Feb. 2023 Maintenance Check In


In fat adapted people, the fat satiates, they do not feel the urge to eat more. Leptin lets your brain know when you have enough energy stored and feel “full.” The amount of fat you consume on Keto is “Until satiated.” If this mechanism is not working, then one would increase their fat intake until they are satiated. I believe there are only four possibilities that this would not be the case. 1). Not fat adapted. 2). Too little fat intake, 3). Leptin resistant. Or you have restricted your caloric intake and as a result you ghrelin level increases and you get hungry.

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I have not been truly hungry since I went carnivore. Yes, I can eat when it’s time, but actual hunger signals are rare and usually mean I have inadvertently gone a day without eating… because I was not actively hungry.

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Do you have the source for that statement by Dr. Fung? I have read and seen a lot of his stuff and Megan’s, and don’t remember seeing that. Dr. Stephen Finney is against fasting over 3 days.

Others say a timed eating window is the way to go. I started doing this in the Covid era seriously doing the protocol. I had gained 10 lbs. over 3 yrs. A month into TEW protocol and I was back to goal weight again. Now I am back to IFing and occasional ADF just because the stress levels are down and so my weight has stabilized again.
I do stop eating later in the day. I do breakfast and lunch most days, and yea, from time to time, I do eat another meal later for social events etc.


It’s not true at all. It’s extremely individual what satiates people, even when fat adapted, I see it all the time.

I get satiated if I eat lots of fat, lots of protein, the right type of food… And timing matters as well.

  1. I am fat adapted since ages.
  2. I typically overeat fat but in my very hungry times lately I ate 180-220g a day. It happens regularly otherwise too but not nearly every day.
  3. I don’t see what that would be the case as I function normally. Normal is pretty wide for humans. And as a normal human, I have hungrier and less hungry phases, my body has its own quirks… I see no problem, just a strange phase but I had such days all my life, once I had a whole month but now I want to stop overeating, especially protein. It’s expensive and I can’t afford it.

IDK what it means “restricted”. I need to eat in a deficit to lose fat so of course it’s my goal since 12 years. I usually eat maintenance calories or more or way more though. Not much restriction there. My deficit days are on carnivore, that’s neat.
Not like I see any problem with restriction, it works wonderfully for many. I don’t do it forcefully as I can’t. (And because it doesn’t sound hedonistic - but struggling isn’t hedonistic either.)

Wow. I never need hunger to eat… But my controlling body sign is appetite, not hunger. (Strong hunger has a serious compelling effect but I hardly ever get it since I am fat adapted.) And my “need to refuel” sign isn’t something I can ignore either.

But things are fine now, I only got hungry once in 2 days and it was nice and soft as it should :slight_smile:


This idea of starvation was presented to me by Dr. Fung at my local coffee shop. He lives close by. I asked about IF for the average person who had no issues with weight and if their blood work was good if he would recommend IF. “No.” He said, “Keep in mind that I tend to see patients who are prediabetic or diabetic and need to lose 50+lbs.” I also asked him if IF every day was a good thing. Again, he replied “No.”
He does not advise his patients to do this either. What was interesting was that even though he could not cite any scientific studies on IF for weight loss he still does it, as its works for most of his patients’ short term (6-12 months) He said, “What harm am I doing to somebody who may not eat for a day in the big picture.” Lots of bio hackers do IF on a regular basis.
10days sometimes. The results of 2 mice studies on fasting showed a 40% increase in life span. The mice fasted on a 3-day protocol. In human terms about 14 days. These mice were genetically bred for this and there is no evidence this would be the same for humans. Two primate studies, more closely related to humans showed very mixed results.
Finally, I asked if he IF. He said, “Not on purpose, I sometimes forget to eat because I am so busy.”

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Being “bred for this” - did this include being really fat mice? :smile: Because usually, 3 or 4 days of fasting and the mouse will be dead.


Great question. I am not sure.


Fat adaption means that the body prioritizes fat as its main fuel source. One of the main reasons why Keto people lose weight is because of involuntary caloric restriction. This is the wrong way to lose weight long term and has been shown not to work long term.
The fat satiates and they do not feel like eating.
“It’s not true at all.” “I get satiated if I eat lots of fat.” Sounds a bit conflicting?
What makes you think you are fat-adapted?
“180-220 grams a day” This does not seem a lot. Don’t know your height or weight.
Your desire to eat or rather your appetite seems to be the issue and not hunger? Would suggest you may have issues with your hormones.
Sounds like you tend to eat ad libitum. No structure whatsoever, except if you don’t eat carbs/fat/protein or if you do but not always, but sometimes before and after meals. Ever wondered why there has not been a follow-up TV show to The Biggest Losers?


