Fathead Pizza 1st Attempt



I imagine a very coconutty flavour as well…would probably go well with pineapple toppings but beyond that I’d probably avoid coconut flour myself (or does the cheese neutralise the coconut favour?)

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Have you tried keto cornbread? Goes very nicely with Mexican food :yum:

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Yeah, haven’t noticed any difference TBH.

OTOH, it’s me…

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No, but I’m cornbread-curious…


I don’t think I’d intentionally make anything that tastes like cornbread. The few times I have eaten it I didn’t enjoy its texture. Very gritty.

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I use this one but put chopped chipotles, spring onions & cheese in the mix - no cranberries. They stick to the muffin papers a bit but they’re very nice.


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Well, that one just got added to OneNote…

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Then you never had good cornbread. :smirk:


Yeah, since I live in Australia and it’s not really a thing here, I’d say that’s definitely the case.

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I slice mine and eat it like a pizza. No problem.