Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge



What kind? I need one myself, all of the old ones got sticky and it’s not fun to clean them thoroughly after every scrambled eggs :frowning: Anyway, I watched videos and now I want some cast iron or something. Not one with a coating that comes off in no time, annoys me and poison living beings. I had enough.
I am bad at throwing out things so I have all my old but kind of working pans. They have their role but I am full and still don’t own one to cook my eggs in. Without sticking, at least.

Wow, that spatula sounds quite old and sturdy! Not like we didn’t have some 50+ years old wooden spoons and whatnots in Grandma’s house… But plastic isn’t as sturdy in my house. I do have a thick bowl that is probably more than 50 years old but it’s chipped and rarely was used and now not at all…


Thank you! Going out of town next week so I will give it a try when I return.

Btw - I am loving pork loin with fried eggs on top! It gives it that needed extra flavor and fat. It’s become one of my favorite meals. So I will try the pork shoulder with fried eggs too.

(Bean) #283

Still pondering. I let coworkers talk me into eating in the uni cafeteria- no beef available. Just pork and some chicken. I ended up getting a little of both and put a little sour cream on top. I was very headachy and reactive for four days.

I am have more trouble with eggs- could be the hen’s diet is changing going into winter. I think this is my last dozen for awhile. I only eat local farm eggs.

I eat local pastured pork- except sometimes pork belly. I don’t like pork, though. It’s becoming almost an aversion.

I suspect it could a histamine thing. Maybe. Or an autoimmune thing. Or both.

(Bean) #284

Did beef head meat in pressure cooker. Hubby got it as fajita meat. I’m eating it cold out of the fridge. Nice gloss of aspic.

(Judy Thompson) #285

Another long weekend survived.
Saturday we were playing at the winery and they were having a seafood event. The owner asked if we wanted some lobster which I declined. The smell of garlic is so noxious to me and everything cooked in his establishments is inundated with it. There was a time I’d have killed for a lobster!

I read the Wikipedia article on dysautonomia. What a large umbrella it is, over so many conditions! I wonder what percentage of the population suffers from it or whether diet can mitigate it. I’ll read your link to the discussion in KF to see what they said. So are they saying that all of those conditions are dysautonomia? Or that having one of these conditions, a person is at risk for all the others? Or just that dysautonomia presents as one or a few of the conditions individually?
It does seem like a large part of the population would suffer from one or more of those conditions.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t photograph everything I ate this weekend. I sous vided a small Butcher Box chicken and we ate it today and yesterday. Interesting that its breast was proportionately smaller than supermarket chicken. Good for me because hubby gets the white meat and he always wants a smaller portion of meat anyway. It’s good meat but I’m not buying it again, supermarket chicken is okay for me. I will go for the grassfed beef and make my orders mostly steak and burger.

(Geoffrey) #286

I fasted 24 hours for this feast.
I slow smoked a quarter of a lamb today.
After 2 hours on the pit.
After 8 hours it was finished. Fall off the bone tender.
It was definitely worth the wait.


I love living in a big city. Only thing I miss is that I can’t just go into the non-existent garden and throw some meat onto the grill.


I can’t even imagine living in a human settlement :smiley: I am very used to the peace and almost no humans here. We never grill outside though. It’s not a country where it is a very traditional thing but of course many people do it. We cook stews and soups over open fire though.

We went for a walk, photos will come later, it was BEAUTIFUL. Perfect weather, red foliage… Gulls frolicking in the sky…

Alvaro is pleased he will have lunch after noon, he did it super early yesterday… I do my best to wait, I ate much yesterday, I don’t need food yet. I have pork soup, pork in sour cream, smoked mackerel and rabbit.

Hey apparently I have an anniversary today!!! Yay! I don’t know how many years ago I have joined but it was some not short time already…
I looked up, 4.
It’s good I have a carnivore-ish day (can’t do much about the tiny extras in my leftovers but it’s really little), it wouldn’t do to eat off today! Not like it matters much but still :wink:

(KM) #289

Happy anniversary! Dance around, and keto on. :dancer:

(Karen) #290

Can’t say what the name of the fry pans was but they were cheap… only £8.50 for the set. Just small ones, one slightly bigger than the other. One is a small omellette pan (i used the bigger of the 2 for my omelette today) small one… well not sure what i will use that one for. My daughter is going to give me a cast iron one with a dodgy handle but i am sure that will be fine used with oven gloves!

The spatula may be older than i mentioned… i have cutlery of my grandmothers, still in excellent condition… they don’t make them like they used to… they were built to last the test of time! I haven’t thrown out the old spatula… not sure i can let that go yet :rofl::rofl:

(Karen) #291

Looks delish… note to self cook the lamb i have in the freezer! Not eating mit sauce now so i will have to eat butter with it

(Karen) #292

Up before the alarm today and 50 stair runs, HRP’s , delt work, squats, coffee and books outside until it was time to get CrossFit gear on. It was before the sun came up to warm things up and a tad bit fresh but had my jacket on. Went to CF and had a good workout. Really pleased with progress since last session last monday when i couldn’t get my brain to connect to my hands to lift them off the floor to do handstand shoulder taps! Today i managed not only the shoulder taps but also handstand holds alternating hands on and off a 10kg plate. I ended up with a headache again from being upside down so much during the technique and the workout but a couple of paracetamols later and it was gone. Emotions stayed intact so that was a huge bonus!

Returned home via ,The Company Shop and another 4 x pack of 3 sirloin steaks, some back bacon and a pack of bacon bits. Nearly bought a pack of ‘traditional’ bacon till i read the ingredients and saw that it contained demarrera sugar :astonished: i wouldn’t have even checked but for our conversation recently about the differences between American and British bacon! I have learnt plenty on here :wink:

Brunch was a bacon omelette which was great.
Dinner was 2 sirloin steaks and raw cooked king prawns in butter, followed by the remaining bacon in the pack that wouldn’t have lasted another day


No photo about my food, I ate pork soup, rabbit (it is gone now), a little bit of mackerel, some scratchings, 3 eggs and very little dairy in my drinks (cream and a bit of milk), almost all for lunch, I only drank and ate 1-2 tiny bites at dinner. It probably was a quite light day, everything was lowish, meat too. I am quite satiated now.

This place is called “Bare Hill” just in Hungarian of course. No idea why, it’s definitely not bare. We go there regularly especially when it’s the season of pasqueflowers or when the smoketrees turn red, the latter is now! :smiley:

Our street from the hilltop of “Bare Hill”. Look at that loooooooong reddish brown ripe Sarghum field! It’s quite pretty and I plan to make photos of it and Alvaro even told me to make one when it was all pretty in the sun but it was 15:30 and I was hungry… And I forgot. I probably will have a chance later.

I just love these plants now :smiley: We saw plenty of smoketrees, big ones (well as big as a smoketree can get), ones crawling in the ground among rocks, teeny tiny ones! They are spectacular and when the sunshine hits them from behind, that is the best.

I got hungry, not very much but I ate a few bites after 9pm (pork, half a Vienna sausage with a bit of cheese, a pickled egg). I will try to resist when I am not really hungry. But I really ate little before and I rarely can pull such days off.

Hungary still get 25C days… We here probably not but a t-shirt was just perfect for the majority of our walk (I had my lightest jacket too).

(Bob) #294

I see people posting food and since eggs is the theme, I thought I would share this tasty dish that is actually a menu item at a local restaurant down the street from me…

Actually, the italian sausage on the top left was from my son’s spaghetti dinner. But this was a delicious protein and fat overload, lol.

On the downside, I ate this after attending an event that had me sitting idle all day, and I had this kinda late, so I was up on the scale come morning.