You just cut my centence to change its meaning, it’s not a nice thing to do. I get satiated if I eat lots of fat, lots of protein etc. I wrote THAT. I need fat AND protein AND the right items. It wasn’t “or”, maybe you didn’t notice that. If I eat 200g fat and 80g protein, I probably stay hungry… Nothing unusual in it, many people stay hungry if they don’t eat enough protein. My protein need seem to be higher and my body wants bigger meals most of the time.

I am pretty sure I am fat adapted because I did keto for 7 weeks when my hunger changed drastically. It was great, I lost my sudden sharp hunger, almost for good :smiley: There are odd cases when I am still quite hungry but it’s almost always during/after a meal and that makes perfect sense to me as I am that type.
Not 100% but extremely likely :slight_smile: Just like I was pretty sure about my ketosis when I lost water weight. It was my only serious hint about ketosis as I feel about the same on and off. My big changes happen elsewhere, not around my ketosis carb limit. My weight is super stable and I had these significant water changes when I lowered or raised my carb intake so it had to be ketosis. And the 7 weeks were the right time for fat adaptation.
I might have lost it at some point but as my hunger is almost always my soft fat adapted hunger, I don’t think so. I do keto way too much anyway, hard to avoid fat adaptation that way.

I don’t know in what world are you living :smiley:
180-220g fat is very much for a typical short woman, I assure you I don’t run a marathon a day or something. I could afford 100-130g. I lost fat eating 130g fat (sometimes more, no way I keep it below 200g for very long) but I was fattier then.
But no problem, I know my energy need well enough, I have been tracking a lot so I know I overeat fat. It’s fine if you don’t believe me. I just can’t resist and write comments.
I am 163cm and 75kg but it says very, very little about my energy need. It could be 1500 kcal, it could be 3000. It’s probably somewhere around 2000-2100 now…? I am quite optimistic here because my activity got better lately :smiley: I don’t KNOW. I almost always eat in my huge maintenance range as it’s hard to eat less or more than that.

What is ad libitum to you? I do IF with a small eating window. I eat when I had enough or I ate enough - even if I am stay hungry.
I don’t overorganize my eating indeed, I like to be a free spirit regarding it, it suits my core personality. What’s wrong with that? I already have plenty of rules, I do carnivore OMAD/TMAD.

I don’t understand this.
I eat at meals as every person, what does this mean?
What is structure for you? I get hungry, I eat a meal, maybe two. What other structure would I need? (Nothing, quite clearly, I am just curious.)

No, I couldn’t care less about that thing, honestly… I stopped watching TV 21 years ago.


Sorry for my mistake.
What type of eating protocol do you use? Keto, Carnivore, OMAD, and TMAD or… Keto is replacing carbs calories with fat calories. 10+ years ago depending on the purpose of doing Keto, experts were recommending percentages of 70-90% of calories from fat sources with adequate amounts of protein. Now, the experts realize that we all respond differently, it’s “Consume enough fat to satiate.”

200 grams of fat is 1800 calories, and 80 grams of protein is 320 calories for 2120 total calories. (85% from fat and 15% from protein) This total amount of calories would be in line with your height and weight and following a Keto protocol.

“I probably stay hungry…My protein needs seem to be higher and my body wants bigger meals most of the time." You do not seem to get satiated even when your fat consumption is high.

Fat adaption essentially means you have restricted carbs enough to induce an increase in fat burning. Keto fat adaptation only happens when carbs are restricted to a point that induces sustained nutritional ketosis. You have metabolic flexibility/ability to burn both fat and glucose.

“It could be 1500 kcal, it could be 3000. It’s probably somewhere around 2000-2100 now…? How would you know?

Huge difference in that range. This would suggest that some days you overeat and other days you under-eat.

Ad libitum is describing that you eat whatever whenever when doing, Keto, Carnivore, OMAD, TMAD

Doing Keto or Carnivore puts you into ketosis. Burning fat and producing ketones for energy. If you have 80K fat calories to access, then the theory is the body will use its own fat as its primary fuel source.

Having read several of your posts, I still do not know which way you principally eat or why? Your macro percentages seem to be right in line with Keto, and yet in the next paragraph, it sounds like your body prefers it a lot less. “I lose fat eating 130g fat.”

The Biggest Loser is based on 1). Caloric reduction and 2). Burning calories through exercise. The problem is, the caloric reduction approach for weight loss has shown in many studies does not work in the long term AND most have gained back all the weight they lost and more. It’s as though the body recognized the fat lost as an injury and, tries to protect itself, gains back all the loss and some insurance weight.

Yes, in the beginning, early weight loss is water weight. But you are probably not in ketosis at this point. Once you burn through your stored carbs, we excrete the water in our urine or sweat. For some, depending on the amount of weight to be lost, could happen in the first week or two. The average person has approximately 80k calories of stored fat. Therefore, you never feel hungry because, if in ketosis, fat will be used/burned for most of your normal energy requirements.

“180-220g fat is very much for a typical short woman” Not if you are following a keto protocol.

“I could afford 100-130g (fat) I lost fat eating 130g fat"

130 x 9 = 1200 calories from fat (55%). I assume the rest was protein (250 grams) and assuming that your body harvested 100% of the protein from the source.

Humans strive on structure.


I eat whatever and whenever but it’s now carnivore OMAD/TMAD. I don’t control my number of meals, if I need 6, I eat 6 (and dislike it and try to figure out how to avoid it but if I can’t eat big enough meals, I must eat many. it happened on carnivore, never before).

I didn’t do the replace things. I believe I eat way less fat now than on high-carb and about as much as on low-carb (it depends what phase I am in). We shouldn’t replace carbs with fat if we massively overeat. We need the RIGHT amount of fat. It’s a flexible range but still, we can do too little or too high. Okay, lucky ones can’t but there are limits.

Oh no way I could eat 80g protein. It’s more like 140+ nowadays. There is a limit around 130g. If I eat below my limit, I will get hungry again and again. It’s very hard for me to eat less anything, 130g protein isn’t much food! Fat could help for others, sure but it doesn’t work for me. And of course I have carbs too but they tend to be really low on carnivore, usually below 20g, typically around 10.
And no, you can’t have any idea about my energy need. I wrote the 1500 and 3000 kcal for possible energy need for someone with my height and weight (I don’t even know my body fat percentage but I don’t have much muscle). I can’t eat 1500 kcal a day (just very occasionally), it’s starvation to my body, apparently. Good thing my energy need is higher and I can raise it though activity while I get satiated with the same amount of food (or less, I used to need less food when I walked a lot. but not “30-40km in the mountains in frost” lot, that made me hungrier but I surely still lost fat on that day. and it was nice, I love hiking if it doesn’t last too long and the scenery is interesting enough).

Oh my, try to be more concise from now on.

Yep, just fat can’t satiate me (in the presence of significant protein as fat fast works if I can do it. but I start to eat protein… I can’t stop until 130+ g). I think a normal people should function like this, we need protein and our body gives us hunger to get it.
I often feel what I need, not very specifically but protein, fat, egg, meat…
Yesterday I tried a lean day and really felt the desire for fat at some point. But I still did it well and seemingly disciplined, only 113g fat and only 168g protein, I am quite pleased. I was ready to see 200+ g for protein on a leaner day… But my big hunger period ended.
I won’t try another lean day, I wouldn’t be successful, it makes bad macros and is definitely not for me. I was merely curious and like experiments.

Huge difference in range? :smiley: My carnivore days were between 1300(? I don’t remember) and 4000 kcal :smiley: Both were extreme and happened rarely but still. But yes, my range is big and no problem with that alone (I never want to go over 3000, even 2500 without a good reason if possible though… okay, it was fun once or twice).
My fat range is 80-260 I think… But usually around 100-200? It’s great as long as my average is right.

I can’t answer if I do that then :slight_smile: I definitely have rules and wishes (not eating before sunset, that’s a vague wish - as I know it would be best for me if I could do it - I easily break if I get hungry but hunger is pretty serious and I don’t stand most forms of it) but I am very flexible and usually desire what to eat on the spot to a big extent. But I am not so choosy so if I make pork chuck roast (okay, that’s my fav :D), I eat pork chuck roast. And 13 other items I have. But if I make a dish and suddenly lose interest, I eat something else.
My timing has structure AND it’s “whenever” at the same time. I only eat at lunchtime (if I must) and dinnertime now but I don’t ever need food at any other time. Well if I have lunch at 3pm and get hungry at 4pm, I actually eat an early dinner but that’s kind of dinnertime too :slight_smile: Or an elongated lunch? Oh, who cares?

I can’t do OMAD longer term as my body tends to get hungry early sometimes. I try to do OMAD as it solves so many problems for me but if I get really hungry at lunchtime, I accept it will be TMAD (or 3MAD or 5MAD but I have ways against that now I think).
No problem with that. TMAD with small meals (or a bigger one and a tiny one) is great. Or with 2 decent ones on an active day. Or after an unusual low-cal one? I just want a calorie deficit on average. It’s a bit tricky as my metabolism quickens when I overeat, it’s quite neat, that’s why I don’t gain fat even on my “normal” (hopefully it becomes the past already) times where almost all days are overeating (compared to my normal metabolism, not the elevated one) and almost no days have any deficit but a deficit is always tiny while I easily overeat by 1000 kcal (or more but I am used to low-key fighting to eat as little as I comfortably can so I rarely do epic overeating anymore. 1000 kcal is still adorable though annoying when it’s longer term. but I don’t gain, once I had such a month on low-carb). Carnivore helps with overeating but I still have more non-carni days than carni-ones per year.

Of course I couldn’t be concise, why I never learn? Oh well, it’s important to hope and thrive for things.

At some speed. We can’t use lots of it when our body fat isn’t super much. Or who knows who can do what, it’s known that the formula about it doesn’t work for everyone. Still, even I can’t get 2000 kcal out of my fat sources I suppose. And my body HATES calorie deficits under normal circumstances so I need to trick it. I never lost fat on keto as I was hungry if I had a deficit and ate more. It turned out the carbs interfered. Carnivore is better. I still didn’t lose a noticeable amount of fat with it but I blame my off times there. And my hungry times when I regularly overeat on carnivore, that was very upsetting and confusing. But I already knew I am not immune to my rare Unsatiable Hunger Days on carnivore, it seems I could get the even more rare longer hungry times too. Maybe on longer term, who knows? I usually blame the carbs in my not so distant past and I am usually right.

Macro percentages doesn’t matter so much, it’s keto if we eat little enough carbs, be it 45% fat or 95 (or not a number as in fasts). I only had 55-80% I think but it’s hard for me to stray from 60-70%… My grams are very varied, my percentages not so much. I suppose it’s my taste but this range isn’t bad for my fat-loss goals anyway. When I will be bulking (as much as I will be able to), I will need more fat in percentage too.
But I definitely go for muscle gain now too.

No? My body ALWAYS preferred high-fat. It was a real effort to keep my fat under 200g and I regularly go beyond. When I eat 250-260g fat, I still feel I don’t eat much and desire more :frowning: It seems to me my body adores excessive amounts of fat. It may trigger nausea on carnivore as it gets too much fat per volume, it was no problem with vegs…
I lost fat eating 130g fat 10 years ago, what is the problem with that? It gave me 2000 kcal and I was fat enough to have a higher TDEE than that… So I lost fat. When my TDEE went down to 2000, I stopped. I went keto but still needed this amount and I just maintained. On my off times I ate much more and maintained. Boring. My body seems to have epic calorie counting skills and an obsession with the 2000 kcal limit. It was borderline impossible for me to go lower before carnivore.
My body might have changed and now I don’t really know my energy need. But I got more active too so I really expect fat-loss already if I manage to stick to carni OMAD/TMAD without my extra hungry state. I experimented a lot, I know what to do since some time and maybe I will be able to do it.

I don’t care about it as my tiny family experienced the opposite, very strongly :slight_smile:
And my individual situation is well, individual. I eat whatever and whenever I want, basically (I have rules but I am happy with them. when not, I go off), I doubt the biggest losers (with their drastically different body and health level… I am pretty healthy) did that! My SO has self control, he stands hunger for a slim body and it works very well. Well he is a rare specimen, nothing like me, he quickly starved himself down to a slim body 27 years ago and never got fat again and probably never will as he is vain and just doesn’t let his body to gain (and he gains very easily and quickly so he must be careful all the time. he can’t stop exercise for a while and he can’t just eat as much as he gladly would). I choose the longer route (some decades and still not even halfway) but I can’t do it differently and it’s fun anyway.
We both experienced only calories matter to our fat-loss. Both exercise and food. So we obviously try to focus on that. And health too. I do carnivore for both feeling really good and getting a calorie deficit. I don’t plan to eat like this for very long, I will relax my ways later, my real long-term chosen woe is “extreme low-carb from non-animal sources most of the time”. I don’t think I need the strictness of carnivore, at least not long term but I am curious what happens and my self-training sometimes includes going deeper than needed. And right now, I am happy with my carni food alone. But I need training, I was too wild in the last months…

