Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(Karen) #301

Up a bit late this morning after a wakeful night. I had to get up at one point as i just couldn’t get back to sleep after a wee trip my brain was working overtime.
No stair runs today no CrossFit. I needed a bath n hair wash and to eat brunch, a sirloin steak prior to heading off to dentist. An hour & 20 mins in the chair with mouth wide open…oooh i had such a headache by the end! Then when he’s finished he says ok close your teeth together… wth!!! Couldn’t close my jaw! I have had a crown removed and prepped for root canal treatment next week and new crown. Headache subsided as soon as i had mouth expander taken out…what a relief but no gain without pain …it will all be worthwhile.

Went to the fresh fishmonger before getting bus home. Bought a big sea bream and the fish man fillet it for me.
It was beatiful pan fried in butter.

As you can see i finished it with baon n eggs . Smoked back bacon which i don’t like as much as unsmoked but nevertheless tasty… and no sugar in ingredients!


Had to drive up to the city. There’s a work meeting tomorrow with a new manager. First meeting, new manager, and we are talking about workloads for 2024. She could have bought us a drink first.

Today I was able to get to breakfast at 3pm. It was ham, eggs and cheese. Thin sliced ham fried in ghee, mixed with 4 pastured chicken eggs, and topped with Jarlsberg cheese slices. I was hungry after an active day previously where I was unable to eat dinner. Tonight at 6;30pm I added some cold baked beef rib meat (part of last night’s dinner) and about 100g of double brie. Then some full fat, plain Greek yogurt.

During the 3 hour drive to the city I felt a sudden elevated heart rate. All I had in the car was water, so I sipped. I turned up to dinner with my mum. There were some really noisy neighbours playing loud music. Instinctively I went into full autonomic sympathetic mode. Some might call it panic. But I had to get out of there. I excused myself, left my Labrador behind and drove to my brother’s place. It was quieter there. I could concentrate on the cage fight in my chest. Mum was happy for the trade off, she loves the dog.

I took my heart rate it was 190-200bpm, I had a dry mouth, chest pain radiating into my left arm, I had physiological sweats, light-headedness, thinking was unclear. So I took some aspirin and some heart medication (first time in years), a beta-blocker to lower blood pressure and heart rate. I took a double dose, 300mg magnesium citrate, and then repeated that every 20 minutes. I’d usually make a salty bone broth but didn’t have the capacity to do that for about an hour. I didn’t want to got to hospital. I put on my noise cancelling headphones and some deep tone meditation drone notes and regulated my breathing to 4 to 5 breaths per minute. 2 hours later my heart rate was 110. I made that bone broth. My gut hurt from the magnesium. I was exhausted and went to sleep.

I woke up at 6am after an 8-hour black out (no dream sleep).I was puffing and felt tired. That means I was probably still in tachycardia. My heart rate was still 110. I had been running from the wolves the whole night. I started up the magnesium again and a bone broth. Told work I would work from home. I went out to do some carni shopping (eggs etc), It was all hard to do, breathless, leaning on stuff, not wanting to smile at people who served me, physiological sweats. I must have looked like a junky. I didn’t have coffee. Maybe that was it? I got home and gut tolerance on magnesium by mouth was reached. I relaxed into some more meditation and my heart rate reduced to 70. For the rest of the day I paid for that cardio work out with a 3-hour nap before breakfast. I read a book about the barbarians taking over the Roman Empire in the 3rd century. I found that relaxing. I’ve lost a day of work productivity.

I am looking into dysautonomia a bit more. Bad case of Dr. Google. As tachycardia (fast heart rate) can be an extension of the “fight-flight-freeze-fawn” reflex driven by the sympathetic nervous system. I’m looking for an autonomic nervous system rebuild.

(Robin) #303

I can’t imagine a tachycardia/AFib episode lasting that long. Exhausting and scary. I think the pure heart pounding adrenaline makes it harder to slip into yoga breathing mode… and relax.
I consider myself the queen of chill, but those moments/hours with your heart trying to escape your chest make it extremely difficult. Can’t believe you went shopping!

