Feb. 2023 Maintenance Check In


Better late than never???

I have been dealing with family health issues and not on line much, So didn’t notice it was time for a new thread. So here it is.

Along with a link to the FEB IF./EF thread.


Last time I weighed myself (probably on the 1st) I was 75kg as always… I ate lots of carbs right before and still no change, that’s nice.

Since then I definitely overate in average (I have hungry days, 200+ g protein and fat comes too easily) so I expect no weight changes yet. But I take muscle gain more seriously now :slight_smile:

I will weigh myself when my tightening pants (overeating means more food inside) get looser…

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I have been IF and I heard from a health guy that you should not do it every day. Yes or does it matter?


It would be very unhealthy for me NOT to do IF :slight_smile: As I overeat like crazy then, typically… And I hate ruining my satiation with needless eating too…
I can’t imagine why IF, even OMAD would be bad for me long term as long as I can pull it off :slight_smile: (OMAD is allegedly isn’t good for woman but even if it’s usually true, we are individuals. I am very determined to do OMAD on most days if possible.)

16/8 IF even has a very big eating window! (From my viewpoint, at least.) It’s very, very hard for me to avoid overeating in such a big one on any woe I am able to do…
And I am a human, eating enough every day should be fine, we don’t need to force-feed ourselves all day :slight_smile: And I don’t get hungry until about 3pm under normal circumstances, sometimes I am not hungry until 6pm… Yep, I could eat at 12pm or 2-3am but that’s not ideal for me either.

So it’s easy to see IF is good for me (as I am unable to do non-IF for long to begin with) but so many people do IF, I consider it very natural and normal for many of us, what could be the problem with it? Did the health guy say something?
Of course, if one doesn’t have proper nutrients or all day satiation on IF, it may be not for them (or they just do it wrong) but IF alone… Very harmless I would say. And it’s perfect for me! (If the window is small enough. It varies what is small enough.) I did it way before I heard about it.

I am quite enthusiastic about it. I am the same when it’s about breakfast. Or keto being not right longer term…etc.

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Do you remember who it was or what their reasoning was?

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To me… IF or intermittent fasting isn’t really fasting… it’s just eating fewer meals on a daily basis. And it can just happen naturally…


Dr. Jason Fung does recommend IF for those with weight loss goals. For example if you have lots of weight to lose he recommends up to a 3 day fast combined with a Keto protocol. His belief is that it teaches the body to use fat as a fuel source again. He does not recommend it as a protocol to be used every day as its effectiveness seems to wean. This is his opinion only based on his own observation with his patients. “It works so I do it.” “No harm to the patient if they don’t eat for a day .” He himself does not IF on purpose. But regularly skips breakfast as he simple is too busy and forgets to eat. The scientific journeys in this field are very limited and some what unreliable.


Also, Dr. Fung mentioned that IF every day was the same as starvation and by doing so you were setting yourself up for complications down the road.

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Thanks for the answers. It is working for me. It was Thomas Delauer. It was just I think. Mostly to make sure the body switches over to burning fat with the person changing time periods. He has always said not to fast everyday. But some do it just because that is the way they eat… not because they want to lose weight. It seems normal .


My body used fat as a fuel source all my life but many people are the same… It doesn’t help with fat-loss though as I need to eat little for that… And that just doesn’t happen.
But it may help others I suppose. Too many different people and we need different methods…

I stopped tracking. I know I eat WAY over my energy need but I just can’t stop eating now. Okay, eventually I do it but I start again… I just wait for better times and try to eat my first meal as late as possible (except I don’t wait if I reach 6pm as eating too late isn’t good for me either. but I may try it later). It is broken now, I started to have early meals with no reason other than I have this “EAT” compulsion nearly all the time. I am a foodie zombie or something. But tomorrow I will be reaaaaaally careful. Maybe it will be good in the end, I will learn to focus on such things more and avoid almost accidental too early meals… I work on avoiding too late meals as well.

For him? It’s not for everyone, of course. Never like when people act like everyone should fast on keto.
In general? That’s stupid, how could eating a lot or in my case, often way too much every day be starvation? Starvation is undereating and I use it for the thing when I FEEL starved, no matter my calorie intake. Being perfectly satiating during our fasting window and eating plenty in our eating one isn’t starvation at all. Or I can’t imagine the definition…

Today I had a way too huge eating window. Still IF though.
Not IF is something insane for me, it wouldn’t be pretty.


Maybe you should read one of his books or watch his YouTube channel you might learn something. Sounds from your response that you already have all of your answers. You say “My body used fat as a fuel source all my life but many people are the same… It doesn’t help with fat loss though as I need to eat little for that.” Why are you trying to do keto if fat loss is not possible with a diet based on the high consumption of fat? I suspect you are not doing Keto properly. Fat satiates.


No, fat doesn’t satiate me well, never did (90% fat is special but it’s not sustainable for me and I can’t do it in my hungry times anyway, I just stay hungry). It is a thing, plenty of people on this forum can eat some very fatty food item in huge amounts…
I am aware that many people find fat satiating, we see that all the time on this forum too. I am not such a person. Of course, fat helps with satiation, I couldn’t get satiated by protein alone but if I eat 100g more fat, my satiation usually stays the same. I love fat too so I easily overeat.
I stop eating protein around 220g, usually so that’s good (not really as it’s still excessive and expensive but it’s not my normal intake) but I need about 130g for satiation (for a day, not necessarily in one sitting).

