(Karen) #221

Looks great. I enjoy just using my hands sometines. I am sure that fat made them quite tasty.

(Vic) #222

Looks delicious Doug.

I find that cheaper cuts are often fatter and have more flavour. Tough doesn’t bother me, knifes and teeth can handle that


As added fat doesn’t satiate me and I still have my overeating skills (usually no problem on carnivore but it’s waiting for its chances all the time lately and until I get rid of my midnight eating, I have problems), I just don’t use any added fat now - unless it’s really, really needed but I stay at 5-10g fat and not every day. I try to keep it zero now, I am done with playing and being indulgent and why would I need added fat anyway?

Now I go and roast 3.5kg pork. My oven pan is bigger than I thought, after all… If this won’t help, nothing will. Only meat and eggs if I can do it. I had a little cream in my coffee today but I work on it.

I automatically eat the right things most of the time, it’s good but my timing is off. Smallish meals that can’t keep me satiated for long (even though I ate enough in total) so I eat late as well. So I must fast for as long as I can. Like, until I get hungry. Social eating isn’t a problem now (not eating lunch with Alvaro became perfectly normal for me) but I don’t handle well when I don’t need food yet but I stopped being satiated. Stupid intermediate feeling, hopefully my meat and egg diet will solve it very soon. {It did. I still have something between satiation and hunger but it’s easy to ignore.}

Oh, yesterday was very successful! I had a little dairy and leftover stew but it was a very fine carnivore-ish OMAD day! Almost only just eggs and pork! And I didn’t get hungry at midnight, yay!!!

My deep oven pot for my mini oven fully packed (about 3200g meat):

The left is mine (chuck), the right is thigh, whatever it is called in English. Too lean for me so that’s Alvaro’s, I wonder how many weeks he will need to consume it. Mine is for 3 days I suppose. It makes tracking way easier, I am curious how much meat I consume and what it does to my satiation and energy level and everything else.
It takes its sweet time in the oven even now. Yesterday I ate only pieces I cut off from both slabs.
Now it’s in pieces as it would take forever otherwise. Not a huge problem in heating season but what will I do in summer I wonder… I like this amount of meat. It’s substantial. Not exactly much but a significant part of my weekly food.

My appetite suits my supplies. I want pork and I don’t really want eggs. I only ate 3 eggs yesterday, you can’t expect an even more eggless meal from me, it is possible but highly unlikely.

I don’t know if it’s yesterday… Or yesterday and my not so great but no so bad times lately… Surely sunshine has some effect… But I have more energy than normal today despite the usual too late bedtime. Yay! I am hopeful now.
It’s unfair I need to do so little (even if it feels much sometimes) to get good benefits. But life isn’t fair. And I had enough struggle in the last 9 years myself. But I usually felt fine (just enervated).

I am hungry now. Well-fasted so it’s not sooo bad but I am waiting for my meat to be ready. It’s not raw anymore but I want it crispy around the edges…

I don’t need to care about how long my meat is in the freezer. It’s tiny and I unavoidably eat up my meat very soon… It works for now, we do our big shopping about once a month and I buy enough for a month (well, less but the village butcher helps).

Nice pic, folks! A bit painful ones, I get even hungrier… :smiley: A lil time more…
(I almost never wait when I get hungry so it’s actually fun and interesting to me to some extent. I have poached eggs but only 3 and I probably gets hungrier than now if I eat those due to the low calorie content.)

Not a good photo, the focus isn’t where I wanted it to be (when it’s right, the photo is blurry, I did it in the evening and forgot about the existence of flash but it’s warmer colored this way anyway) but here the same meat but borderline ready and in pieces:

My piece for today:

It was too lean for me at average so I just ate the fatty parts and gave the lean parts to Alvaro (but I still ate this amount, it was perfect for today). I really can’t like the lean parts while I love the fatty ones.
But chuck is good, I usually can enjoy most of it while the rest is perfect for Alvaro. I probably stop buying leaner pork then, we can share just fine.

