Fasting for 48 hours


Hey guys! I started Keto about 5 weeks ago. I feel so much better not having carbs, less stressed, more relaxed, clearer mind etc. I keep to less than 20 grams of carbs a day. I started with 2 meals a day and about 3 weeks ago switched to 1 meal a day. It works for me, I feel good, not hungry eating in a 1 hour window daily. I have lost about 1kg, and inch from my hips and waist. Last week, figuring how good I felt, I tried for 48 hours. I felt great the whole time except when I woke the morning of the second day…I was a mess. Blood glucose was 2.7! I was sweaty, felt really really weak. I didn’t know what to do, panicked and just drank 3 teaspoons of sugar in some water. I felt better pretty quick, albeit annoyed I had sugar :confused: That day though I didn’t really wanna eat, it put me through the ringer! I figured I will wait longer before trying again, get fat adapted, I thought I was, guess not. I am always in Ketosis, I check my blood for ketones regularly, averaging 0.5-1.5 always. Earlier on they would get to 2-3 but as time has gone on, less than this. My blood glucose averages 4-5 when fasting, used to drop to high 3’s but again, as time goes on not so much now. The morning I had a blood sugar of 2.7 though, my ketones were almost 4! My questions is…how do I know I should try again? and how to go about it? I don’t want to wake up feeling like that again, I was worried! Any advice much appreciated :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums Sync.

The second day is often reported as the hardest. Dr. Fung addresses that issue is several of his videos.

Fasting is much easier once you are fat adapted, that varies from person to person. You might want to join in on the IF/EF Fasting thread for support and learning more about fasting in general.