(Karen) #304

@FrankoBear sorry to hear about your episodes again i will keep you in my prayers… and sod work productivity, your health is more important! :pray::heart:

Dancing today… just a local tea dance. The lady who runs it is 96! She is very hard of hearing and just keeps on keeping on to keep going i think. She is very forgetful and plays a lot of quicksteps, i think she plays them everytime she forgets what she has already played! Pleasant afternoon though and Raymond gets to stretch his legs.

Brunch was bacon omelette, dinner was 2 sirloin steaks followed by bacon n hard boiled eggs.

Realised i forgot to take a pic of brunch!

Nom nom nomstrous november!

(Geoffrey) #305

“You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din”.
I worry for you Frank

(Judy Thompson) #306

Frank how scary, holding afib that long! Your idea of rebuilding your ANS is interesting though. Probably people with compromised autonomic nervous systems also need to learn to take it easy. I am one. I know there are times when I must rest and that’s all there is to it. There are folks who can just go and go and go, but I have learned that rest is so important for me.

I had my annual physical today. My hemoglobin counts (MCH and MCHC) were a little high and the doc said it means my blood is better than perfect! Good ole carnivore diet. My glucose is 104 just like last year and he’s prescribed a patch with an app to measure blood sugar every 3 minutes. I said cool, I love stuff like that. Probably won’t do it more than the 1 month free trial.
For the first time, he’s looked at a diet regimen for blood sugar, on a site called He wrote down an order nutrients should be eaten, to reduce insulin spikes. It doesn’t affect me on carnivore but it’s interesting. This is all an improvement over the old medication route.
By the way, normal blood sugar was always 100-115… I can’t take 104 seriously as a high number.
Also, I ate my liverwurst late the night before the blood test. Not eating at night would bring it down below 90 on zc.

Cholesterol- the doc told me to eat oatmeal to bring it down. Ha. He knows I’m not taking a statin. This is just one of those things we put up with from this kind of doctor.

Colonoscopy- upcoming. Should I take less of the prep laxative than they give me, on zc?

Yesterday I fixed thighs in the air fryer along with shrimp fried with bacon; and on Monday, rib eyes with carnivore noodles and a carni gravy. Sunday, sous vide and seared chicken quarters. Today we went to a restaurant and had 2 sausages and cheddar wedges. Now to see how many of those things I took pics of!

I like No-Stopping November too!
And @FrankoBear the white tailed cockatoo is beautiful!

(Judy Thompson) #307

I think I’m going to try to stop eating the snack at night, except maybe after the late gigs on Friday and Saturday. Lastnight I didn’t have one and I slept better.

(Karen) #308

A few stair runs this morning after a wakeful night again. Couldn’t stop my brain working over time so got up and went downstairs.

I have really cracked my addictive nature because whenever i had to go downstairs when i couldn’t sleep i would snack on cheese, no matter how late it was or whether or not i was hungry but now i don’t even open the fridge… when i have eaten my dinner that’s it for the night. I have dropped the weight that had crept on with all the cheese and mayo and feeling really good again. Probably lost between 5 &7lbs if not a tad bit more! Definitely not by going hungry…the snacking was purely habit.

Brunch was a bacon omelette

Dinner 1 sirloin steak and 2 beef burgers followed by a side plate of bacon bits

(Bean) #309

I had the employer-sponsored annual quasi physical. I only do it because I get a discount on my insurance. I have to have other blood tests then what’s offered, so it’s mostly an annoyance.

So… cholesterol. I’m alarmingly high (like 428), but my ratio is better than average. -shrug- Everything else was good except my BUN, which is always high. Has been for years.


Paperwork and cemetery visit in the other part of the country is done (graves got super expensive in the last years, ouch. I mean, paying for it not to be demolished, IDK the term. that got pricy but now we have the 3rd grave for 25 years too. finally. I tried to put things into order before but somehow they didn’t find something or forgot or whatever. but now it’s done and I even know when they expire!). I barely was home in the last 3 days. I had enough. Rain, that was useful but I want sunshine already. We had much rain. Still nice weather, heating won’t be needed for a while still.

