Nice dream! Goats can be very adorable indeed, even the big ones are funny :slight_smile: I love goats. I love so many animals but goats and cats are characters, they are among my big favs :smiley:


Not sure what direction to go today with eating. Work is 8a-430p. Thinking I shall cook up a few eggs for breakfast, and maybe just take along some beef hot dogs for lunch. IDK. I can buy a couple hard boiled eggs at work if I get desperate.

I had a massive attack of “the hungries” last night. Could have been because I was at a socially distanced birthday party and I skipped eating anything there. So, I nuked 3 beef hot dogs and scarfed them down before bed. That took care of things!

This week has a weird work schedule, so its going to be interesting to see how I manage planning the eats.
Have a great week all!

PS. Baby cows are the best!!! +)

(Vic) #23



I never was the person who could eat only eggs for breakfast… But it’s a good base (for every meal of mine).
Right now I experiment with very early first meal (because I feel like eating too early and don’t feel like waiting just because I am not really hungry - but definitely not perfectly satiated. Why am I not perfectly satiated at noon? It’s the normal for me, no matter how I eat. But it changed lately and it’s disconcerting. But probably temporal.). Today I started to eat before noon! Just a few bites but as I can’t do that, I had a small but complete meal, stuffing myself (it was about 650kcal, it seems). The earlier I eat, the smaller my meal becomes, my extremely rare early morning meal is tiny! Stuffing myself is very effective if I want long term satiation (I still may want food mentally in my eating window, it’s really better to start eating late if one is me). And I want that as I only should have one meal more and it should be late or else there will be a third one. And that’s definitely overeating under normal circumstances and now I have those now. Hopefully I will reach the point where I don’t need to worry about how much I eat… Not like I actually worry, I just need to be careful or face the consequences. My massively overeating past had some very serious long term effects. Carnivore is wonderful against them but wasn’t quite enough this far, probably doing it longer term would be good…

We will see how this maximal sized early first meal works. It definitely feels a bit abnormal but what can I do if I feel some urge to eat before my normal eating time? Do an experiment, surely. But it won’t be what I would like to do longer term. It’s just an attempt to mitigate my problems. It’s good if I know how to do it when I start my day not ideally. And I am curious anyway…

I had eggs, liver and it seems I can’t avoid dairy easily so little cheese and sour cream as well. It will be a different story when I will have pork.

Hours passed and while I feel full, I definitely feel like eating. I won’t as I feel full (drank a lot too) but it’s not the wonderful chill I had yesterday after my bigger, later meal. I should repeat this experiment with proper meat, no added fat and no dairy in my small first meal.

I think it’s too complicated and should have stayed in my head, sorry. I did make efforts not to write too much and too complicated personal things here lately. I will get better.

They are great too, sure. Once I saw a male baby cow with the right age and in the right moment when they jumping like crazy… Well goats actually do that without these conditions (maybe the right moment but not age and gender I suppose… as far as I know, I merely watched goats a lot, we never had any, not even the neighbors, they had cows, pigs, horses and various fowls). Cats too. Tofu stayed a kitten inside, not like the others couldn’t be silly… But it’s her default state.

(Karen) #25

Not at work today so did a great workout first thing this morning which felt great with only having time to do the stair runs before work for the previous 3 days

Popped out to do some shopping for my 83yr old friend Raymond . He was feeling very poorly today. He’s been up and down all the time throughout these lockdowns. Anyway bought myself a chick to roast, some chipolata sausages, 2 ribeye steaks, king prawns and some cheese.

Brunch was some of the roast lamb leg

Then later a bit of medium cheddar

Dinner was a ribeye cooked with the leftover sausage fat covered in king prawns which i had cooked in butter and melted mature cheddar cheese. It was oh my goodness so yummy. The steak was quite rare and bloody.
Finished off with a tiny piece of chorizo and some canned corned beef.

Back on shift tomorrow but only a girlie early loverly!


(Vic) #26

Looks delicious.

Here is my dinner


wow, outstanding pics and that shrimp and steak meal…whew, just so nice

and Vic’s chops are outstanding!

Wonderful pics on this thread for sure!!

