Fatigue after eating, week 3

(Eric) #1

I’ve been on this diet for 3 weeks, and suddenly started getting substantial fatigue after my first meal of the day. (Egg whites, 1 ounce beef, avocado and 2 good yogurt with chia seeds)
Any idea what is causing this? I plan to test my glucose levels (87 fasted last week when I had my blood work done)

Below is my Ketones level since beginning the diet. Strange chart as my diet hasn’t changed much throughout.

Ketones rise and then fall on 2 day fast
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You are discovering that concentration of ketones varies continually. Most folks who bother to measure ketones do so only once per day and get the mistaken notion that it’s a consistent, stable concentration. As you have verified, it’s not. Not to worry, you’ve got ketones so you’ve verified ketosis. Carry on.


I was strict clean dead on carnivore and in month 7 or 8? (a while ago, not sure on timing but later in the game) I got the most fatigued, tired, exhausted few weeks of my life. I was shocked. I could barely function but as all carnivores say to others, keep the faith! and I did and in the 3rd week, I boomed right back in full energy and never once had that again.

Why? Not a clue on it at all.

Adaption, when it hits you will do strange things but seriously, keep the faith, be sure to eat GOOD protein and fat…that is a key the body requires and keep on trucking.

I had normal tired thru adaption time also. You will get thru it truly. Eat well, don’t skimp on food, be sure to get some salt in ya and all that normal stuff that is needed as one adapts. To me it is all normal and just get thru it and thrive down the road :slight_smile:

(Eric) #4

Thank you for sharing. The fatigue has starting getting better which happened to coincide with an increase in ketones.