Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(KM) #141

“Very misleading if that is the case this is the bacon nutritional value that i have just been eating.”

The picture I posted wasn’t of the nutritional profile, just the ingredients and some random stuff that’s always on the package for some reason. The rest of it looks like this, so not much different from yours, except it’s a lot fattier. Thank you FrankoBear, I didn’t realize “pork belly” and American bacon are basically the same cut.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #142

An interesting day today. Around 1:30, I had four hot dogs, which usually fills me up, but an hour later, I was hungry again. So grilled a couple of burgers. I must have been hungry, because they tasted great, right up to the last couple of bites. I finished, because I wasn’t going to put a single bit of hamburger in a container in the fridge!

But now, at 7:00 p.m., I’m hungry again. I just got a delivery from the grocery store, so I think this meal is going to be a ribeye. Yum!

(Geoffrey) #143

Four scrambled eggs around noon and then a little yellowfin tuna salad with pork cracklings.
So a neighbor of mine had 11 young Guineafowl show up at their place. They tried to find out who may have owned them but with no luck. They ask if I wanted them and I said yes but after some reflection they decided to keep them and try raising them. They’re city folks so we will be helping them learn. I’m hoping that when the guineas start laying that I can get some of the eggs. Tough shells but rich eggs.


I wrote more to this comment I forgot to send yesterday so here is another monster comment. I will try harder.

@Karen18: Wow, that is a lean bacon! The bacon here is 35% fat.
And WAY less meat, hey, @kib1, why yours are so meaty, what is wrong with ours…
Oh well I barely buy any, it’s just some little occasional fun, not very important in my nutrition…

Even the processed meats with sugar aren’t sweet, it’s just a tiny amount. Maybe you are more sensitive than me, I HATE sweet meat but I can’t feel it in our items. If it’s sausage (and I was unlucky so it has sugar. it’s possible to get it without but if another I like goes on sale, I don’t necessarily bother), the <0.5% contains a lot of paprika too :wink:

Some are. Many vegetarians are young women who want to look great and if they are vain/determined enough, they get it, one way or another. Unless their body is really against that but a healthy young one usually can lose fat in simple (not necessarily easy to bear but they are serious) ways…
I was a fat vegetarian, getting fattier and fattier, very slowly. I ate too much but I needed it for satiation and satisfaction. I overate fat as most people in this country (as least compared to their carb intake. I probably overate everything, no need for comparison).

I had black clothes, t-shirts with skulls and steel-capped boots, once with a chain instead of a shoelace…

I still consider my vegetarianism a very great idea, my true one, I mean, I had to do it to avoid eating chicken every Sunday.
I stopped when I got introduced to Japanese restaurants and raw fish especially salmon… Yum! But it was soon after I move out so no Mom to feed me chicken anymore…
But I just didn’t buy meat for decades to come for some reason. Only ate some in restaurants as it was almost impossible to find good vegetarian dishes in the once we visited.

On keto I avoided meat to keep my protein lower. Yeah, it was easier on vegetarian keto as far as I remember… Carbs were the problem and they aren’t that now (on my normal days, not the off ones, they vary).

But I promised a photo! I ate most of it for lunch (half of my fluffy dessert. it has a little milk and 10g butter this time, it’s a heavily egg white based one, of course with some yolks for flavor) and the rest for dinner along with a bit more stew.

I ate 3 sponge cake buns as well. With butter. My meat was all lean, dairy pretty low and I still was unable to keep my fat below my protein… I need to keep myself from eating much butter.
I thought about a new experiment, surely I thought about it before but it goes so very against my nature that it never was successful. I mean, I couldn’t even TRY, I just forgot.
So, I wanna know how low I can keep my fat while getting my minimum protein. I know 120-130g fat is a normal number for me and this is with 13 years old fat minimalization efforts. And it’s the minimum, I obviously have way higher numbers for both fat and protein as it’s me.
But I am curious too and need experiments now and then. So I go for the leanest possible lunches now and we will see if there will be any difference. I need them meat heavy for it to happen as I tend to eat my eggs whole in average. I can eat more whites with some dishes and very easily more yolks but it’s usually around 1:1. That’s just a tad too fatty, 65-66%? I need it lower for the day. It’s doable if I can forget about my fatty favs for a while. And if I have nice lean pork or something else but green ham is my best bet. We have chicken breast now and while I don’t like the texture at all, it’s very easy to make it soft and not dry (soup, wet dishes) and it’s almost enjoyable there :smiley: Truly that if I am hungry and the dish is tasty. But it’s too expensive to waste on me, it’s Alvaro’s who actually like the thing. I better eat pork chuck, it’s expensive for me so a rare thing especially that it can disappoint me sometimes :frowning: But I defrost a decent, 2.3 kg piece now. I only cut a little piece of it now and put back the rest into the freezer, I have other meats too. Hopefully the fully healed Alvaro will be willing to eat the mackerel already, I have been waiting for long! Of course, I love it so it’s fatty… But it’s fine to eat things with 1:1 fat:protein ratio in grams as long as I eat lots of lean stuff and very little very fatty stuff (I still have a tiny bit of scratchings for today. I eat that and a tiny butter as fatty things, I don’t open a box of cream yet).
I am good at subtle changes if I manage to make them a habit (if they are compatible enough with me, of course). It’s harder with fat but I don’t feel I want much fat nowadays, I just gladly eat my fattiest items but it’s not a need. It’s a bit like eating fruits. Nice but not needed so possible to keep it very low/rare and it’s better for me to do that.

I better stop thinking about these and just forget about butter, sour cream and cream… (Not completely though, that wouldn’t be nice.) I already almost dropped sausages. I still have pork shoulder in the freezer but I won’t often buy it in the near future, overly fatty and it disappointed me :frowning: I can’t tell looking at the raw meat if I will like it.
Now I am a bit lost. I had enough of disappointing roasts but I don’t like my stew so much either now. Maybe because Alvaro oversalted it… Maybe because I like it from fattier pork (or rabbit. it may be lean but more tender and just perfect for stew)… I wish for some other wet meat dish. I am not experienced in that area, I almost always just fry or roast my meat. Or boil but that’s not as good as a nicely spiced thicker something. I could come up with great ideas about meat+veg dishes (that we always made without meat) but I don’t want those, I try to go back to slightly longer term carnivore. Sigh. Maybe some cream/water/.meat mix would be nice. I will experiment.

But now I want fried pork chuck slice :slight_smile: I always fry it in little cubes as I like it but I saw so many steaks and fried chicken breast and whatever in videos in the last days… Pork is different but maybe I can make it very nice and new for me now.

It’s noon. I would like to eat since some time for some reason, it’s annoying. I feel I don’t need food and couldn’t eat much so why?
Maybe I eat a cheese whisp soon. That’s a nice snack but little enough that it may not trigger my need for a full blown meal (the thing that starts around 1200 kcal so typical lunch size in my world).
That’s why I don’t even think about skipping lunch lately. I am glad if I can last until lunch…

(Geoffrey) #145

I haven’t eaten anything yet but it’s going to be a meat fest today. An elderly lady that we care for is taking us out to eat for my wife’s birthday. We will be going to a restaurant that I know has good smoked pork ribs. I’ll be livin large.
Then this evening we are attending a Farm Bureau banquet and judging by past years, there will be plenty of bbq. I’m going to be one happy camper today.

(Karen) #146

A better nights sleep last night. Dropped off quite early and woke maybe 3 or 4 times for a wee trip but back off to sleep fairly promptly.
Up stair running shortly after 8am then into the garden. It is still mild with temp around 22° somedays feeling warmer when there’s no breeze.

Been pottering around the house gathering bits for charity… having to hunt for stuff now and i have half filled the recycle bin with paperwork that has been sitting waiting for me to burn… never got round to it as per. I can procrastinate forever :roll_eyes: also decided to put my dads whiskey jugs in charity shop… held on to them with the thought they may be worth something… i did sell some a few years ago and the rest have been to a table top sale and come home again so i am letting go. The charity shop can reap any rewards from them. All to a good cause.

Brunch was 2 sea bass filets pan fried in butter and dinner 2 sirloin steaks, delisciously tender, followed by 3 hardboiled eggs and 4 small beef rashers. Prefer pork but they were def edible.


I need to be able to handle certain items at home… I am so not good at it now :frowning:
(It doesn’t help that it’s October and my carbier times are close. I will be more determined in November but need some training now… Grrrr. I drank coffee too but only after 5pm and I had a headache…)

Still keto and wonderful macros, 137g protein and 103g fat (in 3 meals)… Well who knows if I will get hungry later… {I didn’t but I finished my coffee and egg milk as still had a slight headache.}
It turned out a 2.3 kg pork slab takes forever to defrost so I didn’t eat any today. So I had a Vienna sausage too, not just my pork stew and fish and eggs and lots of quark… So lovely quark, it is a good ally to bring down fat :smiley: As it’s inherently almost creamy, barely requires a tad sour cream to be perfect! And tasty, I don’t feel an urge to sweeten it or something (I can fight it but I can’t eat much of it then), it’s just right like cream cheese or cottage cheese… Mmmm.