Dysautonomia is a catch-all description. It means the autonomic nervous system is not functioning well. All the conditions relate in some way to a problem in the autonomic nervous system. But that system is complex, so the problems will vary with location, receptor, transmitter etc. If we are sympathetic nervous system driven (overloaded) we could be at risk of all, some, or combinations of the diseases. If we have specific/ unique individual expressions of dysautonomia we may have dominant or specific disease. Even getting started in trying to grasp the understanding of it requires some foundation in physiology, neuroanatomy and biochemistry, I think.


Felt a bit smashed up last week. I have actually needed a few afternoon naps, despite good sleep. But now, I’m following @Shinita’s example and getting outdoors. It is spring-time wildflower season here. So, a walk in the woods is nice. The cockatoos are the rarest of Australia’s 3 black cockatoo species. These ones are know as a Baudin’s white-tailed black cockatoo, named after a 19th-century French explorer. Their beaks are like garden secateurs. The cat photo is proof that the best cat trap design is an empty cardboard box.

Dinners have been beef steak of various rib cuts on the bone, or lamb fore-quarter chops. I have two or 3 chops depending on how thick they are cut. Drinking salty bone-broth, but coffee as well. Staying 2MAD as a foundation. Breakfast meal is usually 3 pasture fed chicken eggs cooked as an omelette, often with bacon and Jarlsberg cheese and butter. If you put a lid over the omelette pan it makes it grow taller. I call it foomphing. I like to foomph my omelette.


No-Stopping November is almost on us. Has October been a challenge for you dietary wise? Or, have you become more dietary wise? We need a name for Nose-to-tail November carnivore month. So, drop in your best carnivore pun titles in your comments, please. Yes No Vember.

(KM) #298

No Vegger?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #299

Not a challenge at all. The few times I’ve looked at carbs and thought of eating them, the thought was easy to dismiss, far easier than when I was eating even just a small amount of carbs. I am learning how much salt and fat my digestive system needs, and also that I should not stint on the food. I woke up in the middle of the night last night (early this morning) needing to eat, all because I didn’t make that third burger for supper. Now I feel I’m back on track. It’s noon, and I won’t need to eat for another hour or two.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I picked up a prescription from the pharmacy/chemist’s on Sunday, and decided to get the annual flu shot, a COVID booster, and the first shingles vaccine. The pharmacist put the shingles vaccine in one shoulder, and the other two in the other shoulder. So I was really feeling it, yesterday. A friend took me to the neurologist’s, and the doctor put me through some tests that involved serious electrical shocks. Another series of tests involved being poked with needles, which wasn’t nearly so bad, because I don’t mind being poked, and I didn’t feel the electrical current. But he pulled the needle out of one spot, and so much blood came out that it was startling. I guess the baby aspirin the orthopaedic surgeon has me on is definitely thinning my blood, lol! (Time to stop it, I think.)

Afterwards, I took my friend to lunch to say thank you for all his help during my disability. We both had steak and eggs; he had his with toast and home fries. I did eye his toast for a moment, but the urge quickly passed. When I got home, I was so exhausted from the vaccines and the doctor’s appointment that it was all I could do to get the dishwasher started and crawl into bed. I slept for six hours before getting up and having supper. My sister arrived back from a trip, we chatted for a bit, then I went back to bed around 8:30 and didn’t get up till 11:00 this morning (well, except for that midnight excursion to the fridge, lol!). Boy, I needed that! My shoulders feel better, and I’m over the vaccine reactions. Lesson learned: don’t get so many vaccines all at once, lol!

Today is PT for the ankle. I’m looking forward to it.

P.S.–I vote for “No-Stopping November.” I really like the sound of it.

(Karen) #300

I had my boosters a week past saturday…one in each upper arm bit i haven’t been offered shingles yet. It has been advertised on tv quite a bit, perhaps i should ask about it…i don’t need that on top of everthing i am just getting over!