Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(Geoffrey) #321

Broke my 48 hour fast with cup of bone broth. Later on I had some smoked lamb with a butter and bleu cheese dipping sauce. I am sure glad you guy’s turned me on to that. It’s delicious.


OK, we’re getting to the end of the egg carton.

Today I had a standard 3 eggs and bacon, a bit of butter, and some grated Jarlsberg cheese on the top. Feeling a bit more lively than the past few days and went and turned the compost heap and took some compost out to put under the avocado trees. I did some other small chores. And that was enough. I’m going to jump in the shower and mix up a salty beef bone broth for cocktail hour.


Thanks Karen. Yes, I’ve been advised a heart rate under 60 can pre-dispose people to premature heart beats (PVCs). Then PVCs can flip into fibrillation = fluttering heart.

I looked up the low HR and elevated BP mix. I think I need to be careful taking the beta-blocker (propranolol), is a lesson from my event.

Blood pressure medications

Some medications used for high blood pressure, particularly beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers, can also cause a low pulse. In order to lower your blood pressure, these medications decrease your pulse, reducing the workload placed on your heart.

(Robin) #324

My cardiologist automatically put me on Sotol to lower my blood pressure, without looking at my numbers. And in the beginning, I didn’t know what med was what. That Sotolol took me down hard! He felt terrible when I told him what happened.

I do think my blood thinner has helped raise my BP a little bit… which feel great.

(Karen) #325

I am on propanolol …i am advised to take up to 2 tabs 3 x a day. I generally only take 1 tab per day. They are for anxiety and of course if you resolve anxiety it aids bringing the BP down which is the reason i have been precribed them. My hr was 45 long before taking propanolol. I was prescribed it after my stroke when it was clear i needed more than just ramipril… i also take indapamide, a slow release diuretic which also helps bring down the BP.

(Karen) #326

A few stair runs this morning. A better night after the celidh dance. It was a laugh a minute watching everyone trying to co-ordinate themsleves. We had the extra hour in bed last night as the the clocks turned back for winter but i still only got a little under 7 hours… i need 8 - 10 hours a night!

The sun was lovely and warm in the garden this morning while reading and drinking my coffee. Took a walk to shop and then home and had a nice large bacon and cold water prawn omelette. Very nice and filling. Not done a lot since except a few codewords! Lazy day!

Steak will be for dinner with some king prawns.

(Karen) #327


Followed by


I spent way too much effort and time on food making today :frowning: But I had to use up some items (like mascarpone. I will eat some later but need Alvaro’s help so made the usual treat. he complained about it being too dense - but it’s not, it has way too much whipped eggs for that …- and not satiating enough because it’s not carby enough… his satiation works in strange ways. I told him about all the low-carb food he finds satiating… he wasn’t reassured. and told me he doesn’t understand me when I say “sponge cake” as it means scrambled eggs to me. it doesn’t :frowning: and he even got some proper sponge cake :frowning: but he never forgets about my default very nice one :frowning: it’s whipped and BAKED, nothing like scrambled eggs. and it’s for me anyway) and I wanted to make my Halloween things. A carby one, a keto one and The Hand! :smiley: Oh it came out so, so well, I am impressed and surprised :smiley: It is a small one using the lean part of the usual green ham. I attached a piece of “arm” and used 3 rashers of bacon but not on the tiny fingers (it is on the thumb though and it helped with realism). I add some blood tomorrow (I saw yolk mixed with paprika as part of a carnivore pizza, that should do) and make some nice photo! It’s hard to mess up a photo of a bacon covered pork in sunshine…
Then we may get more rain, forecast says. I hope not, we had enough!

We ate the organ meat not-sausage, it wasn’t bad. And I made and ate pork roast, of course I didn’t make only the tiny hand!

I don’t want to make any food for a while. I go for SIMPLE in November. Very simple. Simplest than EVER.

(Bean) #329

Travelling. Hiking and visiting adult kids. In the rain. I think we might mold. I love to hike, though.

Canned beef, frozen chicken. Rotisserie chicken. BBQ restaurant. Sous Vide beef thing from Costco. Staying over for a business/ work meeting in the same area tomorrow.

(Geoffrey) #330

Well I wasn’t pure carnivore today. I went over to my in-laws today to do some repairs on their house. It was cold as we are having our first cold snap of the year. Traditionally when we get our first real cold rolling in we fix good ol’ Texas chill. It’s nowhere near carnivore but it might be keto, I don’t know. So I made a pot, mainly for my wife. While making it a ate some bacon. A hard boiled egg. Some pork skins and homemade liverwurst. I ate one small ladle of the chili with some shredded cheddar on top. I won’t be eating anymore of of it but I am curious to see if it affects me in any way.

(Karen) #331

Having trouble getting off to sleep at the mo … makes a change from dropping off straight away and then waking up half n hour later wide awake!

2nd Root canal treatment today… hyper-ventillating with the pain of paying for it :scream: savings have been severely depleted!

Brunch when i got home was slow cooked pork chops. I thought they would be easier to eat than steak. Steak for dinner.

Dinner 1 med sirloin steak and 2 beef burgers.


It must be super expensive there… :thinking: I have spent a small fortune on dentists too but a single root canal treatment… IDK how much was and is that exactly but probably costs like a steak meal (homemade)!
I just had SO MANY bad teeth on high-carb, even as a kid. And crowns and bridges are pricier… Thankfully I never needed a whole new tooth or two, THAT would make a dent in our savings too… A 5-part bridge is already, well, not cheap.

Anything on the house is way more expensive though… Oh my, we must do something next year. Like, finish this poor house. Ouch. The rebuilding was stressful enough…

But let’s talk about FOOD! And Halloween, my number 1 holiday! I guess I just give the first 3 places to it, I love it so much. I have watched a cute spider video today from one of my fav youtubers, he is a lovely, fun chap, very very enthusiastic. Whatever the animal is, it’s typically his favorite from some aspect :wink:

My wonderful mummy hand, the way better looking side - on a bad photo (here was too little light for the macro lens, I should have changed the lens but the other one is old, we will buy another soon, it will be nice to have a non-fixed one again). Still, it’s visible how realistic is it, right? :smiley: Especially considering I made the hand shape in a minute, I really wasn’t in the mood to play much with the finger ends so they aren’t properly rounded…

(Geoffrey) #333

As I reported yesterday I ate some chili, very non carni with all of the spices, tomatoes and tomato sauce.
This morning when I got up and all day I’ve been hurting. My back, hips, legs, knees and shoulders are sore and aching. I haven’t felt like this since before carnivore. Now we’re also having a cold front coming through, got down to 34° last night, so I’m not sure if the food I ate is causing inflammation or the cold weather is aggravating my old injuries.
If it is the food giving me an adverse reaction would it really happen that fast?
Either way, I won’t be eating anymore of that chili, even if it was good. Thankfully it wasn’t a trigger to cause any cravings.

So back to eating right.
Smoked lamb with three eggs and a little bleu cheese.

(Robin) #334

Crazy how fast and absolute your body is at scolding you when you stay.


My body is still kind of indulgent… But it’s all over the place, I had a time this year when it felt I can add a lot of sugar and feel about the same (I always used to feel carbs before even if I still felt fine), of course only very short term like one day and it’s a lot of sugar for me, not for the average person… But lately my body wants me to be way stricter and a really not excessive straying triggers problems (bellyache and feeling bloated). But maybe it wasn’t the carbs but the peanuts last time… I so need this November, peanuts came back :frowning: I ate very little peanut on my off days for years but things got out of hand when I bought some special extra crunchy ones… But I don’t even want to talk about non-carni food now, I am BACK and hopefully won’t leave until December. I have no high hopes about December but of course I plan to keep the (vast) majority of it carnivore or close. But I need to bake for Christmas. Or else at least Alvaro will jump his Mom’s fancy Christmas rolls and it can’t be good even for him. His body can handle that much occasionally but it’s still not GOOD. But I have zero trust in myself, actually. And those rolls are tasty while unnecessarily carby, some of the carbs add NOTHING just misery to it. Bad deal.

But I really go back to a more carnivore mindset now. I will write about my goals in the November thread, here I may think back… Summer was fruity, obviously and I tried in the autumn… With mixed success. I had plenty of wonderful carnivore-ish days (even if pure carnivore doesn’t seem to happen. maybe there was a few, I don’t remember, it’s not so important, almost carnivore is good enough for me until November) but then I always strayed, occasionally too much :frowning: It should stop and stay away until June. And hopefully I will be a changed one in June so I won’t be able to stray too far if I wanted. One can hope, okay?

But carnivore(ish), even on and off keep changing me. One of the newest ones is that I see sweeteners more and more pointless. I don’t think about them as something that would make my desserts a tad better. Fine, some (typically non-carnivore) ones still not so enjoyable without any but I have plenty of nice, sweet carnivore desserts now. While I don’t even want sweet desserts, just desserts.
My sweetness perception keeps changing but probably the importance of sweetness too. Good. So even on my wildest off days I very rarely had sweeteners, it’s new.

