Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(Karen) #121

Is it pork bacon? I only ask because i picked up beef rashers at Company shop they are a little more daker in colour. But our smoked pork bacon is same colour as unsmoked so i have to ensure i read the label well as i prefer unsmoked. What additives are there in your bacon? Does it have colouring?

(KM) #122

Yes, the bacon here is pork. This is a typical ingredients list, although you can get it without most of these additives if you hunt it down. It doesn’t have coloring in it, usually.


Edit: does yours have “great quality, guaranteed”? :rofl::rofl::rofl::roll_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #123

Most of our bacon is pork. Beef bacon may be rare as I don’t think I’ve seen it! Since pork bacon is belly, would beef bacon be beef belly? That’s something I haven’t seen either! Lol
On @Geezy56’s suggestion I bought a chunk of pork belly and intend to salt, cure, smoke and slice it for comparison and to control its content and processing.

I’ve been using bacon to “season” my cast iron pan. The manufacturer says use olive oil but there’s been none of that in my house since 2021 ended! Most weeks I put a whole package of bacon in and cook it, then bag and refrigerate it for use in other things or just plain snacking.

I seasoned my cast iron pan today with just 2 slices of bacon and then seared 2 Butcher Box ribeyes. They were thin but good and not tough. My first Butcher Box cook :slightly_smiling_face:
Also made a bleu cheese and butter mixture and put a blob on each steak for us.
It must be the little things, because hubby said if I ever became a chef I’d blow the rest on them away, lol!
Made ice cream for dessert. Now having a black coffee, Nespresso lungo plus espresso.

The"cold" seems to be gone. Must have been a yogurt cold! Lol

(Karen) #124

I am 8n bed now but i will certainly check it out tomorrow. Seems to be a lot of carbs in it! …or have i read that wrong?

(Karen) #125

We also get turkey rashers here but they are so lean so i don’t buy them. When i was vegetarian cough cough i used to buy qorne rashers can’t imagine eating that stuff now or ever again in the future!

(KM) #126

I think that’s just saying carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9, nothing specifically to do with bacon. No idea why that’s on the package at all. So no, “American bacon” is not a high carb food, the sugar might add half a gram per serving, if that.

(Judy Thompson) #127

But you can get no sugar bacon here. And the bacon I buy is the cut rate stuff, like $3/lb, and they don’t waste money adding sugar to it, lol

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #128

Had my first meal at 4:30 this afternoon, because I just wasn’t hungry. I was going to have a couple of burgers, but I looked in the meat keeper and saw the bacon, and then the eggs looked good, too. So bacon and scrambled eggs to break my fast. I’m thinking it’s time for a second meal, so burgers, here I come!


:bacon: Bacon Alert :bacon:

It was inevitable. We started by talking about eggs. Then…

High risk of wanting to eat bacon after this post.

I would call that the short-cut, or eye of the bacon. If you add on the streaky bacon cut (the bacon striped like the American flag) to the eye, then I call that a medium rasher. These are the components of a middle cut.

There are also back and shoulder cut bacon

As @robintemplin Robin implies, and @PaulL Paul would proselytise, it is important we know the global languages of bacon.



After an egg and bacon day on Saturday I had more bacon and eggs on Sunday for breakfast. But last night I was ready for a rib-eye steak. Baked it rare in the oven and added some sheep’s milk pan-fried halloumi cheese. @Fangs has often said that often times you need a steak to feel full satiety.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #131

The year I spent in England with my lover (now my ex), we patronised a butcher in the local high street, who sold this great kind of bacon. It was more like Canadian bacon, but from a different part of the pig. When we were leaving for the States, I told him how much we liked that bacon and asked if he knew what to call it in American (all the cuts are different between the two countries). He said to ask for “uncured back gammon.” Never was able to find it over here, but I haven’t given up the dream!


I googled, oh my that is a thing… Of course it is but still… Never saw such a thing here. When I was a newbie vegetarian, there were only some extremely nasty grain “sausages”. I just didn’t understand, how they could make such a horrid thing from plants when plants are so tasty? :smiley: (Grains not so very much but better than the thing was and the spice plants are super flavorful.)
I couldn’t do such a bad tasting thing using plants! I was just curious, I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian so I had huge variety, never missed meat :slight_smile: Those doomed to fail imitation things always seemed so weird to me. Allegedly some of them are better now. But the best is allegedly like chicken and chicken isn’t a great thing… Bacon flavor is doable without meat and it’s good, my fav salty cracker had it. I don’t eat it anymore despite the light, crunchy texture I can’t make myself… But it’s fine.

I am envious. The cheapest sliced bacon here is twice as much and it always has sugar as far as I know. I don’t check it nowadays, the price alone is a deal breaker unless I specifically want crunchy rashers. I am very pleased with my bacon ends with half the price. It’s the same just not in thin slices. Cubed ones are cheaper too but I had a bad experience with that and I prefer a single piece anyway. I may even try to make rashers from it… But never did.

@FrankoBear: I learned something new from bacon now. But pork loin is super lean while bacon is supposed to be fat if you ask many of us :smiley: Oh well, each to their own.
I always preferred ham over bacon (I am not sure we had “bacon” when I was a kid. we had smoked pork belly, sure but we don’t call it bacon. still don’t know what is called bacon here but it looks like the American one and it has no Hungarian name while all the other similar stripey
cured things have. not all are made from belly) but it’s not so easy to find ham I like so I ate little in the last years.

It’s Monday and I am back to my original goals. Carnivore, no coffee, simplicity, little dairy and processed meat. We will see.
I ate a lot of sour cream yesterday (compared to my usual tiny amount), it was so nice…
November is getting closer, I should get my stuff together now.

Still nice weather though today isn’t so warm. But sunny. The A/C is checked and cleaned, ready for the heating season but that is in the future, the house still have about 4 Celsius to lose for us to start. And that’s downstairs, our rooms are warmer and that’s good as we live and sleep there, that should be the warmest place in the house. And maybe the bathroom if you ask Alvaro, I don’t care. But maybe the cold showers made him less sensitive too? He is healed and back to work but our water is warmer, it’s October so it was time, maybe… But I am so used to cold-ish showers that I really dislike really warm showers. I prefer them going from cold (but way above 10C!) to lukewarm :slight_smile: And if it’s much warmer, I feel it scalding despite it’s surely somewhere below 40C… This will be my first winter used to cold shower, I am curious how I will feel the cold. My nose and feet are hopeless, they already complained on colder days. And I can’t put warm clothes on my nose :frowning:

(KM) #133

Sure you can!


Maybe a bit excessive but kind of cool :wink:

(Judy Thompson) #135

The have been times when I’d have loved that kind of warmth on my nose!

So yes, I decided I do have a cold. In a year and a half of carnivore this is my first one and a wonderful opportunity to assess the effects of different foods on my body’s state.
Yesterday for lunch, a big but not thick ribeye with a spoonful of bleu cheese/butter (Butcher Box). Water, and a black coffee. Also ice cream I made with pure hwc and eggs. It was then I thought I didn’t have a cold after all because there was no reaction, no sneezing, no runny nose, no itchy throat and ears . Then lastnight, 3 eggs fried in the bacon fat I cooked with them and OH MY that hit me hard! But this morning it’s like I never had a cold at all, the body absorbed and healed overnight.
I have to say this is the strangest cold I’ve ever had but an unparalleled opportunity for personal research!

(Judy Thompson) #136

@Shinita @Karen18 yes, wasn’t vegetarian meat an interesting phenomenon! I was lactovegetarian for 11 years and tried it all! Worthington Turkettes come to mind, lol, and Loma Linda hot dogs. This was from 1974 to 1985 so they didn’t have Beyond Meat, and vegetarianism was yet pretty unpopular. I could eat a huge salad bar in a steakhouse for $3 because, who would eat just salad?
They did have some weird veggie frankenfoods back then. Methinks I ingested a lot of soy.

@FrankoBear just saw your bacon chart. Not sure all those are available here, an interesting variety.


Oh my we surely had no fake meat here back then :smiley: Or who knows but probably not.
We didn’t have fancy Western things :slight_smile: I don’t even remember pizza but maybe there was some, somewhere, I surely never ate any before I become an adult. And we had to stand in a row for hours to get a bunch of very green bananas. I hated bananas as a kid as I didn’t know how the ripe ones was like. As I hadn’t the patience to wait for who knows how many weeks.
Sorry, just some memories.

Vegetarianism is a thing here since long, that’s sure but I only saw those vegan things later? Or I didn’t notice? No idea. But they still aren’t numerous. There is a tiny section and it doesn’t seem popular. And tiny bio shops have vegan items, I saw vegan non-cheese there first.
And I STILL didn’t try them as my curiosity isn’t big enough to justify giving money for something I am sure isn’t any good… It’s the same with almost every vegan imitation, I am a tad curious but not that much :smiley: I rather buy some good food! Making things is another matter, I did that sometimes but only to try things out, I didn’t need those items. Except maybe seitan, that can be useful (especially when Alvaro doesn’t want meat and the usual eggy/cheesy things are out for some reason) but I learned to make it after I tried out carnivore so very recently when I already had meat and that’s a better and tastier protein source. I wonder if I would have used it a lot if I had discovered it in my vegetarian keto times… (I hope I didn’t mess with the verbs much, I almost never need these fancier ones.)

Soy was fun. And then I didn’t want any for the next 1-2 years as it wasn’t good, just fun. I definitely didn’t need it with my high protein from normal things. I didn’t even need to think much about plant protein as I always loved eggs and dairy and no one told me that 10 eggs a day would be a problem (not like I ate that many). I heard about some BS later but I am a hedonist and I am mostly healthy so good luck to persuade me to eat only 2 eggs a week. Or day. Or meal though that happens sometimes… Anyway, eggs are normal, popular items, every normal omnivores and carnivores who can get to them loves them. No matter how little my knowledge was, it just felt natural to eat eggs. I was an omnivore land mammal without sensitivities, eggs were just right for me.

I did skip eggs for 1-2 days as one day I felt eggs too smelly. How I survived being a lacto-vegetarian for that long I don’t know :smiley:

My next comment will be all carnivore, I made a photo too.

(Karen) #138

Very misleading if that is the case this is the bacon nutritional value that i have just been eating.

Doesn’t smoked increase carbs? … and yes i can see there is sugar in that nutritional info, whereas there is none in mine. I wouldn’t be able to eat bacon with sugar in it… can’t stand sweet now!

(Karen) #139

I believe Linda Mcartney started the first veggie brand but of course back then were crazy expensive. The quorn range all tastes exactly the same … meh! There is no distinguishing between chicken and beef. Quorn is mushroom based protein but it tastes nothing like mushrooms either. Cannot believe i stuck it out 10 years! I put on a lot of weight too during that time. I always thought vegetarians were supposed to be thin … oh and frumpily dressed… mid length frumpy mumsy dresses, brown cardigans and flat unattractive shoes :rofl::rofl::rofl: thank Heavens for beef steak to bring me back to my senses!

(Karen) #140

Took an age to get off to sleep last night i reckon it was around 2ish… left my watch charging downstairs so couldn’t actually say how much sleep i finally got! I still got up a few times to the loo as well🙄

Got stair running straight away and then added a couple of sets of air squats to the hand release push ups and shoulder reps. Sat in garden to read and drink my black coffee. Topped up the already full bin liners waiting to go to the charity shop and filled a smaller bag with more books for the sally army. I got a few of them from the sally army so just giving them back for the to sell again :grin:

Took Raymond with me to the charity shops this afternoon so he could pick up some shopping and we enjoyed a cuppa in a local cafe.

Brunch before the afternoon trip was 2 crispy duck legs … hoisin sauce duly tossed in bin and i am sure the duck was far better for not adding it. Hoisin sauce can be a bit sweet like bbq sauce which i don’t like. They were very nice albeit a tad salty. The salt value didn’t stop me gnawing every bit of meat off the bones! Very tender.
Dinner was ribeye steak with the bacon and hardboiled eggs mix…4 rashers and 3 eggs.