I ate very little meat (around 300g? fish included) compared to my usual but I had it yesterday too… I had eggs and a lot of quark so I got my protein but I expect my body to complain very soon if I don’t change my ways. I will. We ate up the pork stew (I probably need pork chuck in it to be nice and fatty enough next time) and I finally sliced up some of the pork chuck. I really hope it will be nearly as amazing as it was in the distant past, the last few(?) was disappointing. I am a bit excited :slight_smile:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #148

Steak and eggs last night. I fried the eggs in the pan grease (helped with some bacon grease!) and didn’t break the yolks, for the first time since forever, lol! One of the eggs arrived cracked, so I got that dozen for free, according to the deliveryman (he brought the stuff all the way into the kitchen for me, what a nice guy!). He strongly advised cooking the cracked egg right away, which prompted that delightful addition to supper.

Burgers for lunch today. I got some frozen patties, which are dead easy to cook. You can do them in the microwave, but they come out nice and brown if you put them in a pan. They were delicious with butter on them. I am debating about supper. Probably another rib-eye and some eggs. We shall see!

(Robin) #149

Living the life, gimpy or not!


My “gremlin time” is amazing or I need to be hungry during it too? I enjoyed the hell out of a boiled egg (minus half the yolk) and some fried liver I didn’t find any good before… Still okay macros though my protein went up to 150g. Still not too high, I am learned to be pleased with this amount…
I am really curious how much food could satiate me if I raise the fat significantly and keep protein lower if possible but there are difficulties to figure it out, I have too many changing factors and I have a very hard time to change my natural fat percentage.
Oh well.

So, 4MAD for today (and a coffee snack?), tomorrow I go for OMAD as I won’t get home until 4pm and that’s late enough for a substantial meal. I decided to go off due to circumstances but now I don’t like the idea. Wow, I changed, it’s not the first time that some part pulls me back but still very new. It’s true I have pork chuck :heart_eyes: and that just trumps almost everything else… But that wouldn’t be enough. I really love eggs now too. Even almost hard-boiled.

My foot got better quite drastically (I listened to a healing meditation while not meditating… could that do it? I did know my body has the power to heal itself but I knew that before too) and tomorrow I will go some little shopping. I need my usual lean pork and today was the pork day, it will run out soon and there won’t be more until next week.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #151

Yep, it turned out to be steak, with eggs fried in the pan grease. For the second time in my life, pretty much, I didn’t break any of the yolks, yay! And that plus a a nice-sized pat of butter turned out to be a really tasty meal.

I never would have guessed that plant-free meals could be so tasty and so much more satisfying than what I used to eat. . .

Though the evening will not be entirely plant-free, since I’m going to have a nice cup of herbal tea now.


But why? Meat is tasty. Egg is tasty. Butter is just wonderful :smiley: Just like many other dairy items…
Maybe you wasn’t very good at eating things alone? I didn’t have that problem except I ate vegs with almost everything (vegs included. I ate raw vegs with cooked vegs sometimes) - but then I realized I can do without just fine! :smiley: Okay, in the beginning I needed more mustard to replace vegs somehow but I love mustard anyway and it goes amazing with eggs and sausages… I stopped eating so much since, it was long ago.
And I do need fatty meat with my too lean/boring meat. And I like to eat things with eggs too… But a good item is good alone :slight_smile:

Many plants may be extremely tasty but animal food is tasty too! (And some plants aren’t tasty. Like wheat. As time passes, it’s weirder and weirder to me that humans look at the plant and thought food. I know they were probably desperate. Still. It took so much work to make something still not really edible from it… After thousands of years it got decent though not very useful for people like me who just get hungrier after eating it but until then? Animal food is usually way more straightforward and natural and less work is needed to get something nice from it but alas, there wasn’t always enough of it. So we are here now and we are very many too. I stop before it gets too negative/deep with vegan propaganda and lab meat. I am very sleepy now.)


Oh yes, this is a nice pork chuck! I fried a bit in a pan along with 5g butter (I need to be careful but it’s a fatty meat, only needed a teeny-tiny help) and well, ate it up at noon, I just can’t be satiated for the usual time lately. It was very little, most of the meat was in the oven but it satiated me perfectly. Oh I missed this feeling… When meat manages to satisfy me just fine. It tasted wonderful! And I still have more than 2kg of it, yay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I even felt the butter! So so many flavors, tasty pork definitely doesn’t need spices but the butter was a nice touch :wink:

Maybe it’s good I ate as I won’t come home until late and then I still need to cook for myself, just some quick things like boiled eggs and frying the half-ready meat slices. As it’s in slices today. I used to use little cubes and big pieces but now it’s time to change things up. (I still didn’t use a knife and a fork, I just grabbed and chew it, no one saw and anyway, who cares. It’s tender so even my little human teeth are more than enough.)


