February Zorn Fast 2018


What’s a “zorn” ?

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This fast is organized and hosted by Brenda Zorn, hence the name. It’s just a monthly fast with lots of support from fellow forum members…


Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification.


This is amazing! Great job pushing through…wow…

Late to the party, but I’m jumping in now. Currently at 24 hours, and really feel the need for some clarity and at least a 72 hour fast here. Glad to see so many here and supporting each other. KCFO


I am ending February on a good note, a 72 hour fast. I went 65 hours earlier this month so I am confident I can do it. I started at 6:00 pm Chicago time (it’s 4:00 am and I always check the Forums when I am getting my 3 month old back to sleep, so I’m at 10 hours). I got some Pink Salt, and ingredients to make Ketoaide. I’ll eat some Macadamia’s Wednesday night and then maybe some bacon and eggs. Thank you @brenda, this thread is a huge help, and a great place for advice and motivation! I need it with a skeptical wife at home, so thanks to all!



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Yes. At this time I see no benefit fasting longer, but am open to new science changing my perspective on this in the future.


I blew by 48 hours and came home to some amazing smells, but I got through it. I feel great! I woke up with a headache on day 2 of my last fast and didn’t this time. It’s probably the Ketoaide, the water and the salt. I am excited for day 3!


If you are fat adapted wouldn’t you just burn more body fat?

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The body can only burn it’s own body fat at a set rate, push it beyond, and it will shut down other processes to compensate. Such as body warmth, you may get sleepy, etc. This prolonged, can slow the metabolism.

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What if you have enough excess fat to meet your TDEE though? Would longer fasting still slow things down or only once you don’t have sufficient fat to meet your energy needs?


72 hours complete! February is over and March is my favorite month! I’m looking forward to the next Zorn Fast!


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I know that compared to most of you on this thread this isn’t much but I did a 44 hour fast. That was my first extended fast and I am looking forward to trying for 72 hours in March. I am interested in the benefits of autophagy with regards to fasting.

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Excellent. Good job fasting.

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Costco also has a 5 lb tub of pink Himalayan salt that turns out to be really cheap.


Hi @Brenda, Are we having a March Zorn Fast?

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3rd week of the month. Always.
March 15 through 18th

March 2018 IF/EF chat - all welcome

Wow ! I wish.

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