Extended fasting = Diarrhea

(Gary Hamilton) #125

In case you didn’t do this, you need to grind chia seeds (I use a coffee grinder) otherwise they just go right through you without giving you any benefits. I grind chia seeds and flax seeds and make a smoothie using hemp milk, vanilla and cinnamon using an electric hand blender. I make this 3-4 times a week. Yum! You can use other seeds to give you different tastes and textures.

(Layne Pachico) #127

Oh… em… gee!! I have been searching for the answer and this is it!! I’ve never had this watery stool issue when fasting for long periods but about 3 weeks ago began experiencing exactly what the OP described. 48 hours in and I’m having issues. For 3 consecutive 72hr fasts. I also started back on my daily magnesium 3 weeks ago!!

That was my “missing link” thank you!

I’m going to not use Magnesium my next fast and see if it resolves the issue. I’ll try to remember to report back! Maybe it’ll help the OP.