you aren’t the only one. WE live for ‘our past foods’ ya know…our associatons thru social times, our ‘eating out’ for special occasions to try other foods, our damn mental WANTS of all we gave up…I SO KNOW what you are saying…but the final point is what do we want all in health to try, to see, to experiment, to learn, to feel, to improve this or that WE MUST improve and darn if those ain’t SO personal questions for each of us! Just us and no one else and why we stay or leave or ??

yea a ribeye cut usually needs way less ‘extra fat’ in our prep. I found that out :slight_smile: But my NY Strip which is way leaner must have it…get ya on that too!!

bored. tired of our lives and other BIG life factors none of us know about each of us come into play of course…just keep your ZC way in tune on HOW YOU are doing ya know. 1000% about you and what works :wink:

You sound great on your learning of you and that is key…you keep rockin’ that out.

(Edith) #202

Sun? What is sun?

(Laurie) #203

It’s a warning that the night will be extra cold!

(Karen) #204

Sun is whats beaming through my window at the moment. Had to lower my kitchen blind and i hate shutting it out. Not lowered it completely so still have a bit shining in. So lovely as the day started so dark, grey and rainy.:boom::grin:

(Edith) #205

It’s been sooooo dreary here, I have forgotten what the sun looks like. Thanks for the reminder. :grinning:

(Karen) #206

Yesterday started with just 100 stair runs
Brunch sautèd chicken in butter w/melted cheese.
Dinner sirloin steak w/king prawns n melted cheese
Then just couldn’t leave the cheese alone in the evening

Got a nice selection of meat from lidl but really think I should start cycling my fridge freezer contents.

Today started soo dark and dismal, grey skies and rainy. As I don’t like to waste energy and needlessly put lights on I exercised in the grim dismal light. I combined todays CF wod with my stair running so did
45 mins/5 rounds of
20 stair runs with toe taps at the bottom of the stairs
8 pu’s into mountain climbers
10 russian twists w/6kg kb into 20 flutter kicks
8 right and left leg lunges into squat jumps
25 sec side planks left and right

Chicken breast sautèd in butter w/melted cheese
1.5oz mature cheddar
.5oz mature blue stilton

Mid afternoon
Tin of sardines

Late afternoon
Mug of chicken stock

Ribeye fried in lard
Large king prawns cooked from raw in butter and steak fat w/melted cheese
(The prawns were soo juicy)

Been trying to upload piccies but no matter how small I make them they don’t want to today. No matter.

Work tomorrow more overtime then back to normal shifts on wednesday. Had a good amount of time off this month catching up on leave owed so I can’t really grumble, except weather is of course improving now I am going back to work!

(Vic) #207

I’m lucky, temp is now above 10c and we had a sunny weekend.
Walked about 10mls every dag, overdid it a bit, my leg muscles hurt. Need rest.

It looks I’ve been ferociously carnivorous lately. While I can live with 20gr of carbs or crap a week, mostly from a few beers or some fruit. I’m no where near that.

(Vic) #208

And dinner

(Karen) #209

Whats on the blue dish Vic? Couldn’t uplpad my pics which was annoying

(Vic) #210

Blue dish? You mean the one with the pieces of fried bacon?
Or the blood sausage?

(Karen) #211

Hahaha the bacon. I couldn’t make out what it was. I thought you were experimenting with meal worms :rofl:

(Vic) #212

I plan to, but first I need to make carnivore ice cream. :smiling_imp:

(Edith) #213

I have to admit, I thought the same thing. :rofl:

(Edith) #214

Hi everyone, my histamine trouble has improved. It’s not perfect, but no more stomach upset and other digestive issues. Even the heart palpitations have improved. I am still getting a little stuffed up and sometimes mild shortness of breath, but an antihistamine solves the problem. It’s mild enough that I probably wouldn’t even take the antihistamine except I’m a singer and when the histamine intolerance acts up, it’s harder to sing.

So what’s different? I’ve started taking B vitamins and vitamin C. I also went off carnivore plan a bit

1. > and ate some vitamin C containing berries.. I also upped my salt intake.

Today, I’m back on plan. I’m just going to keep with the supplements and see what happens. I’m
not sure about the extra salt. Since I dropped the extra, I do seem to be more sensitive to it.

I’m almost to the end of my six month trial. The reason I started this trial was to see if it helped with my joint trouble. I believe the answer to that is a yes. My back is definitely less painful, although not perfect, and my neck is less stiff. All other joints are fine.

You all know the six months has not gone smoothly. The joint improvement makes me
think I could be on the right track, but the other problems sure have been a challenge. If I can keep this histamine trouble under control I may extend my trial. I’ll see what the next two weeks has in store (I’m saying two weeks since I was slightly off plan for two weeks.)

@Fangs, thanks for always having encouraging words to share.

(Vic) #215

Carnivore candy just came in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Karen18, sorry those pics wouldn’t load :frowning: you always have good ones to share!!

I also cycle my freezer. very important for me cause I don’t like my meats frozen for too long at all for best quality use, so I do the ‘freezer dance’ of changing it around alot also LOL You know tho the sense of security I do get from my freezer is priceless, I just love a stack of frozen meat around me :clown_face:

wonderful update post! SUPER CONGRATS on hitting 6 months! You committed to a great trial period into this plan and you sure gave it your all! Happy you are finding a way thru your troubles like the histamine situation you experienced. I have to say any joint type troubles I had cleared up so well on carnivore…I know I like that improvement just like you do :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how you do end up and what kind of personal plan that suits you best in the long run. Your commitment to trying new things and working thru the kinks is super admirable VE! Love your determination to work on yourself and get all the best results you can!

Carnivore candy! I looked up your Ganda Ham…company sounds high quality for sure—YUM

----- just steaks, pork and seafood

had my last package of frozen snow crab legs. they were ok but they tasted ‘very salty’ which is rare for me to say that! but maybe since I have cut back my salt I am ‘now truly tasting salt more?’ probably…but they were good slathered in unsalted butter! Waiting now for another good sale before loading back up a bit.

got 2 nice ribeyes for today earmarked for frying
still haven’t gotten any ribs yet but darn I will have to get my hands on some soon.

all is going well in my little carnivore world truly! Just feel great, feel upbeat about my plan and love my eating…but darn the dreary gray days drag me down. Come on early spring! Luckily a few days we are sunny and high temps so that will put a smile on my face!

We are nearing the end of FFFF. Only like 5 days left on this month for us carnivores but we will all go into ‘March Carni Madness’ in strong form I am sure! I absolutely enjoy this thread and you great bunch of zc’ers!!

(Vic) #217


(Vic) #218

Chicken and chicken liver for dinner.

(Karen) #219

@Fangs my freezer has never been so full and my fridge so empty. However there is now no wastage, nothing ends up in the bin except the chicken carcass after I have made stock from it. I can recall many times chucking wet salad leaves and mouldy peppers in the bin and over buying veggies and then feeling like I couldn’t be bothered to cook them. Never feel like that with the meat and it is comforting to know that if I get to the use by date I can always freeze it if I don’t want to eat it at that time. (When I make some room :laughing: )

This morning I was up at 4.45am after a crappy nights sleep, which isn’t unusual when I have work the next day, and got straight on with my stair runs. Over time today at work and was a bit busier than the last few over time days recently… so not quite such a long drawn out day today.

Lunch at 1230pm sautèd chicken with melted cheese and butter. Easy to heat up in microwave.

Late afternoon 4pm 5 slices topside beef

Home for 5.30pm and some cheddar cheese
Mug of chicken stock and 1 softish hard boiled egg.

Put a beef brisket in slow cooker for overnight cooking.

Just about to head up to bed ready to rise again at 4.45am. 7am start at work tomorrow for a little early shift finishing at 1230pm. Normal shift working in the video link so will probably get a lot of steps and stairs in running around the prison.

(Doug) #220


Lunch - cheap chuck eye steaks. Not as tender as ribeye, but no sous-viding here. If it’s a little tough after pan frying, so be it. I don’t mind really gnawing on some meat once in a while. Nobody’s home but me so can just use my hands.