1 teaspoon of salt is a bit too little for 3200g pork for me, it seems. Alvaro ate only some outer parts and it was fine for him as well despite much salt escaped into the water below.
As this much meat had so much water it couldn’t disappear in 3 hours, it’s good most parts were above the water and I diligently turned the pieces too. But I will be careful next time, it’s better without so much water. It still was nice but I got no fun jelly, the liquid was too watery (without skin and bone, water content matters a lot, it seems).

My last 2 days:
OMAD, about 1100 kcal, ~400g meat.
TMAD (IF 21/3), about 1400 kcal, ~560g meat.
So low-cal days still can happen, well it’s a big change again, more meat and almost no dairy (but when I had chuck last time, I needed more. oh well I am not a robot and the same every time)… It won’t last for long I am sure. Now I enjoy what I have, my satiation is very very long living as far as my meal isn’t very small like it was today.
I eat at 5-6pm, today I ate at 8 too.
I am very pleased. And if I continue this, I will have my very first week below 10g carbs per day… I never ever ate similarly to this, it’s exciting and new and I am hopeful.
My coffee with cream seems not to interfere but I should try to go without it at some point.


Every day at this time of year is sunny. Difficult weather to ZC in. Great for the beach. Hard to go to work inside an office. Winter is better for ZC and for office work.

It’s easier to fast in summer, I think.

I experienced that thing @Fangs wrote about a while ago when eating out at a restaurant.

Last night was my mum’s, my sister-inlaw’s and my brother’s birthdays :partying_face:

Mum’s choice of city restaurant. I ordered a pint of sparkling water and checked the menu. Things aren’t good when the meat option, the steak dish, is a fancy burger. Coming from eating those rib-eyes during FFFF, I couldn’t face a fork full of mediocre meat extracted from a burger palava.

Ended up ordering 48hour cooked beef brisket shared entree (small portion because it is trendy and eons behind the carnivore times) and pork belly main course. Unfortunately the brisket was done with a spice rub and smothered in relish. It looked like a sweet corn relish. The pork belly was also rubbed in seasoning.

It’s so depressing eating among people considered normal, who are quick to point at my orthorexia, if they catch me doing something weird with my food. The general table orders were pasta, gnocchi, and salad low protein high restaurant business profit fare. I imagine the accountant was auditing the portions. The fried squid shared entree was battered and deep fried in processed seed oil. I was looking at the food around the table and most of it appeared inedible. Even the small bowl of olives were in a seed oil.

I scraped off the beef and ate it, scraped off the batter and had a piece of squid, wiped off an olive and ate it, pushed the beds of greens to the side of the plate, scraped some excess seasoning off the pork belly. The company was nice and it was nice to be at a family occasion. I watched them gobble the carbs as they pointed at my plate and asked why I was scraping the flavour off the meat. The meat was well cooked.

About 6 hours later I woke up with thick mucus in my throat and gastric reflux. I had to sit up in a chair as I couldn’t lie down. It was very uncomfortable. All the antacids and heartburn medications had been thrown out in 2015. So I just had to sit and wait until it settled. Losing a night’s sleep.

My wife, who has one of her jobs as a waitress, said, You’re going to have to be that difficult person at the restaurant table who asks about how things are cooked and ingredients that you can’t have.

Yes, I think I will. Me, that weirdo.

(Vic) #225

The roast look yummy.

Unfortunately most butchers cut of all the fat of our pork, a sad thing. I have been playing with the idea to buy half a pig and butcher it myself into way more fatty cuts. Maybe in the future, don’t have the freezer space now.

The next best thing to having fatty meat is adding fat. Something I only do when the butchers cut off all the goodness.

If you like cream in your koffie, go for the 40% fat cream and enjoy a little in your koffie. The vitamins and minirals in cream are good for you.

(Polly) #226

I dread eating out because, like you, most of the food on offer seems inedible to me. Fortunately, with our persisting lockdowns in the UK, eating out isn’t possible at the moment.

I hope your tummy has recovered now.

