(Karen) #41

Started day with my stair runs before going off to work the overtime. A very sedentary day followed, just sitting watching contractors all day. Not the hardest work but I much prefer to be busy all day and run around. 32 extra flights of stairs yesterday morning at work and a whole 5 extra throughout the whole of today. So glad I at least start my day with some exercise! Makes me feel so lethargic sitting like that all day. :confused:

I took a pack up of a packet of sliced roast topside of beef (5 slices/130g) and 100g canned corned beef and an inch of chorizo sliced up.

Came home and did another of the sirloin steaks with prawns and melted cheese. I so love that at the moment and it takes only 5 minutes to make and straight on the plate. Followed by about 1oz of double gloucester.

@Fangs the water has drained from the fields somewhat but the rain has started again around 3.30 this afternoon and it is apparently in for the next 3 days. I will have to keep a watchful eye on the fields.

I managed to get leave authorised for mon and tues so I am not back to work till wed and thur next week when I have more overtime … result! :grin: sometimes life can smile at you x


Day #5 of FFFF. clothes fit looser already?! Have lost half inch from waist circumference in 5 days.

Daily beach walks with dog. Our whole area went into a 5 day “lockdown” because there was a single virus positive test in the city 300km away. The rules still allowed daily exercise (including surfing) as a reason to be outdoors. But you had to be within 5km of you home. We just happen to have two of the most beautiful, wild, beaches on Earth about 3.5km away from the front door.

I ate a lot of that lamb and am still using the tallow for cooking to follow that higher long chain saturated fat eating plan. For a few days dinner had been baked pasture fed lamb. Midday breakfasts were 3 or 4 local farm fresh eggs as omelettes with mackerel and cheeses cooked in the rendered tallow. There is still some lamb :sheep: in the freezer. The farmer’s chooks are at peak laying time as we just passed mid summer, so they are gifted to us as surplus to the farmer’s needs. Still drinking iced black coffee. It may be the coldness or it could be the saturated fat in food that suppresses any craving to put heavy cream in the coffee.

The other important ingredient for morning coffee is conversation. I think coffee and alcohol are ‘social’ beverages that have different psychological effects if drunk alone. It made me mindfully assess what I drink or eat when I am alone, and whether any of that input could be regarded as self-medicating, rather than nutrition.

Last night I ate a big, baked 500g rib-eye steak cooked in a base of lamb fat. That was a fun taste combination. I was still a bit peckish after the steak, so I ate a cold lamb shank as well.


Hail the goddess Brigid. :sheep: Goddess of domesticated animals. :milky_way:.

I could almost identify as a neopagan, but Imbolg is an August feast in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fabulous to mention it. Thank you.

I have been dreaming of that rib eye caught under a prawn avalanche. I think it would be close to the penultimate ZC meal. Has @Carnivoor Vic ever posted a pic of his version?

Here we call that a trotter. Looks delicious and chewy satisfying.


wow and this is only day 5 of FFFF! That was a wonderful update report on how your Feb is going.

You, I believe, have hit your stride now FB! I am thrilled and can not wait to hear how another 5 days goes for you! Loved reading your report in and it sounds like you are eating so well!

It was nice to read you felt like you needed more food, you went ahead and had more. Key to our plan. When we need food we eat it and you took that to heart and made sure you were well fed…that is when we get great zc results! Just following what our bodies are asking. cool

Lockdown…yikes. Your 2 beautiful beaches so close to you is fantastic. You still get to enjoy so much great even when the rules slam against us, happy for you on that!

-----------------good carnivore morn

all going quiet here
just eating steak, burgers, some pork chops
not losing anything darn it but not gaining ever so that is a good thing. just holding my own. Waiting to see where my zc lifestyle will take me for more changes :slight_smile:

today I have a nice steak and of course I am going for my Aussie prawns. I have one bag left in the freezer and today with the surf and turf talk you know I have to have some :wink: yum

rock on zc soldiers! FFFF it seems is gonna be a great month for us I think! :partying_face:


Finally, on the 5th day I stopped getting hungry too early… Yeah, pork is always effective :slight_smile:
I have very low energy though, I hope it will change soon.
I will see what the butcher offers today.


Well. Over a foot of snow in 24 hours. High winds, and the temps are dropping like a chubby kid on a teeter totter. Should hit zero before I get home from work at 5. We’ve been a bit spoiled here with a relatively mild winter…so now we get the real stuff. I’m opening the store today, so, I’ll be leaving a bit earlier just incase the roads aren’t plowed well.
Eats yesterday were weird. No breakfast…just coffee and hwc. Ran my behind off at work, and was scrambling for something at lunch. Ended up with two packs of tuna mixed with 2 hard boiled eggs, and 2 sticks of colby-jack. I digressed, and chugged a sugar free redbull, too.
Dinner…wasn’t even hungry. ate the toppings off my husband’s pizza. Had a cup of coffee, and went to work in the shop.
Sleep was good for awhile. But, I’ve been awake since 3 am. Winds howling seem to wake me pretty easily. s
Today should be a little quieter at the store. I think it was busy yesterday because people were stocking up for the snow days. Plus, gobs of snowmobilers coming in for stuff, too.