Today was 3MAD (I hope), 7.5 hour eating window.
Finally a bit over a pound of meat!
I had small meals.
For my second lunch(?) at 4pm I just had some eggs, smoked pork hock and a bit of cheese.
I had some fried green ham (in slices this time!) for dinner, it was quite pleasant. I had 2 sponge cake buns too, one with butter.
Butter really can shine when I fry some pork in it. The chuck is tastier, bringing its own fat, the way leaner green ham got most of its fat from the (bigger amount of) butter. I strongly prefer the former but both were nice to eat. The supermarket had a 2 pound piece green ham, that’s it. Oh well. I will get some more in the weekend, we go to a town, there is an educational trail there. This town has a big event at the end of November when there are thousands of geese there, it’s quite spectacular but at least very loud (last time the geese arrived to the lake a bit late, they still were visible but not as much as usually) :wink:

So, my day. Macros were good. Guesstimation says 133g protein, 115g fat and some nice butter and cream could fit into it. And it was a meaty day, I probably needed it.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #155

Half a dozen eggs for breakfast/lunch. A tad undercooked; they were hard to shell. Another minute would have been just right, firm whites and partially liquid yolks. But yummmmmmy, nonetheless! :egg::+1:

(Karen) #156

@PaulL if you break the eggs into a cup then add to the pan, allowing the eggs to slide in to pan at a low level they shouldn’t break. I like my eggs firm not runny so it wouldn’t really matter to me… oh and never break the egg on the edge of frying pan… i break mine on the top of the work surface. Just saying…

Stair runs to start the day followed by reading and coffee. Bath got dollied up and went to a local afternoon tea dance. Had a pleasant time, nice people.

Brunch before going dancing was at midday … 2 sea bass and packet of mussels. Pic is from other day w/o mussels cos i forgot to take pic today :grin:
Dinner was crispy duck legs x2 and sirloin steak. Delish

Took some more stuff to charity shop!

(Geoffrey) #157

Busy, busy day today and extremely blessed. I didn’t get a chance to eat until around 3 in the afternoon.
Lamb burger and eggs.


Today is Day 10 of my return to ZC, and I had a non-scale victory today that I’m very happy about.

The last few days were very busy and stressful, and I had a board meeting this evening (on Zoom) which are always stressful. I usually eat dinner after the board meeting My pattern after evening board meetings for a long time has been to order GrubHub, because I’m too tired to cook and also feel like I deserve a reward. I typically order some of my favorite meals that are “healthy” but not keto, like Indian or Mediterranean food.

So, tonight when the board meeting was over, I was tired and hungry as usual, and feeling like I deserved a reward. But now I am committed to ZC. I walked into the kitchen, and the only thing thawed and ready to cook - and enough to satisfy my hunger - was a rib-eye. Oh - but I’d have to cook it, and I’m so tired! Even worse, my carbon steel pan was dirty! And, steak is so boring!

But then I thought about how good my body has been feeling for the last 10 days, and the weight I want to lose, and how much I hate those relentless carb cravings. I had a few seconds of mourning for the Indian food I wanted to reward myself with. Then I put on my apron, cleaned the darn pan, and fired up the rib-eye. A few seconds into cooking it, it started smelling good and making me hungry for it —- and then I was ok.

I’m so glad I survived my evening of temptation, and took some steps toward breaking a pattern!

And it helps to have you guys to report back to.


Maybe not when you really tired and want to cook the simplest things possible (or rather not to cook anything) but can’t you use Indian spices on your meat?
Actually, I ask this from myself too… I don’t like most Indian spices so much (it’s a nice variety once in a blue moon though) but I do adore tandoori masala… We always used them in plant-based dishes, I still can’t imagine curry without a lot of vegs but maybe there is a way…? I never felt it important to experiment as I am fine with my other fav spice mixes but usually just use salt on my pork and eggs - but now I feel I should make more interesting dishes…
Even if the results wouldn’t replace your ordered dish, maybe it would sooth something due to the spices…?

You did well! I am WAY better when I already have momentum and things go really well since days… I don’t want to ruin it.
(Too bad that 10 days is a long time and something tends to come into my way at that point… At least it was the case until now. I am really determined about this winter. Well, somewhat. Determination is powerful but a bit tiring. I need to change my own desires and some other controlling things. And then I may be weak, not caring, I just go into the right direction as that is the most tempting. It’s my ultimate goal. Eating whatever and whenever I fancy and having OMAD/TMAD carnivore-ish most of the time without eating too much. I am sure it can happen.)

Indeed. That’s one reason I am here even when I am off. It helps to remind me I should come back asap (not like my body or desires would let me stay off but still, I want every help to make things the best possible for my very undisciplined self).

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #160

I cooked a ribeye for supper last night, and decided that I wanted eggs to go with it. (I love steak and eggs!) The eggs came out just the way I like them, firm white and runny yolks. It was a very tasty meal.

But between the runny yolks and the meat juices, the liquid on the plate made each bit a bit juicy. Some of that spilled onto my shirt. So you might say the yolk was on me. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: (ROFLMAO)