(Vic) #227

Carnivore ice cream, ready to go in the freezer.



yes I have had too many restaurant experiences like you just had :wink:

Happy Birthday to, wow, 3 people celebrating! :partying_face:

You do not have orthorexia. One big point about that is someone MIGHT think you have, if they have any clue what it means, but you don’t. Don’t even think that truly cause one key issue with that is in the definition of it…from the net: loss of ability to eat in a natural, intuitive manner. This isn’t you along with the rest of the definition. Eating no carbs is not destructive, or isolating truly from ‘being normal’ because what food is considered ‘normal’ now is all dead food that destroys the body. If anything when you read the definition of it, you are the most intuitive and mindful eater at the table in a way…you are eating the food that heals the body and works with it, you are not ‘eating weirdo stuff’ cause someone said it was the right way to eat. All physical bodies only require protein and fat to survive. You are eating what a natural body requires only so in a way, you are not blindly following society’s pretend truths on what nutrition is…you are actually dumping foods that work against your body in favor of those that do. I don’t think that definition fits you at all LOL Nothing you are doing is giving you unhealthy consequences in this lifestyle, it actually is what is healing.

I also get the ‘eating with the normals’, crazy huh HAHA I can not look at gnocchi or pasta or ‘dead food’ with any muster and think what they are consuming has any redeeming factor. I see that food as ‘dead and useless’ in my eyes. I see a menu and those foods read so nice, so delish in their description in order to make ya order them ya know…but in the end most of it is ALL just dead food.

I have also not ordered at many a restaurant and that would blow hubby’s brain to mush when I did that, but if a menu has nothing on it I can ‘adapt easily’ to zc then I don’t want it. Took a bit but he now knows don’t ever push me on my food. Sauces and ‘toppings’ to meat scare the beegee-bs out of me alot of times.

and look what happened? mucus and reflux and having to sit up and all the nasty which goes with it…ugh I feel for you cause I have gotten caught like that too :skull_and_crossbones: AND LIKE YOU I also don’t buy Tums, etc, anymore HAHA and I suffered too like that…but luckily I keep Alka Seltzer in the house now cause I love those things for ‘the tummy’ and took 1 tablet of that and it fixed me, now I always keep some Alka Seltzer around me at all times. I also carry them in my purse. I know what ‘the normal food’ does to me and like you, I have to make sure that eating out won’t kill me :scream_cat::clown_face:

Funny thing is you might hit that category of that difficult person and ordering your food in other’s minds…but you are a responsible person ordering between the crap/junk food and a hard place to improve your health, not go down the rabbit hole of dead food that makes your body upset ya know!

You are my hero actually. Yea those who look at you in a smirked eyeing fashion of falling into difficult weirdo food person----I see as one who puts their health, their beliefs, their want of a healthy existence above the norm and buck the system saying one can thrive on this dead food out there. We don’t. We see it all the time. People getting sicker and being on every type of maintenance medicine needed to eat this food and then try to correct it with a pill.

If you see it from zero carb eyes, and remember DO this, cause you are a carnivore now and you need a new set of focus on how you interact with ‘food out there’— LOL, you see the weirdos eating up all the crap and junk and useless dead, not nutritious foods and think how can they be so weird wanting to eat that mess? I do, I pity those carb eating fools now HAHA

TO ALL CARNIVORES----rise up and claim your healthy status for all to hear. How you eat is vibrant and not destroying your body, it heals and shows us how devastating the ‘normal eating of today’ ruins us. We are not the weirdos in full truth of it all when you look at the big picture of food in our society today.

Flip our thinking time here cause I did it. I thought I was odd man out and was the pain in the butt on my eating lifestyle but I realized one day, eating out was a combined nightmare of everything I don’t want in my life when it comes to my food to feed my body.

FB, you hit the big carnivore eating out dilemma. Dilemma being that bigger definition of not just being a difficult situation—but this part of the definition: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.

undesirable cause many factors come into play. the family thinks you are the weirdo and then you feel you are upsetting the dynamics of social eating out and that bothers you, you are being forced to order food that is gonna ‘do something nasty’ probably to ya if the menu is not zc friendly at all, and then if you eat something and wonder on it, choosing the best ya can on that menu…ya go home and are sick. How friggin’ undesirable and miserable choices are those right?