I hit a sale on pork boston butt. Those things are so big like a roast, fat type roast and I just brought it home and cut that sucker in 1/2. Cook time so much faster :slight_smile: 2 chunky fat cut steaks from it vs. a giant roast to cook forever…these 2 slabs cooked up fast and tender! OMG so good. Just a ton of fresh roasted pork with alot of fat cap. Could only handle eating about 1/2 lb of it, the fat is so rich ya know. Got nice leftovers for more meals.

(Vic) #28

Lunch, cheese and eggs, crab, shrimps, scallops


food was

that nice pork boston butt
NY Strip
some taylor ham slices
tin of sardines

got more butt for later.
a nice Tbone defrosted too.
might pair up the steak with a little chicken.

other than that all is going wonderful.

except the cold. Brrr. I SO want hot weather back and soon LOL

(Kellyn ) #30

I made a small whole chicken in my air fryer. I put some spices on it w/ EVOO and cooked it for 40 minutes on 360 degrees, after looking online to find out how long to cook it and then I used a meat thermometer to make sure it was above 165 degrees. After checking this I began to cut it and the inside still look raw. I put it back in for 14 minutes which finished cooking it but made it dry. So I decided to make a chicken salad this morning. I make my chicken salad with avocado mayo and everything bagel seasoning. I know this is not strictly carnivore, but I needed something to cut the dryness and I figured the avocado mayo would be better than the dukes mayo in my fridge. I am still eating only meat, but I have been adding spices to my meats lately. I usually eat 2-3 eggs in the morning w/ salt and pepper and cook some steak or hamburger for lunch. I also drink hot tea once or twice a day with a splash of HWC. I know my eating is not perfect but I have eliminated carbs which is a plus. I haven’t been posting as much lately, because I have not had the time to jump on the forum as much. I am hanging in there though. I do try to read most the posts when I get on, but there are so many that I know I am missing a lot too.


I don’t even know if it’s cold outside… We got SLEET. So we stay inside.

It’s a very eggy day this far (with a little leftover liver and I found a bite of beef stew too) but a nice slab of pork (1490g) is defrosting and I made chicken soup too. I am looking forward to the next days, it’s so much better with some proper, satiating, tasty meat.
The very bad, tasteless and not tempting chicken (I never buy chicken in that place again I guess… the little town has a butcher’s shop, that is surely better) will get mixed with spices. Alvaro requested eggs (and chicken) in purgatory, that’s a good idea for that. I will mix some chicken with eggs and sausage spices too.

I trust I finally can go back to my usual IF. It feels very wrong to eat too early and too late as well.

(BuckRimfire) #32

Celebrating Imbolc? We had grilled lamb chops last week in recognition of that obscure holiday.

(Karen) #33

100 Stair runs this morning before getting off for my little girlie early shift at work where I ended up doing another 31 flights of stairs with all the running around for the video link. Sore tootsies now!

Had a crappy sleep last night which often happens prior to having an early alarm at 4.45am. Always makes me hungry when I haven’t slept so I was well ready to eat by the time I got home. I decided to stop off at Lidls and pick up another ribeye and some prawns as I so enjoyed yesterdays surf n turf. (Even though I had some steak still in fridge)

So while I was there I saw several packs of 2 sirloins reduced so thought okay so I prefer ribeye but with a couple of quid off these I will give then a try. Beautiful thats all I can say!

I am sitting chillin and thinking as you do, there were more of those reduced steaks in the chilled boxes and I couldn’t resist so I went back and bought 5 more packs plus some chicken breast fillets also reduced ! :grin:

My fridge and freezer well stocked!.

I was going to start eating stuff from the freezer and then thought if Iĺl had to isolate for a couple of weeks perhaps it would be better to keep it stocked so thats the current plan of action.

So I started eating at 1.45pm with the sirloin steak with some more of the leftover sausage fat and king prawns done in the same pan with some added butter and melted cheese. The steak was delish and rare and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.
Followed by a small amount of double gloucester cheese and some feta.
Followed by the remainder of the roast leg of lamb on the bone.

Probably have some more nibbles before an early night in readiness for another early start at work tomorrow.

We have had some more rain and the horses field at the end of our row of houses has flooded again though not to the same extent as before when I posted the pics. However we are forecast more rain tomorrow after a lovely sunny day today so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it overflows onto the main road at some point.

