Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge



@Shinita, what I mean is the total pack price. Like think a lb. of steak in price has shot up immensely here, think like double cost per lb. now. What they are doing is making beef cuts thinner and removing some fat content to ‘make the package’ more desirable to purchase. When a steak is hitting into that $20 a steak range, if they cut beef thinner instead of a thick cut, trim more fat to reduce weight price, they can sell that beef for like $12 and people have a tendency to pay that price ya know…but there is that price per package of meat where you won’t pick it up kinda but if they trim fat to reduce cost, thin cut the meat to reduce weight, they do a ‘trick’ kinda packing of that steak to make it all more affordable in the end…well that is what is going on around here LOL hope I kinda explained the issue here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

-----------simple zc day. defrosting pork chops first meal, then being dragged out to dinner cause kiddo came home from Uni and they want Japan food. I can order beef and shrimp. No seasonings easily at this place so I am covered to eat out here, but still kinda don’t want it, but I will eat it for the sake of the family gathering LOL oh well…at least I can control it to clean zc anyway in this Japan restaurant!!

so far, keeping strong Carni as usual! Wouldn’t leave this lifestyle for anything! :slight_smile:


I try not to be jealous, you guys eat well as usual :smiley: (I want some mutton at some point too but last time I saw some, they were extremely expensive. Like ribeye so no chance even for Christmas. I want new fish species for Christmas anyway :wink: There are some options, LIDL do fish sales on every Fridays.)

But I got pork spleen!!! :smiley: Any idea how to cook it to become really good? @Naghite? I think you wrote about it before but I forgot the details, it wasn’t recently and my memory can’t hold everything…
I only tried a little bit, simply fried. It’s like liver just milder. Not bad but it could be better… I like it as an ingredient, I just feel I miss something to make it really shine… :thinking: Maybe some cream or sour cream would do it better, it works for liver sometimes… But I don’t know.

I saw muskrats right next to the big supermarket where I got spleen (and beef liver, yay! and other things. like smoked pork chuck ends for the price of raw pork chuck on sale. yum. Alvaro already ate up the leanest pieces with 3 eggs for breakfast), we saw turtles, moorhens and lovely green frogs! Yesterday was fun on a beautiful warm sunny day, we got so tired we still did nothing with the photos… My right food still can’t handle much walking especially right after a 2+ hour walk day. So I rest now while there is cool, rainy/gloomy weather outside.

@Fangs: I never even look at package price, I look at price per kg. And of course, I do want my little fat. Not too little, not too much. As I always say, the average pork chuck is perfection to me :wink: But occasionally a fattier piece is lovely too. Or a leaner, it depends. It’s complicated as some lean meat is juicy, some too lean, some too fatty (I mean, the pure meat without visible fat. pork shoulder has it fatty, I prefer leaner meat with lots of fat but some marbling if possible, not a bunch of white fat next to the lean meat…). Even the visible fat can be some soft loveliness or some harder stuff that stays too firm even cooked and warm… I only know pork, IDK how it is with beef, it was so long ago I had fattier beef but I don’t think I liked that. But it was some cheaper cut.

Apropos fatty meat, I grabbed a nice pack of scrap meat :smiley: 5kg :smiley: That’s what I like, just a little plastic for the whole bunch, I can’t get it much better from a supermarket. It’s probably about 30% fat just like the local scrap meat. These are smaller pieces, green ham, pork shoulder, pork chuck and pork belly for the price of the 2 cheaper ones. I froze it all but separated it into 2 before, 5kg is a bit much to cook at once :wink:

So I have supplies now. Got some turkey too, Alvaro bought a little cheese. I picked up a package of green ham, of course as it’s my number one meat now but I switch to the “scrap meat” soon :slight_smile: It’s totally normal pork, just small pieces, less cutting is needed, I am bored of bigger roasted pieces anyway.

I have an egg phase right now. And a non-carni weekend again. I try just to bring photos until I manage at least more than one proper carni day… I have certain problems with my supposedly tiny eating window too (at least I din’t start to eat or drink coffee until 4pm yesterday as we weren’t here but I wasn’t hungry either), I will try harder when I manage to have proper sleep. I get enough but not at the right time.

(Michael) #203

Cut it inside so that you can stuff it with some fat (maybe pork belly?) and/or cheese or whatever you might want with it - i usually slide a knife in one end and “cut” the inside open without making a large hole so that when I stuff it, everything stays inside nicely. Bake it in the oven at about 185C for (size depending) 15-25 minutes after wrapping it in parchment paper. Remove and eat.


Thanks! I vaguely remembered filling but didn’t know how and with that… I see, I will try something, I bought 4 spleens :wink: I only saw it in one supermarket chain I almost never visit and it looked edible so I wasn’t too shy :slight_smile: 4 spleens aren’t a huge amount but not little either, it will be just fine in the oven!

(Karen) #205

Brunch seabass with cold water prawns and dinner was 1 big pan fried rump steak and a few slow cooked pork belly slices with butter.
Not done a whole lot today. I did go through the cd’s again as Sian suggested giving some to dementia. So i sorted them into 3 large piles … 1 pile for donating to dementia uk, if they want them, 1 pile for charity shop and the 3rd pile for Raymond to go through to keep what he wants. Made my back ache sorting them but it isn’t too bad now. Didn’t want to spend all day doing nothing. I hate a wasted day. Off to bed early this evening as i am feeling so weary. I am so used to early nights. I guess that if we had had a great time and danced plenty we would have felt energised and i might have slept better!


The rib steak was too big for dinner last night.

I think it was @PaulL who suggested that steak and eggs is the ‘breakfast of champions’.



There was a snake in the rafters of the beach change-rooms this morning. Probably 9ft long and beautiful. It is a local carpet python.

Hot spring-time days mean the snakes are active. Most are highly venomous.


Eggs are great side dish for meat if you ask me :smiley:
A really beautiful snake! Ours are usually small and it’s near impossible to get harmed by one. We only have 2 vipers I think, all the others are harmless and the vipers are shy beauties in deep forests or something.
I love our cute wild fauna. Our worst animals are (very normal but still bad) mosquitoes, ants, bees and ticks, well ticks can be nasty… I don’t know bad diseases from mosquitoes here but it may change with climate change.

New week, fresh start, I am determined to do things better. I still have a little leftover coffee but I won’t touch it until mid-afternoon and don’t make more.
I plan a few boiled eggs (I start with 2 soft-boiled ones, all runny) and some fried lean pork and we will see…
I bought 2 packets of gelatin, 30g in total, it’s barely any but will be enough for 3 little desserts until I get more. We will order from the usual paleo webshop soon, I know how much I like the jellied fluff dessert so I probably buy the 1kg package this time and not the usual 300g.

I actually promised photos before comments, sorry I forgot but I won’t abandon this, at least it’s short!


same here K! I need something accomplished in my day also :slight_smile: you did good sorting thru that! Fab plate pics as usual!

@FrankoBear, yum on meat pic for sure. Ahh, the snake. Always in my barns I do look up too but most of my snakes are in the hay barn area and come at me from hidden places. I don’t like snakes above me in the barn rafters and luckily my guys do ground floor more…but yikes on seeing that sucker above ya :slight_smile: cool pic!

------------simple zc day
got steak and pork planned. boy oh boy into mono eating and I love it.
not much more to say, zc thriving tho

(Karen) #209

Hi there, up eatly after a very early night, during which i did actually manage a number of hours sleep. I woke a number of times but drifted off again. I definitely needed it. 30 stair runs before my push ups, delts and squats and coffee with books in the lounge. Temp really cold again today but meant to be up in double figures again tomorrow! Oooh our great british weather what would we do without it lol

Went to CrossFit , first time i have really felt up to it in a few weeks and had a pretty good workout. The box is always very cold when the temp drops as there is no heating being a warehouse type building so it was quite a while before i felt warm enough to take the long-sleeved top off that i had been wearing!

Got home and after another coffee decided to eat the 2 cold belly slices that were left over from yesterday before my root canal treatment this afternoon. Could only manage 1 & half so will finsh that off this evening with rump steak after anesthetic has worn off!
Got big furry jacket on and out to the bus stop and it dawns on me i was an hour early so back indoors for the extra painfree hour :wink:

Before going to CrossFit i was watching some little great tits very interested in my bat box … obviously looking for a way in to make a nest. They were investigating it it for ages :blush:


The photos can’t show how lovely the place we visited on Saturday was… I really liked it.

And my first meal of the week was a huge success!!! This lean meat doesn’t make the best fried meat, it’s fine but not enough so I always get bored of it while I am still hungry.
I just used butter, a little sour cream, a tad water after I lightly fried my pork and it just became awesome… I really welcome this kind of food after all those roasted and fried meat I ate in the last years. Even if they are perfectly fatty and lovely, some variety is nice and I very rarely eat stews. And soups are great but the meat in it didn’t get scorched so it can’t be as good (still, soups are good to make lean meat nice. just… it’s not fried. I used to fry everything on my mostly carnivore former life. I hated boiled vegs in general when I loved vegs but fried them all the time and that was neat. probably not anymore. but meat? meat is born to get introduced to fire :smiley: well, the animal in question probably would disagree, I looked at it from a more selfish, culinary viewpoint).

I ate up all the tiny pieces. I often do this: I fry a bunch of small pieces of pork but put a few bigger flat slices into the pan too (on top of the small ones, usually as there is rarely enough place for both in the bottom). Those are the pieces without visible fat and if I am lucky, Alvaro eventually eats them :wink: But they are fine when hungry anyway, I can use some sauce or other trick.

I had a small egg milk too and I am very satiated and satisfied with my small (1000 kcal at most!) lunch. Yay! I usually need more food than that for my first meal though carnivore is strange and I have smaller ones on my 5MAD days.
385g meat,106g protein, 59g fat, guesstimation says. And I ate butter and put cream into everything. But my meat was lean and very satiating.
I expect a wonderful TMAD day.
I was only a bit hungry but I had fresh boiled eggs and it was lunchtime so I didn’t push for skipping it. Maybe another time.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #211

It’s certainly a great combination! :egg: :cut_of_meat:

(Karen) #212

@Shinita pics are super, looks a lovely place

I do like a bit of egg with steak but as i was eating lots of it recently the last few meals have been without. Am thinking of adding eggs to tomorrows steak!

Had my root canal treatment… the jaw opened wide for an hour n half was uncomfortable, felt the first and almost second needle but the most painful bit was paying the bill :rofl::rofl::rofl: don’t know why i am laughing i have another root canal treatment at end of this month!:roll_eyes:
Returned home lighter in the pocket and consoled myself with rump steak, bacon and the last half of pork belly slice. Of course i had to wait a while for anesthetic to start wearing off and also eat on other side. I have to have a crown on it soon!

I wonder if i would have had these issues had i been carni sooner… most is down to Thorntons Toffee sorry unable to blurr that😊

So far, as the numbness is wearing off, i am still feeling painfree :slightly_smiling_face:


I had root canal treatments but not for that long!

I had similar thoughts but just with low-carb… That already was a huge change… Oh well. It’s better late than even later or never… And I enjoy not needing to go to the dentist often since low-carb… I went for months on some years and now it’s once in a blue moon… Or rather way more rarely.

I had no hunger but had a small dinner as I knew ~950 kcal OMAD isn’t what I can do… I got very very very satiated but I lost it moderately quickly, I even felt some baby hunger but so tiny that I can ignore it (eating would be a super tiresome chore - or not but it is often so in my gremlin time - among other problems, a tiny hunger is zillion times more enjoyable). Tomorrow I will try to eat a bit more fat.
And there are people who eat even less fat on keto… Guesstimation says it was 93g with minimal (close to 130g) protein and it’s super low-cal for me! No wonder I am not fully satiated. I do wonder if it would be different with proper meat, I just had Vienna sausages with cheese, my leftover egg milk and some cream.
I had over 500g meat today and a very proper eating window, about 3.5 hours (starting around 3pm, of course).

(Karen) #214

The tooth had 3 roots one of which was longer than the others. He had to keep taking xrays to make sure he had got it all out. He had all mod cons in there , he was very thorough. This is the tooth that i had an infection in just recently and had to have it packed with anitibiotics. The tooth also had a crack in it so he was trying hard to save the tooth. Maybe all those issues made it take longer? I don’t recall it taking such a time with the last one i had but then i don’t think the nhs surgery was as thorough and they didn’t have such a technically updated surgery.

(Bean) #215

I tried to buy lamb liver this week. The butcher shop had to take my name. They are very popular. Good eating!

(Bean) #216

Broke a 45 hour fast (my first longer than 24!) with four hard boiled eggs. I had a shorter day at work since students are on fall break. Took a walk and had some chuck steaks and chicken chips two hours later.

When I did my chicken stock/ pulled chicken/ chicken skin production this weekend, I froze my par cooked and sliced chicken skin on parchment paper so I can grab a handful of “strips” to microwave. Very handy- and worth doing when starting with 20# of chicken leg quarters.

(Geoffrey) #217

These will be my first but I’ve heard good things about it.

(Bob) #218

Nice. I broke my previous 24 record with a 40 hour fast this last weekend. I had 3 eggs over medium and 6 Jimmy Dead pork sausage links. I’ve heard it’s better to come out of it slow but this didn’t bother me at all.

(Robin) #219

Impressive… Way to go!


Congrats! :smiley:

I start to miss EF, I mean, I always wanted to do it again but since I tried out carnivore years ago, I am unable to do any. But I never give up the hope.
My record is 120 hours (in my high-carb times when fasting was easiest and I had my determined curiosity too) but I don’t want to repeat that. 48-72 hour sounds best to me, I would worry about my muscles and metabolism beyond that, with reason. I would get hungry anyway, would miss eating too…
But increased autophagy sounds good to me. Would be an invaluable ally in fat-loss as well as it’s almost impossible for me to eat at a deficit if I eat. Though I think I can do it now.

Lamb liver must be good. I never had it but it’s on my list. Quite difficult to get it here. I am glad I have found some beef liver, that’s not very available either but big supermarkets often have it. I am curious, I only ate it maybe twice, forgot the second, the first was memorable, mild and sweet unlike chicken or pork liver. Rabbit liver is nice but it has very little flavor. I enjoyed beef liver best and now I am sure ruminant liver is good in general :wink: For me. Alvaro dislikes beef liver so all is mine!

Enjoy your lamb liver! And tell me if you have some great liver recipes, I make liver so often and while I was fine with fried liver and had mixed success with sour cream (cream is probably even better), I could use some new method!
I still am not good enough at making pâté but I know I will improve eventually. Sometimes such things take a lot of time. Usually not but I remember my YEARS while I was trying to make good pancakes very, very often. I never will put that much effort into anything edible again but I was a pancake fan. Not anymore though I still like them but not the carnivore versions, I have very few ideas for a carnivore filling, the pancakes themselves are easy. Only Alvaro complains when I use zero starch in the dough but he is fine with 1/20th of the normal amount? No one can expect me to use more than that, eggs should overpower everything else, obviously if I am the cook. Even Mom liked eggy pancakes. I just pushed it further… It was always a shock to eat a “normal” pancake elsewhere, I couldn’t fully enjoy them even with a nice filling.
I still like the idea of pancakes even if I rarely eat them. I had so many nice memories with them.
One day I will make the popular (but not in household settings, usually, at least I never saw that) traditional Hungarian pancake (with my carni dough, of course), it is filled with veal stew and sour cream. Or the sour cream goes on top…? I don’t know. We mostly had simple sweet pancakes though I liked a few savory ones. Only the cheesy one fits carnivore but I slightly prefer cheese on top of things. making thin pancakes takes time, it’s good my new induction cooker accepts the pancake pan with its not flat enough bottom, the old ones complained after half or one pancake. But this new one can’t cook really slowly and some dishes need that. Its 200W is just too strong. We have 2 kinds of induction cooker now and both have its strengths and weaknesses (at least regarding my taste but some are truly problematic like it sets itself to1600W -its default. the new one has 1200W as default - when we wish to set the time. it’s not fun when the pot can’t handle it and it boils over. it’s a very frequent thing we do and it was annoying but now we have the new one for that and the old one to cook something really slowly. I just mix up the turning off as it has on the right for one and on the left for the other…)

Erm sorry, carried away with tiny details only important for us.

It’s true for many but it’s individual. I just follow my body’s wishes :slight_smile: I can’t imagine having any problems due to eating a big meal immediately if it’s just a short fast and not several day. After 5 days I was so disconnected from eating that I only had a tiny meal (theoretically extremely wrong but I desired that and felt good) and only ate normal the next day. 48 hour is short, I eat a normal, biggish meal then (if I desire that but it’s highly likely. if I use 48 hour, it’s my normal eating window so I want a biggish meal when hungry. if I broke my fast in the morning, that would be tiny but it’s hard for me to be hungry in the morning even on EF). But the vast majority of people I heard about said they need to be more careful even then.

I ate again last night (late evening?), I just can’t function with low-cal. I really should for one day but nope. I was impressed with my restraint, I just ate bites at a time using some proper food, not just eating until I feel satiated (quite hard in my gremlin time i.e. when it’s late) or give up after a lot of food. My gremlin state isn’t just hard to satiate but my decision making regarding what to eat isn’t always good. Often is as I like my carni food best but when I already ate enough protein, I don’t want to jump some good protein source and the rest isn’t satiating… Tough decisions, I just should never eat after 6-7pm but if I am hungry, I have no other option.
But now I got a good day even with 3MAD (still IF, 3 meals are usually too few to spread in a bigger than 8 hour eating window. I often fit 5 into less but of course, 5MAD meals are tiny so don’t last long.)

I have tasty food for today. Freshly baked sponge cake buns with cheese, sour cream and especially smoked cooked pork chuck (yum! I ate a bite at night. A BITE. a little wonder, it’s good and self control has little to do with my personality) to go with them. And pork, of course, it’s almost always the base of my day. I made a good plan, we will see! With lots of sour cream as we have a lot and I need the fat on days where I focus on lean pork and have some quark too and most of my other items are on egg level. Today will be better than yesterday, I will eat enough during the day and get perfect satiation for the night. I hope. But what could possibly go wrong? It’s quite impossible to get bored of my food now.

Today is my first no-coffee day :slight_smile: Not even cocoa as I take carnivore seriously now. Cocoa is the perfect replacement of coffee for me so if I really want to quit coffee, I rather use that than giving up (I always loved cocoa anyway. cheaper and tastier than coffee and very special, makes chocolate! even if my big chocolate loving times are over. carnivore helped with that but why not with coffee?). Even cocoa is better with a little coffee though… And brings the cream problems into my fasting window just the same… And very much not carnivore, obviously so now I drink water and tea. I have various teas and they should help me out when I miss not exactly coffee but something a tad more fun and substantial than some weak plain tea. I have tasty tea I can drink with a hint of cream now. And egg milk, I got flavorings. I will stop those too at some point but I really need the help now. Coffee is a very strong opponent.

Now I start to get hungry… It’s only noon…

The sun is shining but it’s pretty cool outside.

I really promise to try harder at being concise. I want to do so many things better and it’s easier to do a bunch at once, they help each other gaining momentum. It’s not true for everything, of course but it is when I want to “change my life” and my goals are realistic and I actually like the things I want to do, they just still didn’t happen lately.