My timing is messed up now, I mean, I ate late at night in the last 2 days. It’s way better with meat, I can say but I still feel some heaviness in the next morning (I never had that in my past but lately my body doesn’t like it. yesterday I was slightly hungry at night and thought why not to try it with good food? even if I feel night isn’t my natural eating time. I am merely can eat then and it may feel good at that time). Okay, I will avoid that if possible just like before. It’s way, way easier with meat. I just need to eat enough during the day. And that’s not that easy with meat now. And cream doesn’t count or not much, it seems.

I am very pleased, this thing will get sorted out for sure and I still didn’t mess up things. Except the size of my eating window but it’s not my main concern now.

But tomorrow we go to the city. Can I visit Alvaro’s mom without eating too much carbs? I am not very used to behaving perfectly there yet but I showed some resistance sometimes and especially lately. And now I am more motivated than usual and I am not bored my proper food at all (and I will buy new stuff anyway).
I packed my leftover chuck, some cheese and will bring boiled eggs as well. (And cake with lots of fruit because of reasons but maybe it wasn’t my best idea. Though both Alvaro and his mom will be happy with it I imagine and I can guess how it is like as I tasted it last time but it’s slightly different. Maybe I should learn to figure out these things from other people’s reviews… That’s more important anyway, I really have better food to eat. But I will continue to cook/bake for others - baking is for me too as I like it. and I still bake sponge cakes for myself too - and I want to please them. Alvaro is very bad at feedback though he answers if I ask very simple questions like it’s sweet/sour/salty enough or fatty enough.)

I put this into the food pic thread too, this is how my chuck looked like today (it was about 400g including my late meal and not including my previous late meal at 1:30am, that was +80g added to my yesterday 400g. my meat consumption shows little variety now, I am curious what will happen later). I found the fatty piece after two too lean ones! No problem today, I loved it even cold. I usually prefer my roasts warm as the fat is nicer then. So this is perfect fattiness to me, I can handle a bit more as well:

I saw shrimps on sale (I looked at some supermarket ad papers online before our shopping tomorrow). Still expensive and not tastier than my normal food, just different, exciting new variety… Maybe another time. I should figure out what to do with them to get the most joy out of them. I used to eat them in Chinese soups and rice/pasta in my distant past, always in restaurants… I am not the type just to eat them plain and alone, they need something. Maybe eggs. And some extra flavors. I like their own flavor but I still think some extra will do good.
I surely didn’t eat them since years.

(Sama Hoole) #263

Been loading up on various organ meats, just to see which I prefer. Liver is the top dog as always, but I’ve been getting more into heart. Fried it up here with some beef tallow.

(Vic) #264

Kidneys and liver

(Vic) #265

(Heather) #266

Thank you, as always, @Fangs for the sage advice.:slightly_smiling_face: I figured out last night that it is indeed the ribeye that was causing the tummy troubles. I had beef tenderloin last night to swtich it up, and no issues. Yay! However, I didn’t feel as satiated with the tenderloin as I did with the ribeye, so tonight I’m going to try 1/2 sirloin steak and 1/2 ribeye to see how my body reacts to that. I love(ed) ribeyes, so I have a big stock in the freezer that need to be eaten. My DD is eating some, but she prefers NY strips as well.

Yeah, it was more extended family that was making the comments. My immediate family was supportive and okay with things. My hubby was a bit concerned when his dad almost had a heart attack and had to have triple bypass surgery due to clogged arteries. He said, "With the way you’re eating, I think you should get your cholesterol checked to make sure everything is okay. " Of course, it came back high (321), but I had a CAC scan and my score was zero. He’s content now. However, if I tell him it was his father and he should consider getting bloodwork done, he doesn’t want to hear it. He is obese, several of his siblings and parents have type 2 diabetes and he eats SAD. Sigh…


yea my hubby is like this. he worries on me but when I give advice back it is like…leave me alone to eat my carbs :frowning: :frowning: but ya know at some point ya let it slide…well I hit that point now. He does him and I do me and we are content and satisfied that what goes down goes down, ya know for our health. Hard not to worry but adults do as adults do and at some point you have to let ALL OF US do our own thing. I get what you are saying here.

Also on the 1/2 and 1/2 fat from the steaks, good move.
plus remember that you can pair something like 1/2 ribeye fatty with alot leaner…shrimp. crab. salmon. any fish. any chicken that is leaner.

that fat control and what fat our bodies like and don’t like is ALL thru experiments and how we change on plan. I went thru it. I know what works for me or against me and I put in that same time as you are doing now! And you being one smart cow (and not a cow as in bad, being a meat eater I sure didn’t wanna say cookie) :partying_face::rofl::100:----you will find it all and hit that absolute best eating for you. And your daughter will walk her own walk truly.

you had a great post there!!! You are all in and adapting and weaving thru it all in great form. You are a big plus to this thread for sure!!


I am back! Impressed with myself but it was very easy, Alvaro’s mom fried chicken. So I had some sunflower oil, I will survive that (but I don’t like it at all. not even the taste. and it’s barely cheaper than coconut oil and lard! not like it matters, I stopped using it a decade ago and other fats were more expensive back then - I didn’t even eat lard, poor me :)). I ate a bite of pork too and a super tiny piece of cheese. I packed more cheese and even radish and it was good as Alvaro ate them for lunch :slight_smile:
I had coffee with a bit of milk too. 5 times in an hour, I had a headache. I still needed a pill later. Oh well. If it’s the price to have no serious health problem, I can handle some headaches now and then (it’s my very old hypotheses that my body knows I don’t allow sickness and alarming feelings, too bad my eyes and teeth aren’t so great so it expresses its problems due headaches, mostly).

I wanted to test already if chicken is really that bad regarding satiation or it works if I eat very well in the previous days. Like now. And it seems to be okay now. About 300g chicken and barely anything else for lunch - and I got satiated for hours (my satiation very nearly never lasts for more than 3 hours, no matter what)! I wasn’t truly hungry but it never mattered before (I ate because I knew I wouldn’t have a chance until very late and chicken, I can’t imagine why, tempted me a bit. I still don’t want to eat much chicken in the next weeks…).
I only needed a smallish dinner afterwards!

My day? The usual. ~400g meat but I barely had a tiny bit of egg today. I needed a break and had other things.

I bought beef liver so I will figure out what it is like!!!
No big chuck in the hypermarket. Oh well, I have a smaller piece (~9 pounds?) of shoulders now. That’s good too :slight_smile:
And I have various sausages. Alvaro’s Mom gave us some nice ones from a neighbor, 2 kinds. One is smoked and we will see, it’s soft! The other is a little amount, for frying, we eat it tomorrow.
And I bought some “dry” sausage in a hypermarket… It’s so not easy to find what I want. A proper dry sausage is truly hard, I can’t just change its shape with a strong push. Oh well, it’s 45% fat and not bad tasting, it will do as dry sausage.
It’s time to raise my fat percentage a bit, I can handle it now. Okay, it won’t happen with dry sausage as I eat it in super tiny amounts but every little help is welcomed.

So it was a fine day again, except the shopping stress (3 shops are too many for me when I need zillion items). Now I will see what happens in the weekend when Alvaro is at home all day and wakes me up early and we go to search for pasqueflowers!
But I expect fine days.
If I don’t forget it, I will weigh myself in the morning. Not hopefully but my pants weren’t tight today, it’s something. But it was loose a year ago. I don’t know what the hell happened in December when my weight shot up a lot without a good reason (and the gain was the amount what I usually got after 4 years of serious overeating while having this weight. I got older a bit but it’s still odd. oh well, the human body is complex and does seemingly random things sometimes).

Yeah, it’s odd when I use “sugar” as endearment or other positive thing… It starts to trouble me a bit :smiley: But it’s a habit. Especially if the target is some cutie-pie (oh it’s here again!) little being. And I have a demon character in a site where I roleplay with him and he is a cinnamon roll. I think we need some alternative expressions, not these sugar filled ones! Though a pie may contain meat and a cinnamon roll technically may be keto, even I don’t think of those exceptional cases…


Our FFFF days are closing down soon…did we find a March name yet? I think someone said one but I can’t find it in these back posts, we post so much :slight_smile:

all good in zero carb land for me.

I told hubby he could have a ribeye steak and I thought I had 2 left in there but darn I only had 1 and he ate it, so I come out later to cook for me and no steak…WTH? HAHA I screwed up :frowning: So I cooked me 2 big chicken breasts. OK but I sure wanted that steak and of course I got 2 nice ones defrosting for later for me.

My bro Rich flew down to visit mom. Me and kid heading over to visit and I made 2 big racks of ribs. Oh yes we will eat well! Mom is like, oh we can get pizza, it is easy and I am like, nope, not dealing with that crap, I want real food so I am bringing a big ol’ bunch of ribs for us…there, controlled and done deal :slight_smile:

my poor hubby has to work today but he is cool with it. He said save some ribs, I said nope, you are on your own, I am eating my fill and I know we will polish off these 2 racks easily :scream_cat::100::partying_face:

I don’t care who ya are, don’t ask me to be savin’ some good ol’ meat for ya, I am not HAHA

ZC ON everyone!!

(Vic) #270

Simple lunch, had a few raw egg yolks with it as a dip sauce.

(Vic) #271

Sunny today again, just did a lovely 8ml walk.

2 more ferocious days and then “The march of the carnivores” can start.


Ohhh I love that Vic…lets do it…‘The March of the Carnivores!’
I think that is fab :slight_smile:

ok we got a nice name!! Everyone will be fine with that fun name!