Feeling good that I don’t even think about snacking at work now. Today, as it was an early finish I didn’t even bother to take anything with me as I knew I could last till I got home… and I did Yay!

(Vic) #34


Pigs foot. A 90cents worth of fat and cartilage fiesta


Don’t worry one bit about this ‘tiny bit of condiments’ and spice/herbs you are using and IF YOUR tiny bit of avacado mayo is what you need for your meat meal it is fine! Do not doubt yourself on this at all KP.

when I started I used alot of mayo for my tuna and chicken salad and then I used herbs/spices and even some sugar free bbq sauce on my meats because I needed it ya know…I needed taste changes and variety while I transitioned. Many of us ZC people did this. Your small condiments are not a meal, they are flavors and if these flavors don’t burn your tummy, make ya feel icky, you don’t crave from them…then they suit you at this time.

You are doing great truly. As one eats longer on plan one just seems to naturally drop spices/flavorings, herbs/etc. cause we don’t like it and just don’t find a need but when newer on plan, many of us need this to help us get into a good zc pattern…so I truly think you are normal and doing fine :slight_smile:

A lady after my own heart :slight_smile: my freezer is my best friend, hey it helps save! when I hit a great sale I load up also. Not a darn thing wrong with that!

So sorry your flooding is continuing, you guys need some good dry out weather. Sending great weather vibes your way :wink:


Good morning all!

Feeling pretty good after a rough day yesterday. Eats- okay - just not much at all. Not a normal thing for me to do…but yesterday was not normal. I had a day off the store job, and was working on valentine orders in my shop. One of the primary tools I use (for decorating the moulds) is the airbrush. Because of the substance I use, and the volume of work- I spent a pretty penny on high quality tools - one of which unexpectedly broke Sunday night. Spent the better part of Sunday evening and Monday morning, taking it apart, cleaning and reassembling. I’ve done this for decades, and could do it with my eyes closed. However, two of the parts are completely jammed and without breaking it- there was no way to undo it and remedy the blockage.
Taking into account where we live, and the limited resources around to get another one, I was able to locate a not great quality-new one, (not the model or brand I wanted) but I’m in a pickle - 2 hours away. At the same time, my son’s auto loan was approved, and he happened to need a ride to the same town to buy his winter vehicle. He had just gotten off the midnight shift at the ski hill, showered, ate breakfast and we headed to the bank for his to sign papers. Why it took in excess of 30 minutes, I do not know. But I was mad because I wanted to get going. He was mad, because he wanted to sleep in the car on the way down. Anyways, he slept for a little while once we got on the road. I ran in the store and bought my replacement airbrush (thankfully, there was a 20% off coupon available) so that took $30 off. Mind you, this is not the brand or the model I want, but is the only one they had on the shelf. So, I went with it.
Took son to the dealership - looked over the car. It’ll be a beater for the winter time. I think he could have done better for the price, but whatever. He was tired, cranky and wanted to get it over with. I was a little apprehensive about test driving with him, but did it anyways. It needs new brakes. But, he went in. I called and got the insurance set up, had them email me a binder. While I was waiting, I decided to open the airbrush, and discovered that (the directions say) you can only use it with a certain aircompressor. This sent me into a rage, as those tend to cost $$$. So - I called the store, and they said yes, they had those compressors. Rather than sit at the dealership any longer, my son said he’d be fine, and I could get going. So I headed off. My son called within a few minutes, and said the insurance company sent a binder for the wrong car. So, had to call, have them resend it. (These calls take a fair amount of time, because of all the automated BS chatter you have to listen to BEFORE you can make a selection…) They finally sent the right one, so I had to pull over, screen shot it, and send it to the dealer and to my son.
I get into the store, and lo and behold, they are completely sold out of the aircompressors. Oooo. Was I mad! I drove to Lowe’s, Meijers, called Walmart, no one had any. So, I thought- screw it. I’ll use duct tape if I have to! I just prayed on the way home that this would somehow work. When I left the store, I spotted the Starbucks across the drive, and thought…an Americano with heavy cream sure would help me feel better…so I ordered a medium. The cheerful girl at the window was waiting for someone to hand her my coffee, and she asked how my day was going. I was honest, and said its not been a good day, but the coffee always makes me feel better. At the same time, I had pulled out my card to pay and had it in the machine-… but her boss overhead me say that- and handed me the coffee. She said- "This one’s on us…hope you have a better afternoon! " I was overjoyed. It really is the little things, and kind people in this world that make the difference.
I just continued to pray on the way home that somehow I’d find a coupler to make the airbrush work, or that the fitting on my current hose would attach to the new brush. Much to my surprise- it all worked! So, I airbrushed for a couple hours last night - and all is well.
Gotta go into work now, and fight the winter storm on the way. Supposed to get 10-12 inches today…Yahoo.
Sorry for the long saga- but- had to document the day as a reminder that prayers do get answered, and that there are very kind people in the world still.
Hope you all have a good one.

(Polly) #37

Thank goodness all ended well for you SB.


Darn I feel for ya on that one. I know…been there, had that crap go down for me like that…wanna pull out your last hair over it all but darn ya got the new airbrush working with the old compressor…cool!!

------great Feb Carnivore day

NY Strip
some taylor ham slices
leftover boston pork butt
mugged my kids pepperoni stick, ate about a 1/3 of it, yum

tummy felt off a bit. too much pork fat? yea thinking that but am fine

today I got 2 steaks

keeping it simple

All going well, zc cruising.

Easy peasy type day here and happy for it. SO COLD outside. Shut down for me :slight_smile: Barely wanna drag myself out to feed my one last pet retirement goat :sunglasses: Hate outside right now truly. Brrr

nothing doing, just zc is a good constant I can control, weather I sure can’t :100:


WARM day. Like, 15 Celsius. With sunshine all day!

It was a hungry day. And sleepy too. I feel a bit miserable now.
I understand hungry days, I didn’t even ate so much for lunch (maybe 1200 kcal, totally cute first meal) BUT I felt overstuffed, too full, uncomfortable overeaten… While definitely hungry. Even I am not used to this insane combo! On any woe. Except… Once a year or something when I have Unsatiable Hunger. It never happened to me with very low-carb though.
But my last months messed me up in various ways.

Well I hope it will pass. It surely will. It’s only my 4th carnivore-ish day and it’s a more relaxed type as ever (after the last months I find it good not to be too hard on myself at all but maybe I should stop this thinking, I regenerated enough), I will get stricter when I buy more meat, I really won’t spare it, pork is barely more expensive than eggs, more calorie rich, similarly or more satiating… Well it took forever to roast it, turning and whatnot but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat as much as I want from it, right? I always was super careful with my little meat and it was needed in the past but it’s actually better to change it now. I know it since some time, it’s just old habits die hard (I ate as much piglet as I wanted but I wanted very little due to the fat content…). Eggs are so convenient :smiley: And it’s probably fine to focus on eggs, I never could eat only eggs for a proper meal anyway, I need my meat and eat it, I just need to be careful with other things. Those little additions (I mean everything not egg or proper, satiating meat) adds up and their satiating effect is bad. I can’t afford that in my hungriest times when getting satiated is hard enough with the best stuff only.

Oh well, my own problem, I will think about it and eat simpler, it was my goal but things happened.
I never am this hungry for long anyway but it’s pretty annoying when I have such days. Hours today but still. I feel quite satiated now and too full. It’s like I am half in carnivore mode, I have a built-in safety measure against overeating, I feel uncomfortable when eating too much and I don’t have those stupid compulsions or appetite without a need to eat… But today I clearly missed something. I will eat more meat after I come back from the city, maybe I need that. I felt “enough food but something is missing” and it’s not mental, my body wants/needs something more even when the energy is more than enough.

But I was fine with less meat than this before… And lately I ate liver and chicken and little beef and now pork… It’s not always nice when my body decides to be more sensitive. But I didn’t eat right in the last 2 months and wanted to do that in this one so… Fine, I do my best and hopefully it will be all good soon. it’s not that bad anyway just annoying and disconcenting around mealtime.

I just want to reach peace and easy satiation again and stay like that.

Even with that, this 4 days aren’t fails for sure. Not as good as they could be but better than the previous times. And if it’s really an Unsatiable Hunger Day, it’s a wonderful one compared to the carbier ones in my past. Those weren’t pretty and keto food couldn’t help. I just feel as stuffed as on them.

(Vic) #40

Beef and pork in pieces and sausage form.

A simple dinner.