Going to see what I can throw together for eats today. I really prefer the tuna in sunflower oil - but its so hard to find!!! Have a good one, all!

(Heather) #47

Yuck! Sounds like where I am. We didn’t get quite as much snow yesterday, but the polar vortex is on it’s way - highs on Sunday are -2. Brrrr!

Isn’t that a great feeling! I love it when the scale doesn’t change, but I can feel my clothes fitting differently. I wish I wasn’t so tied to the scale, but I am. Sigh… :slightly_frowning_face:

I found this awesome post by Kelly Hogan on Facebook this morning (for those of you who can see it), talking about upping fats if necessary. I have been having ground beef (drained) and boneless skinless chicken breast daily, but a ribeye for dinner (much fattier). I haven’t been feeling “up to par”. I am going to work to up my fats over the next couple of weeks/month to see if I notice a change. I have a friend from my church (where I attend and work) who is the head butcher at a local grocery store. He brought me this box of goodies yesterday–

I fried up 1/2 pound of this last night in small pieces and it was delicious. I really felt good after eating it, so hopefully this will help me to feel better overall.


We truly have mild winter, 12 Celsius today but there was 16 in the south… It’s a small country and still, weather can be quite different at other places, east-Hungary is way colder! Not so much sunlight today though but we had so, so much lately :smiley:
We saw more baby hellebores today in the forest. And many very pretty plumpy snowdrops in a garden. The wild ones are way slimmer, smaller.

I bought pork liver, bony chicken parts for soup and sausage to bake in the oven, mmmm. I so, so rarely eat that kind of sausage, I hope this is a tasty one! The butcher had pork heart but I thought I will try it the next time. I never ate pork heart I think. He had no beef again, that’s normal, beef isn’t so common, hard to get in a small settlement like the tiny town of 4-5000.
The little shop I popped in to get carbonated water had too expensive coffee, I didn’t buy any. But I miss it, I will get some in Monday. I need it for various things anyway, chocolate being the most important as it’s a staple for Alvaro. But it’s wonderful mixed with mascarpone in pancakes too. Or without pancakes but that’s not satiating enough.

I got a tad hungry when we came home but it was way after 3pm… Finally, things start to go back to how they should be.

I had to prepare food first, I ate at 5pm in the end. It was so good, no strong hunger (even when fat-adapted, it can be strong even though it’s not like before), easy enough satiation… I wonder if I will need another meal today…
I am satiated but my energy didn’t drop (that wouldn’t be pretty, it was lowish already). I think I got energy instead but no wonder, it’s dark now and I have most energy in the evening.

I plan to bring photos at some point but I ate when the light went away and the camera had no CF card and it was already 5pm and I wanted my first meal already… Going to to little town was tiring today, my legs are aching.

I ate a very much not carnivore thing (some kind of pudding), I had to try it. It’s nice (it has lots of eggs and dairy, what can go wrong?) but very carby (even the dairy is milk). But Alvaro is happy and I have another recipe to make for him when needed. He usually makes his own way more carbier sweets but it requites a microwave oven and we still didn’t visit the city to buy one. He almost looked for it in the little town but it’s actually more than enough to bring home 50 eggs, some meat and 2 liters of carbonated water through the very very muddy forest. Definitely not, we need to park next to a hypermarket…
It will be so nice to have another, we badly need one. Poor Alvaro had his soup in a bowl and waited for an hour for it to become warm on top of (unsuccessful) and inside of the oven. We won’t make a dish dirty for it. Or he won’t. I surely would if it’s about my food when I am hungry :smiley: I can eat cold soups too if I must though it’s often not ideal. He despises solid fat.

Did I say I feel perfectly satiated after having a soft tiny hungry for a while? I am very pleased with this day.

(Karen) #49

The surf and turf is beautiful especially as the prawns are heated in the steak fat with added butter and melted cheddar… yummy delish.
Yes i have seen Vics Pic. I like the sound of your 500g ribeye, like something i would pick up from the butchers. I love them fried and i think the thick ones are hit and miss doing them in the fry pan.

(Karen) #50

Cooked these this morning. Chicken has been stripped off the bone and the carcass is now a stock.

Started the day as per usual with my 100 stair runs done in 5 rounds of 20 with 20 russian twist w/6kg kb 20 pu’s and 5 pull ups.

Brunch was half of the sausages (6) and 1oz double gloucester cheese

Tea was 5 slices (130g) beef topside rolled up with 1oz petit grey cheese spread in a fashion inside. Followed by 50g of neufchatel cheese … oh my that was so delicious. I don’t think i will be able to resist picking at that later :laughing:

(Vic) #51

Had 3 plates of these for dinner.

They were still alive this afternoon, got 25kg of them 4.3kg cleaned, pure meat.

With the restorants closed under the lockdown crime, they are cheaper then shugar


I :heart: scallops! That is amazing.


thats wonderful! and that amt of great fat from the butcher, wow…fab pic!

@Carnivoor, cool pic of your scallops and I love them too. Cheaper than sugar :slight_smile: Lockdown crime and restaurants closed etc…ugh.

food was
1.25 lb of NY Strip steak
few slices taylor ham
1 pork chop
few cold shrimp

eating right now is going into a lower zone. I also am on board upping some fat intake. I like it, seems to be taking my intake down a bit as fat will do for us.

just cruising zc.
feeling strong and energized.
all good in my carnivore life right now, so just chillin’ thru the days, hoping spring comes tomorrow :wink:, it won’t but I can wish. We got snow tonight and into tomorrow but only like an inch or so with rain behind that as temps warm so that is good. I am not a cold weather person and it truly shuts me down and changes me. So forever thinking spring :sunny: can’t come fast enough for me LOL

I love reading everyone’s updates on how well they are doing. Rocking FFFF so far! Cool

(Vic) #54


Yep, I just had to survive the first few days. Today is just as good as yesterday, I am nicely satiated way beyond noon.

I will have meat soup with a little meat in it, deviled eggs and pig liver stew, mostly. At least that’s the plan. Oh and some cheesy biscuit thing? That should be nice, I never did it before but found a note with the idea. Egg, sour cream and cheese, what could possibly go wrong? It probably will be soft but it’s hard to make crunchy baked goods on carnivore. Or on any other woe if someone is me and refuses to put a ton of… not-eggs into an eggy dough… We will see what my current tolerance with cheese now (mental, I feel good, no matter how much cheese I eat). My cheesy baked goods recipes tend to use very little cheese.
Sometimes I forget I can use meat as “flour” for savory things… If I have meat, I just eat it. I made those spicy things yesterday only because the meat was so not good.
But I need to bake something now and then, it’s fun.
Sometimes I eat and not just taste or not even that as I bake for Alvaro a lot. But mostly things with a stable recipe, I want to use my recipe making muscles too.


I am SOOOoooo jealous from that pic ya know Vic :slight_smile: beautiful meal!


It is a blustery winter morning here. -14F (or -25C). Winds clocking in at 30mph - all night long. Looks like we got another 9 inches or so, last night. One of the hotels 30 mins from here (north) got 2 feet of snow Thursday night into Friday morning. 45 mins northwest of that location, another town got 29 inches overnight. Needless to say, Mount Bohemia and Mont Ripley are packed with skiers. My kids work at one of the hills, and one of them said the hill has never been so busy. All the kids who play winter sports- esp hockey - aren’t allowed to play due to the virus - so they all ski instead. Schools were closed due to the storm, so all those kids end up at the hill, too. Then we got all the snowmobilers who think they died and went to heaven. I got all the essentials before I left town last night after work. - which included a 6 pack of Michelob Ultra, and some Gatorade Zero. Not leaving the house this weekend. Working in my shop, and staying warm.
For eats yesterday, we had coffee and hwc for breakfast. 12:30 lunch, had 2 packs of tuna mixed with 2 hardboiled eggs, salt, and a bit of cheese, and some coffee. DInner- wasn’t starving. Just nibbled on a piece of leftover chicken. Not sure what got into me, but at 7pm last night, I randomly decided I needed to cook a whole turkey breast. So, for hubby, I quartered some Yukon golds, and lined the bottom of the cast iron dutch oven, salted the bird, added butter, put the lid on, and into the oven. Curled up and watched the first half of The Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit). (I especially love Watching Galadriel go into beast mode … fully represents me having a hot flash.) Anyways…bird finished cooking, I ate some of the meat, and decided the skin needed to be crispier. So, popped it back in for a bit. Ate some more, took a hot bath, went to bed- and listened to the wind howl all night.

Wind is still howling as I inhale my coffee/hwc. I ran out of my grass fed collagen powder, so, phooey. However, something my hubby was watching included a discussion on collagen - so he is interested in trying it. So that was cool.

Going to head into the shop- maybe after I eat some eggs or some such thing. Have a good one, and stay warm and safe!!!


first food of the day

those chops are super skinny the way I like them cut—yum, getting very hungry cause it is about 12 now

steak and shrimp later or maybe chicken later?

DAMN destroyed my chops, super high sear heat for steaks AND posting this pic got in the way…eating chops black truly and don’t care, still yum and steak if fab on my ‘watch’

off to eat LOL

ugh I tell ya

and kiddo yelled at me for using her phone, I was not to touch it ever, yea right, like a 15 almost 16 yr old is gonna control me HAHA

oh well…starved and food now

(Vic) #59

My oldest daughter had a surprise for me.
Eggs cheese and meat…its a carnivore piza :smiley:

(Vic) #60

Cheese filled pork meat balls for lunch