(Heather) #273

I love that name too! :+1:

(Susan) #274

Good name

(Karen) #275

Stair runs and exercises yesterday at 4.45am, then an active day in vodeo link clocking up a further 35 flights of stairs… and we weren’t as busy as we usually are! Early night and fairly good sleep then up at 6am this morning, just stair runs and work again.

Yesterday had chicken cheese and butter and beef brisket at work then some bits and bobs when I got home. Too late for a proper heavier meal.

Today took same food to work but because I ended up escorting a prisoner to hospital I wasn’t able to heat up the chocken n cheese so started eating it cold. Not great so didn’t eat it all and didn’t want all the brisket I had packed. Got home and again bits n bobs as I know i have to get another early night for work tomorrow.
Its 8.15pm and I ready for bed!



everyone sum up how your Feb went and of course we are all gung ho to go into our ‘The March of the Carnivores’ tomorrow!!

for Feb I cut back salt a bit but I still get heavy handed sometimes.
I noticed a difference a little? but not that much cause I didn’t cut back that much LOL but I do think a heavier cut back should happen, I do feel like something extra good might happen for me? So my March march carnivore style will be less salt used focus.

FFFF I did well.
felt great
all going well
nothing major to report
but with weather being nicer into March I hope that my mood picks up better as the weather warms up. winter time is a bad time for me, I am such a weather controlled type person. Too many gray cold days I go a bit bonkers :slight_smile: But my early early spring time is coming, I can feel it so I think March will be a more energized month for me.

OK…wrapping up FFFF and heading into the carnivore march!

I ate wonderful ribs yesterday. wow they were great and I ate alot of them. got home and had to have a small burger patty later towards the evening cause I got just hungry enough ya know…too late to eat bigger, too early to not eat and be super hungry thru the later night…the burger filled me up and eating day was done.

nice ribeyes for today
I SO SO want NY Strips to go on sale again. I am finding I do want those mostly so when a sale hits, oh yea, I am on it!


February went well for me.

The biggest changes I had were:

  • cutting down on added fat
  • taking vitamins more reliably (I know the jury’s out as to whether they’re useful or not, but taking them occasionally isn’t helping to prove any theories!)

Things I am looking forward to in March:

  • sunnier and longer days
  • cooking in advance so I can eat when hungry even when I’m at work, rather than waiting until a fixed time (when I’m often not hungry / so hungry I’ve gone past wanting it)

Otherwise, no planned changes. Carnivore on :partying_face:


this is a great goal. our timing on eating and having food available ‘when we are truly hungry’ is important, I hit those times also where you go past, don’t eat, get a ‘bit wonky’ feeling and ‘off’ cause we should have eaten and didn’t…I had to work on that also…I think you will do very well handling that!

yea I took a multi vitamin for about my first 1/2 yr of zero carb ‘just cause’ even tho I was told I don’t need it and I one day just dropped them cause heck I could remember to cook a steak, easy peasy, but I could not remember to take a little darn vit pill every morning HA

they won’t hurt ya, they don’t help ya I think, but that journey is out on just a vitamin supp ya know…I think alot of zc people just do what they want on that issue. But I like not spending money on vits now :sunny:

(Vic) #279

Ice cream for my 3th carniversary


I’m eating an #AnimalBased diet of local grass-fed meat and liver with local fruit (papaya, guanabana, and passionfruit are my favorites), and my travel stash of supplements from Heart & Soil

-----from Paul Saladino, bleck, he is not carnivore anymore…he is definitely a ketovore or a caveman or paleo or whatever the heck ya wanna place a label on…he sucks down and promotes his supplements a ton to make money and while he ‘was carnivore’ at this point this guy is not carnivore. Does he have some good info back in the day, yea, now, nope. He is the I eat honey person LOL and of course if ONE CAN add back some veg/fruit as they see fit and do very well on and thrive, then sure do your ‘own menu’ and eat what you want…I get that, but he is OUT of carnivore land for me at this point.

oh well…he tried LOL he found he is one who can have some other stuff and do ok and he moved on…moved out of carnivore to what works for him personally. That is cool but I unlabel him carnivore in my mind for sure :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

it is what it is out there I guess

(Laurie) #281

Thank you for the monthly threads, @Fangs.

Feb was fine. My goals and how I did:

Eat beef every day. Since stocking up mid-month, I have done this. I still eat eggs, fish, etc., as well.

Tweak my supplements. I stopped adding salt to foods. Salt use had been minimal anyway. Other supplement use hasn’t changed (magnesium, potassium, ascorbic acid, collagen). Edited to add: I also take Vitamin D and zinc.

Get a scale. Didn’t happen. Shopping and errands are problematic for me, and buying a scale isn’t high priority. I do use a measuring tape though. (I never used to measure.)