We visited the city twice and got some cheese, other dairy and meat. I need some good supplies for November (I like to start on Monday but maybe I will have some plant matter there as I couldn’t resist to buy some not-sausage. with mixed organs and that was too interesting, it’s usually just blood and liver. and the real sausage, bratwurst, they usually go together but I focus on the real sausage as that is the best by far and it has no rice as filler. all the others have it but the carb content isn’t very high - way higher than the one of the sausage, obviously - so I didn’t resist this time. just won’t eat it in November) and I always need my lean pork anyway. The last one is amazing! It’s from LIDL so it’s fattier than normal but still quite lean in my world. I didn’t fry it into oblivion and dryness, that doesn’t suit leaner meat, it stayed juicy and it feels fattier than it actually is… I didn’t even need cream, just meat, salt, water.
But I have my processed items, both meat and dairy, some organs and Alvaro brings a new bunny on Monday so I never will get bored I suppose. I need to make my carni November work. More or less. I won’t feel super disappointed if it won’t be pure after some weeks but I still want it to be very close to carnivore. With good timing and food choices. And the beef stew doesn’t count, I actually wish to eat it in the first weeks despite the tiny onion content…
I plan to eat as many different animals and cuts as I comfortably can :wink: We visited LIDL on a Friday and every Friday is Fish Friday with sales - but I just didn’t want fish now. I do want some new species for Christmas. Gilt-head bream… No idea what it is like as I never saw it except in LIDL but it was… Not very expensive but I rather bought deer or salmon for that money… But I will try it soon. Probably not a big deal but experience points! Those are precious. There was trout but in too big packages and we really don’t have space or mood for it right now.
I will be glad if I can squeeze the rabbit with its odd shape into my freezer… I have a small hen inside (whenever a little space emerged, I put it something else), good for soup, my last soup was disappointing. I saw sales for meaty bones but with too much plastic :frowning: Nope. I will get some bony meat eventually but now the hen will do fine.
So I will have variety in November :slight_smile: Rabbit, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, possibly deer… No idea when I can find some mutton, that probably won’t be possible… But I can buy some duck… I saw guineafowl in LIDL but no space/mood/etc.
I saw ribeye, $23/pound, about $51/kg. It’s high luxury, no chance at all. Inheriting a few millions (in HUF so it’s something but not sooo much) don’t make me rich enough to try it (not like it has really much to do with each other. I never liked to spend too much money on mere food. I had principles. spending a ton of money on a bike ride? sure, it’s fun. eating? it’s fine just to grab something modest :smiley: I did ate out but that wasn’t super expensive either). But it’s fine, I am happy with some deer. I am not happy with my complete lack of mutton eating though. I ate mutton before, there were some normal prices for it, where are they? I will check out the hypermarket again…

Stupid supermarkets have their Christmas items out already. I am obviously into Halloween now. But when I am not, honestly? :smiley: Okay, Christmas Eve is for Christmas. But the two actual Christmas day… I’ve heard Australia only has one…? no idea about other places. we have 25th and 26th as off days, Christmas day 1 and 2 but nothing happens there so Christmas is the 24th for me, with family dinner and gifts.
The 25th of December is carnivore restart to me as Christmas is finally over and I can avoid carbs to my heart’s content and I don’t get temptations (I am home with my good food). Just some spiced wine in the end of the year, possibly. And January is another chance for a carni month.
So, Halloween. I googled and found some great Halloween treat ideas. I will use green ham and bacon to make hands :slight_smile: And I forgot what else, carnivore limits my options and that’s great as there are way too many options and I still have some. But the meat hands sound good (I planned to do it before but never did). Even if it will be some light colored well cooked pork so it can’t be as red and rare as the food of many people here… I will bring photos when I make something but I can’t promise photogenic food :slight_smile: It surely will be tasty and healthy though. Well, healthy enough, it will be simple supermarket stuff but my body doesn’t complain.