My thinking has changed so much cause what foods I do eat are now my top priority in my life. I dodge, bob and weave all around the social eating factor when the cooking of the food is not in my hands. Most times, unless I KNOW it is a simple prep, I ain’t ordering it and I ain’t eating it LOL Many times I said I sat there drinking water while hubby ate food. It unnerved him, I didn’t bat an eye over it. I take others feeling into account in alot of issues in life, my eating lifestyle I won’t allow anyone’s conceptions of what normal eating is to ever sway me from what I desire on my plate anymore.

Nothing you are doing in your carnivore ways is hurting anyone truly. Mind games cause we think that they think…blah blah. All useless thoughts we put on us wondering what another is thinking or being told we ‘are that difficult one’ and all that. Baloney to it all!

ZC and health opens our eyes to it all. Become comfortable in your zc ways, don’t let what others think ever effect how we eat and just BE CARNIVORE YOU and feel wonderful in your own skin and healthy body doing just that.

I know…I walked all this mess and still deal with it today in some smaller fashions, but when I changed over and hit these problems I felt burdened. Burdened by what I wanted. I put that burden on me…now, well wait, I fipped my thinking and now I am all about I am NOT a burden to anyone at all about my food choices. I do what I must and the others have to either come along and deal with it or screw them HAHA Bucking a bad system such as our food of today and taking our own bulls by the horns and doing our own thing is not wrong in any way, we don’t hurt anyone in any way, yea we might make for some uncomfortable social situations but tough right?! yea tough!! :rofl: Tough noogies to all about how I want to eat!! :100::crazy_face:

OK FB, you see I have alot of feelings on this and have truly dealt with it all :smirk::smirk: At some point we rise up and say enough is enough and believe me, I am at that carnivore point in my life. I do for me at all times now, I don’t play the social eating out bullshit game anymore :skull_and_crossbones: I am so over it :sunglasses: People can kiss my lovely ZC arse :kiss::kiss: Yea yea I am that stout in my thinking on it anymore :nerd_face:

And I so hear you that your mind is thinking I could kill for a big juicy steak cooked my way…and the best zc option is a plain old icky burger on the menu HAHA I ate many naked burgers in my days eating out…bleck----cause the whole time my mind says I could be home eating a monster juicy steak or a rack of ribs or 1/2 a fresh roasted chicken and here I am ordering a crap burger I don’t want HAHA

Well I learned if the burger is the best and safest option, then I get it, gag it down and try to enjoy and then go home and cook up my own personal giant juicy steak and after that, I know I am happy :slight_smile:

ok I ranted and vented out enough on this for now. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and your experiences. All carnivores have to deal with that…you will find your best way around it all too like I have and many others!!

You are not the weirdo at all. You are the health hero. All clean eating shows you that at your hand. Eating out and prep of that food and what is offered shows us different. The weirdo in the picture is the disgusting dead food offered in our society today. Put the blame, if there needs to be any blame here, where it should lay.

(Vic) #229

Post is way to long for me, but I still love it.

Its like beautiful poetry and I can feel ya.

There is a very peacefull state of mind at the end of you’rr journey. Confidence will grow to the point there is zero worries about doing the right woe.

I’m almost there, its hard to explain, you’ll see.

The ice ream I made today is to celebrate my 3th carniversary, nearly fully healed both fisically and mentally.


It’s Hungary… Chuck isn’t the fattiest cut here by far… Eating pure fat tissue is perfectly normal, I never liked that but my mom and grandma did (with bread, of course).
I wrote about an odd thing in supermarket ad papers before… Where they write “healthy eating” tips about using lean meat and not using fat when preparing it… And the paper is full with super fatty pork stuff on sale :smiley: Duck isn’t particularly lean either. But pork is the winner.
Our Mangalitsa/Mangalica (the first helps with pronounciation if one doesn’t know how Hungarians say things) is a very fatty pig breed too and it’s very trendy since several years again. So it’s tradition and nothing can move the fat-loving masses. Young gals may go low-fat and vegan and whatnot, they do that often here too but no one can take away fatty pork from most people.

I’ve read about countries where finding fatty meat isn’t easy, I can’t even imagine that. Some people goes for lean meat, fine but doing this to everyone…?
Do you have only lean Easter ham too there? Without a thick fat layer on some side? That’s so perfect for Alvaro and me, just like chuck. We both can get our perfect fat/protein ratio if we share it.
And it was ages ago I ate ham…

It’s good adding fat works for you, I already wrote rendered fat isn’t a good option for me. Even fat tissue (that would make things way better, I use that sometimes when I have some extra) wouldn’t be ideal as I want my meat marbled if possible… It’s cool my chuck has extra thicker fat at some places but the rest must have plenty of fat too.

Our fattiest cream is 30% fat :(. Sometimes I use 40% mascarpone in my coffee but I need the wettest part of some less uniform mascarpone for it - or warming it or using a mixer, no, my nice liquid cream is the best. But it’s still an unfortunate item. I only should eat protein rich stuff, at least for now. But a tiny bit isn’t so bad.

Same except I don’t dread. I won’t eat out. It’s not a must, I could avoid it in the last several years (lack of money or desire to eat restaurant food while my woe is too special). I have no social life, that helps.
The last time I went to restaurants, I did on/off keto, without meat but I made an exception for good restaurants as it was simpler, that meat wasn’t your usual low-level stuff and I wasn’t a vegetarian anymore, I just avoided meat on 350-360 days per year… I wonder what it would be like now… I guess only steakhouses would have a good chance. Normally if I had to go to restaurants, I probably would just drink (or try something and feeling very wild, who knows?). My body could handle things but I am choosy now. Especially with my meat, I want only salt on it, nothing else. A few spices or certain vegetables would be acceptable though completely unneeded for some nice fatty meat but that’s it. No garlic, not a hint of sugar… Fasting is way more enjoyable than that.
I don’t eat my pork with salt only because it’s my ascetic phase, I prefer it that way. The flavor is in the meat. It probably helps that I barely ate any meat in the previous decades so marinades and sauces and rubs were not in my world (well, I could have eaten sauces in vegetarian dishes but I didn’t. I am simpler than that except if it’s about sweets or breads and I liked to complicate my scrambled eggs too but not with sauce. sour cream is better than most sauce). I like stews though but roasts are better. And I have no idea how on earth could I keep things on the meat anyway. I sprinkle my boring chicken with a spice mix and hope for the best. It obviously leaves the meat and I will have spicy jelly below to eat with my mostly plain drumsticks. That was good :slight_smile: Next time I will make a photo. It’s just as good as stew (or even better… mmm, jelly… or the thin thing it becomes if it loses more water. it reminds me of a traditional and extremely tasty Hungarian pasta dish with potatoes and little fried pork fat pieces. full with paprika, obviously. and I can get all the joy without the carbs, it’s amazing. my egg/pork skin bread thing was the same, it strongly reminded me of that wonderful dish from my childhood. I didn’t eat it since decades and it wouldn’t taste so good anymore but it was great back then) but without all the onions (and with less paprika).
So, roasts are the best.

I felt maybe a bit too enthusiastic (I do things so right now eating wise and I so quickly got so nice benefits and my food is nice so I couldn’t help it) but then I’ve read Fangs’ comment :smiley: It would be hard to top THAT level of enthusiasm! :smiley:
It’s easy for me as I am a very stubborn and selfish hedonist with a wonderful small family accepting my choices (but it’s MY life, it’s normal)… But now I am reminded to all the problems other people face, again. I wish all of them to be strong and selfish themselves and do what is good for them (while not harming others if possible).
It can be hard enough to fight with ourselves sometimes, don’t let others make it even harder.

Yay, congrats!

I can’t make my nice carnivore-ish ice cream now as I don’t have Stroh 80 rum since a while (and that is essential at this point. maybe if I get further from my normal sweets, I won’t need it for a sweet enough ice cream). Oh well, I don’t want ice cream when I have proper meat ~ I wonder when I will get bored of it ~ Not in the very near future I guess.


I know I know, I rant thru a situation that took me a few years to conquer and sometimes my mind jumps from what about this situation or that one I encountered and I can jumble that all in a long darn post HA

Sorry on that Vic! Me, sometimes blabbermouth! :wink:

Loved your post…darn shorter and sweet to the point!

You are a year behind me and believe me Vic I changed at about year 3.5, literally never expecting another ‘big change’ in my whole body attitude and thinking and more. I ‘somehow got more health’ and I almost can’t explain it into worlds. Kinda like a ‘cosmos connection’ in a way LOL You are walking a fine path like me. Yrs into this and we find out so much more, even the 15-20 yr veterans say around year 5 we change again and into year 7-8-10 an entire new person arrives on your doorstep and while I swear I am new now, those people there say there is more at the other connections on this path. (Sound like some person taking an alien space trip or something!) :crazy_face:

it is hard to explain to someone not quite on the same time frame as another, one thing zc promises is big changes IF YOU hold the plan, but that comes into a type of faith we must have in our plan :slight_smile:

Great post Vic!
SUPER CONGRATS on your Carniversary!!
and ya went with carni ice cream? Heehee, yea I get it!
My go to would be lobster and king crab legs together with tons of butter HAHA----happy for you!

(Heather) #232

Absolutely! I have come to this conclusion myself. I have spent a large part of my life losing and gaining weight - yoyoing up and down. When I first started keto, back in 2019, I was so worried about what people would think or say about what I was eating. I got the reactions of, "I could never give up carbs, you need the vitamins in fruits, what about the calcium in milk?’ I told them, at the time, that it was just to “kick start” my weightloss and I didn’t inted it to be long term. I truly felt that way, because I couldn’t see any sort of low carb eating as a permanent lifestyle. As time went on, family gradually learned to accept my eating, for what it was and left me along.

I lost about 40 lbs. on keto, but was miserable a lot of the time. I did numerous multiple day fasts and OMAD. I was still drinking eating sugar-free foods, so the cravings were as bad as ever.

Fast-forward to switching over committing to carnivore in January of 2020. I found carnivore and it seemed to be doable for me. Then the comments from family really came - that is so unhealthy! What about your high cholesterol?! You’re only going to eat meat for the rest of your life?

I got to the point where I knew this is way of life for me and no one was going to tell me differently. Our family has never been big “go out to eaters”, but I forego pretty much all of those opportunities for the same reasons–I don’t know how it’s been prepared, what has been added to it, etc., especially since I’ve gone so strict (no salt, no processed foods, no cheese).

Now, for my latest conundrum - I have pretty much been eating the same meals for the past several weeks–12-14 oz. boneless skinless chicken breast, 1 lb. 80/20 ground beef and a ribeye for dinner. Lately I have been having tummy troubles at night. I suspect it is the fat on the ribeye. Has anyone else had this happen? Just cruising along, without any issues and then all of a sudden your body changes it up on you?

(Vic) #233

Nice weather, good enough to fire up the bbq.
Eating indoors thou.


Great great fab post Carnivore Queen!

I so hear you loud and clear on it all!!

could be the hamburger. I am now ONLY 85/15 or 90/10 cause any and all more fat from burger meat slays me. tummy issues and more and I can handle a few 80/20 or 73/27 every now and then…nope I go now leaner on that burger! Your ribeye I was an absolute lover and no one could tell me diff cause I needed it BUT AS WE go longer you either are a person who has to stay there or a person who has to change it up.

I now eat NY Strips and I hated them. Ribeye all the way for years til that day I couldn’t handle it…and I put that all to being ‘healed more in the body’ and the ‘body says change it up now ya idiot’ and I had to listen LOL

So now start thinking less fat overall and think about the beef in your day. I am a beef hound point blank paired with seafood I like so it then becomes a ‘fat play’ in my day.

Fat controls everything about us. Our intake is key here. Too much we thrive or feel bad. Too little we feel deprived and ‘hangry’ and could crave and more…this is now a time for YOU…YOU have to switch it up a bit and experiment on you point blank. It is a good thing :slight_smile: :slight_smile: We learn about more of us thru this healing and what we need and don’t need for that stellar feeling we love on this woe!!!

ok that is just some suggestions to think about. We change at diff. times on our personal medical/health issues and zc can correct and change for some very quick or others need years to handle their personal body issues…SO DO YOU NOW! What it takes for you, and a tad of change/experiment is cool and ok :slight_smile: I did it and found my sweeter spot which I love right now and you got to do it for you.

and remember your daughter and how she needs might never be what you need…so let her be her thru this too :slight_smile:

take what you can from what I wrote, throw out some and just DO YOU ya know…just some suggestions to ponder!!


But people eat in such a crappy way, usually, why their opinion matters? (Rhetorical question but I really feel like this.)

But it’s good you don’t care about that anymore too much (completely ignoring other people including our family is hardcore. I did it but my close family, the people I actually lived with always were fine with my choices).

But cholesterol? People should know better in 2020, seriously but they don’t care enough just spout old, very wrong beliefs sigh.

We have almost summer weather now. Sunny and a long-sleeved black shirt is too much… Wow. The first really warm day this year, not just compared to the season but truly.
It doesn’t matter if it’s about my eating, I want the exactly same things in summer and in winter :slight_smile: It’s a bit odd to me when many people says they need “light” things in summer, fruits, veggies and some people CAN’T eat anything else. What. Are their bodies broken? Mine want its usual required nutrients and my taste doesn’t change. (Temptations are another matter but it only happens if tempting things are present as I don’t actually need them. Only end of winter brings a strong desire towards fresh and juicy things but I never felt the pull on my very meaty days. I haven’t enough experience yet.)
I just don’t need my warm drinks in summer. I will try to focus on water more.


so agree with this and why we put such angst on what others think is remarkable to me. don’t do as I do but listen to what I say…monster joke here on it all …yea I won’t and eat carnviore LOL


you saw a person who is true to themselves. I lke that. But at the same time I would be irked cause that plate could have been for another younger soul who truly required it ya know. not saying it was ‘his fault’ he wasn’t acknowledged…

waste is massive in this world and it is a very troubling issue truly. Those who throw it away and not touched to those who need to save lives?? I just give a big sigh over it all


11:30 and got my 1 lb shrimp cooked with a tad of old bay seasoning…scored flank steak marked down to a lower price

pix after afer posting I am gonna eat up all that flank and all that shrimp and be one happy person here :slight_smile:

oh yea me happy and will have a great start to my day HA!!! :100:
Life in MY food world doesn’t get any simpler and wonderful that what I have here, super grateful I have it!

(Karen) #240

Hey those pics I couldn’t upload.

Up at 4.45am this morning, stair runs done and off to work the early shift. Started at 7am in the reception getting the guys ready to go out to court then up in the video link for the remainder of the morning which meant more stairs and running back and forth to the wings collecting guys for their courts and legal consultations.

Took in beef topside 5 slices (130g) in case I got peckish beforr getting home. Glad I took it and munched it all about 1130. Had a covid test which was negative which set me off sneezing just as the #1 ,Gov came in to have his test. Great!

Popped to see my 83yr old dance partner friend on way home and sat having a cuppa and chat for an hour or so before stopping off at Lidl on last leg home. Had a £10 coupon to use up so the dilemna … meat meat or meat hahaha what a dilemna to have.

Made a couole of steak half pounder burgers with cheese on top and followed that with some more cheese.

Just enjoying some goats cheese at this moment.

Day off tomorrow then back to work for 3 days :roll_eyes:

(Karen) #241



More pics from the other day when I couldn’t upload and the extra meat bought today. Think I’m set for lockdown 4 :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Do you think all that clearing of emails enabled this?