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Do we have a name for March yet? How about Munchivore March

(Vic) #243

Its not disrespect laurie. The very act of sharing food and the gratitude in the responce is a social behaviour that releases endorphins in there brains.
The best response is to thank them for the act, show genuine gratitude and explane why you can’t eat. A white lie is ok to acheave this, like: “sadly, I cant eat that, allergies, sorry”

I have a whole bag of tricks for eating carnivore in the wild, weeks on end if I have to, it becomes easier over time. I can even join a party and stay 100% carnivore without anyone noticing at all.


Yup I hide in plain view of all but the little tricks and tips I do means I disappear truly. Oh yea I so understand you on this! :slight_smile:


I always hated when someone pressured others to eat or drink. It’s extremely common here. Hospitality is a big thing and we are very high in lists about alcoholism.
But it always seemed so wrong to me. I easily can get mad if someone does that to me, it’s IGNORING my wishes, needs, desires, everything. Do they want BAD to me and don’t care?
Of course, I don’t mean the cases when food/drink is offered, it’s the extremely strong pressure, not accepting no. Well, I can give a very definite NO if I don’t want the stuff so good luck with that. Pressuring me just turns me off. My not closest family members did that to me, YELLED because I ate 2 big plates of extremely carby and fatty food and not 3… I overate like crazy and it wasn’t enough! So it’s sometimes not just eating something but eating A LOT. Do people want their friends and family to get sick and fat? Surely not but how can someone be this ignorant?! Forcing others to eat and drink alcohol and mocking or scolding them if they don’t do it… It happens, way to often.
I am even annoyed when my aunt tells me to eat breakfast (or ask if I want it). Up to 5 times, every morning I am there, after I told her I hate breakfast and stopped having it decades ago… I never see her eating anything, she surely never join us… So she’s odd but she is lovely, I am just subtly annoyed, I have a temper and WHY do I need to explain something 100 times, why one isn’t enough, at least per visit? So it’s some odd compulsion in people here I guess. But she accepts my decision and doesn’t bat an eye if I eat 10 drumsticks without carbs. So it’s not real pressure and I try to be nice. Many people has it way, way harder, that’s bad.

Today I had TMAD, 2.5 hours. ~1600 kcal, ~40dkg meat, 5 eggs. I was a wee bit bored with my food (I ate a nice lunch but then I didn’t want much meat again) and if I am like this, my mind goes into places and my body follows… So I am quite impressed I just ate a ton of cream… About 100ml… And a little bit other extra things but nothing too bad.
But tomorrow I go back to my stricter style. I messed it up so many times when I started to get relaxed, I am super careful now.
Tomorrow I mix eggs and meat and fry it, I think. Roast is okay for one meal but I probably will need two again. I just can’t do it without variety.

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No Shinita, its genetics, they cant help it. Humans share food and drinks. The chemical rewards in the brain are addictive and irresistible.
They mean you no harm and don’t even understand why they do it. You have a very sharp carnivore mind, you got this.


Yep, they offer me food, fine, I never had problems with that, no matter what, if I get tempted and I shouldn’t, it’s my own personal problem. But after I told them no, possibly repetitively, they should respect that. Some people are super stubborn at forcing stuff to others and I don’t know how their mind works.

I understand a lot of human things at some level and it is still nonsense to me on others… But I probably don’t even understand this on any level. The extreme cases when people almost literally, physically force others to eat or drink alcohol. They bully them into it, it’s insane. Ugly games, blackmail, emotional blackmail, whatever.
Well the “not accepting no” is extreme enough for me but there are some very serious levels and I hate that when someone’s will, desire and wellbeing is ignored. Parents do that to kids, poor little things, that’s the worst as the kid isn’t independent and with that family background I can’t even expect them to have a strong will against it, maybe they have it as they were born stubborn like me, maybe not.

I consider this Very Serious. And it is, actually.

(Vic) #248

Yes, I fully agree.
But its not their fault, they have no idea why they are doing it and that it is wrong to an extent. They are driven by emotion, instinct, genes.

You can’t be mad at them. They dont have a clue.

They ignore your wishes because of the endorfins reward in their brain, its as strong as heroin addiction. The share behaviours were extremely important in human evolution and survival.
Today, it harmfull in most cases.

The problem is that we u understand it, very few do so.


I am very vaguely mad as I never experienced it severely and very rarely mildly. But the serious cases are very bad and shouldn’t happen. It’s abuse at some point, it can ruin lives. It’s partially the other person’s fault too, less so if it starts when the other one is a small kid but still.

I expect people respect the other people even if they have some explanation why they don’t do it. I can understand things to some extent but if someone does a rude, harmful things against to someone else like this, it’s very hard for me to condone it. I can make excuses for everything myself, it doesn’t necessarily make it okay.

So you say they are all mental? Still not a good excuse to me.

And it is their fault, they just don’t do it intentionally in most cases (I hope).

But I shouldn’t do this at night when my mind isn’t at its best.
And it’s a mostly chill thread anyway, it’s too much for me at this point as we can’t do much about it anyway. We just can say no (or tell them how bad they are but I never did, I am not that type. maybe if a bad case would be directed to me when I am already not right so my inner fire dragon comes out pretty easily. my temper, problematic times and my sensitivity may result in strong self-expression. but I can only imagine that with friends or family members and I don’t have such ones. Of course not, I disown family members who seriously go against my morals - that’s the truly serious case though I surely wouldn’t visit people who can’t stop trying to forcing me to do things I don’t want to - , friends are even easier to lose).

I really appreciate my family now.


:flushed: Dairy? What is in carnivore ice cream?


Gut is back to normal. Thanks Polly.

What a brilliant post by @Fangs in reply to my gastric reflux post. That post needs to be a chapter heading in our collective collaborative carnivore living book we can write from the stories recorded in these ZC challenges.

Who wants to coauthor a book with the crew? We have pretty much already written it.

The whole trip to the city for work and family dinners was and remains a nutritional mine field.

I naturally fasted for 24 hours and felt better straight away and then had a rare cooked scotch fillet steak to put me back on track followed by a great night’s sleep.

Back to NoFUN no food until noon. Then a 3 egg omelette with smoked salmon and handmade cheese. Black coffee, no cream. In the city I felt a compulsion to add cream to my too many coffees.

I put the fast recovery down to the city road trip only being 48 hours, and the months of carnivore challenges preceding it.

Unfortunately the future, for the next three months, is weekly road trips for work (I lecture at a city university). I’m toying with the idea of fasting for those trips.

I really appreciate my home ZC food environment and may have developed a form of eating agoraphobia. That is, fear of eating outside of my own kitchen and dining table.

Best wishes for anyone in lockdowns.

The sky show that greeted my return to our rural haven.

(Vic) #252

Only 2 ingredients.
35% fat cream and egg yolk. Made fluffy with CO2 pressure can.

I use to add a few gr of honey but not this time, its sweet enough for me as is.

(Vic) #253

English is not my native language.
Also I’m a maritime and electronics engineer.
Not competent to write a bookchapter on Nutrition or biology. Sorry.


don’t worry, this bit of ‘fear’ doesn’t last long because the whole key to eating out is literally the choice you pick. Like a naked cheeseburger patty is most times the safest choice. You have to 'watch the sauces and ask about how many weirdo herbs are put on meat ya know.

Like we hit an Italian place. OMG Italian…not much to choose on that menu cause the one steak thing they had was a little beef filet smothered in some italian sauce with gooey cheese on it. For the price it was not worth it to get this little filet naked when ordering so I took a cheaper version…3 small chicken breasts, all done different ways. That price was alot lower and I said for all those 3 ways ya cook them, put all those sauces to the side. I wanted naked chicken and I got garlic/herb butter on the side, got a small amt of some italian red sauce on the side and got some parmesan cheese and butter combo sauce crap on the side. This would have been all over the chicken breasts ya know, but I said I want it all naked and side the rest-----can ya do that? and she said yes we can! So I got my chicken and dipped a small piece in each sauce to try and the garlic butter tasted fake in some way, the italian red sauce one was icky and sweet tasting, no go…but that parmesan cheese/gooey butter one tasted a little darn good actually LOL So I just sparingly used that to some of the meal.

See the key is not to be scared. Key is to choose the absolute safest option and say ‘sauce to side’ or if anything is ON the meat ask if it can go to the side and if it can’t, like it is cooked with it on it, just rethink you options.

I got a prime rib at Outback Steak House one time that damn near killed me. Had SO much of that rub taste on it then they added like more rub on it and the seasoning was so intense it made me repulsed from the first bite. I sent it back and said I could not possibly eat this overspiced hunk of meat. She was like what do you want and I said give me the parm crusted chicken and that was good :slight_smile:

So in the end don’t worry on eating out as a fear, it is just a super tight navigation around how the spices/sauces etc are used in cooking. Sometimes a little herb/spice etc you do fine with ya know, and then sometimes the food is just ruined with all that crap and our guts don’t like it.

My go to for years and still is with any smaller type restaurant I get a bacon/cheese omelet if nothing is on the menu that is easily adaptable to zc. You would be surprised how many places don’t have it on the menu and WILL make one for ya :slight_smile: easy peasy lol
Any diner type place that has a bacon cheeseburger on the menu and you are not in the mood for that, I usually ask if they can do an omelet special and most times the waitress comes back with a big smile and says Yea, chef said he can make that! Well it is an easy thing to make right? Chef don’t mind a few eggs and bacon meal so alot of times that is my cover my butt meal.

