Feb 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #1

I didn’t see a fasting thread for Feb so starting this one.

(Jane) #2

Started a 48-hr fast this afternoon. My intention was a longer 60-ish hour fast that I started last night but couldn’t get past my hunger at lunchtime today, so gave in and ate lunch. Then started my fast (again).

Nice not to mess with dinner and dishes tonight.


(Bacon for the Win) #3

8.5 hours left on my 42 hour fast. The last year was tough and I let my health get away from me. Back at it and already feeling better. I will probably do some ADF after this.

(Jane) #4

Good for you! The past 2 years have definitely been tough!

(Robin) #5

YES to getting back in control of your body and health! Seems like a LOT of folks either used the last couple of years to get in shape or they lost it. No shame in that. It’s been a roller coaster. And we all handle those differently. Glad you are back!


I did a 36 hour fast last week, then we got hit with an ice storm so we have been in emergency mode. Planning a 36 hour fast on Friday.

Weight loss in 2022 has been about 1 lb. / week. SOP has been OMAD + keto. Belly fat is -2 inches off the waistline since Jan. 1.

(Robin) #7

Rocking it!


Nothing new with me except I don’t even have a mood to skip my lunch… It is a bit of a problem as I eat truly big meals now so I can only afford one meal a day (actually, I totally overeat in one unless I do everything perfectly and when did I do that?) and I am doubtful about lunch OMADs in my case. But we will see.
So that’s it, I try to stay in a tiny eating window. It was 2 hours this far, I keep underestimating the amount of meat I need and actually am willing to eat after my tiny meatless period. So I had to add (non-meat as I didn’t have that) stuff later.
Hopefully my big meal will last longer than any in my last several days. It’s quite realistic, knowing me. (No, I can’t know me. When I think I do, my body does something unexpected. But big meals are usually very effective and totally needed for “longer” fasts.)

(Jane) #9

We had sleet and snow hit here in northern Arkansas last Wed and Thu and STILL waiting for some of it to melt and it has been in the 50’s for 5 days and over 60 today! But that sheet of ice was thick and the ground is so hard that when it melts it doesn’t soak in and then re-freezes at night. Finally go the ice off the steps down the the meadow where we go twice a day to let the chickens out and put them up again… but the gravel road to our barn is treacherous - sheet of ice and on an incline.

(Jane) #10

We didn’t get trash pickup on Monday due to the ice and have 3 bags in the bin. We are only allowed 4 per week so only 1 this week and then save them in the garage until week after next. Fasting helps with that because most of the non-burnable garbage comes from cooking.

(Bob M) #11

Well, I made it fasting about 36 hours or so, with a 1 hour, 10 minute body weight workout beginning at about 5:45 am, eating around 10 am.

Oddly, I was not cold at all, even while sleeping. That’s unusual. And, I didn’t get up once to go to the bathroom at night. Highly unusual.


Meanwhile I went out in my summer boots, thin socks and my warmest t-shirt… I got overheated :frowning: It is WARM nowadays!!! 14 Celsius with sunshine!
We have an allowance of 1 bag per week (120l) and we need 1 per month (maybe 35l) or less… I like to have little garbage. And I need to walk 1 km with the bag every time…
At least half of our garbage is eggshells:smiley:

If I don’t mess up today, it’s an OMAD day, I wasn’t hungry until 5pm! Yay! That’s how my short OMAD times start normally :slight_smile: I am super full now (not uncomfortably… maybe a tad too much?) but considering I ate 1000g pork shoulders and a bunch of other food yesterday, I should be full. I ate enough for 2 days but I still got hungry. IDK why I can’t do EF but it’s fine, I want OMAD now. I actually need OMAD. I eat too big meals lately for anything else. So I try a tad harder again. After the January group fast I had to relax but I need to get stricter again.
I am pretty hopeful about today.

(Jane) #13

Broke today at 11:30 am for 45 hours, so nice fast.

Hubby made it 45 hours also which is really good for him. And he said he really felt a lot better this morning. Been fighting off a bug and maybe coincidence it ran its course the same time he fasted…… or maybe it helped.

(Bob M) #14

@Janie I too was getting over a cold (wasn’t covid, as to which the multiple tests I took will attest). I blame the 7 day course of antibiotics they made me take when they thought elbow pain might be bacterial. My theory: this caused less good bacteria in my vocal tract, leading to susceptibility for colds.

@Shinita Had to look up 14C. That is warm (if you’re used to cold, that is). Personally, I find 36 hour fasts easier than OMAD, but that’s because my meal would be too late at night.

My plan for this year: start composting. We really throw away quite a bit of vegetable/fruit matter. Would like to stop that.


I am not used to cold, this was a pretty mild winter :smiley: But yep, I am in winter mode still. I wouldn’t feel warm in this temp after 30-40C hot weather… Even though I never can used to that horrible inferno. Above 25-26C I start dying.
How people can use Fahrenheit I can’t imagine… At least 0C is where water freezes and 100C where it becomes steam, that makes sense :smiley:
Sometimes I am cute and convert things but it’s the worst with temperatures for some reason so I do that rarely.

My body really, really wants food when evening comes if not earlier. I may not feel hunger, I may be determined to wait but I feel more and more AWFUL… I obviously stop when it’s unpleasant and my brain gets useless but even waiting for that “broke” me last time on the monthly fast. I had to regenerate with some super relaxed times and I only now start to find my way again. So even if I can try hard sometimes, I mustn’t. It’s so difficult :frowning: Why is this so difficult? Especially lately. I experiment and learn about my body and then it just changes.
Maybe I would give up at this point, I always was fat, I can handle it for 70-80 more years I suppose, it’s hardly health-damaging on my level but I am a human and I need to eat :frowning: A lot. And that’s so hard sometimes.

We have compost :slight_smile: As always when we had the option. It eventually gets into my tiny vegetable patch, poor soil is horrible there, well it was horrible 10 years ago (the soil in general isn’t great but that part was the old pool filled with the worst soil…), we managed to bring it up quite a bit but most vegetables are still impossible to grow in it. We surely never could save any money (the fruit garden is another matter entirely :D), it’s not for that. It’s for getting better tomatoes than what is possible in greengrocery, those are tasteless.
And it’s nice to grow plants anyway. I have theoretically edible plants (I always hated leafy greens) I keep only for decoration :slight_smile:

My precious garden! Spring is near here, warm weather, blooming snowdrops! The carnivores get them but I bring one photo here too, okay? At least I bring something nice too, not just whining and using every excuse to go on tangents. Sorry if my English is worse than usual right now.



36 hour fast today, Happy Valentine’s to all!

(Robin) #17

To you too! And good luck on your long fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

A tad on the late side but there is a group fast this month. Don’t want to break the tradition :slight_smile:

Come and share your goals, success, failures, and other concerns.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Pretty quite on this thread. Did Valentine’s Day do everyone in?

(Bob M) #20

I’ve started training for a 5k, meaning that my exercise has gone from 3/4 days per week to 5 days per week, three jogging, two body weight training. That means I’ve been a heck of a lot hungrier. I even ate breakfast once! Almost ate it today, too. I’m hoping I can get one 36 hour fast in per week, but right now, it’s not looking good.

This is my first full week, though. I’ll see what happens next week.