It’s less new that I can eat a bigger amount of meat now so my egg consumption could drop a little. Except on days when I fancy eggs but even then, I rarely go over 10! And that’s not exceptionally high from me… Eggs add up super quickly! As I can drink them too easily… Egg milks are still amazing :wink:

I actively try to limit my dairy consumption since a while and it seems little and then I track and it’s over 1000 kcal from dairy again… They are super dense, well the ones I eat. I am not a light yogurt type or something, more like cream and butter (I don’t even track butter in that group, it’s in the eggs+fat one. I put eggs and fat into “breakfast” on the site I use for tracking. dairy is… elevensies? :smiley: we use “10 o’clock” in the Hungarian word. I put my meats into “lunch”, certain desserts, spices and condiments and all non-carni extra into “snacks” - gelatin is there. I never measure my spices and condiments, I just have something there as a vague average, not like it matters, it’s way too tiny - so I easily see how much I had from non-meat, again…).
I do have yogurt now, greek so 10% fat (it’s how it works here). It’s low but not super low especially for a yogurt. My yogurt consumption got 100 times higher since I discovered greek yogurt some years ago. Or something. I almost never ate yogurt in my life, I liked the sour kefir better but I haven’t eaten that light watery thing every year either. I always was against low-fat dairy, even denied their existence :smiley: I think I have a memory eraser function when it comes to that, it works automatically. I keep forgetting people smoke too so every time hits me a bit hard.

So things are changing but I am still SUPER uncontrolled and it wouldn’t be a problem but my decision making is very poor occasionally. I blame compulsions, they should go already. I am very powerless against them, they are worse then temptations. Anyway, temptation gives me joy so it’s not that a bad deal as some compulsions.
But let’s not talk about such shameful things. Where is my pride when I need it?! (I mean it against compulsions, not writing about my problems, I can do the latter if it helps me.)

So I should have a proper, stricter than usual/needed/wanted for long term carnivore month, it should change me more quickly and effectively. And I really need that. I want to do things right from now on. Mostly. I have a whole winter and spring, I am not unrealistically hopeful.

Weather is on and off sunny, quite great compared to the forecast that talks about rain … We don’t need rain for a while, thank you very much.

And the car will be out for weeks. And my bicycle is still bad. So no shopping for us in November, apparently (Alvaro can use his bike in dire need, 40km cycling is nothing to him. it’s not even excessive for me but well, no bike). Except locally. I checked, Alvaro still can eat 50g cheese a day (not counting the one for cheesy sticks, the one that doesn’t flow out) but I better eat close to none. That suits my plans anyway :slight_smile: I am not nearly as much into cheese as him.
We have turkey, hen, rabbit, pork, fish and a tiny beef stew. So I will eat 6 different animals, at least (I wouldn’t say no to a duck either… but the local supermarket rarely has it even when the chain has whole duck on sale. it runs out quickly I suppose, understandable, it’s not expensive whole). And organs. I will buy hearts later, the butcher has chicken and pork ones and I love both.

So, carnivore day #1 today. Not a no coffee day but I start that era tomorrow! I only had my least fav, non-instant coffee today, only once (this far) and BLACK! If I add enough water, it stops being too bitter or too bad at some point :slight_smile: And it happens before it becomes some nasty colored water to me.
I still don’t feel as well as I will 1-2 days later, I suppose I ate much lately. Not so much yesterday (I think… no tracking so not much idea but looking back it seems little food. I even got a tad hungry for meat in the evening but I rather went to sleep, yay. I had enough of late eating and will fight against that in November) but one normal day can’t undo my too fullness feeling. Good as I plan lean pork and liver for today, I have quark to eat as well so I will eat unusually lean (probably). I need being really well-fed to pull off a lowish-cal day. It very rarely happens even then, actually but I am bold enough to try. It’s not November yet anyway, I won’t be inconsolable if I eat a bit later.

Sorry, too many thoughts now that I am back and have great plans for November…

(Bean) #336

I’m pretty sensitive to nightshades. If I stray it isn’t with chilies, much as I love them.


Chili is like curry in this household: it used to be vegetarian, each and every time. I don’t even know if I ever ate some very meaty versions, probably not. Sometimes I vaguely plan to make those one day… But they feel so lacking with almost only meat. Maybe they are good though. Stew is mostly meat and still good, after all. Chili has chances. I am not so much into curry spice. It was okay in our curry a few times a year but I can put way better things on my meats. Like salt, the usual… Butter if the meat is lean… Mmmm.