I wouldn’t say I try to do keto, I never cared about ketosis after fat adaptation as it didn’t give me anything noticeable except that. I want to feel right so I try to do extreme low plant net carb most of the time as that seems to be the best for me. Keto wasn’t enough and yes, it was keto, it’s not really a super complicated thing to do for normal people (I mean, if one only gets into ketosis below 5g total carbs and they don’t even know about it, that may be a problem), I got fat adaptation smoothly and everything. Of course it wasn’t enough, I ate A LOT. My body won’t use the precious fat resources if I eat fat galore.

Fat-loss isn’t my main goal with my diet. I don’t like sugar poisoning or even the subtler but still annoying effect of eating too much carbs (high-carb is perfectly fine for many, not for me. not even normal low-carb is enough) and my body is stubborn about a very low carb intake most of the time so keto just happens. It’s fine though I would love some more energy… And eventually I will need less fat but muscle gain seems a better idea now. That may even help enough with fat-loss :wink: But I still go for OMAD, to give things the best chance (but I don’t do OMAD for fat-loss either. it’s for convenience, simplicity, easier experiments and yep, even if I can’t lose fat, I want to minimize my carb, fat and protein intake. carb is the easiest, most of the time at least :slight_smile: fat and protein piles up like crazy lately).


For simplicity’s sake stop eating? I am not a doctor but from what you describe I think your Ghrelin and Leptin hormones are out of wack. I would go and get them tested.

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@ffskier Ghrelin? Leptins? You are too far out of my league.
Honestly, at first I thought you said Gremlins.

Which makes as much sense to me. Well, and leprechauns.
Both known to wreak havoc.


HAHA. Geeking out. They are two of the main hormones that control your appetite and fullness. Leptin decreases your appetite, while ghrelin increases it. Ghrelin is made in your stomach and signals your brain when you are hungry. Your fat cells produce leptin. Leptin lets your brain know when you have enough energy stored and feel full. Think of it as ghrelin plays a role in the short-term control of appetite while leptin controls long-term weight control.

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@ffskier Whoa…. You just broke through the barrier…
I actually understand that AND it makes sense now.


Many people are Leptin resistant. They never feel full or satiated. This causes them to eat more and more. The lack of Leptin in leptin resistance also causes your body to enter starvation mode. In an effort to save energy, your brain decreases your energy levels and makes you use fewer calories at rest. I promise this is the last.


I definitely won’t go to a doctor :slight_smile: I don’t even have one. Not like one could help with this, it’s probably due to my overeating times.
I eat with zero hunger and appetite too, satiation isn’t a problem either, there are so many reasons to eat.
I avoid being full as that feels bad, it’s good I am not prone to it.

Today is nice, I eat little now (whatever that mean, I don’t track) and I am satiated all the time. This is normal, well being satiated all day, it’s my normal functioning except during and sometimes after and before meals. But on some days even eating can’t make me hungry. Finally some chill.

My pants were comfortable today so nothing changed measurements wise. I overate so epically that I wouldn’t be super surprised if I got a tiny extra thickness temporarily… But nope.

Appetite and hunger has little to nothing to do with each other in my life, by the way.
And I always have enough energy stored, even when I am very hungry, I feel that. My body likes safety, apparently.

My signs seem somewhat unusual but it’s quite fun apart from my insane hungry times. I never had it for more than one day before so it was odd… Oh well.

I feel very sorry for them, it must be awful. On my Unsatiable Hunger days I especially get reminded of them as it must be similar just all the time, not 1-2 times per year. And I stop eating eventually as I got full. Everyone get full eventually, the stomach has its maximum capacity or they don’t feel even that? Or is that another meaning of full? I know the other “full” feeling, usually when my stomach is empty but it happens after meals too…
If I was such a person, I quickly would need to learn to eat according to plan. It would feel wrong but severe overeating often feels wrong too.


Ok, let me see I get what you are saying. You overeat at times. You have zero hunger and appetite. satiation isn’t a problem either. There are so many reasons to eat. I avoid being full as that feels bad. I eat a little and am satiated all the time. Except during and sometimes after and before meals. But on some days even eating can’t make me hungry. I hope I got that right. Generally, people doing Keto or Carnivore once adapted, rarely if ever get hungry. You seem to be all over the map, which would suggest your hormones should be looked at.


I seriously doubt that.
Poor souls!
It’s horrible to lose an important bodily sign as hunger… I know as it happens to me sometimes for several days and it’s uncomfortable after some time. Well I suppose some people are fine with that… Some people don’t even enjoy eating. But they seem to be the minority.

It doesn’t really matter to me what happens to other people, I don’t work that way. And it’s pretty normal to get hungry… My satiation always was tricky and it still is, it’s normal too. I should just go for OMAD and all will be well.

Having different times is normal too. Sometimes one is hungrier, sometimes less so. Nothing unusual about that. Me until some days ago, well that was unusual but happens too :slight_smile: But I never have the opposite, eating barely anything for several days. Many people do.

So I am fine with what I have except in the most extreme times but they pass and it was only once so it’s okay. The biggest problem is being extremely indisciplined with an overeating past, I don’t blame my body itself at all. It all will be fine if I just use a wee bit self control and my knowledge about how my body works, probably. I already lost my huge hunger, now I tighten up my eating window somehow.