Episode #79 - Keto Families Pilot Episode

(Aaron R) #21

Thanks for the update. Our family has really been looking forward to listening to this.

(Marilee) #22

I really enjoy listening to these parents. The approach they take with their kids is so down to earth. Also, I love the sense of humor!

(Rj Yoyo) #23

I am a keto dad and husband and I have been looking for a way to start sharing my lifestyle with my family and bringing it into my house is a whole. This podcast along with several several other things I found here and other places has helped me find a way to start doing that. My wife and I have started replacing all of the bad foods in my house with better Foods, and by the end of this next month we will be completely grain starch cereal and sugar-free. We’ve also decided to go cereal free with our newborn son and feed him vegetables and fruits and meats, all homemade of course, and milk, of course. We’re shooting for macro ratios that are similar to that found in breast milk, which we believe is essential. Also we’ve been using coconut oil on the nipples if his bottles for chapped lips, and the extra SAT fat for his little brain. We sat our older daughters down, and discussed how we plan to change our eating habits, and I was surprised at how easily they went along. Mark and Karen’s advice to not stress over situations you can’t control helped a lot. I’m pretty strict on myself, being type 1 diabetic, and was really struggling to let that go. I still give EVERYONE hell about carbage, but I try to be funny and just poke a little fun, rather than be zealous to the point of selling obsessed and crazy lol. Thanks for this guys, and definitely want, no, NEED, more. I’ll be watching out!

(Tim Street) #24

My two little girls (8 and 12) LOVED the pilot episode and so did I. I can’t find the podcasts anywhere though :frowning: Bummer too because my daughters were talking the keto talk for days after listening to them, especially about the ‘Sneaky Sugar’ game.