We all have to navigate spices etc out there. Again key is choose wisely and ask for changes when needed. You aren’t a pain to anyone, well ya might be but who cares, this is your food in your body :wink: and you are paying good hard earned cash for it too!

go out and make this entire world of food your…hmmm, food B! attack and find the good food amongst the crap…remember find Waldo, well you are finding great zc food out there amongst the jungle HA

Hey sorry you gotta lecture and drive into the city so much.
Don’t ‘over fast’ too much ya know, don’t let yourself get ‘hangry’ at all LOL I know your rural haven is your heaven!


Eating up my ribeye steaks. Just not a fan like I was, I truly prefer the NY Strip steaks now. Old days you couldn’t rip a ribeye out of my hands HA
No biggie, I see a future where the NY strip steaks go out of my favor and back to ribeyes probably!

OMgosh that flank steak I cooked yesterday was super delish and tender. I was in heaven eating that up and paired with all my shrimp…wow I ate fab. I also ate so well that come my second meal time I didn’t want anything…but of course a few hrs later I was a bit hungry so I just made a can of tuna with some regular old mayo in it. Enough. It was good and satisfied me.

I don’t shop flank steak alot cause they don’t ever go on sale but when I walk buy if I see those mark down prices, I grab them up…and so does everyone else, but at least this time I got one. Will keep eye open for markdown prices on that flank steak and when I see it, I am snapping up all I can get. super yum on that

all good in carnivore world :slight_smile: ROAR!! EVERYONE ROAR!! Be heard! Be carnivore proud! Be confident! Carnivore on!!!

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I think a Collective Collaborative Carnivore Living book is a great idea @FrankoBear. We might need to get permission from the Keto Dudes and permission from each of the contributing members to use anything which has been posted here. It might provide a satisfactory anecdotal support for the idea that carnivore living is doable long term by ordinary (as well as extraordinary) folk and that it is life enhancing.

Are you seriously up for such an adventure? As an academic, do you already have a publisher?

(Edith) #257

@FrankoBear, thanks for the gorgeous pictures to remind me of the spring and summer to come.

I was thinking about your post and @Fangs’ reply. The only thing I can add is that the reaction you had to the food, is the same reaction that people all across the globe frequently have to carby/junky food. How many people frequently take antacids, for example? They just consider those reactions normal. You now know that you don’t have to go through life with frequent heart burn or whatever other troubles food may have caused in the past. That’s the irony of it all, eating SAD and all its ill effects is what is considered normal.

@Carnivoor, that carnivore icecream looked beautiful. I would try making some myself except I can’t eat dairy. Btw, your English is amazing!

@islandlight, I agree with Vic, eating is VERY social. I would imagine that in our hunter-gatherer past, it was vitally important that we hunt together and eat together. It’s most likely part of our DNA. I have to admit, I haven’t told anyone except my immediate family that I am carnivore. Of course, not being around others due to the pandemic helps. Lol. Once I’m back out in the world, I’ll probably skirt around the issue and mention food sensitivities or something like that.

(Laurie) #258

I’ve removed my post, as I don’t think it expressed what I was thinking. Sorry about the confusion.

(Doug) #259

This is a good line of thought, Vic. Personally, it pays for me to examine my own behavior and motivations. (If one would design a person who did the wrong things, and for the wrong reasons, that was me. Better now, but still with a good ways to go.)

Dealing with other people can be very tough; it’s hard enough for many of us to deal with ourselves. In the end, I think it pays to keep going - what else is there to do?

(Karen) #260

Stair runs done 5 x
20 stair runs
10 hand release pu’s
'10 pu’s
20 elbow to knee cycles
Followed by a super duper 8 mile brisk walk and talk with my gorgeous daughter.

Glorious sunshine which lasted almost all the way round the local park, sidings, canal, and nature reserve then the sun got blotted out by a rather large dark cloud. No rain though… thankful for small mercies. It was lovely to see the buds starting to pop through on the trees so looks like spring is very much on the way. Enough to make anyone feel excited AND it looks like we might see the end to lockdown in the very near future. May even be dancing again by June/July Yessss.

Was rather ready for a smidgen of fuel when i got home so had sauted chicken n cheese with a little cold beef brisket. Followed later with a small amount of cheese and some more brisket … couldn’t resist when I was carving it up to put in the fridge

Dinner was a tasty sirloin steak with cheesy prawns on top.

Prepped my lunch box for tomorrow as it is a work day and I will be in the video link all day so will be hopefully running miles and topping up the flights of stairs. Working the weekend too :roll_eyes: and it is supposed to be lovely weather! Typucal!

Early night me thinks.


plus the dark side. some people intentionally sabotage for ‘control’ in relationships and more. if others change, what will happen to them with those changes ya know. If one wants to lose lbs and get healthy and other fears some bad from this in some way, the dark side can surface in another to block or thru jealousy or ? you know, all those pshyco emotional things.

with humans anything and everything can be unpredictable and more of courese :wink: