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This, please reach out.


I totally missed the ice cream bit. YES! I made loads of ice cream last summer. I have a couple of posts in the recipe section for ice cream. I am super lazy with stuff like that and impatient so can’t be bothered with the whole making custard thing first. I just throw it all together and in the ice cream machine so I can have ice cream in 30 minutes from thinking I want some! It is really easy (or certainly can be the way I make it!) and really delicious. I thought I had put a recipe up for one I made but I cannot find it - it was chocolate with salted caramel toasted pecans and it was every bit as good as it sounds! You could do the same with peanuts :smiley:

(Cassandra Higdon) #23

I don’t even know where the recipe section here is… I think somebody sent me a link but I couldn’t access it :frowning: yeah making the custard first has made me kinda procrastinate :laughing::laughing:


Use the search function - works really well. Or go to the main menu and Categories where you can see all the categories, including Recipes. Or just search for something specific like “ice cream”.

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I found a recipe for ice cream on google - and its the type you just mix the ingredients and pop them into the icecream maker… no custard. The recipe i found calls for whole milk tho- I am assuming it is okay to use unsweetened Almond Milk instead?? Hopefully I can make that tonight!


My basic recipe is here…

I would use cream over almond milk for a tastier ice cream.

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Hi there, at a Chinese restaurant I used to get steamed chick and brocolli. I guess you have to like it in order to want to eat it. It is not easy at all, but can’t beat the feeling. Good luck

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I’m extremely picky about chicken… it seems there’s always a huge chunk of fat. I can eat fatty oils n things but just eating a chunk of fat makes me ---- well— it’s not good what happens when I get a chunk of fat lol!!! I do get steamed chicken broccoli from time to time but I end up barely eating any of the chicken :joy:

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Thank you!!
I made some ice cream yesterday worth the recipe I found online and it was amazing!!!