I know very well that I just need to eat little enough and fat-loss will go smoothly. It is what always happened. If I don’t eat little, I never lose fat. Not on keto (except once when I managed to do OMAD and ate little), I never did longer term carnivore but when I did it a lot of the time, it didn’t help… Except when I ate little. Carbs don’t seem to matter, if I eat little with much more carbs, I lose fat just fine. So it’s my personal experience BUT it doesn’t even influence my diet so much, in the end I will eat what I like and as much as pleases my body and mind. I can influence my food choices a bit but then, it’s up to the desires of my body and mind (unless I have no appetite, I mean zero, negative is a problem, so I can control my food more). Fat-loss is kind of important but I always was fat and I am stalling since many years, I am patient. (Except I wanna show off the muscles I will build soon, they won’t be big but that just makes losing fat more important.)

I actually want energy much more. I always had lowish-energy except maybe when I was a kid. Usually not extremely low but still, I need more.

I am very surely in ketosis at this point but I don’t really care, you know. I do carnivore and it’s good for me, way better than my original keto ever was.

You really think all people in ketosis has no hunger? It’s just not true :smiley: I experienced it so it’s already can’t be true. But others get hungry too, maybe you should ask around. But I saw it a lot from others.

And I lost my water weight changes. It happened for years and then I lost it, then it came back a little (I started with 2kg changes, then it became 1, 0, 1 again at some point…? I measure my weight rarely but it was many years…) but now I think it’s zero again. Hard to tell as I eat a ton of an off day and often a lot of carbs so I have more waste as well.

It is. Keto doesn’t matter, usually. Even if someone get a boon (I didn’t. I lose fat if I eat 200g kcal less and way more carbs compared to my maintenance on keto), it can’t be THAT huge. Nope, imagine some people just don’t lose fat on keto eating a ton of fat if they are short women. I met such ones in this very forum. It’s not that simple.

But it doesn’t matter. I definitely couldn’t lose fat on keto eating lots of fat. I won’t try EVER again (unless I get very active and more muscular?). Okay, I never tried, I always knew I had to eat little, I just couldn’t.

I know what works for me and what doesn’t, I work on following my very good method now :slight_smile:

It would have been 200g protein but I lost fat only on low-fat and carnivore came way later.
There was 80g carbs. So about 120g protein. I had that limit once. Then it seemed to go up to 130 lately but maybe I just don’t track or eat that accurately. Or it really shifted.

I don’t know how you mean this, surely structure has a big importance in all life.
My diet must be super flexible though :wink: One day having twice as much protein as the previous one, it’s even fun. But I can’t change it anyway, this is somewhat chaotic. It’s great as long as it works and I don’t overeat. So I train and install good rules I don’t feel restricting at all.

Okay. I hope you got a picture about how I work and think.


Shinita, You mentioned the word hungry 10 tens times in the above passage. Clearly, something is not working. How did you do Keto, when you did not replace your carbs with fat? The whole point of Keto is to replace carbs with fat so you don’t overeat. Fat satiates. As Paul has stated many times on this forum, “You consume as much fat until satiated.” Very simple too.
How is your freestyle eating working for you? Are you achieving your goals of weight loss? If Keto, Carnivore, OMAD and TMAD protocols are not helping you achieve your goal of weight loss, why do it? You state many times you know what works for you, yet you don’t seem to follow it and you are ok with that.

“My carnivore days were between 1300 and 4000 kcal.”

“My fat range is 80-260 I think… But usually around 100-200? It’s great as long as my average is right.”

“My grams are very varied, my percentages not so much.” Math is math, it’s the same.

My overall conclusion as an outsider is your body has not “Adapted” to any eating protocol. How could it? There is no consistency in how much you eat and how much fat and protein you eat on a daily basis. As I have mentioned to you a few times, your ghrelin and leptin hormones are not working properly and you might want to get them tested.

