Test meal: 680g (1.5lbs) rib eye steak, small amount rendered tallow. Fresh water as drink.

Blood Monitor: Freestyle Optimum Neo.

Method: Steak baked in oven. Rested. Eaten.

Blood glucose. Pre-dinner: 5.0mmol/L (90mg/dl)
0 minutes (meal finished): 5.1 mmol/L
15 min: 4.7 mmol/L
30 min: 5.2 mmol/L
45 min: 5.2 mmol/L
60 min: 5.4 mmol/L (98mg/dl)
75 min: 5.5 mmol/L (99mg/dl)
90 min: 5.2 mmol/L
120 min: 5.1 mmol/L

Pre-dinner blood ketones: 0.1 mmol/L
90 min blood ketones: 0.1 mmol/L

Blood glucose initially dropped in the first 15 minutes. Then rose to 5.5mmol/L at one hour and 15 minutes after finishing the meal. The experiment was closed at 2 hours after the meal when a baseline blood glucose was achieved.

Eating a 1.5lb rib eye steak did not create a large blood glucose rise within 2 hours of eating.

I actually used two blood glucose monitors and two test strips per blood test. This was to monitor accuracy of data collection.

A standard blood glucose curve is done at set time increments after a meal for 2 hours. The 2 hour point is chosen based on the work of Dr. Joseph Kraft. Blood glucose should return to a normal baseline level within 2 hours based on Dr. Kraft’s work (requires reference) in a metabolically healthy person. Persistent elevated blood glucose is a symptom of glucose intolerance that may correlate with insulin resistance.

However, the blood glucose curves for a protein based meal may have a different graph than for a meal containing carbohydrates. The blood glucose curve peak may occur outside of the 2 hour experimental window. Wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is the next improvement in experimental design.

The results show that eating a 1.5lb rib eye steak did not create a blood glucose rise above baseline to indicate “over nutrition” as a possible consequence of the meal.

The blood ketone readings are interesting. My blood ketones are usually lower or zero when eating a zero carb or carnivore diet. In this experiment both readings indicated a trace of blood ketones present. This was tested using two monitors per test. Having blood ketones present at the start and end of the experiment is open to interpretation. It may just be a steady state in the blood stream at the time of the experiment with the blood ketones not being taken up by tissues due to a slight increase in blood glucose being available.

It may indicate that the amount of blood ketones being produced by the liver in the two hours was balanced by the rate of cell uptake, thus producing no nett change. If that were the case then it could be correlated to a low insulin response to the meal because an insulin release will switch off blood ketone production by the liver. These thoughts raise more questions.

(@ctviggen, @brownfat, @PaulL, @OldDoug)

(Edith) #182

@Karen18, I am curious, do you just run up and down the stairs in your home?

@FrankoBear You’ve got me curious, too. I may want to try a similar version of your experiment with myself. I haven’t looked at blood ketones in at least a year.


The site is back I see…

I did my experiments. Well, pork is effective for me but if I eat multiple meals, I still will eat much. Not too much just maintenance level (I am not active enough lately) so I can’t expect fat loss (it never happened eating this much and always happened eating less), oh well, I will get to that one day.
Adding dairy makes things worse as I already knew but finally I run out of my mascarpone and quark and I never eat much from the others now.

It seems eating 1.5 pounds of meat a day isn’t hard at all even if I use mostly pork… That was a new information to me but not exactly shocking just a bit surprising. I usually can eat very little fatty pork at once, it’s so satiating… But as my body counts its calories very diligently, I just get hungry in 1-2 hours again. I still consider this (meat, mostly pork, eggs and very little dairy) my best option. I tried to go back to OMAD but couldn’t. Yesterday I ate around 6pm first but it still couldn’t eat a big enough meal. I could eat big meals all my life but it’s super hard without plant carbs and I just stop when I am barely satiated. So I get hungry soon.

I read so often that people on keto get hungry less often. It’s definitely not true for me. Much carbs? 3 hours (or more, it depens. OMAD is easiest with much carbs for me). Low-carb? 3 hours. Keto? 3 hours. Carnivore? 1-3 hours, extremely rarely (when my body can’t decide if it’s enough for OMAD, I guess) more. It’s good as I usually can keep my small eating window on carnivore but the many tiny meals still bother me. I try to train myself to eat when I truly need, hunger isn’t enough (or required. my hunger isn’t that reliable).
But I probably would have less problems with more proper meat. But my supplies are limited now, I still have “plenty” but who knows when I will go shopping in the city again? Next time I will buy more. I never ever ate this much pork and it didn’t even feel much. I have no idea how much I would need ideally but I slowly break my meat sparing general attitude. It’s not hard when I have a chuck roast, it’s almost irresistible :slight_smile: Alvaro didn’t feel the pull so I ate almost the whole thing. It still only lasted 2 days only and I can’t put much more into my mini oven at once. And Alvaro’s mom thinks roasting 1.5kg meat is too much! I think it’s way too little, 5kg would be nicer, I could put some back to the freezer that way… (But she thinks 1 kg vegetable is too much as well and Alvaro doesn’t start cooking without 2.5-3kg… It’s still too few calories so he eats a lot of more substantial stuff with it. For 4 days but it wouldn’t do working a lot on a dish that disappears right away.)

What people with families do? I seem to eat a ton all alone on my best days, cooking takes a lot of time (not so much effort on carnivore but still, I need to check my meat, swap, add water… I would love it to last for many days).
Well it was so, so much worse with vegetables. Sometimes hours of work for a thing that leaves both of us quite hungry. So we needed many other things. I should have realize things earlier. But I probably wasn’t ready yet.

I obviously still love eggs but I don’t want scrambled eggs or sunny side ups now. I eat deviled eggs, boiled eggs and pancakes. When my chuck run out, I switched to roasted chicken thighs and chicken liver, it was nice. Now comes some pork stew. I don’t know how you call the thigh. Isn’t ham for the cured version? We call it thigh here. It’s way leaner than chuck but should be good enough for stew and I will use it for Alvaro’s roasts, I keep all the wonderful chuck. Last time I found a lean chuck part, that was his.

Alvaro is well enough to work again so I don’t feel any temptation to eat before 2:30. And not much even at that time as it’s still a bit early for my lunch. But as I wrote, 6pm is still too early to guarantee a modest day if I am not restrictive with my food choices. Stupid dairy but I had it and my pork run out… I have no regrets as usual.

I didn’t do exactly carnivore after my pork run out (it almost always happens) but I was close enough to be mildly pleased. But I expect better from me. Today I have pork again, not much as poor stew needs as much meat as possible, the slab is below 1.4 kg and I will take a slice off… I remember when we made beef stew using 0.9 kg meat (exactly 2 pounds), it was so tiny for all that work and time…

Finally I weightlift again. But I didn’t do my whole workout at once (not like it’s much). I am very bad with restarts.

Oh, salt! I put a half teaspoon of salt and some, not very much spice (with a little salt in it. it couldn’t be much) on my ~1350g chicken (with bones) and it was a nice amount.
I will try to eat very simple and calculate my sodium intake one day…

My end of winter desire towards juicy veggies and fruits stopped when I started to eat much meat. I still gladly bite into a slice of juicy raw vegetable but I don’t feel the need to eat more than a little. That’s good. Last time I had a carbier day I ate 4 oranges due to very strong desire for them… And that’s not good. Well, I am fine with it occasionally, I have some idea about my limits… But not now, I must be strict now. If eating my big favs only is strict :slight_smile:
Oh I accidentally tested my tolerance to dairy. I don’t understand. I usually feel a little nudge after some more than minimal lactose. But I drank 1 liter of milk and had some other dairy with lactose in a few hours (I didn’t do that since my childhood) and I felt perfectly fine after. I try to forget it and not going near milk again if possible. Alvaro skipped drinking milk for many years but now he loves it again for his desserts so we often keep some at home. Stupid modern milks last for long too. But I can do it. It was an exceptional case.
I actually stopped having lactose for a long while at some point so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had problems with it. Alvaro said he had a few years ago… But nope. Maybe all the cream and whatnot in the last few years helped?

I can understand the fruit tolerance (the 4 oranges felt fine too), my body rested enough. When it was grape season, I couldn’t handle a few balls alone (just with fatty protein afterwards), I was surely overwhelmed (despite I ate way less fruit than before I tried carnivore).

Yeah, I definitely don’t support that. Not like I could afford it but it’s really something I just don’t do. I don’t buy “normal” commercial eggs either.
Too bad I buy meat from not the right sources, sometimes I wonder I should eat more protein rich plants (it makes no sense to eat the mostly carb ones) but that’s very much not good for me until I am too fat. And I am selfish…

I don’t see veal and other beef or dairy different, it’s the same bad (or good on a good farm) life. The calf suffers for a shorter amount of time at least. And it’s one big animal not many small like chickens…
But I avoid thinking about this nowadays, I have too few options. I do what I can even if it’s not much and I will do it a bit differently when I will have more money. But I don’t usually know how the animals were kept when I buy something. I just suppose it’s bad by default as it’s logical. I prefer seeing the animals with my own eyes (or at least the farm or something) but that’s rare.

(Karen) #184

Yes Edith. I do 100 flights first thing. Thats 100 up and 100 down. It equates to 1000ft. This morning I did them all in one go, but I do like to change it up by breaking it into sets with different exercises. So i might do them in 5 sets of 20 or 4 sets of 25. I like to include at least one type of abs exercise and usually 2 upper body and on occasions i might incorporate the CrossFit workout of the day into the them or use the stair runs as a pre warm up. Stops me getting bored lol.

I started them on 1st May 20, a month into our first lockdown and have done them every day since. Only about 10 weeks to a whole year! I am a bit of an all or nothing gal so have to plod on eceryday else i just wont do them! The first month of the lockdown was a 100 a day burpee challenge which i didn’t fancy carrying on after the challenge was over.

Are you thinking of giving the stair runs a go?

(Todd Allen) #185

I think I’m in a similar place for diet and results although I never go full carnivore except inadvertently for a day or two. I’ve been eating a meat centric whole foods diet fairly high in protein. Most days I eat to satiety and my ketones are low averaging around 0.3. I find my weight creeps up about 5 lbs over 2 or 3 months and then I do a cut for a week or two until I’m back at my goal weight. During cuts my ketones average about 1.5. My blood glucose typically stays in the range of 80-100 when eating to satiety and 65-85 during cuts. A few years ago my ketones would ramp up more easily and the peaks were higher sometimes exceeding the limit of my meter >8. My blood glucose also was less stable and I couldn’t tolerate eating as much protein as I do now.

(Edith) #186

What do you do for your “cut?”

(Todd Allen) #187

I used to do a lot of fasting but now I just try to cut way back on calories with maybe one or two days of water fasting. Normally I eat two meals a day, during cuts I’ll skip one of the meals or replace a meal with a scoop of whey protein. And for the meal I eat it will be mostly lean meat or eggs without added butter, avocados, etc.

(Vic) #188

Lunch yesterday, kidneys with bacon eggs and cheese.

Dinner was just a simple beef steak.

(Vic) #189

Quick lunch


real nice meal pics Vic!

----------fast post this morning
off and running errands and more


had all 3 yesterday :slight_smile: ate well
feeling fab
just zc chillin’ along waiting on darn early spring to come! Brrrrr
doing ok cutting back on my heavy handed salt. so far so good there.
nothing new to report right now! Back to read up all the meat juicy posts later! Have a fab carnivore day all!


Super early meal (actually two. between 10:30 and 12:30) but I was hungry. It happens after lower-calorie days.
I had a few eggs and pork stew. I did it really simple today :slight_smile: The stew was too wet (and I eat it with a fork) so I added sour cream, that suits it anyway. Still little dairy, it’s a good day unless I eat at midnight again but I do my best not to.

I prefer my roasts and chuck over leaner pork, most definitely. Cooked pork just isn’t that great and it even has onions. Roasts with more fat are better. I probably keep my beef stew, somehow that works better. Pork is best fried or roasted for me but only if it has enough fat for it.

I work on making my woe stricter again. I still believe that would go good to me. So even if I will have my crazier days, it still will be perfectly fine.
I drop coffee again, at least mostly. If I really want it once in a while, that’s fine.

The stew had (and needed) way more salt than my roasts. Probably the onions. And the water but mostly the sweet onions. They really didn’t worth it.


I reached 90 days :partying_face: (started 13 weeks ago).

I don’t say much, but I read every single day.

The only change I’ve made recently is to reduce some of my added fat. I was cooking steak in ghee, then cooking the eggs in the same pan - and they’d absorb maybe 3/4 of the ghee. Now I’m boiling the eggs instead.

(Karen) #193

Same old same old start to the day, no surprises stair running as per
5 x
20 stair runs
20 pu’s
20 each side weighted russian twists
20 weighted shoulder press

Followed by taking my daighter to the Company Shop where I got my fab foody bargains on wednesday. She loved it because it is an environmentally friendly shop with a lot of plastic free packaging. Her hubby likes that concept so he was very impressed when she got home and told him all about it.

However before she went hone we went on an 8 mile brisk muddy walk and talk. Love the quality time with her. Good to be able to get right round the nature reserve, river and canal without all the flooding cutting off the route. Very muddly though so we had to navigate round those the best we could without slipping over.

Very ready for food when I returned home.

Finished the lamb chops
A little cheese
A little more cheese
And a little more cheese!
Beef topside
And I am sure that before I head up to bed I will have a little more cheese. Again!

I bought some cheese today from the Company Shop. Mature west country cheddar and it is a bit too yummy to resist :hugs: just the right texture just the right strength.

Love this woe

(Vic) #194

Chicken, cured bacon and bone broth.
Added some mayonnaise later, the chicken breasts are a bit to lean for my taste.

The mayonnaise was eggyolk and rapeseed oil made. So I broke my own rule again, no proccesed crap food. Grrrr :unamused:
So no beer this weekend, I need a consequence.

Next week I got a celebration comming up, need to make me some carnivore ice cream. :grin:

(Vic) #195

Congratulations, hope the 90 days already give you some benefits you’rr looking for.

You could post a picture now and then, no words needed :wink:

(Doug) #196

Laurie, this really interests me. I can’t remember provolone as a kid, but in the 1980s in the Midwestern U.S. it was a quite mild, very light-colored cheese, just as I think of it now.

One variant I’ve had is ‘smoked provolone.’ But it’s the same as smoked Gouda, for example - there’s the smoky taste but the underlying cheese seems the same.

I’d like to try that intense provolone…


I will party and celebrate right along with you :100::clown_face::partying_face::partying_face: Super congrats. ZC on!!

curious why you reduced up on fat…was it your body just doesn’t want that much? or just not liking the taste of it all? just wondering :slight_smile:

I found as I changed on zc I just needed different things at different times. Alot of fat, reduce it like you did, tastes change and I just wanted leaner food for a bit etc…wondering kinda what phase ya might be in at this time?

---------------Brrr carnivore morning

yesterday sun got the house nice and warm. turned off heat, opened a few windows for fresh air and of course forgot to put the heat back on LOL Woke up to 54 in the house. Too cold for me :slight_smile: but got the fireplace roaring and everything is heating up nice.

Off to mom’s today for visit/shop.

ZC is going very well. Have a nice big steak for later. Got crab legs on my mind. If not that I might stop and get a full rack of ribs on the way home from moms and hound those babies down :slight_smile:

we shall see, options, so many great options !!


@Fangs … Oooo, that’s COLD!!! I forgot to load the boiler one time when hubby was out of town. Damn near froze. Took hours to get the thing going again. I feel your pain!

The temps got up to around 20F yesterday. and I was right. People wearing shorts! LOL! I’m waiting for the snow drift on the east end of the house to fall. The sun was beating down on it yesterday, and previously the parts near the ends fell off. But, the mid section is overhanging by at least 3 feet, and won’t budge. The crash will be outrageous…just want to make sure the door doesn’t fly open.

Eats have been pretty good. After those steaks earlier in the week, I really have not been hungry at all. At work, I’ll have 1-2 cups of grilled chicken pieces with a dash of Cholula sauce and melted cheese. Other than that, a big hunk of salmon Friday night…and pretty much just eggs bacon and butter all weekend. Not hungry. Had a bad headache too, so that might be part of it.

Anyways…got a few mid-shifts next week, and Wednesday I’m off. Gotta drive the kid 2 hours to her eye appointment. Will do some shopping while in that town. GFS is my go-to for butter now…so, definitely have that on the list!

Goals for next week is continue increasing my planking time, and work out. Hope you all are doing well.


too funny :skull_and_crossbones: not me tho :scream_cat:
around here guys where shorts all winter darn near but the gals, we are jacketed up in long pants!

Sounds like you are doing great on plan and all seems good in your corner of the world…sweet!

------------chilly zc morning

all great
all just cruisin’ thru zc for me

I hit up salt yesterday…oh yea I sure did. I also feel ‘more bloaty’ so maybe my cutting back is a real thing…well I know it is real and good to cut back but I don’t wanna face that reality HAHA but I will…so today is again watch salt intake alot.

I want shrimp and I don’t want shrimp. Kinda tired of it and tired of darn cheeseburgers. Again, steak is my go to at all times but I never got my big rack of pork ribs and I am wanting those now big time…if I got the gumption will venture out and fine me ribs LOL A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go…for a rack of ribs. Yea probably :clown_face:

big rain out there. so over the rain. me need sun :sunny:


Thank you!

I wish I had a great answer, but I have to admit to breaking my own rule. I like food - too much(!!) - but I am also pretty happy eating the same thing all of the time.

I found this really helps me to regulate what I’m eating because instead of being ‘head hungry’ (mmm I want something nice and tasty), if you can only have more of the same, it makes me really think hard about whether I am hungry or whether I’m bored / restless / sad etc, and whether the solution is something other than food.

Anyway, eggs have been a bit scarce here - and then I got an abundance of them, and despite eating 4 a day, I was getting a bit close to them going over. I didn’t want to waste food, so instead of having 2+ghee, I had 3 soft boiled (can eat more eggs with less fat).

It surprised me how much I enjoyed them soft boiled, so I had some more - and I just kept doing it. I’ll keep cooking them this way until I get bored of them, and then go back to something else.

The eggs always accompany steak, so I am always eating at least 1 rib eye (sometimes 2 or more) per meal - so I’m not too worried about not having enough fat, and it’s possible I was overdoing the fat with how much ghee I was consuming.

Unsurprisingly, I have noticed that despite me always enjoying the fat on the steak, since getting rid of the ghee, I’m always going for the steak fat with the first mouthfuls of the meal.

Not to worry - I’ve got some tallow, suet, and plenty of ghee, so if I feel lethargic or anything, I can easily add some in. I do still cook my steaks in ghee, but I think the steak fat itself is doing the job at the moment.