I brought a photo!
Too little depth of field, I had too little light already… We got gloom and rain in the end. It’s too little natural light for me to function well.

I haven’t eaten yet, it’s just the plan. But I probably will eat close to this.

Roasted pork (green ham), chicken liver fried/cooked in lard and whipping cream, egg milk (with butter), my usual beloved super useful, no matter how Alvaro mocks them sponge cakes, bacon and 2 eggs fried in the bacon grease.
Not as colorful as a vegan influencer’s plates (and let’s not talk about the quality of the photo… I just document things) but it’s good for me. I get the other colors from elsewhere.

No idea about the macros but it should be… Good? With very little fat? I probably will eat some extra fatty bites but who knows at this point?

I had my half workout (the part that I tend to do every time, poor back and chest exercises are the other half. I have time now but I had enough so maybe later. That’s bad as I almost never do it later. I usually do it the next day at best and I just skip the whole month sometimes… But I want to do it properly in November, among others. I actually like and do my shoulder presses virtually every time but I haven’t improved since MAY. Horrible. (Well my back weight is smaller than 5 years ago or something, IDK what happened but I skipped 1-2 years and that single one dropped and never recovered. Do I remember wrong?)

The rain stopped, good as

  1. we don’t need more now
  2. Alvaro is coming home and poor soul will need to suffer November without a car. the car is for bad weather but it won’t be an option. it’s not so horrible but still, poor soul goes to work at 5 am in the dark!!! It’s one of the most horrible thing I can imagine for myself, everything and everyone should just leave me asleep at that time. And don’t wake me up until the sun is up anyway. Or if that happens, I just grab some hot tea and wait sitting until the sun is up.
    HOW I survived my schoolkid days I don’t know but I have some dark memories (literally… beind up before 6 in winter… even eating breakfast… it was so wrong…).

But I digress as usual. So, I wanted to say I had my half workout, maybe I will finish it soon - and then I have lunch. I may try to skip from now on but I probably will get hungry earlier on my workout days. I need some non-OMAD days anyway and lunch and dinner is pretty good for TMAD (dinner and second dinner sounds good too but I don’t have experience with that, I probably will try it all and see!).

I am definitely somewhat hungry now. I don’t feel I could eat much at once though but this feeling probably will change quickly as I take a few bites.

I am watching a video about dog food (instead of watching something nice and wholesome to nurture my poor tortured soul or something. I am curious about too many things and a big part of them aren’t pretty). I really, really didn’t expect good things and wasn’t even surprised in the beginning. Then came the rendering plants… Ouch.

(Karen) #338

Wow that does look realistic :scream: i like that the fingers aren’t rounded… makea it look more realistic!

The root canals in private clinic a little under a £grand :astonished: and i have had to have 2. Not sure what the 2 crowns will cost on 14th. 2 Extractions were nearly £400. Plus extras for temp crown last week! You can see why i hyper ventilate :confounded: i would rather have my teeth fixed than a big holiday though. Oh and eat steak lol

(Karen) #339

Had brunch in the Sally Army cafe today. Met up with Raymond and his neice and her husband who are here to help him move into the new bungalow. Ate 2 fried eggs and 2 rashers of bacon… i think dinner will be early today… tummy starting to rumble already! Forgot to take a pic but i can assure you it tasted good :wink:


I eventually ate all the food and a bit more for lunch (3pm) and dinner (4:30. yep I got hungry in 1 hour, odd after a decent sized lunch - for TMAD - but it’s good for a tiny eating window :wink: ).
My leftover food wasn’t much (I added some sausage to my pork. the pork wasn’t too lean, it was juicy but I fancied more taste and the sausage was so great with it and the sponge cake buns! felt like eating a perfect sandwich) so I had some quark mixed with cream with my last sponge cake too… I still was hungry so I tracked. 152g protein, no wonder, I had 3 different lean protein sources… Butter then. And a little butter (and another bite… and another… still not much in total) did the trick. And I do like eating butter :wink:
Guesstimation says 1630 kcal, 152g protein. 536g meat. Good day if you ask me.
I probably will eat more on training days but I was very well fed and it lingers for a while.

I am quite satiated now and ready for November.

The liver soaked in cream was quite nice. I liked all my food. And I got stop sign from my meaty lunch and after the butter I got satiated again, I needn’t to wait for a longer time today.