Fat phobic husband gives in...Help!

(Georgette) #1

After seeing how keto has helped me to lose weight and help eliminate chronic pain and inflammation, my extremely fat phobic husband wants to start keto. He had been going through sciatica and knee pain this week and is scared. I’m trying to figure out how to make this work for him. He won’t have a BPC, but he is willing to try HWC in coffee. He has never been a fan of fatty meats at all. Any ideas on how to make keto work for him?

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Plug in the earbuds with 2KetoDudes latest episode. All about starting keto!

(Georgette) #3

I listened to that and it’s not enough to help. This has been easy for me because I like fat. Always have. My husband does not like it. The only thing I can think to do is add butter to everything.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Make adding fat a gradual process. His largest improvement in pain relief will likely come from reducing Carbs.

You can slowly add butter and other healthy oils to your cooking.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

Anything with avocado is fatty
Most all cheeses are good if dairy isn’t an issue
Salads dressings can be made very fatty
Sliced meat made into cream cheese rollups
Deviled eggs

But like I said before Cutting out all of the carbage is much more important than adding the fat. Lots of people lose weight and regain health without getting fully into ketosis.

(Georgette) #6

I’ve been told no avocado whatsoever.

(Larry Lustig) #7

Will he eat bacon and eggs? Cheese or avocado omelettes? Hot dogs or Italian sausages?

(Guardian of the bacon) #8

I bet I could sneak avocado into him and he’d never know. If he’ll eat chocolate

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@georgettestmp7 Georgette, you might also want to take a look at diatomaceous earth for the knee pain. I’ve read lots of success stories online!


(Georgette) #11

He will eat omelets. Avocado, no.

(David Russell) #12

For coffee just use a 35% cream.

(Jane Reed) #13

I’m puzzled. You say he’s willing to start keto but resists eating fat? Keto is all about fat, plus the near absence of carbs. What does he think he will eat if he goes keto,?

As one of the previous posts said, a very solid reduction in carbs without increasing fat will be helpful, but the full benefits of keto ate unlikely to emerge without an increase in fat.

Rich dishes with robust flavors might work , like creamed spinach with some grated Parmesan cheese in it, or hidden fats, like scrambled eggs with a couple ounces of cream cheese.

I don’t actually think you can slip anything by him. He’ll know. Best to just ask him outright what he is willing to eat. It’s not necessary to choke down gobs of fat on the edge of a steak iin order to eat fat. What dishes can be made with lots of fat in them, that he would eat?

(Meeping up the Science!) #14

Gradually ease into things and work with his preferences. Omlettes, crustless quiches, mashed cauliflower with cheese later, etc.

Many of us don’t regularly do BPC so I wouldn’t even worry over it. Start with half and half. Still lower than milk and it’s “normal.”

Start with butter on veggies. Cook chicken breasts stir fry style in coconut oil. So on and so forth.

Be patient and he’ll get it. Many of us were low carb before we were keto. It’s still a dietary improvement and it can be a great transitional point.

(Richard Morris) #15

I make my omelettes, royal (with cream)

Add ham and cheese - that’s going to get the fat content up nicely


Is he afraid to eat the fat, or doesn’t like the taste? Because, fat is sooo yummy.

Perhaps he will commit to 2 weeks full bore, eating fat and all.

You can’t quit smoking and “just” smoke a few a day.

(Georgette) #17

Update: My husband is in week 1 of his keto adventure. He’s doing much better with eating fattier cuts of meat. I’m sautéing mushrooms and onion in butter for his steaks and it makes it easier for him to eat the fat. Definite win for the fat phobic man I love. He’s down 9 pounds even while being on prednisone for the sciatica flare he had at the beginning of the month. He said he misses Pop Tarts, bread, and Wendy’s breakfast menu, but he feels better. I’m hoping feeling better will ultimately win over the crap.

(Guardian of the bacon) #18

Have you tried the


I make it in a 2 cup measuring cup so it doesn’t blow over the top. After it’s done cut in 1/2 and fry in butter or pan drippings on all sides. Or pace in the toaster. Makes a very good breakfast sandwhich.

(Karen Parrott) #19

I went super slow, breakfast first. I still have my gallbladder and ramping up slowly heled me ease into it and get past the fear of fat.

The more I went into it the more delicious it tasted so it was an easy thing to transition to a higher fat as the months went on.