One day I managed to wake up at 4am… It turned out I ate too much lately as I felt no problem. And I wake up after 7 since, I hope I will keep it. I really dislike waking up too late regularly, no matter how many hours I sleep. (But it’s about 8 anyway. My body is stubborn. It gets its calories, it gets its fat and protein and its sleep too. I can’t just skimp on any of these. I drink a lot of water too. I am quite thirsty lately.)

A tiny vent too. With carbs so blur AND warning is warranted.
We visited Alvaro’s Mom twice this week (apparently I needed another paper for the paperwork. inheriting from a not direct ancestor is about the one time when my lack of tax card, whatever it is called is a problem. it’s good I had a paper from the tax office so I used that today). Despite me barely being at home, I made the usual low-carb cake, she can’t bake without sugar, loves sweet treats and that cake too, just like Alvaro. I don’t like it anymore but I didn’t do it for myself. We ate food (carbier than what I liked, I forgot my own food at home and wasn’t determined enough to figure out what to do and I was hungry early. October already went astray though yesterday was pretty good… oh well, it could have been worse, there was meat that wasn’t chicken this time), came my cake and she immediately brought some sugary ice cream to go with it. My cake with zero flour and everything.
Sigh. Why am I even trying…?
Then she drank sugary soda and offered it to us. We refused. It is only ~13 years we avoid sugary drinks but one can never know I suppose. It’s not like we eat zero added sugar a year… But sugary drinks are on another level, I didn’t consume them even when I ate 10-20 slices of cake at a party… (I liked good homemade cakes. I liked water just fine, sugary drinks made no sense to me.)
If someone here is new and doesn’t know yet, Alvaro’s Mom has diabetes. She pretty much followed doctor’s order and barely touched some sugar now and then but it seems she relaxed her ways… :frowning: She lost fat, that’s good but drinking sugar, seriously? It can’t be even so good… But she doesn’t use the sweeteners we like, find them expensive I think. Not like we drink sweetened drinks but I understand some people may want that.

(Judy Thompson) #311

Lol you’re so funny @Shinita! We’re in the country so no trick or treaters but I can only imagine the reaction if I handed out meat hands to the kiddies :crazy_face: I’d probably end up on the 6:00 news, lol
So the doc told me to take vinegar in water before 1 meal. Sent me to a website, Glucose Goddess, who is a French biochemist who suggests people eat nutrients in order to lower blood sugar. There was not much on the site so I bought a Kindle copy. I read it in 20 minutes, it was mostly recipes and a workbook, all useless. The order is vinegar, fiber, protein, starch, dessert, 10 minute walk. That could have been published in less than half a page. All this to avoid telling this doc that Ancel Keye’s cholesterol theory was disproven decades ago.
@beannoise how does your doc react to that cholesterol? Mine says eat oatmeal, lol!

He also has prescribed a glucose monitoring patch with a free trial, because my blood sugar was 104! Lord. But I’ll get it, I’m always curious. With kicking the evening meal to the curb I may lower my sugar anyway. (Before carnivore my blood sugar was 130.)

Today I took beef ribs out of the sous vide and seared them. Used that gravy I made the other day, no spices, garlic or bbq sauce, ugh.
Oh and a hard boiled egg to which I applied duck Mayo! Dr Kiltz’s recipe, best mayo I ever had.
Then made ice cream.

Duck fat Mayo

Ice cream

Gigs all weekend! We finish Sunday at 6 after a wedding. Hubby has been writing music for months for this one, we will both be glad when it’s over!

(KM) #312

Was that Jessie Inchauspe? I think her main point is just that blood sugar won’t spike as harshly with foods eaten in this order, but even if it’s true I have a hard time finding that to be enough unless maybe you’re 24 and you have no existing issues with insulin resistance.

(Karen) #313

Mornings are getting chillier and today was a bit foggy but i still had coffee outside while doing my reading.
Tea dance this afternoon at lichfield and had a lovely time. Such a great crowd just like family they are!

Brunch before driving to dance was the last pack of spicey chick wings out of freezer.

Dinner was 1 sirloin and 2 beef burgers followed by large plate of bacon bits.

