February Zorn Fast 2018

(Karen) #545

65 hours, @LizinLowell, but with some [spoiler].



Ida, I haven’t read through all of your posts so this might have been covered - you’ve tried fat fasting instead of just water fasting? It would probably blunt the effects of medications while fasting - sounds like those are rough on an empty stomach - and also prevent you from losing mass.
No need to take the time to reply; I’m sure you have enough to do!

(Trish) #547

Ah ha ha, you want to sandwich one in…better be a keto sandwich :wink:
The fasts are typically the third Thursday of the month through to the Sunday, so my understanding is Wednesday night is the last meal and then Sunday whenever you want to break fast. Of course adjust however best suits your personal needs/schedule.


Thanks, and I’m glad you got my pun!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #549

I’m 227 hours in and feeling pretty good. I’ve lost 16 pounds on this fast and am now at 239. I’ll be interested to see how much comes back after Fasting February is over. I’ll also be scheduling a dexa scan to see how my body composition was effected by 20 days of fasting in February.


Wow, John - look at you go! Well done.

(Trish) #551

Re the DEXA, keep in mind that if they tell you you’ve lost lean and if you’ve been strict fasting and experiencing autophagy much or all of that “lean” loss would likely be skin et al, not actual muscle. I recall hearing Dr. Fung say that of his hundreds of patients he has never had to send a single one to plastics for skin removal surgery, even of those who’ve lost over 100 pounds.

(Mike Glasbrener) #552


(Liz ) #553

Right on! Almost at 63 hours, breaking tonight at 5pm. Did black coffee/water/herbal tea yesterday and today. hoping I got some autophagy in this round.

(Lonnie Hedley) #554

For those still going, just wanted to update on weight going back on after the fast. I lost about 1lb a day during my 86 hours (maybe a little more). Since breaking the fast, I’m putting on .6-.8lbs a day. I expect all of the 4.5lbs to come back, but that wasn’t the goal so it’s a none issue.

My point is that you should expect some, if not all of the weight to come back after the fast, but the other effects should last longer (reduced skin, less fat, etc). KCFO

(Karen) #555

You might! I won’t but MIL 's bday tonight. Will break too. High fives!!!:raised_hands:

(Mike Glasbrener) #556

I fasted Thurs/Fri for ~60 hrs. Then re-fed to satiety, which was a lot and low carb along with some lowish carbwine. Sun was normal hunger signals. Fasted yesterday. I also got 1/2 hr+ of cardio every day including this morning. Plateau has been cracked, I think. I’m down 2.6lbs for the last week.

I think I’m going to try another fasting routine to get me to my target weight.
Don’t eat Mon. Refeed Tues/Wed. Don’t eat Thurs/Fri then refeed Sat/Sun.

After spin this morning I have keto breath. A rarer experience these days…

(Trish) #557

I was 177 the day before the fast, I. E Wednesday and 178 the morning of, so Thursday. I broke the fast late Sunday afternoon and weighed 172 before eating. On Monday morning, I weighed 173. And this morning 172 despite being a bad girl yesterday and having keto cheese cake and 3 oz of salted caramel crown royal whiskey. I really expected to have scale gain this morning so was pleasantly surprised. I will attribute it to the powers of increased metabolism due to fasting. Last month’s fast I also dropped 5 and regained 1 and then continued to drop. Hopefully this pattern continues as I get closer to my goal weight.

(KCKO, KCFO) #558

I just use all the free stuff. He is one of many great resources on the 'net.

(Ida) #559

Thats great advice!!! Thank you​:ok_hand::smiley:

(Stephanie Sablich) #560

Friends, I am exactly 5 hours away from completing my goal for this month, a 96 hour fast. I’ll likely keep going through the night and skip breakfast, making this a 108+ hour fast… but ooof I’m struggling right now. Not physically, but psychologically. I wanna put something in my mouth and chew it!

Just wanted to say that somewhere, since everyone in my real life I could tell would freak out about this fasting goal. People are JUST coming on board with the 16:8 IF situation!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #561

That’s the hard part. The idea of eating is always so compelling. The more you fast the easier it gets. Great fast! Congrats :clap::confetti_ball:

(Rob) #562

Weirdly, I broke fast last night after 121hrs and had lost 5.6lbs the morning before I stopped.

This morning I had lost another 1.8lbs. This is welcome but makes no sense to me based on everyone else’s experience. Maybe the weight will go on tomorrow though I don’t imagine eating too much today (not that hungry). If not I have decided it’s a miracle!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #563

I break my fasts in the evening. My weight the following morning is often less than the weight of the morning of the day I broke my fast. The day after that it is almost always higher.

So basically I see the same thing that happened to you often.

(Rob) #564

Good to know… so no miracles here then :disappointed: