Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(Bean) #221

I think lamb liver is my favorite. I have beef liver in my freezer from our freezer beef, and I have access to grass-fed bison, too. Chicken livers are hit-or-miss for me. I want to try lamb kidney. ETA- I forgot I have a beef kidney in my freezer. I wonder if it’s a good first go for kidney, or if it’s stronger than other varieties?

We are in an area with a population of Amish and other Anabaptists, who engage in a lot of small-scale and specialty farming. I have to drive 45 minutes to the more touristy area, but there is a good butcher shop with a real variety of options. I bought ground goat last weekend. That is one of the few I’ve never had. (Yes, I’ve had alligator, squirrel, and horse).

I need to get friendly with some hunters, although I think the deer around here are basically grain fed. They do a lot of crop damage.

I’m lucky to have access to a variety of local meats. I taught a meat cutting class for about ten years, so I’m willing to eat dangerously carnivore, I guess.

(Bean) #222

Very good! Did you mean Jimmy “Dead”? It’s a funny error if you didn’t.

Coffee is going to be a problem for me with fasting. I have a barely-healed ulcer that complained this time. I think the fasting will be worth it, both from an autoimmune and “my pants don’t fit” standpoint, so need to resolve this. Without unleashing my wrath on any students at work.

(Bob) #223

That’s an error, lol. Jimmy Dean Sausages. I get these precooked ones from Sam’s that I can microwave in 50 seconds.

I had to give up coffee as it was a major trigger for my ulcerative colitis, which I believe has reversed/resolved/cured. I’m a tea drinker now.

(Karen) #224

I love my food too much to do any fasting! I have eaten a very small brunch at the Sally Army cafe which was very nice… 2 fried easy over eggs though still a bit runny, i just think they believe that nobody really likes a firm yolk lol and go into auto mode when frying them! Still i can’t complain the 2 rashers of bacon i had with them were lovely.

Forgot pic. I have returned home feeling a bit peckish and could easily have eaten some more pork belly slices that i slow cooked last night but with all this talk of fasting decided to fast until 4pm :rofl: and eat a big dinner.

Did 35 stair runs this morning which was plenty after yesterdays CrossFit (first in a number of weeks) i had done numerous wall balls and rowing and hand stand pushups so although i wasn’t too stiff this morning gave CrossFit a break. I think the air squats i have been doing every morning after hand release push ups and delt work have paid off. Took the charity shop stuff to Lighthouse this morning so my hallway is nice and clear again… all those cd’s gone plus a scanner and computer screen and a bag of mixed stuff, books lamps odds n sods!
Having a sit down now then will cook up some hardboiled eggs as i will be using the last 3 later with bacon and a rump steak.
@Geezy56 i used to like lambs heart, was never that keen on liver since childhood when my gran used to feed us liver and onions quite regularly as it was a cheap filling midweek meal. Recently i started eating chicken livers which i find more pallatably. I have a few packs in the freezer so i must get one out shortly as i had made the decision to eat a pack every week… that didn’t last long as steaks are always first on my mind!

(Karen) #225

Proper sausages would be much better for you and if you sliced them lengthways before cooking they would take just the same amount of time. But probably taste a whole lot better. Btw i prefer Jimmy ‘Dead’ Sausages :rofl:


I love food too but it has nothing to do with fasting :slight_smile: (Except I can afford big meals if I fast longer. I need to get the balance as the longer I fast, the smaller my meals tend to get. I never could make OMEOD work even if having not similar days would be my thing. I have mealsize problems with OMAD after days!) Fasting is enjoyable too (if it’s not forced but I don’t do that) and I really can appreciate long term satiation as sometimes I get hungry all the time and/or can’t get satiated easily (not too easily, that’s the worst as that leads to 5MAD with lots of hunger and little chill)…
But now I think I got the hang of carnivore and all will be well (especially my immortal and ridiculously sturdy optimism).
I do love eating too much to do very long fasts ever but as I wrote last time I would have other problems with that.

I had my hopefully only meal. Poor Alvaro’s bicycle broke down and in the beginning at that so we had lunch a bit later than usual (though it’s even later when shopping is involved). I went and helped him to bring back the bicycle. We were hungry. Good, I thought, at least it will be easy to eat an OMAD sized meal. Though even I know it doesn’t work like that… But getting hungry definitely helps. I had to eat beyond satiation (it’s very normal in my world), I didn’t even need breaks but then I tracked, okay so still not enough (I had a plan but changed it a wee bit and it reduced my protein intake) so I ate more. Now I feel full and almost satiated (my satiation is a crazy thing, no one can follow it, it wildly changes and often only calms down when I am well into my fasting window).
I ate this all, 4 more sponge cake muffins and a tiny ice cream:

I ate according to plan so minimum protein. And 94g fat so it’s low-cal again, we will see. I planned more butter but I just didn’t want it today. I had whipped cream though.
386g meat. Tomorrow won’t be much meatier as I still have leftover lean pork, leftover smoked pork chuck but afterwards I get out some fatty “scrap meat” from the freezer (and cut off much fat but it still will stay at pork chuck level).
Pork chuck fattiness is perfection, I always say, it suits my taste best AND it gives me great macros. No need to balance it out with leaner or fattier items. Not like I don’t love to add fatty items but I don’t always want it. Just almost always. But I need to be careful or else I overeat fat from dairy alone. Following a plan is tiresome if one keeps changing it so a new good plan should be made…
Pork chuck is totally great. Smoked or not. The smoked one isn’t hit and miss as the fresh one but it’s processed so I can’t depend on it much, it’s for accent, extra joy, balancing act :smiley: It’s very good with my plain sponge cakes. (I mean, I had quark ones today. And cheesy ones but apparently 2g Grana Padano isn’t noticeable in a little bun… It’s so flavorful though. But it has to compete with the great egg flavor.)

Okay, satiation arrived. I want almost a day of blissful fast now. A bold wish with a smallish lunch, biggish dinners have the best chances. But I had satiating food.

Btw, people, how do you handle runny eggs? Alvaro is okay, he puts it on his grains and those soak up everything but I don’t have that. Okay, I have my sponge cakes so I can wipe the leftover yolk but what others do? Meat can be used too, of course but it still doesn’t seem so great… I almost never ate easy over eggs or runny sunny side ups and my poached eggs always are in my soups (yep, that works too) - or we have eggs in purgatory, not carnivore but not too far and pretty good - as I didn’t like the yolk making a mess and I am being forced to make some bread type thing to wipe the plate. I was quite fine with other egg dishes, I even had runny ones, my soft-boiled eggs, I just use a cup and a spoon there, it’s a mess so I don’t do it very very often…

I try to remember but I can’t… I am pretty sure I never could have satiated by some liver alone. I would need a ton of it! Carbs don’t count, they just made me hungrier. Though a tiny meal between 2 bigger ones, it could work there…

How big a pack is? It’s 500g here and I did my best to eat one in every fortnight as it’s too nutritious. But I probably wouldn’t get harmed by one per week… I just would get bored of it, chicken liver is very very strong flavored and somewhat bitter. But I would miss it if I skipped a month :wink: Or not if I had other organs and enough variety in my meats. I really depended on liver in the past when I just couldn’t eat a whole pound of fresh meat a day especially longer term…
Tongue was odd as I LOVED it and a few times later I got bored and now I need to skip several months. I never liked chicken liver near as much but I gladly eat it twice a month… And if I get bored of it, I still like it in pâté.
But it’s different to eat something regularly as I want it - and almost being forced to it. See my decades long subtle trauma due to eating chicken every Sunday. I am fine with chicken now but it took a long time to be okay with it more often than, like, twice a year.

I have beef liver and pork spleen now but next time I buy some chicken hearts, they are so, so good :smiley: Lovely flavor, tiny whole hearts, pleasantly chewy texture, ideal for stew mixed with liver… Or with anything nice, probably…

I try to be scarce and tomorrow I plan to bring photos if we get sunshine. It’s the time when many plants get quite colorful!

(Edith) #227

Is there anything NOT venomous in Australia?


Of course there is… Somewhere.

I have read (and it seems legit) that everything wants to kill you in Australia. But not everything can. Some are mostly harmless, they just wish to do it :wink:
(Though I think koalas are too busy with staying alive to use their few braincells for wanting to kill us. So there are a few exceptions. Not many.)

(Karen) #229

I had to start cooking early at 3.15 as i was feeling ready to eat. I had a big meal as it would be last meal of the day. I cooked the 3 rump steaks (1 smallish one, 1 very large one that was almost 2 but was just holding together with a bit of fat) 2 pork belly slices , 3 hard boiled eggs mixed with back bacon. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and i had to leave half the big steak for tomorrow… i stuffed down the pork and bacon n egg mix but it was nearly too much but it was so very tasty … i still feel full and it is near 8pm.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #230

:scream: :snake: :crocodile: :spider: :scream:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #231

You all post such great pictures, I finally decided to post one, too. It’s not as good as everyone elses, but this was lunch:

Yummy! Scrumptious, even!

(Geoffrey) #232

Four over easy’s and a lamb burger.

I sop it up with the meat I’m eating.

(Robin) #233

Nice and runny and greasy. Perfect!


For some reason I fancied a few bites before 11am(!). Now I am super full and I only ate a little lean pork and not so little butter :smiley: But it’s very early, I always have very easy satiation at this time and it lasts at least for a few hours, unusual from a small meal let alone a small first one!
I hope it will help me to eat enough fat together with my only bigger meal. As I needed a not insignificant night eating again. Started modestly with 5g butter… Then added another 5… Sponge cake… Some smoked pork chuck… All the leftover pork chuck, it’s so nice…
Still not bad macros though my protein went a bit high.

Today I made good plans and will stick to it if I can!
Pork, a Vienna sausage (as I don’t have enough pork left. Alvaro still has his curry with chicken breast so he doesn’t need my pork. it’s fine, I made a buttery mustard yolk sauce and anyway, I am pretty tolerant with the leanest green ham now. how much one can change!), cheese, 3 sponge cake buns (I ate 9 yesterday… sigh. I need to bake another batch soon), leftover quark with sour cream… I will see if I bother with a photo but I have others now :slight_smile:

Ginger (Gyömbér in Hungarian. it’s only the plant/spice for us, it doesn’t mean a color):

Ginger and Caroline “Cloud” Aida. Ginger’s missing eartip (some old injury) is more obvious here. Don’t let them fool you, Ginger is a little sh*t and chases poor Cloud a lot. Cloud likes to be in peace, she only tolerates quick hugs from us too (though curling in our lap when she is in the mood works too). Ginger is more like the “gimme ALL your attention!” kind. I actually keep in mind to give her a long cuddling session in the evening if I managed to forget about it all day as I didn’t need it but she totally does. Caroline merely wants our admiration whenever she catches a vole or mouse. She meows super loudly (I clearly hear it through our 3-layer doors and windows and it is her very special “I caught something you must look at and praise me!!!” sound and it’s not that fun after the 200th vole (last time I just opened the door, looked and doesn’t even praise but she was fine with that too. she doesn’t eat it before she showed it us). She is a good hunter and we are surrounded by fields with crop.

Colorful October!

(Karen) #235

Still looks good… is that a 70’s plate! Looks great!


Oh indeed, that plate looks quite oldschool :smiley:

(Karen) #237

@Shinita beautiful pics, loving the autumn colours.

Up after another fairly good sleep. Lots of crazy dreams though… must be still trying to get over the shock of spending money… i have been such scrooge lately… more in my own case though, it takes so much for me to spend on myself but needs must with these teeth of mine. I think the last 2 nights have been better because i am not waking up with my tooth and ear. Hope that continues. My fitbit still shows that i am very restless and still need a wee trip but last night i think i only went once, which may have been around 3ish or later.

Brunch about 11.15am feeling a bit peckish though i don’t know why… sometimes that happens when i have stuffed myself with the last meal, i think it probably stretches my stomach so it wants more to fill it lol

Brunch was 2 more pork belly slices and the small rump steak left over from yesterday. The pork just melts! Was still hungry so followed it straight away with 3 large eggs scrambled in butter - salted.

Back clinic this afternoon… that’s a 3 hour round trip with the hours clinic included so i am hoping the rain stays off, it isn’t forecast till 6pm but has forecasted disruption due to rain! I have to drive up the motorway so there is always lots of surface spray :roll_eyes:

Sirloin out the fridge ready for this evenings dinner. I have got into the good habit of getting the steaks out in the morning to leave covered on the worktop to get to room temp… it makes such a difference in texture and taste.:blush:

(KM) #238

Oh, I was going with Jimmy Dead, about how I feel about them. :rofl:

(Geoffrey) #239

Oh man…what a treat. Pan seared lamb steak. Wow! So good.

Then I cooked up some scrambled eggs in the same pan to make use of the fat and caramelization from the steak.

Since there was only the one steak I split it with my wife but I could have easily eaten the whole thing.


My lunch though not everything is on the picture of it:

It was a tiny bit borderline force in the end but I couldn’t leave 3 bites for dinner, that wouldn’t end well.
While I am okay with 1.5MAD (when I have my proper lunch with a tiny meal elsewhere, it’s almost always dinner as I rarely eat before lunch), it’s very problematic when my snack sized meal is breakfast. Today I had a ~140 kcal breakfast and a ~1500 kcal lunch. It’s not very compatible with me - when my meat is too lean, at least. Zero visible fat this time (as I needed the fatty parts for my fried meat), super lean meat, not my thing but it was tasty, not dry and worked with my buttery mustard sauce, I just had to take breaks…
I had a bit of a turkey sausage (twice as much fat and 2.5 times more protein than the Jimmy Dean/Dead sausage I met the ingredients list of… but it’s an almost dry sausage. softer than usual and a tad… sour-ish? I think I will stop buying it, I prefer my dry sausage hard and dry and meatier anyway… oh it’s officially half-hard. only 100g meat was used per 100g and some pork protein), pudding and egg milk too.
And now I am very full. And I finished my meat at 15:30, will it last until tomorrow 15:00…? We will see.

It’s 11pm and I only ate 5g more butter… 30g in total so very much in my world (even if I could eat many times more. but I am quite happy with this amount).
Tomorrow is “scrap meat” day, finally something fattier :smiley: I will track it as pork chuck as usual - after I cut off a lot of fat… It will be wildly inaccurate, probably. Oh well, it’s not like it matters much. Main thing I eat my pound of meat (today it was a tad less), a few eggs and little dairy! Such days are good. It will be simple fried meat :slight_smile: With a little butter.

Second no coffee day is done :slight_smile: It goes very well but I drink a lot of tea now.