FEBRUARY 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(back and doublin' down) #115

CP: 3 day fast is underway! Though my timing sucks cause I have a rare social invite tonight.

White knuckle dinner & drink tea only? Or consider it a OMAD and then fast Sat-Mon?

(Mame) #116

@Paendora can’t help you choose but I support you whatever you choose!

As for me I ended my fast at 22h yesterday. Mostly because I got overwhelmed and distracted then my sneaky ass lower brain took advantage of my distraction and started proclaiming that food would fix everything! Everything I tell you, LOL.

So dusting myself off. Learning from the past. Storing up on my self care and climbing right back into my plan. Hoping for good awareness.

Also I soooooo look forward to the day when my habitual response to non-hunger stress is not food. What if it was craving for …humming or something? :thinking:

Anyway… wishing all a great fasting (or not) Friday. My next is 24 hours Friday eve to Saturday eve. kcfo!


Fasting Friday didn’t happen but it would have been useful after the previous few days. I don’t know if it was circumstances or an attack of my subconscious but my SO was at least a bit happy and it was mostly for him. And I can explain anyway, maybe not the part where I didn’t fast but there was a reason for it in my own mind… It wasn’t my week, to put it lightly.

I got my substantial amount of beef order so I got back my control, I will behave from now on. I so needed this, the last days were the worst, hunger at night, what the hell?
IF for a few days, probably with small eating window but I am getting ready for ZornFast! I had to go over 60 hour now (72 is the plan, less if I don’t start it early as no way I could do it if I break my fast on Saturday. weekends are different), I want it and it’s so realistic if my previous days are okay. I planned everything, my plan is simple and satiating :slight_smile:

I had my coffee for some days (in moderation. compared to the old me) and now I stop drinking it again. I am more stubborn than any possible food/drink addiction… I have my water and tea.

(KCKO, KCFO) #118

Just finished up a 42 hr. fast I started on Wed. night. I kept busy and stayed away from the kitchen and all of its food and eating signals.

(Patricia) #119

Hello, all -
Have been reading your posts all along this month, but finally started my monthly 5-day fast tonight at 5:30 p.m. It’s the third of three (one time a month for three consecutive months) that I was advised to do by my functional medicine doc as I’m dealing with an auto-immune condition and he said this may help. First month was wonderful in reducing symptoms; second month not so much, but I’m following through to do the three months consecutively as advised. I’m inspired by @MadameChat and @Robert_Desrochers as you both have just successfully concluded 120 hour fasts!! Hurrah and kudos to you both.

So off I go and I’ll be checking in and actually writing now during the next days. But thanks to all of you who are so inspiring in your fasting journeys!


I’ve just broken my first extended fast, managed 133 hours so I’m rather pleased. Hubby is on board although he didn’t go longer than 48 hours as he picked up a 24 hour bug and felt unwell. We’re going to try the Clark protocol starting on Monday and see how that feels.

My only curiosity is why I’ve started to have flatulence despite a lack of food. Seems odd to me!

Love the feeling whilst fasting, slept so well and felt so sharp mentally, definitely a positive experience.

(Patricia) #121

Adding you, @Chezza, to my list of recent “Inspirers”!! 133 hours! :clap:

(Mame) #122

Congrats on the fast and feeling so great during it.

Odd but to me at least it seems perfectly ‘normal’ My gut does some of the weirdest shit even when I am fasting. Right now I am having the ‘bloated while fasting feeling…’ which seems just flipping odd.

Most of the time I guess I think about the million of bacteria in my gut and how really…I have no idea what they are doing… and Shrug and laugh.

I am at 17h and feeling fine though bloated, the modest goal is to go 24h today.


I’m fairly new to longer fasting and have only just abandoned my ‘training wheels’ of having cream in my coffee whilst fasting. Don’t know what I was worried about! I’m supposed to be feasting now and have had one meal but have zero appetite for more.

Lots of people on here have inspired me so to have inspired someone else is awesome :blush:


Good luck going for the 24 hour :blush:. It’s always around day 2 that’s the hardest for me x

(Susan) #125

Congrats on 133 hours, that is fabulous =).


Did you do the Clark protocol? If you did, how did you find it?

(back and doublin' down) #127

On day one of the three day fast. Reserving my impressions until the end of the month. Feeling confident, took a nap during a bit of hunger.

(Mame) #128

thanks @Chezza and all. Wrapped on that 24h.

measurements: bg=77, bk=2.2, gki=1.942

You know it’s funny when I finished my first 9 day fast I thought. ‘well now I will never have an issue with a shorter fast’ All I can say to past me is HA! :crazy_face: I wish that had happened. It didn’t

Over the past 18 months of fasting I have noticed that it almost seems like every fast has a life of it’s own. I think it’s because both our minds and bodies keep changing as we lose weight and get healthier, so it’s like a new version of us is fasting… at least that is my theory. Or perhaps I am just weird.

Anyway, Sunday is a normal eating day, then my next fasting day is Monday. This may have it’s own challenges as it is a day off of work but it will be a good stretch I think.


(Susan) #129

This makes a lot of sense to me too, Mame.


So I finished a 5 day fast yesterday and feasted ketogenic style. Stopped eating when full and had two separate meals. Man I felt rough. Managed to get off lansoprazole for reflux when I turned keto but came back last night. Really disturbed sleep, didn’t feel deep at all and didn’t get the ‘runs’ that everyone talks about. My bowels have yet to notice anything has changed :joy:.

It’s another feast day today then starting Clark protocol tomorrow. Never thought I’d actually look forward to fasting but it felt so good!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #131

I have found this to be true. My longest has been 3 days and I tend to do 2 days. But OMAD can be tough. It is a mental game and sometimes I lose the game.

(back and doublin' down) #132

#metoo so very true, Eric.

@cervyn I totally agree. The curiosity of each fart is part of what keeps me going.

@Chezza Five days and now dropping into the Clark Protocol? Nice! I’d say that having accomplished the five day fast would make CP a “cake walk’ (and now my mind wants to go down a rabbit hole about that phrase) but the two posts above are a bit of a :warning: cautionary tale. Support can make all the difference. Will look forward to hearing how it works for you.

I’m on day 2 of a 3 day fast. Was totally lazy yesterday. Planning to be productive around the house in a staycation way.

(KCKO, KCFO) #133

Hit my scream weight today, since this coming Thursday is the start of Zornfast, I will do a 36 hr. fast then feast till I start that fast.

KCFO everyone.


Almost OMAD today (only a little fat and chocolate a few hours before my big meal, nothing worse than drinking a modest coffee with fat and heavy cream but it’s not OMAD for me and my macros totally show that, I try not to do this again)! I switch to carnivore now and expect wonderful satiation (my hunger already behaved today) and about half as many calories for the next week. This one was problematic, to put it lightly and there will be ZornFast too.
I was thinking about starting ZornFast a day earlier to avoid fasting on Saturday when it’s harder but I don’t think so now, I don’t mind if I won’t do 72 hours just 65 or something, it’s still more than my almost 48 last time.
More frequent extended fasting sounds desirable to me as I often eat way too much on a normal day and fasting is nice enough. Eating is pretty annoying sometimes, a too frequent chore that easily makes me hungrier if I don’t do everything right. I like eating but I need to do it so much… I feel better when I am well-fasted, more energy too…