Fathead Pizza 1st Attempt


(Jim Priestley) #41

I do have one, and will try as soon as we get a nice warm day her in NJ. It cooks a wheat pizza completely in about 90 seconds. I also grill in it, and roast in it using residual heat.

(brian) #42

Once it is warmer I’m going to try

(Peter Bursky) #43

I haven’t made the version without the egg, so can’t really say as to the difference.

One thing is sure though, this is as close as it gets to the real thing!

I also made a slight variation since the very fine almond flour is quite expensive, where i replace 1/3 of the almond flour with almond meal. Again, not sure if it’s better or worse, but does the job pretty nicely.

(Brian Miller) #44

I’ve also made one completely with Almond Meal before I knew there was a difference and little difference (mostly color) in the finished product.

(Jim Priestley) #45

Made my first attempt at Fathead pizza in the Wood fired oven. Flavor was good, but it was a little under cooked in the middle. Next time I will omit the egg, and cook it on a pizza crisper pan, instead of the oven floor. For comparison the last pic is of the traditional crust I made for my wife and son.

The dome was 900 the floor was about 800 degrees.

This is the crust baking in the oven…

Sausage Peppers and Onions, yum!

Traditional pizza for comparison.

(Rich Hopkins) #46

I did a fathead pizza my first week in, and two weeks later (this past week), I made the Carlshead version. I have to say that I like Carl’s version much better. That pizza was out of this world good!

(Jessica) #47

Oh man… I need to try this.

Anyone tried basil pesto (almonds instead of pine nuts?) instead of tomato sauce?

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #48

[quote=“JesS90, post:47, topic:5235”]
Anyone tried basil pesto
[/quote] yes, and it’s delish. I like the pesto and oil and on my Hubby’s pizza we mix a little red sauce with pesto

(Cath Empson) #49

Nice work

(Cynthia Wood) #50

I made the Carlshead version of this for the first time yesterday. It’s a good thing two slices will fill you up, because that’s all i got before my teenaged boys descended like locusts! It definitely meets with family approval. And just one pizza actually fed everyone, where usually my sons do in a large pizza and a dozen chicken fingers all by themselves.

(Vicki Angerstein) #51

I wish I liked almond flour more than I do…I love almonds, but when baking with the flour, I can’t get past the strong almond taste :confused:

(Julie ) #52

I enjoy the Fat Head pizza dough and it taste like the other dough. For as toppings I use Alfredo sauce since I like a white pizza. Most of the time saute mushrooms, spinach, garlic with butter for the filling and then top with cheese. They freeze well so I bake it and them freeze into servings for later.

(Deborah ) #53

That looks awesome. Hoping to make it this week sometime.

(Cindy) #54

I had to resurrect this thread because I just made my first Fathead pizza. I used the wrong paper on the bottom so it stuck horribly, but other than that, it was good! I’ll make a couple of tweaks to the crust the next time, but hubby actually ate his 1/2 and enjoyed it!

(Running from stupidity) #55

… it’s the season for it :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried making a pizza dough with crushed pork rinds instead of almond flour?


Answered my own question. Will be trying this next time-


So I made the pork rind pizza base for lunch. My pork rind/cheese ratio was a little off so it ended up a bit soggy (my fault not the recipes, I didn’t have enough pork rinds), but the texture, going by the crispy crust was a lot closer to an actual pizza than fathead’s short crust/cookie dough-like texture. A lot less carbs using pork rind compared to almond flour as well.

(Running from stupidity) #59

Will have to give this a crack. We’ve been using coconut flour instead in order to get the carbs down.

(Running from stupidity) #60

Also, we have an ENORMOUS amount of coconut flour :slight_smile: