue like histamine and feel you need more C for whatever reasons, I have to say a simple C tablet would not be bad for you…anything your body doesn’t need ya pee it out anyway :slight_smile:

Ahhh, carrot cake is your kriptonite!! I hear ya!! Luckily what he brought home I had no want of :slight_smile: I hate when he walks thru the door with something I used to like LOL but thankfully our tastes are so different, whew that helps me alot!

I love how you are troubleshooting you VE! best thing you can do for yourself!


Oh, carrot cakes :slight_smile: I had enough for a life. Sometimes I wonder how easier to skip things now as I already had my fill before. It doesn’t work with everything, of course. I love crunchy baked things :frowning: Oh well, I will survive (and try to find a way).

My timing went back to what it should be. Yesterday I had OMAD, today TMAD.
I probably do ketovore now but this happens after wilder months when I try to do carnivore-ish but don’t have enough proper meat (even the nice slab of pork was too little). But it still works, it could be better though and tomorrow I really, really get a ton of pork and won’t be shy. I will eat meat instead of dairy, that should help. I need to forget about desserts too. I am very hopeful the next, pretty strict days (at least that’s the plan. Monday isn’t sure as I will eat at Alvaro’s mom’s place but I bring sausage, eggs and cheese) will solve my tiny problems.

But I stopped overeating, getting hungry super early, eating late at night… It was a helpful week.

The sausage wasn’t good. It was very much edible, not fully tasteless but I know what good, home-made sausages taste like. The bar is very high. I really will make my own. It’s super hard to get good ones if one doesn’t know someone who raises pigs and makes and sell sausage (and don’t put a TON of marjoram into an otherwise very tasty sausage. I probably wrote about that case, it was horrific. and I have nothing against herbs but it was epically overdone and I don’t think a sausage really need herbs).

(Karen) #65

@Fangs hey my work colleagues are always bringing cakes chocolate and sweets stuff in… they all know me well enough to say " I know you won’t want any but I’m offering anyway" i do like to be asked because it is nice to be asked especially as I know I can say No very easily. …

(Karen) #66

Such a dark morning today a real doomy gloomy Sunday! Awake every couple of hours through the night and just felt like staying under the covers … what was there to get out of bed for?

Well I gave myself a good talking to and kicked my ass out of bed and got stuck into this bad boy of a workout. Every tenth flight of stairs followed by an exercise. Why I chose the ones I did I have no idea :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: just chipped away at it for 48 mins.

Yesterday i ate sauted chicken followed by a very rare sirloin with prawns and cheese. Then all day was munching on some zc delicacy lol. Mind you i jad done my 100 stair runs straight off first thing followed by an 8mile brisk walk with my daughter. Our quality time walking and talking catching up on the past 3 weeks since she had her covid positive test and isolated and back to freedom again. I have had 2 negative tests in the last 2 weeks done at work.

Yesterdays rare sirloin

So back to today . I have had the munchies again … guessing its down to the crappy sleep lately.

Brunch was the sauted chicken n cheese again cos I really enjoy it. Follwed by a small piece of feta (1.5oz). Then a couple of hours later I had both the sirloins out of the double pack with the spiratcher butter (think thats what it is called) had no trouble getting rhrough those. Then had a mug of the chicken stock I made from the chick carcass. Then an hour or so after the steaks i ate half a can of corned beef! Hoping my munchies are done.

Just thought I would add the pic of the chopping board as it was a gift to me yesterday from my son-in-law who made it for me :heart:

(Edith) #67

I haven’t had lunch yet. Your pictures made me extra hungry.:yum:

(Karen) #68

Well go get it girl and flippin enjoy

(Laurie) #69

Ha ha, Karen, I’m asking the same questions: Why am I doing this? Why am I doing anything? But I know what happens when I let my mind go there … Good for you on making a good day out of it!

(Karen) #70

So easy to just give in to being lazy and lethargic. I find myself talking myself into life more often since all these lockdowns. Got to keep very positive as best we can xx

(Vic) #71

Love the positivity, give me some pls…


great carnivore day all

those pics are fab and I love that cutting board, made by hand, hmm, nice job he did!

8 mile walk. wow. that is hoofing it far :slight_smile: Stair Queen and now ‘Miles Queen’ to boot LOL You are doing so great, I know you need to use up that good energy you have, and a nice long brisk walk is a great way to do that!

---------------So everyone, all is great in my zc world.

some taylor ham
some pepperoni
another Steak
tin of sardines

Not much to say.
Feel wonderful.
Just enjoying life and eating so darn fine on carnivore
of course waiting for Spring and good hot weather to come.

Other than that, nothing doing mostly. In hibernation mode I think :clown_face:

Keep ZC strong!


Eats this weekend weren’t too exciting…eggs, bacon, butter, tuna, chicken and turkey with a bit of melted cheese. This morning, just coffee thus far. Might pull out a couple steaks and cook some before I sled to work. (LOL!)
The snow fell off the east end of our roof, landed on the deck, and both doors are blocked. We are measuring the snowfall in feet now, not inches. Almost 3 feet at this point. And, it continues all week. We are well below 0 degrees F. Wind chill is in the negative 20’s-30’s -depending which direction one goes. Funny observation last night… I was laying awake in bed- couldn’t sleep- just stared out the window. In the dark- with just a very slight bit of light from the moon (or yard light), it struck me that the all the tree branches looked like giant Q Tips hanging in the yard. To me, it was so funny, I busted out laughing, and woke up hubby. He is absolutely convinced I’m sleep deprived and going bananas.
Going to do a bit of house cleaning, and package up some of the “workshop products”. (I did make a sugar-free mocha variety for my local Ketogenic pals, and a diabetic.)
Well. Better git going. I need nom noms.


too darn funny cause when is overwhelmed in weather we find the funny and I would do just as you LOL

heck yea cook those steaks!!

SB you are so winter now and I, being older and 59 now and from the North and SO NOT into winter ever :wink: Just shows how we all deal ya know. How we change, move and adapt thru our lives.

yea the nom noms are a good thing!! Eat good in that cold weather, you need it!!

---------------hit grocery store
hit big sale on chicken legs marked down. got alot of packs for hubby. he loves these and will back off my steaks HA

got some pork tenderloin roasts, only 3 cause no sale but I need as ‘go to for me’ cause winter and boredom is giving me ‘wanna eat now’ munchies and I know it, but hell ya know? ugh

got some Tbones on good markdown and in freezer but seafood was not on any sales darn it cause hubby hit my last shrimp package and darn…ugh…but I must allow him to eat what he wants a meal every now and then I guess :skull_and_crossbones: or we got a fight going down :clown_face::rofl:

(Edith) #75

Every December I say “I am embracing winter this year.” Sometimes that actually works. This year, not so much. The sad thing is that so far, it has been quite the mild winter. If there was any winter to embrace, this winter should be the one.

(Karen) #76

And i thought we were going to be cold today at a wind chill of -6 :rofl::rofl: i went out but didn’t think it felt that cold. Won’t be long before I am going out in just a T shirt eating this zc way!!! :open_mouth:

(Karen) #77

Just 100 stair runs to start off today.
Brunch usual chicken sauted with cheese.
An oz of mature blue stilton
A tin of sardines
Dinner surprise surprise

Flippin yummy and rare.

Good day all in all. Although our forecast was lots of snow we only had flurries on and off. I went into the loft and fiinally put all the stuff back under the eaves after geting the roof insulated the week before xnas! 20 pks of laminate flooring plus boxes, suitcases, xmas decs and trees etc etc heavy work, on my knees for the most part! Had to work up the enthusiasm to get started on it.

Did a small shop and took some bits over to my dancing friend, quick cuppa then off to refuel the car. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse weather than today so it was a good feeling getting everything done today. Back to work on wednesday for a couole of days.

@Fangs munchies were driving me mad as i have had them for a few days … covers all the days i haven’t been sleeping well. I was awake numerous times last night but managed to get a few hours on the trot from 3.30 and have not felt too bad today. Thought I was getting them back after the chicken but when i had the sardines that seemed to do the trick. I wasn’t in any hurry to cook when i returned from my trip out this afternoon but made the steak because i knew i needed to eat something before it got too late to eat. Hope you can gind something that gets you through the munchies.

(Laurie) #78

Now that you mention it, I’m not cold either. My room isn’t connected to the heating system. It’s about 61°F (16°C), and I’m comfortable in indoor clothes. Meanwhile the young guys are downstairs in front of the heat vent, wrapped in blankets.

(Edith) #79

@islandlight and @Karen18 Yes, my internal thermostat has definitely increased. I thought it was from perimenopause. Maybe it is the meat.

I’ve had dreams where I have woken up laughing and then when I thought about the dream, I realized it wasn’t that funny.

Btw, what’s your spring like? Does everything just turn into mud as all the snow melts?

A while back I started eating my liver raw. I had grass fed beef liver that I froze in one ounce slices, and then I would nibble on the frozen slice. I actually think the grass fed beef liver tastes pretty good raw.

I haven’t been able to get the grass fed liver lately, so I bought grass fed lamb liver. I tried it today. I am not a fan! The lamb has a strong lingering aftertaste. :nauseated_face: I think I may have to cut my slices into little pieces that I can swallow. :crazy_face:


Whoa! Things went a bit wobbly here. The region got locked down to track a killer (corona virus). Everyone in masks. A low pressure system from hundreds of km away in the tropics spun down the coast and hit us. That started a bushfire (arsonist) in tinder dry forest 2km from our house. Then came 2 days of storms and rain that put 6 deliberately lit fires out. But in that weather birds, Welcome Swallows and Tree Martins, were dropping in flocks from the sky because they got cold (it’s summer here) and wren’t able to find food. Then because of bad weather and bushfires we had a power blackout. Phew.

I lost focus on my eating. But I stuck to 2MAD and slipped a bit back to keto-carnivore with some mushrooms and fermented vegetables (which made me fart :wind_face:). The blackout means I have a 500g rib eye waiting for me today. My food intake shifted to eggs and cheese, with some tinned fish (mackerel or sardines). My plan was to eat more of the animal sourced long chain saturated fatty acids, so I need to get back up on that sheep and cow. I’ll defrost some more of that fatty lamb that started FFFF off so well for tallow, if the blackout didn’t ruin the meat. Opening that freezer has the same apprehension as opening Dracula’s crypt.