Fathead Pizza 1st Attempt


(Brian Miller) #1

Finally got a chance to make Fathead Pizza and it was an AMAZING experience. The entire family LOVED it.

(Bart) #2

Looks delicious!


Yer KILLIN’ me!! That looks fantastic!! Honest opinion…cuz I have done other fathead pizzas and been underwhelmed…how close is this crust to the real thing?

(Brian Miller) #4

Closer than it should be. I liked it more than I had hoped to.

(Carol E. ) #5

Looks delicious!

I recently made a Fat Head pepperoni pizza for a non Keto friend and her 13 year old. They really liked it and asked “now, what’s in this?” because they know I’m Keto lol.

(Richard Morris) #6

Yeah that’s it. It’s too good. Once the normals try it they tend to prefer this over regular Pizza too.

(Jeff Waters) #7

“The normals” lol


mmmm tasty and beautiful!

(Bacon for the Win) #9

@VoodooChum Did you use the original FatHead recipe or Carl’s variation? I think this is on tap for football watching later today.

(Brian Miller) #10

The original version, we made two last night so we could try one as leftovers for breakfast. Poked holes and flipped halfway through cooking the crust and no bubbles formed. Also after one side was cooked I slightly rolled over it with a rolling pin again to make it nice and thin, the precooked side doesn’t stick to the pin.

(Michelle) #11

Yes, first time I made this I was floored how delicious it was. I will make this every week, different toppings, and may keep cooked crust on hand for making base for fat spreadables (liverwurst, cream cheese, etc). Can’t wait to make it for the ‘normals’.

(Brian Miller) #12

It was good enough that I felt guilty after I ate it and had to double check all the ingrediants just to ensure myself it was completely Keto.


I’m still not sure, how do you make read sauce for this that doesn’t have sugar?

(Richard Morris) #14

I use tomatoes, peel them (with boiling water) and smoke them for 30 mins, then blitz them with some olive oil and freeze them in ice cube trays. When I need to make a pizza I just put a few in the microwave in a bowl and nuke, and use the pack of a spoon to paint it on the carlshead base.

There is definately some sugar in the tomatoes, hard to get past that but it’s minimal.

(Brian Miller) #15

I used a low carb sauce that 2 net carbs for 1/4 cup and I used 3 Tbl which is about half a serving of sauce. It’s got just the tiniest amount but I can live with that as I don’t like pizza very saucy to begin with.

(Peter Bursky) #16

Tried today the improved recipe without the egg. Used only a tiny bit of ready made sauce, but only a tiny bit, not more than 2-3g carbs. Made a half and half, as my wife is not a big meat eater (still trying to convince tr join me on keto). One half was 3 cheese (mozarella, brie, feta), the other bacon bitsa and peperoni :smile:

Anyhow, it was a huge success, so much so that i just about managed to take a quick picture of the half eaten pizza … :wink:

(Guardian of the bacon) #17

But did they love it?

(Guardian of the bacon) #18

When we make pizza we use a minimal amount of the lowest carb sauce we can find. I imagine the majority of the sugars are coming naturally from the tomatoes. A TBS or so of sauce / slice is really a incidental amount. The crust, meat, & cheese really are the stars.

(Guardian of the bacon) #19

If you have the time a can or 2 of store bought diced tomatoes drained of liquid, some garlic, mushrooms and italian seasoning simmered on the stove for an hour or two then hit it with an immersion blender makes a nice red sauce for pizza or spaghetti squash with little effort. You can add a bit of xantham gum to thicken if need be or simmer longer.

(ryancrawcour) #20

With many of these “pizzas” you can’t actually cut the crust and pick it up by hand, like you do with a real pizza. What’s this one like? That photo makes the “crust” look super flimsy. Do you have to eat this with a knife & fork?