February Zorn Fast 2018


It’s whatever you want it to be… whatever is right for you!

(Karen) #385

All up to you. I’m late to the party so I’ll see how I feel


(She had one feck to give and that feck is gone.) #386

Thanks, guys! Feeling really woozy this morning so much so that I don’t think I should drive. I’ve kept up my electrolytes and salt, salt, salt.

I’m having some broth, salt and 1tsp coconut oil now. Hope that fixes me up. Must resist the Type A tendencies when it comes to fasting :roll_eyes::joy:

(KCKO, KCFO) #387

Have you looked into the diet doctor, he is Swedish, so might be a good resource for you, he puts up lots of Dr. Fung’s videos and some blogs as well.:

(TJ Borden) #388

Lot of good info and videos on diet Doctor. Following his site is how I got introduced to dr Fung, and then 2ketodudes. A few years ago diet doctor was just LCHF, but he’s also made the transition to keto/IF

(Candy Lind) #389

Agreed! One of the best LCHF/keto/fasting resources around, along with lots of medical information and real science.

(Lonnie Hedley) #390

65 hours. Took the pup for a walk around the block.

Feeling weak, but not from hunger. Opted to stop working out during the fast, but I’ll definitely be working out today. Need to feel that pump, take advantage of this extra energy.

(TJ Borden) #391


I’m still in the keto/fasting closet at work, but my wife now, instead of asking what I want for dinner, asks first; are you eating today?

(Mike Glasbrener) #392

Broke a little while ago ar 61.5hrs. Spun for 40 minutes at ~60hrs. It might be a while before fasted outdoor rides happen. See y’all for March… Ack! Probably not☹️ Travel…

(Jackson ) #393


Almost 65 hours soon. One of the most surprising things for me on this first EF is how much I enjoyed it. Yes, I said ENJOYED IT. I’ve found it to be emotionally freeing, empowering, and a great (unintentional) exercise in mindfulness. Of course there have been tough moments, but all in all I am so glad I’ve had this experience.

(Karen) #395

Green tea and a bit of salt. My tummy’s so noisy. Day passing too slowly as Saturdays do for me.


(Trish) #396

Thanks. It’s a “I quit my job for better life happiness, sanity reasons and I’m out of money now” job, but one that won’t stress me out and will afford me the time to move forward with some other ventures while still affording to live. LOL I hope that makes some sort of sense. :slight_smile:


Woah this is nice… At 65 hrs:

  • Blood glucose: 4.6
  • Blood ketones: 4.3
  • Glucose/ketone index (GKI): 1.07!!!

Woot! :grinning:


Best of luck!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #399

My husband asks me that too. He is doing the lchf thing, but not fasting. He is a tofi and would probably benefit from it but I just glad he is removing sugar and grains from his diet for right now. He is T2D and a1cs with diet and exercise are showing him in the prediabetic range just from that change. No one wants to be around a nag, so I don’t. I’m just trying to set an example for him.

(KCKO, KCFO) #400

Makes total sense. Most of us have to work (I did until my retirement a few yrs ago, yes, retirement ROCKS) but sometimes you have to make space for other things that are important. I lucked out and ended up working at something I really enjoyed, that was my last 15 yrs. of work. Lots of time it was just about the money, my enjoyment didn’t enter into the picture at all. Go for it hope you got the job.

(Carol Kopp) #401

38 hours and I’m SO hungry. I thought I would breeze through the day seeing day one was so easy. Anyway, I’m going to try a BPC and hopefully that will calm things down and get me through until dinner at least!

(Trish) #402

@KetoToronto and @collaroygal … Thanks :sunny:

(Trish) #403

At about 67 hours and doing well. Heading out of town now as SO is working an event and I’m going along. Won’t be home till the wee hours so I hope this doesn’t wreck my fast. will take some jerky along JIC I have any issues but I’m still hoping to go through to Monday afternoon at about 110+ hours.