(Geoffrey) #314

Nothing for me today. I started a 48 hour fast yesterday at 1:30 pm.
31 hours in and all is well but tomorrow at 1:30 I’m tearing into some smoked lamb.


hey Bean. Is that “cholesterol” your total_cholesterol? I’m guessing the good ratio is HDL:TG, high density lipoproteins to triglycerides. If the cholesterol number is mainly LDL, it needs to be read in context with the other bio-markers like fasting insulin. Dave Feldman is doing interesting research into lean-mass hyper-responders. You probably know that information.

Thanks for your kind comments.

I have been to three doctors in the last 24 hours. Squishing them all together. Trying to extract the juice of their knowledge. Since the more severe tachycardia on Tuesday I have been wiped out. The best I can describe it is having the body aches and pains after being in high contact sport like football or boxing, but this time round I also feel like I have concussion: low grade headache, screeching tinnitus, moments of nausea or dizziness. I know concussion from playing contact sport and having done some tournament fighting when I was a young man working as a concert bouncer. My personality has changed this week in that I feel quick to get upset. I’m taking afternoon naps. I don’t have cold or flu symptoms. My fasting blood glucose is running a bit high at 6.7 to 7.0 mmol/L (but when I took myself to the emergency department yesterday it was 5.3mmol/L). I seem to be able to write coherently. But maybe it reads muddled to you guys?

My usual GP has shifted practices. So I saw the women’s health specialist at my usual GP practice because she had an appointment become free. She was great. I wanted to talk about brain fog and concussion feeling but she was too focussed on high heart rates. She looked at blood test results from about 4 months ago and was surprised to see a series of fasting insulins, and how they had remained steady. She wanted to talk about blood glucose regulation and how she had found a biochemist online, the Glucose Goddess , and how foundational blood glucose is to health (she’s new to low carb).

She didn’t blink when I said I was a carnivore. But she said I need fibre in my diet for my gut biome. I said that what if there is an adaptable gut biome for carnivore eating. Then said not to worry, as I wanted to get her opinion about how I felt like a bus had run me down. So, after testing my blood pressure 130/71 and blood oxygen levels, body temperature (normal), heart-rate (65), she said I had to go to hospital, that I should’ve gone when my heart rate was 190, and that was because she could not tell on physical exam if I had had a heart attack. She said it would be likely I wouldn’t go. The reverse psychology was blatant.

I might be stubborn, but I’m not so stupid, so I picked up my novel, patted my dog, and went to A&E. And sat and waited, and relaxed and read the book. Eventually. The doctor in A&E advised that 48hrs after a “heart attack”/ chest pains is often when dumb middle-aged men suddenly die. But my HR was steady at 60, my BP was normal 115/80, the ECG was normal, and that there was no signs of leaking enzymes from my heart muscle to indicate any heart attack. He waved my out of the A&E telling me I had a good GP, and not to be stupid, as he prefers to see men with chest pain and tell them all is OK, rather than seeing people dead. These Aussie doctors can be quite forthright.

This morning I went to another GP as I was able to get a booking, as my questions were not answered about feeling concussed. Bit of a wait. I stared at the ugly carpet. Young doctor, very thorough. Checked me physically. HR 60 but BP 140/110. Checked me for vertigo and whether I had had a stroke, but I passed all the tests. Took another ECG to tell me what we knew that I wasn’t in atrial fibrillation. Thorough, like I said. My heart rate was 56 and BP (2nd test) 130/90. I can’t work out how I have a low heart rate but high BP. Their opinion was that my cognition problems was from a mix of being tired from the big AF episode, that I had taken a beta-blocker and that I had a history of sensitivity to that drug (it can be a side effect for some people), I was working to hard. They said I should rest.

Phew. Last night I had a rib steak after a cheese omelette about 10hours before. Today I had bacon and eggs at about 1pm but felt nauseous after eating and had a lie down. My neighbour thinks it’s a good afternoon to fire up the ride-on mower, so I’m suffering that just at the moment. And that tells me I am a bit noise hypersensitive. I’m seeking tranquility. At least it’s not his chainsaw or leaf blower. I don’t think he has a rake. OK, that’s enough.

Glucose Goddess meme that summarises her approach:

Oh my.


Hey Vores,
With @Fangs away, and we are playing. I’m feeling a bit knocked around at the mo’. So, please, in a few days time, can someone put their paw up to start the November 30-day Carnivore challenge thread? I’m not sure I will get to the starting blocks on time to do the set-up.


@JJFiddle: This country has no trick or treat, Halloween is a young thing too and some people are against it. We can see decorations in supermarkets (of course, business is business) and carved pumpkins in front of houses and on fences, very few and some people does it.
I make everything for me :smiley: (But I don’t see anything weird in giving kids hands either, on Halloween… snack sized ones with something to bring with themselves too. would they be mad if I painted rocks? I could make them look like candy I guess :smiley: and they wouldn’t disappear in a bite! but we don’t have trick or treating and anyway, I probably would make some keto candy, I like making food and have experiences with low-carb treats. I would even prepare some for the kids without a sweet tooth - and very much without peanut allergy as my only good fat bomb recipe has that galore.)
The hand won’t be tiny anyway, I am glad if I can pull it off in any size… I need to be careful with the bacon, I only have a normal package and I bet both Alvaro and I will eat some before… But they only need to cover a smallish hand, the other hand will be plain. Not every buried one gets wraps!

Oh it’s sooooooo nice paperwork and all the travelling is done. I feel tired, body and mind. Not soul, I bounced back as usual and have great plans and want to dig myself out of the deep pit I somehow fell. If I ever manage, I may talk about it but it will be shameful. I am such a loser. It’s very true so fine to admit it.

Alvaro will cook food. A very carby one. My old fav (definitely not something I particularly like now). It’s an October weekend (i.e. I don’t try hard to do carnivore) but carbs are about the last things I want now… We will see. I probably will get a little taste and that’s it. Not when hungry. I have pork, eggs and I want 2-3 rashers of super crispy bacon!
Tomorrow I put some pork and the organ not-sausage into the oven. As it has some carbs but I am curious. And I really want to try my carni November on Monday even if it’s not that month yet. Monday is the natural starting day for me. And I had enough of plants, totally. I never desired carnivore more than this. It would be nice if it would last for long but it wears off as the negative effects of plants go away and that does it very quickly. I usually don’t even need to do carnivore, just fast for 10-something hours.
Fortunately feeling right doesn’t mean I feel any inclination to eat off. I need a longer time for desires to emerge. Oh I am so curious what will happen in November but I really try to do better than ever. Measly 2 weeks on carnivore, it’s my record even though it was true carnivore if I remember well, not my usual carnivore-ish with little extras. As it was my early days when it was a novelty and I was enthusiastic. But I barely had any meat and couldn’t eat much meat either (maybe I could pull off 0.5 pound a day? I have no notes, just vague memories) so it should be better now… Even though I still believe I don’t need pure carnivore. But it’s not so hard to do it for some weeks (theoretically) and I like 100% things to some extent. They may prove useful too. Tiny extras are fine but if I manage without them, for weeks, I probably will want/need them way less later and that’s neat. I aim to reduce amount and frequency of my mostly harmless little extras. And it’s good not to depend on so many things. If I occasionally choose the easy or more joyful way without negative consequences, fine but if I can just be without it…?

I should leave the forum for a while, today I very strongly use it for thinking. I am half awake, by the way. Sooo tired. I just sat in a car and did some shopping, how come it can tire me out this much?

The house is still warm enough, my room is 20C but I do need some warm pajamas sitting in front of my computer in the evening… I have a super thick fluffy warm blanket with 3 huge cat heads on it, their bodies hidden behind 2 balls of yarn, it’s from my Aunt.
The rest of the house is a bit colder but not by much. And now I want sunshine, we had enough rain and gloom.

I still drink coffee here and there (nice comfort stuff after paperwork and being away all day… at least theoretically though with the right amount of cream or milk it is still nice) but I can see myself stopping, it’s not so great anymore.

