I accidentally deleted the comment I wanted to send when I will have photos as well… Whatever. No one is interested in my individual days with 3 meals and I write my opinion about beef liver again. It was GREAT. And surprising. It’s nothing like chicken or pork liver. It takes little time to be ready for me (I fry all the others into oblivion and an hour isn’t always enough if I use the oven), I don’t want this one to be brown and I don’t mind very pink insides, the texture is different and there is zero hint of bitterness, it is very, very sweet. Too sweet, actually but it’s still nice!
Alvaro dislikes it. He only likes fowl liver, he said. (He said dinosaurus, whatever.)
(Oh I forgot but it’s fun: he visited the hospital for the last time, hopefully and the doctor praised his “healthy, beautiful brain” especially the vein system providing blood.)

February wasn’t carnivore to me but I tried and the end was pretty good. Still not perfect, I need to be stricter as almost always (I only felt after the first half of November that i need to be less strict but I had to try that and being stricter is safer anyway. it’s hard to be just a bit relaxed and not going further, at least for me).
I did the big jump and now I really use a proper amount of meat and try to limit dairy seriously, it’s not easy as dairy is important for me but my pork+egg days are working.
So things go into the right direction.

I am hopeful my whole March will be pretty good, I finally start to get the hang of it again and my life isn’t that stressful as it was.

I dared to step on my scales again. why am I 5 kg more than in December I can’t imagine, seriously. I am not that far from my highest weight ever. When I was this weight, I easily lost fat eating 80g carbs a day and being very inactive (I always walked if nothing else except those times). I can’t stay here. Of course I have no idea if I gained some muscles, I probably did but it can’t be significant. Whatever, i don’t want to think about it as it does no good. I just want to eat properly, the right things and in 1-2 proper sized meals a day, only that feels right.

Some of my not eating plans for March (but everything is connected): earlier bedtime and properly doing weighlifting again. My energy is too low in the morning again. My mood is fine and I feel alive when it’s late enough but those long mornings…

Eating plans? No change, I continue trying to be “strict”. Very nearly only eggs and meat.
I don’t try to do absolutely anything with my macros (trying never helped anyway), they will be perfect as long as I eat properly and not having too many meals (but maybe even the latter isn’t a concern if I am really strict. it’s amazing how small things may mess things up. I know I can handle a little extra but what counts as little…? it would be safer to be strict but it’s pretty much against my core personality. we will see).
But now I started to eat a bit fattier, I am curious if it will work better. It surely makes my meals bigger, that’s a good direction now.

Our fridge has space problems again. Not the freezer, the normal part. I kept Alvaro from making a third plant-based dish (he cooked 2.5kg green peas and maybe 2kg potatoes already and was ready to make beetroot soup too… nope. and these are just the side dishes, well the soup is soup. so even with these, much more cooking is needed for every meal), I can’t even cook a soup as it wouldn’t fit. I am glad if I can squeeze in the roast! We simply need one of the biggest fridges for us two and our is smaller. Big but not that big.

Photos! We have a nice sunny day today as well, windy though. We saw the first pasqueflowers and we have 3 bunches of crocuses! I put the flower photos in the “what did you see today” thread later.
Sausage and beef liver, it’s Alvaro’s meat plate for today, actually. But I ate one of the liver pieces. These are a tad better fried than mine.
The sausage was tiny (this is half of the total amount per person) but great.

My beef liver from yesterday, it was late so artificial light in the kitchen and me not putting much effort into it.

By the way, I made pear jam today, to make space for other jars, we had to preserve some vegetables this week. I am extremely good at not tasting properly the jam I make anymore, it wasn’t the case a little time before. And pear jam is great for my pancakes, actually. I just don’t want it more than something else - I have even head cheese now in thin slices! best stuff for my pancakes - and pork wins over everything else almost all the time. Sometimes I want eggs more than pork but it is typically after a lot of pork… I wonder if this changes on March, I plan to eat much pork every day.


Yeah, it’s definitely more of a case of ‘I have these, so might as well finish them’. The big one for me is probably the D3 and K2 - with the current situation, I am not going outside at all, and I think that’s really not natural, so giving it a bit of a push that way.

The UK is not known for its warm/sunny weather, but given that I’ve been inside for around 12 months, I think I will have more of a push this spring to go outside, even if it’s just to eat lunch for 15-20 minutes. Which is where the cooking in advance would really help - I can spend the entire lunch break outside, rather than in front of a stove.

(Not that cooking steak takes long at all! That’s probably my favourite thing about carnivore - quick and easy cooking!)

(Vic) #284

Had 4 beers over the weekend and a lot of carni ore snacks and carnivore candy.

(Vic) #285

I read his book, the carnivore code, it was realy good. Loved the way he adressed plant toxins.
I cant subscribe to supplements, its a whole lot of chemicals in pill form that disturb the ballance nature intended.

No plants, no pills, no powder.

Give me meat :yum: and I’ll be fine.

(Edith) #286

So, funny that you should have meal worms on your ice cream.

We have a pet chicken and we buy her mealworms. Every time I open the bag I think, “These smell pretty good.” So, the other day I tasted a few of them. They did taste pretty good! They are crunchy and don’t have a weird after taste. With a little bit of salt, they would make a really tasty snack.

I wouldn’t trust the mealworms I buy for the chicken because I’m sure they don’t use the same health/cleanliness standards for livestock as they do for humans, but I am going to find some that are made for human consumption.

I know you live in Belgium, but I’m curious, where do you buy them?

(Edith) #288

I listened to Saladino’s podcast a few times and found him way too annoying. He spent way too much time talking instead of letting his guest talk.

I read the Carnivore Code, too. I thought he made a good case against plants. I did hear he added honey to his diet. What else did he add?

Is he really not carnivore any more? He was such a fanatic, I would find that almost disappointing, especially since he did write a book about it.


If not quick, it lasts for a longer time at least :smiley: (I go and give another hour to my pork shoulders in the oven, I forgot it went “ping” some minutes ago. I can’t use more than 1 hour at once and I like to look at it sometimes anyway. I had to turn the pieces now :slight_smile: )

Eggs are quick and easy. Ready to eat sausages too. Most meat in small amounts (I just fry them quickly)…

I honestly can’t imagine just making a steak but I am not experienced with such things… It’s 1300g pork shoulders in the oven (little but it will do after this quite porky week) for me now. I may give the leanest 170g piece to Alvaro if I don’t want it and he does… I am not sure yet. He was enthusiastic with all the various kinds of sausages in the weekend so I doubt he would want much meat in the next days. More for me, it’s not like we have really much meat in the moment though it’s easy to get more.

Alvaro takes D3 now, his Mom gave it to him and he is unsure if it’s useful… But it can’t hurt.
The doctor said the medicine he has just bought another 100 pieces for a lot of money (we could buy meat with that…) is totally useless (but he was fine with it before and another doctor told him to take it. health care and its clear messages…). I am sure it depends on the person but he wants to give it to someone else - after 1-2 weeks when he figures out if his eye problem gets better without or not. He still has double vision though it’s nothing like in December, fortunately.

I obviously don’t take anything as that’s not my style and I don’t feel the need. I spend at least 1 hour in the sunshine every day now and eat good quality eggs as far as I know.

It’s still such a wrong expression in my eyes :slight_smile:

My exact thought after I tasted some pancakes made with protein powder (I had to, I was curious, I planned it since years… I knew it was probably a bad idea as it had sucralose and I was right)… It’s AWFUL. I frequented a forum that was about amateur bodybuilding in the past and so many people hated protein powder and desperately tried to find a tolerable one.
I still don’t know why they couldn’t eat food, honestly. In some cases it wasn’t lack of time or something, they mostly used it for protein. Is it that hard to eat meat? Maybe. My protein need is smallish but my appetite is big and even if I can’t eat much meat at once, I can do in 3 meals let alone 6-8 (their number)… True, I couldn’t eat mountains of rice that way but most of those guys didn’t even needed more energy than me, at least when cutting and they still had problems.
I am still unfair as I would have certain problems with eating a lot of lean meat but well, HFLC isn’t total unknown for bodybuilders either (it appeared in the forum multiple times) so it’s totally fine to use the style best suited for us…

Meanwhile my pork got ready and I so easily had a biggish meal so it was 3MAD again and I seemingly can’t break free from the usual 0.9-1.2 pounds of meat I automatically had every day of the week except maybe yesterday as I had no roast then.
It is a nice amount so I am fine with it. Not against raising it a little if I am in the mood though :stuck_out_tongue: The more meat I eat (up to a little more than this, I really can’t afford much more for various reasons), the easier to stay on track and I can’t complain about tastiness either. But I need my eggs too. The cheese can go (not completely all the time but I don’t want it often).

(Karen) #290

5.45am stair runs then off to work. I had a really great day spent on a wing that used to be the worst wing in the prison a few years ago. Today it was chilled and i was working with a great bunch of colleagues. There are some perks to this horrid pandemic … lockdown and controlled wings as they used to be back in the day before we lost so many staff to early redundancies.

The chicken and duck I was going to cook last night didn’t happen as both were still slightly frozen so I cooked them this evening instead. That meant I was a little short in my pack up today. However there were 2 chicken thigh/drumsticks left over of which I had one so the last of the brisket was eaten just prior to coming home with some chorizo and blue stilton.

When I got home I cooked a lovely tasty ribeye steak with some cheddar melted in the juices and scraped on top of the steak. Yum, followed by a bit more grated cheese.

I am feeling so good. Bags of energy and last few nights slept quite well too … ,(that means quite well for me lol) I also feel really chilled out and my mood is consistently high just of late.

I have found the transition from Keto to Carnivore really easy and haven’t missed anything. Loving that everything is so quick and simple to make.

Not been adding any salt and stopped eating bacon sometime either in Jan or early feb purely because it was just too salty for me. I was eating it as I felt I should because everyone else tended to like it or eat loads of it. I hadn’t eaten bacon for years before starting keto and then re-introduced it to my diet. Yuk yuk yuk it just seemed to taste saltier and saltier the more I ate it. So decided enough was enough.

Really noticed over the past 4 months since starting Carnivore how much my taste has changed. I think a lot has been psychological. I gave up all the fatty stuff when I was eating ‘healthy foods’ so it tasted a bit too fatty when I re-introduced it and getting through the mind games of eating the stuff that for years has been labelled ‘unhealthy’

My colleagues always note that I have only brought meat in my pack ups and I have no trouble telling them how I have been eating carnivore the past 4 months. They all questiion it but I just tell them how great I feel and how much energy I have and they can’t question that as it is so obvious! :grin:

Looking forward to marching in to Carnivore and love the forum and reading everyones posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Edith) #291

I already summarized how my trial went last week, so I will state my plans for “The March of the Carnivores.”

I had two weeks in February in which I ate some
berries. Therefore, I am adding the month of March to my trial. This month I am am not going to eat any aged or processed meats, no pork rinds, only fresh meat. I am also going to be careful with left overs and not eat any that have been in the frig longer than one day.

Although I’m no longer having the digestive problems, I am still having histamine trouble. I will keep up the B and C vitamin supplements for the month and see if the histamine trouble lessens.

I’m also tinkering with lowering the fat content of my food. I actually put on five pounds over the past month and a half or so. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sorry, totally personal comment, I mean it’s about my messing up, nothing interesting, I warned you. I try to make myself more determined (though I am pretty much that at the moment) and publicity helps even if it’s more shameful. Oh well, I admit my road is very bumpy. But the trend shows improvement.

I messed up a bit (food choice/carb wise) and epically (energy intake wise. my protein is the usual high, it’s the fat that went up and it’s not even much more impressive than my overeating keto day years ago. just a bit beyond 250g again because I try to keep it low since a decade and I can’t be too wild with it, it’s automatic. sometimes I still broke free but I never tracked on those days). Oh well. Things happen too easily around me. I need to be more cautious in the future. A new week and month are best for a stronger determination.
I was a tad relaxed with added fat today, my meat was very fatty too and the ninja carbs made me hungrier (not really ninja as they can’t avoid my consciousness but my mind works in interesting ways so it still feels surreptitious). And I ate multiple times. Bad combo but rare too.

Fine, I won’t let anything tiny extra come in for some days. Not even dairy, at all. Except maybe the ~30ml 10% fat cream (it was cheap, a smaller than usual box, a new experience and I thought maybe it will work for coffee only and I won’t be “forced” to eat 200ml whipping cream and get hungry at midnight).

I don’t feel I ate much AT ALL. I still could eat a lot of pork shoulder roast, I am impressed I could cut it up and put it away without doing that.
And some people talk about making meat more palatable. I don’t get it. Any more and I would start eating my pork compulsively. It’s about perfect right now.
I guess this is my lucky hedonist thing I have with food quite often. I always loved my “healthy diet food” (and some bad things as well…). A true and not even too picky hedonist never chooses a diet that is worse than the previous ones, I think. Whenever I change my woe, I eat better than ever, enjoyment included. It’s not necessarily easier but challenges may be enjoyable too, at least temporarily… Longer term the problems must get solved.
I am still very lucky liking what is good for me. Other people deserve to be lucky more but I have my own cross so I need this too.

I don’t think my very fatty meat is necessarily a problem (it may be a solution as well), I “just” need to be strict. But we will see. Every day or meal is a new experiment to me! Something is always different.


yea he is currently eating fruit :frowning: who knows what else? oh well…


March toward Health. Dang it, too late. I’ll just follow these penguin prints to the next challenge.

(Vic) #295

Haha :smile: I agree.

Carnivore snack= eating meat when hungry outside of normal meal time.

Carnivore candy= eating just for pleasure, not hunger in a social setting outside of mealtime. Its as wrong as the expression.

(Vic) #296


The uncurred bacon has skin fat and a bit of cartilage. I just eat all of it.

Weird, no?


On to the new thread now everyone, head over to The March of the Carnivores!!