I wish you success

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Of course I talked about hunger as my post was very long and we talked about hunger and satiation. I don’t see anything wouldn’t be working :slight_smile:

No, fat doesn’t necessarily satiates as I already said. It’s not like that to me. Of course, it helps with satiation as I couldn’t get satiated by protein alone, I need my calories. But it’s not really effective, I may easily add 100g extra fat and my satiation stays a same. If my protein isn’t high enough, I stay hungry, it’s normal, most of us have it as far as I know and it’s sad when someone don’t and undereat protein.

How did I do keto? I lowered my carbs. That’s all to it. I didn’t touch protein or fat much. I should have lowered my fat intake but I couldn’t as I was hungry as my body didn’t want less calories. It’s simple :slight_smile: I ate A TON of fat all my life, I had all I needed and some more, no need to raise it if it’s already raised.

I know what Paul writes and a ton of it simply doesn’t apply to me and some others on this forum. I like his science stuff though, that’s very useful and repetition is very handy there :wink:
But yep, I try to minimize protein and use fat for satiation - along with certain methods, good timing, good food choices… I still need my calories and I need to limit my protein so obviously fat is important and it’s basically the level. But if I am hungry, I need to eat some protein source and a good one at that. Fat helps IF I already have high protein, sure. I can’t eat it alone so I need to choose the fattiness of my protein source well. Or follow my desires if they are good enough (but I still tend to overeat fat so I should be careful).

Because how else could I eat? Carbs aren’t good for me. And they totally help me, I just need more time. And as I wrote, fat-loss isn’t my major goal. It will happen eventually. And if not, so be it. I still NEED to eat the way that feels best to me. You say I just go and eat carbs? No, thank you, I am a HEDONIST. I won’t torture myself. I got plenty of good things from carnivore, I keep it, well almost :wink:

I am not OK with not following what I know to be right, I put effort into get better at it. But I don’t beat myself or cry or anything, that’s not hedonistic. And I enjoy the benefits :slight_smile:

Math is math, it’s NOT the same :wink: I can keep the same percentages and get very different grams. You just quoted that my calorie intake varies. I can double my protein grams but my percentages will change only a bit. I think my highest protein intake was about 3 times my lowest. My percentage range is waaaaay smaller. It’s math indeed and it works this way. I have wild ranges. But my percentage ranges are way smaller than my gram ones.

I feel pretty much adapted to low-carb. I don’t mind not being a robot or some very disciplined one.

I don’t see any reason to get tested. Carnivore is pretty chill and nice most of the time, it works fine enough for me. Actually, better than one would expect, I never had problems beyond food boredom but I don’t have that anymore. And my rare hungry times but they only happened once in a few years, good enough. Others have WAY bigger problems.

Thanks, I am sure I will have success :slight_smile: But of course, I am an optimistic one. I already feel I am half successful due to all the benefits. Fat-loss isn’t everything! Far from it. But I will get that too eventually.

Actually, there is. My range is way smaller on carnivore if we exclude some rare extreme cases. Yeah, doubling fat or protein from one day to the other happens sometimes but that’s not such a big deal :smiley: And long term carnivores eat not the same every day, imagine. It’s being human.

You probably have a very differently working body and mind, that’s why you don’t understand big and still okay differences between humans. I met such people before, that was an interesting discussion too. That person didn’t understand my hedonism in eating. Odd, I would imagine it’s normal among humans though may be more serious and better in my case. I mean, I have almost proper hedonism, not just looking at ONE tiny temporal thing but the whole picture. Getting sick is definitely NOT hedonistic.

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Thanks for this. I had heard him say he “Not on purpose, I sometimes forget to eat because I am so busy.” before.


I went below 74kg. Wow, a tiny miracle. I ate pretty much lately but I am more active as well :wink:
I just wish I would have more energy, it’s quite low now. But exercise and a good diet, good sleep isn’t everything, I should work on the other factors… And maybe the end of winter doesn’t help either though I don’t know why it would affect me… I even get plenty of sunshine. I am used to a decent amount of sunshine in winter but this winter is even better!
I should use the good weather and be active, it will be very hard in summer… My activity used to drop horribly then, I don’t let it in recent years but still, I can’t go out as much in summer due to the horrible weather… I get overheated. I like this February when I can go out in t-shirt and only get overheated a bit and not even every time! (But I just walk. Running would be different, I can’t do that on warmer winter days when I even forget to dress very lightly. And it’s not just me, my SO runs at 5am in shorts and t-shirt too.)