Episode #79 - Keto Families Pilot Episode

(carl) #1

This week, the dudes dedicate the entire episode to showcase a new podcast with keto parents Mark Miller and Karen Mangiacotti. This show is only a pilot. We are hoping to be able to produce a new episode every week, and all the things that go along with a podcast as well.

Feedback on the new Dudes' produced podcasts

Loved it. Huge Karen & Mark fan girl.

(Ben Grover) #3

Fantastic job! I look forward to more.


too over the top for me, but i appreciate the passion.

(Jason Leonard) #5

Looking forward to sharing with my daughter, age 13. She doesn’t have the deranged metabolism, like I do, but is paying attention to the science of Keto and enjoys Keto eating with me. She’s watched the docs, such as Fat Head and That Sugar Film, and is reading Fat Head Kids, and being able to subscribe her to the kids podcast will be something that she’ll like. I’m setting her up for nutritional success as she goes through her teenage years, and she’s proving to be very interested in that for herself too.


That’s brilliant!

(Barry) #7

I don’t have kids, but I loved this podcast. Mark & Karen have so much personality and are so FUN! I look forward to the next episode!


I also don’t have kids, but really enjoyed this! I loved the energy. It was so great to listen to during my afternoon walk. I’m very much looking forward to more from these 2.

(Chris - carnivoremuscle.com) #9

I can’t wait until the next one. I’m working to transition my 11 year old to a mostly keto diet and school lunches are my biggest question mark. Think the teachers would call me in a tizzy about sending him in with pork rinds as a snack? Hahaha. I’m totally doing that by the way.

(Jodi) #10

This was great, looking forward to more.


Loved it, looking forward to the next episodes. Energy and approach is out the park which makes it. From their interview with the 2 Keto dudes I’m sure they don’t have compliant kids, which makes their journey interesting for me :wink:


I’ve actually been listening to the LCHF Family podcast. It’s quite good, very low key with some useful tips. There is a market for this. I have young kids and am trying to get them to eat keto foods they like when I can. I like hearing ideas from others.

Good first episode, and I’m just giving honest feedback here, but Karen does need to calm down a bit. Voice can get a little too animated, if you will. I’m sure it’s her personality and she would be really fun to be around in person, but it doesn’t translate very well into podcast form IMO. I will keep listening, as the info was good. Focus on the really practical things. What do you pack for kids lunches. How do you encourage them to eat healthy foods when they don’t want to. What do snack with at the movies. How often do you try something new for dinner. Do you ever cook two dinners at once to meet various preferences. Etc etc. Would love to hear how many families do these things. I have my own ideas but want to improve. And keep sharing recipes. Will never get sick of hearing passionate people discuss food, especially when I’m fasting. Have a sous vide episode; it’s a new toy I just got, but how does it cook for a family with various temperature preferences, for example? I’m about to find that stuff out. :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll be buying another one.

(carl) #13

You say that now… :slight_smile:

(Katie) #14

I really liked this podcast. I loved the genuine enthusiasm. Will more episodes be released? When? And where should we look for them? @carl?

(Pamela) #15

Any word on when the next episode is coming out?

(Thao Le) #16

Love the content for this podcast, however Mark please don’t scream, your normal voice sounds great.

(carl) #17

Stay tuned, kids. We have a lot of work to do.

(Crow T. Robot) #18

I enjoyed the enthusiasm and the humor. I didn’t think it was excessive. Either way, it will probably come down a bit as the show matures.

(Chris Ward) #19

Any update as to the release of this podcast?

(carl) #20

We had problems with the editor, but now we have a new editor and we hope to launch in a few weeks.