@FrankoBear: I can’t follow these medical things (especially with my current tired brain but my knowledge is non-existent anyway. last time I was even less ready so skipped the things so didn’t know what exactly happened) but I wish you getting as well as possible as soon as possible! (It sounds a bit stupid, oh well. I am bad with these reactions I think.)

So there is such a thing in this world… It was new to me.
I don’t do any of these if we consider them strictly… But this “carbs last” is in the basket with all the separation I don’t get. Of course I eat everything at once like normal people… Alvaro eats everything at once too but it’s especially important for him. One has sides to go with the main dish. Many treats have multiple groups. My individual food items have multiple groups. I eat fat, protein and sugar at once in my eggs…
There is some separation possible to a very tiny extent even for me but why would I ruin my food joy? Okay, I can eat leanish juicy meat and butter separately as both are great alone… But I have a very strong inclination to eat about 65% fat food.

At least the glucose thing is easy as my carbs are normally low anyway. I saw some other pics when I checked out the “hacks”, it seems so weird to me to work on putting multiple carby foods in the best order… I totally understand one wants to eat lots of carbs but maybe some dishes could be not so carby? And a normal salad is totally carbs to me.
Maybe I shouldn’t think about these things, I am just too far. Though I still think about carby diets as my own SO has one… But he eats somehow normal…? Lots of fat and animal stuff.
By the way, he still thinks about keeping vegetarian days. Maybe he doesn’t intentionally do them but he knows when he does it. He said it’s fine if I fry the not-sausage on Sunday and he puts sausage into the dish he cooks as he didn’t eat meat on Wednesday (we visited his Mom on Thursday and Friday so we had meat then. his Mom always eats meat, we appreciated she managed to give us vegetarian food in our vegetarian years!). But his vegetarian days are pretty rare now. Not surprising, I always eat meat and he isn’t against meat, he even likes it just don’t want a whole lot and on every day of the year. But he cooks vegetarian food most of the time so sometimes he just doesn’t need meat with it, just eggs or dairy.

Sorry, I try not to come until Monday and only when my brain will feel okay. And I did something to build a better future.

(Bean) #318

It’s LDL to HDL. My ratio of “good” to “bad” is better than average. My total number is 200 points higher than last year, though.

My triglycerides number was excellent. A1c was good, but my “estimated” average glucose is 104. I’m not worried about Type 2 diabetes, but I have long had reactive blood sugar and some family risk of Type 1. Blood sugar bouncing around this last summer was the final thing got me going carnivore at the end of August. I feel like if Type 1 was going to pop up, it would have by now. I suspect my problems have more to do with my other three autoimmune disorders.

Easing into fasting- watching both blood sugar and pressure. Dropping coffee at the same time did not work (blood pressure dropped), so coffee stays for the moment.

@JJFiddle My doc hasn’t seen my numbers. This was a employer/ insurance physical. I usually see the NP who usually lets me do my own thing. My ratio has been good. I suspect no one will notice until I need a med refill.

(Karen) #319

All were surprised that my heart rate was 45 which was normal for me but BP was really high. My Stroke consultant seemed unphased though. I still have a low hr usually around 54 these days now i am not quite as fit and active as i was, which of course was in the verys lol

Glad you are seeking advise though sometimes i think seeing too many professionals just gets us all the more confused as they quite often have different theories.
And you are still very coherent in your writing capabilities as i can still follow you… and that is saying something for me :wink:

(Karen) #320

Wakeful night again. Cancelled CrossFit at 4.30am knew i was going to have trouble getting out of bed. So tired this morning.

Brunch before shopping at 11.45 4 eggs scrambled in butter. Bought some more bacon bits and sirloins at The Company Shop and eggs from lidl.

2 smoked haddock fillets followed by 2 sirloins for dinner begore going to U3a celidh dance event. Went on my own but really enjoyed it… better than the croquet afternoon. Such a laugh when peeps can’t get themselves co-ordinated.

Forgot pic of haddock! I am not a huge fan of haddock, it was so so and just happy it was followed by the steaks! :wink: