Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge



Oh, hello there. Welcome. We are just setting up the space. Come in anyway.

Eggs? Oh, we just needed something tangible to start the conversation.

Usually we start with what our goals might be for the month. Then we walk on down the timeline. Checking in as we go. There are stories to read, inspirational, some horse falls, and sometimes cries for help. We are a crash of very low carb carnivores tumbling through the calendar on criss-crossing paths toward better health.

Oh, eggs… Here, pull up a chair. To some they are a staple. Some people are allergic. Some people just don’t like them. Then there are the rich duck egg omelette recipes. I prefer a duck egg soft boiled in which to dip biltong. There may be gator eggs, or python eggs, maybe even an echidna egg story involved.

There will be discussion on what fats are in eggs and is the food fed to the chicken expressed in the egg. Are we eating what our food ate?

It’s not a strong start. The topic is probably more suited to Easter than the month of All Hallow’s Eve. And yet we have a start.

Welcome in join us with your explorations. No need to walk on egg shells.

Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023
(Bean) #2

Eggs yum. I think I’m trying duck eggs this weekend from a lady whose ducks are only pastured this time of year. I can’t eat American grocery store eggs- haven’t for years- but I discovered while in central Europe this summer that I can eat eggs in the EU.

Upon researching it a bit, it turns out there is a quite a bit of difference between how they are handled. So I tried farmer’s market eggs when we got home, and I can eat them. I thought possibly I had worked through my allergy… but nope, grocery store eggs are still a problem for me. Still, this is happy news and I’m eating 2 dozen a week. I might -ahem- even crunch on the shells with my hard boiled eggs a bit sometimes with some salt. It satisfies my need for crunchy.

I don’t seem to do as well with cow dairy, though, when I’m eating eggs. Again, I can do a little non-homogenized and some goat milk, but American cheese is a hard no. I wonder if it is an “either eggs/ or cow dairy” thing? My face/ eyes are swollen this morning from nibbling a cheese board at an event yesterday.

I’m 30 days in to full-fledged carnivore. Some general observations:

  • My weight is up. I do have a little more muscle, but I’m at the top of my clothing sizes. I don’t think my calorie intake/ outgo has changed, but I know my composition is changing, so as long as I’ve got clothes to wear to work I won’t worry. (ETA- I put on a pair of “skinny slacks” for a work thing this morning and they fit. So I guess my shape is changing?)

  • I’ve only had 2 headaches this month (both dairy). I used to have 5 per week.

  • I was really tired yesterday… turns out I do still need to do need to mind my electrolytes.

  • I was alway ambivalent about pork. Now I just mostly don’t like it.

Goals for October:

  • Cut coffee back. I also brought my Nespresso habit back from Europe and I suspect it is somewhat counterproductive. It does soothe my ADHD beast, lol.

  • Stay out of dairy.

  • NOT tinker with meds or supplements any further until November.

I’m working about 50-55 hours a week right now and taking a language course for my credentialing. Aging parents/ adult children keep me running constantly. I won’t post often, but I’m lurking here all month admiring your photos. I’ll contribute one this morning. I’ve had good luck with chuck steaks this month. I break them down from roasts and freeze them raw in meal portions, making for a very economical and quick evening meal.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

I have to say that after that introduction, I’m kind ot chicken to post in this thread. Guess I’ll just have to wing it, and see how it goes. But anyway, so far my carnivore adventure has been quiet, nothing to crow about. :bacon::bacon::egg::egg:


(Bean) #4

What’s the thing with cymbals that comedians do? Ba dump bump tst!

(Harriet) #5


(Bob) #6

I eat eggs and sausage every day. I flip back and forth between over-medium, scrambled, and omelets so I can fool myself into thinking I am having some variety, lol.

I am guilty of buying precooked Jimmy Dean sausages. It’s just so convenient to microwave them for 50 seconds and I’m ready to go. Although I don’t think it makes much of a difference, I would like to work on buying raw/fresh sausage and cooking it the proper way.


Oh my beloved staple and FrankoBear’s style, what a nice start! :smiley:

I actually recently diminished my egg consumption, our 70 eggs a week is in the past (some were consumed by Alvaro, of course but I am the bigger egg eater), now 40 is enough (we have only 30 for this week, tricky! but no problem, I have some nice fatty pork and smoked mackerel to focus on) but it’s still quite eggy, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

My goals. Well I really decided to finish my very much not carnivore summer already. September just didn’t go that well BUT it wasn’t bad either. Except when my eating window got unnecessarily huge… And when I had a wilder weekend day… I need to take things seriously already as my carnivore November won’t happen.

Weekend or not, I start on the 1st and we will see. My goal is to eat carnivore (or extremely close as I usually do) on weekdays at least but it doesn’t mean I don’t try on weekends, I just still have a few fruit seasons left, visiting Alvaro’s Mom would be unnecessarily hard without relaxing my ways a tad (little vegs in the meat soups, that level only) but I plan to stay pretty close to carnivore and definitely keeping keto for October. Not like I ever had a keto month since several years ago but considering it was 7 weeks, maybe not even then…

My vague aim is the usual: little dairy, not too many eggs if possible (but it depends on my meat consumption too. it’s best for me to eat over a pound of substantial meat every day but if I just don’t feel like to do it or if I unusually desire a lot of eggs, an eggier day is fine), small eating window. OMAD or TMAD. No food (or coffee) before 3pm on weekdays - or after 6-7pm. I was very bad at the latter this week while I don’t need to eat then at all. If I eat properly in my eating window, of course if I can’t manage to get my nutrients in time, I need them later and my body is unwilling the understand the concept of doing it the next day.

So I hope I will be back tomorrow. Not today yet for reasons. I persuaded Alvaro to cook food for me too this weekend. He tends to cook two very time consuming, not satiating, carby veggie dishes. Now we have a vegetarian keto soup and paprika chicken (almost carnivore, good enough for me). Both were my idea (the soup is because I don’t trust the not sugary canned items, with reason. so we used up 2 jars of forest mushroom but some green peas too so there is more space in the tiny freezer. And we need that as Alvaro ordered a bunny for Tuesday. Only one as we don’t have much space).

The weather is nice but it wasn’t so sunny today. Tomorrow we go to some bird thing, I don’t know exactly what, we touch the city so we may pop into some supermarket. I would like some cheaper cheese (it’s usually Edam) as it’s quite good mixed into certain dishes, I use it partially on pizza too. If it’s not mixed (or cheese whisp as it doesn’t matter what kind of okay cheese I use for it), we use a better cheese like Gouda, Alvaro’s favorite. Or Masdaam, one of my favs. Edam is WAY cheaper (especially when Gouda isn’t on sale. Edam is often on sale. Gouda too but it’s too young so we buy the other, still not very aged but more flavorful one) and works just as well in the mentioned dishes.

But I don’t really need cheese anymore (at least not regularly…), that’s nice. I have too many fav dairy items and it’s very easy to go overboard with the total amount every day…

Back to eggs, I gladly hear about different eggs. I only ate chicken and quail eggs this far if I remember correctly. And fish eggs, of course but they aren’t so great IMO. I heard nice things about guineafowl eggs but never could get some.

It’s good we are carnivores and carnivore sympathizers here and don’t judge :smiley: I imagine it’s a nightmare for many people and annoying for most, interesting that someone likes it.
I really crave crunchy sometimes but eggshells wouldn’t cut it. Really crunchy skin (not easy), scratchings, cheese whisps (that’s the easiest) do.
But I still want crunchy biscuits sometimes. And I am unable to bake any, even using a lot of flour (and it’s not something I easily do but on my wildest off days I did try). Probably because I refuse not to use eggs :upside_down_face: Crispiness with eggs is doable (even my 100% egg sponge cake buns have it when really fresh, that’s fun) but crunchiness is too hard.

Hmmm… You say it’s possible I have way less lately because I am closer to carnivore? Who knows… I will keep it mind and try to figure it out! :smiley: I won’t be able to, probably as there are way too many factors and my headaches don’t follow patterns, sometimes I have a lot and sometimes less on the same woe and when I am closer to carnivore, there may be other positive things (like less overeating, more chill) but maybe I find some correlation if I focus on it…

I can relate… I quickly get bored of such sausages, I still use them in need but it happens very rarely. I barely eat any kind of sausages now but they are handy now and then. And they are often tasty with a great ingredient lists and I have zero problem with good processed items. But I don’t need them often anymore and that’s good. I often can eat all my not small amount of meat using not processed items, that’s nice. I still like some smoked pork belly in my eggs sometimes. Sausage is only when my meat is a bit little or lean and I just don’t have a better idea. That’s the soft precooked sausage. The normal raw sausage is special, we rarely buy it. And the dry sausage (115-150% meat as it’s dried hard) is another matter, I used to eat it every day and now basically never… Alvaro still likes it in his scrambled eggs but he likes not very fatty pork belly too. He had it for breakfast today.

I see new nicks here (nice to meet you!) Alvaro is my SO, I use his name in these carni threads only. And I am a carnivore sympathizer who tries to stay close most of the time, my record is 2 weeks of pure carnivore (happened in a November years ago) but I am not better with carnivore-ish either, I really want to change it in November and in 2024. I feel almost ready.
But as far as I eat quite low non-animal net carbs on average, I feel good and my body doesn’t complain.

(Michael) #8

Balut. A delicious treat or an abomination? Anyone try these eggs?


That’s not a proper egg (from our human feeding viewpoint or how should I call it), it’s already an animal body… It’s surely an experience! :smiley: All those little bones and whatnots…

By the way… Each and every time I saw movies where people have found eggs in the wild and ate them (last time in the Witcher), they all miraculously were in the very very beginning state where there wasn’t an embryo… Considering what an egg does and how quickly a bird develops (I don’t even know about how long it is for lizards… but it varies for both groups, of course), it’s some huge luck to find such an egg… Even though some birds wait until some eggs are collected…

But movies and novels (and especially fanfics but those have ALL kind of weird things. I’ve read many thousands I think so I know fanfic writers may do just about anything, no limits at all) have these super weird things anyway. Like people getting satiated with some wild berries they obviously find any time… Good luck with that. I always find eating only bread like it’s some proper meal super weird too, it distracts me whenever it happens.

Eggs are great but we really should expect a little bird in them if they are in the wild and we didn’t see the bird laying it…

I like my eggs fresh and sans embryo, thank you very much*. A tiny rudimentary heart is fine, I am not super squeamish, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

*It’s just my current preference, not like I ever had any other experience. If it would be survival, I wouldn’t be choosy. I would eat probably anything remotely edible except pure sugar. Well I would try honey (if I woudn’t need to get 1000 bee stings for it, a little bunch of sugar - as I couldn’t handle much, most probably - just doesn’t worth it) but I prefer and badly need my fatty protein sources.

Satiation wise, eggs are better for me than the birds… Does it make sense? If the birds are made from the eggs? When I eat chicken thigh, it’s just part of the whole bird and it’s a big one, not a baby but still…?
Not like I ever tried to get satiated by eggs alone, it would be futile in most cases as 10 eggs have way too little fat and protein for a decent meal and I tend to stop there.

I ate 5 little chicken thighs today. Still not satiating but why would it be…? It was fine in its somewhat meh way :slight_smile: Not the tastiest food, supermarket chicken thigh. Not bad but not something very enjoyable. I still like the tenderness, texture, fattiness etc. It had a little skin but not the whole thing, just perfect for paprika chicken. Or chicken stew, I didn’t add sour cream so it was normal stew today.

(Geoffrey) #10

Abomination and I don’t have to try one to know that.

(Geoffrey) #11

I can see that this is going to be a punny month.

I can get tired of eating some foods but never eggs. So many different ways to fix them.

(Robin) #12

Never heard of it. Googled. Now can’t unsee it.
I need to scour my eyeballs and induce temporary amnesia.

(Bob) #13

Okay, so I just Googled it too despite your warning. You’re right. That’s nasty.

“Balut” is close to the sound I make when gagging, lol.


What is balut?

(Michael) #15

I teach students from countries all over the world. They have told me they are delicious, but I can see many finding the ingestion of 12 day old embryonic eggs being a turn off. I have never tried them myself. Not sure I would/could, but I might if in such a country.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #16

There was a fad in the West, probably about a century ago, for eating fertilsed eggs, as being better for health. I have no idea how the nutrition of a fertilised egg compares with that of an unfertilised one, but I suspect it’s not that great a difference.

In any case, an unfertilised egg raises no issues for vegetarians. Hens lay eggs, no matter what.


Lamb chops over a wood fire. 6pm dinner. Some leftover winter blowing in from the sea tonight. Warm salty beef bone broth for ‘dessert’.

Sharpened axes and chopped some wood today. Felt good doing that. Still have some weirdo aches and pains in muscles and joints for the past 2 months. It subsides at home and flares in the city. Home is in a woodland near the ocean, sleep better, fresher air, get outdoors and into sunshine, drink fresh rainwater, and food is all controlled/ cooked by me for me.

4 chook egg and grated Jarlsberg cheese omelette fried in butter for breakfast at about midday.

2MAD is normal on this way of eating for me.


I never understood why that would matter… Anyway, eating chicken eggs pretty much means supporting mass rooster killing, it can’t be avoided… I understand it can be viewed differently especially if one saves old hens from factories and uses their not very frequent eggs but egg or dairy industry just can’t happen without killing many males.

Today was very lovely, we saw SO MANY different birds! It’s a weekend with many opportunities to watch birds from very close, I saw quite a few, held and released one*, petted another**, Alvaro made photos, some of them will come later!

*It was a male bearded reedling, a beauty and the bird of the year in 2023 in Hungary.
**A common kestrel, one of my favs.

We did a tiny shopping, there were some great sales for very important items - and they were run out :sob: So Alvaro will be really careful with cheese and I just eat virtually none but that’s fine. No bacon ends for me, oh well, I will survive.
But I bought some Vienna sausage (chicken) and that’s good as we came home at 2pm and I only started to cook afterwards… My pork roast will be ready to eat around 5pm.
Fortunately I got quite satiated yesterday so a small lunch without pork was fine. I didn’t want eggs (we have few anyway), actually ate 6g cheese with my Vienna sausages, had 2 small chicken thighs… Even a bit from yesterday’s soup with sour cream, it wasn’t the plan, I planned a fully carni day but I will be relaxed in the weekends in October anyway and I was hungry. Not like it helped much but soup is nice. And it was low-carb enough for now.

And now I need to survive for some time but it goes well. I am not hungry but not satiated either.

I saw some CRAZY pork green ham sale, even got a piece. It was way cheaper than a few years ago. Wow. And the piece is nicely fatty (for green ham, it’s still a leaner meat but not too much this way). And I got a lot of quark (800g is a lot for me. I can only use up a lot sweetened but Alvaro gladly helps and its expiration date isn’t very near). We grabbed the 800g sour cream on sale too as we only had 900g… We don’t eat much sour cream except when there is a dish using it and surely October will have such days… Creamy ones too as I have 2 boxes expiring soon. No problem, Alvaro is always ready to eat pudding… I have lots of ideas for some whipped cream too, most of my carnivore desserts involves it :wink: So it doesn’t necessarily triggers coffee drinking… Even though they are amazing together. Oh yes, I drank creamy coffees with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top. I did everything to get rid of my hunger while lacking my usual items and I am still surprised it worked…

(Geoffrey) #19

Having worked in several different countries I have encountered some strange foods that the locals thought were delicious but not being raised on them myself they were just nasty. I’m willing to try most things once but balut is not on the list. While working in Korea I tried silkworm larvae. Nope, never again. Nasty.

(Karen) #20

Hi all happy October eggstravaganza. Well i thought i would post first eggypic.

Streaky bacon omelette for brunch.
Dinner has been 2 sirloin steaks which were so tasty followed by some lamb ribs which were okay, very fatty amd i feel i should have eaten them first and steaks second as they have left a bit of a fatty taste in my mouth. Never mind plenty water, hot and cold, should get rid if it.

Yesterdays food

I have just been having 2mad since 7th Sept and have now got used to finishing my meals between 4 & 6pm. Last night Raymond and I went dancing over in Pelsall which is just over an hours drive. It was a pleasant evening but i didn’t get home till half midnight. I went straight to bed and was asleep fairly rapidly! I would ordinarily pick at some cheese on return but having not eaten any since the 7th sept i never even thought about food. It is definitely all about habit. In fact i didn’t even enter the kitchen … and because of that i forgot the night meds sitting on the worktop! Note to self: next time leave the meds with cup of water on the little table just inside the door where i drop my keys!