Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge



Now that I’m back in ZC-land, I revived my old pork loin recipe, cooked with a dry rub (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder). Super easy and really good! The meat by itself it bland but I pour the juices over it and it’s delicious.

I’ve been totally into fried eggs recently (thanks to some tempting photos on this board), so here is my Pork Loin a la Fried Egg creation. :grinning:


(Judy Thompson) #242

Good morning. Beautiful pics, I enjoyed the nature photos @Shinita and the birdhouse photos @Karen18.
Here’s my nature photo of Mimsy enjoying some ice cream:

And Jimmy Dead sausage! :joy: I’ll never look at that stuff the same way again!
Pretty good week though I had a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease by my GYN, called lichen sclerosis. So now I get to see if my carnivore diet will reverse this autoimmune disease like Michaela Peterson did. It’s said to be a lifelong condition and is treated with steroid ointment forever. Interesting, I thought.
In other news we have been into some of the Butcher Box meat and it’s quite good although the steaks we had Tuesday could have used a little sous vide for tenderness.

Pork and deviled eggs.

Ribeye and shrimp

Ice cream

Sausage and scrambled eggs, at night on Sunday
Ribeye and eggs
Yesterday we went to San Antonio on some errands and stopped for dinner. They had $5 wing platters, 5 wings each, so I got two.

Today we’re at the brewery in Fredericksburg for lunch. I’ll get a hamburger patty with an egg on it.

(Bean) #243

Keep an eye on eggs and dairy. Both can be autoimmune triggers for some.


I’m rooting for you!!! No idea what your disease is but sounds bad :frowning:

You people can’t imagine how useless I can get when I am awake between 5 and 7am. I slept enough but doesn’t matter, not in the right time so I am falling asleep. Except not exactly. I am even after a meal (wasn’t hungry but a full stomach helps with sleeping and anyway, I had food and it was lunchtime) and nope, I am awake being all sleepy and useless. Sigh. I am normally very hard to wake but lately it’s enough that Alvaro wakes up. I sleep in my own room behind closed doors and he isn’t loud, STILL.
I totally sleep through all my alarms though when they are in the wrong time sleep wise…
I thought about going to bed super early, at 11pm so I get my 6 hours until 5am but it’s impossible for me to sleep that early and anyway, waking up 5am is already a problem. So I put my most sleep inducing music to my phone and will use it to sleep back.

My food was simple enough. Almost only a pound of fried pork. I did have a bite of fish (I made a hake fish pizza for Alvaro and there was a tiny leftover), a little cheese and a few small scratchings but that’s it. If we don’t count the non-carni items, I was not only miserably zombie but Alvaro got a pizza and I had the tiny fish and a bit dry fried meat so I ate a little bit of tomato sauce. And some juicy raw vegs. They balanced out the dryness of the meat and it’s good enough for me in October, it’s not every day anyway.

So it doesn’t matter that my fried meat is fatty, I still don’t like drier stuff now (except very crunchy things, there is no problem with scratchings or cheese whisps ever). It was easy to eat a pound (with the plant additions) but I will go for soups and stews and the like in the near future. As the fried meat was just as dry as it normally is and should, it was pretty good, I just got bored of pure fried meat and roasted meats, apparently.

Behold my beautiful scratchings in the sunshine:

They are somewhat meaty, I prefer that but I couldn’t separate the fat tissue and meat part in the smallish meat scraps anyway (sometimes it’s a long lean meat with a bunch of thick fat mass in the end but it wasn’t the case now). It’s fine, both my normal fried meat and scratchings need something from the other stuff.
But I have no idea the macros of my food now. The fried meat will be fine as pork chuck but the meaty scratchings…? That’s anybody’s guess. But as I wrote before, it’s quite fine. Except when I want to know my macros but it’s normal for me to skip days and I don’t always have scratchings. I eat them up quickly (as I should. they lose their crunchiness if I store them) and they come hand in hand with a ton of fat. I made 210g today and it’s the smaller half of the “scrap meat” (okay, this bunch was called “sausage meat”, actually as that requires fatty meat and the pieces gets ground up anyway)… 210g fat lasts for weeks… Easily several weeks, it doesn’t help that my chosen added fat is butter now :smiley: But I can use it up when I make fried liver and then pâté.

So the 5kg package gives me 500g lard, a pile of quite fatty scratchings and a lot of still fatty meat…

The next paragraph isn’t carnivore. But relevant, I can’t just be careful, it wouldn’t work. Hence the warning.

I didn’t fancy egg today but surely will eat some later. As I need a dinner after this lunch.
I made a pudding again. I need to think forward when using gelatine, I like that konjac flour (I run out of it weeks ago) makes it almost instantly and I get a thick but still flowing pudding, not this jellied one. But this is good, I use less gelatin today so it won’t be as firm… I probably will keep using gelatine unless I want a pudding ASAP. 1-2g konjac flour isn’t something that could bother me :smiley: I probably won’t have many pure carnivore weeks in the next year (if we consider every non-carni items, forget it. I keep my tea :smiley: and spices and condiments and flavorings in all my desserts). And it’s not worth it to avoid vegs at all cost. I can do it pretty well normally (if it was November, I would have made some carnivore sauce instead of vegs. I am very serious about November) but if Alvaro gets eggs in purgatory (like tomorrow… I so love that it’s a 10 minute almost zero work dish :D), I get eggs in purgatory even if with way less sauce with it. The same with stew. If he gets pizza, I am fine with my pork :slight_smile: Maybe I will make a carni pizza one day but I strongly prefer the tomato kind, never did the yolk+paprika base, tried the sour cream one, not bad but not pizza to me (okay, actually even Alvaro’s wheat thing isn’t real pizza, I know that). it’s simpler to eat my pork. I think it was the first time that only Alvaro got pizza AND I hadn’t the tiniest temptation. I know it’s not good anyway, it is eggless… Crunchy though. My pizza crust is never crunchy. Copious amounts of cheese could help I suppose but I only like cheese on top. And the top must have it and if it had a lot in the crust, it would be way too cheesy. And eggs mixed with meat results in a soft thing. Not bad but not crunchy. Alvaro’s is super crunchy but eggless and too flour tasting. So neither is worth it to me. I eat other things.

No coffee day #3 and it’s so very easy :smiley: I drink teas galore though, I am waiting it to change already… Of course I drink water too but it’s cold now, I like warm liquids and I am not used to warm water anymore, I will change it back.
And I have lots of new teas… Most of them aren’t so exciting but still, variety…

(Judy Thompson) #245

Thanks. Since COVID 2 years ago I’ve had an aversion to most dairy.
I use ghee and heavy whipping cream. I drink beer once a week at the brewery, I should cut that.
Anyway, there are luckily a few places I can go before beef, salt and water!

(Karen) #246

@Shinita & @JJFiddle your foody pics were super love the scratchings oh and @Geezy56 and @Sophie107 the lamb steak cooked just as i love it… rare as …and the pork loin looks fab though i do prefer shoulder as it it fattier and i can always get it with a good skin on for crackling.

Yesterday food

This was after i returned home for getting my back done.

Today i decided to have a day free of stair runs … though i knew i would feel better for doing them …i had a poor night even though my fitbit says it was good… generally it says good if i get a good amount of deep sleep … and my back was sore after all the qork done on it yesterday. So just hand release push ups, delts and squats this morning and only 1 set of each.

Brunch before heading over to see Raymond was corned beef and fried eggs. I had thought i would make a tuna omelette but going in pantry the corned beef can jumped out and said “use me” so i did. I had been thinking recently what it would be like of i fried it instead of eating it cold… it didn’t fair well in the pan and fell apart when i tried flipping it over but having said that, albeit ot looked a mess it was very tasty with the eggs and a little bit crispy in places. I will try it as an omelette next time.

This evening i cooked a sirloin which was so nice and scrambled 3 large eggs with cold water prawns

Last nights sleep pattern


Some very mouth watering dishes right there!


Quite unusual day for me today with only 2 yolks! It was a meaty one :slight_smile:
I got hungry after dinner so had some more bites. And milk. So good I stopped drinking coffee, this one is wonderful plain!
Okay day (though a bit carby, of course I did worse on pure carnivore… but plant carbs and animal sugars aren’t the same…), minimum protein and about as much fat I think (just vaguely tracked, it’s not like I can expect any accuracy with fatty meat anyway), such days should happen too, I can’t keep my fat lowish all the time! :wink: But as the years pass and my carbs go down, my fat goes down too (I need to put more and more effort - well, focus. it is not harder just need to be careful - into it but it’s doable sometimes… and it starts to get “often”. yay).

Tomorrow I get out the rabbit from the freezer and will have a lot of space… I have close to zero now.


How do you cook your pork shoulder? I bought one last week for the first time!

(Karen) #250

I always use this method and it works everytime :blush:


Oh you have skin on pork shoulder? They come without it here. Skin is on pork belly and hock and maybe something else too, occasionally but I forgot which, not shoulder. I have no idea what to do with it so I never buy fresh pork with skin. The piglet was special and a piglet, even I couldn’t ruin the skin. Once I made something with skin and it didn’t work… I will read this above, maybe I find the secret… But I didn’t like the taste of the skin back then. But it happens with meat too, I will try again one day. Now I want simple things.

I always just roast pork shoulder. It’s not my fav cut but cheap and fatty and I still managed to eat 1kg of it on a day… Twice. So I am careful now.
But it’s fatty so frying it works too. Yum.

(Karen) #252

Got up slightly earlier this morning as my friend, Raymond, was going to a physio appt at 9am. The weather is atrocious as we have storm Babet just arrived … it hit and flooded Cork, Ireland so i didn’t want him to get drenched but when i called to say i would come over and take him he had just returned after being called on the bus to say it was cancelled due to sickness! He had set off extra early to get a breakfast before going in for the treatment.

We decided not to attempt the long drive to Lichfield for this afternoons tea dance as the roads here are already flooding … it will be awful on the motorway so not risking it. And here’s me, the silly woman who would drive miles in snow storms pre covid! That is when Raymond lived all the way down in Northampton! Anyway i have spent the murky morning at the computer upstairs comparing the market for home insurance deals and have knocked over £200 off the renewal price offered by my current provider! It was bothering me last night when i was trying to sleep…i had to say to myself “Tomorrow will be fine to search a new deal” i knew these few months up to xmas would be expensive … car ins, home ins 2 root canals, 2 crowns, hygenist, back clinic, hair appt, twixmis dance holiday plus helping Raymond get new carpets and blinds for his new bungalow which he will pay me back for, bit by bit, over the next few months and he always pays me back… he is only on a state pension. Phew! I am surprised i am not hyper-ventilating!

Brunch was a number of pork chops slow cooked last night and seared in the frying pan before eating. Sickly … thats all i can say! The belly pork was far nicer. I think i will do the in the oven next time… still have a few to finish off… not so sure i will be able to stomach it! I had to have a chilli spiced earl grey tea to follow it to cleanse the palette! Before eating so much cleaner i would have chosen a condiment to have with it to cut the grease but i haven’t had any condiments since beginning of Sept . I think for dinner i will have a corned beef omelette.

(Karen) #253

Here is it harder to find skin on pork loin . Lidl always have shoulder with a good amount of skin. I always used to use loin but since finding that recipe I prefer shoulder.


Never saw that either. A normal supermarket has zero skin on fresh red meat here. A big super/hypermarket may have it on a few cuts, sometimes. That’s it. I almost always see skin only on smoked pork. And (fresh or smoked) hock, that one always comes with skin. It’s rare for other fresh cuts but the big, 5+ kg packages only big places have may contain skin if the cut is among the mentioned few.

I still haven’t visited butchers in the city (I don’t even know where they are…) so IDK about those places.

Oh pork feet comes with skin too, of course, it’s the point, after all, the stuff is mostly skin and bones and makes good aspic :slight_smile:

(Karen) #255

Well the rain hasn’t stopped today. I have been on the computer upstairs deleting old photos etc. Have so many to still delete. I get a bit chilly sitting up there and the time slips away so quickly. I don’t like my time slipping away.

Made a bacon and corned beef omelette and it was quite tasty. Definitely better putting the corned beef into the omelette than just frying it and putting the fried eggs on top. Makes it very filling.

Couldn’t face any more pork chops and have missed eating a steak today… i have a pack of sirloins in fridge so will eat them tomorrow.


Cloudy but very warm day… Odd but happens sometimes.
Alvaro talked about climate change with dry, super hot summers and whatnots… We will need A/C upstairs too, it’s already not so great, I can’t stand more than 1 hour in my room in hot summer. So we won’t wait for long with that. Alvaro is waiting for affordable solar cells (our circumstances really aren’t good for it… not the right angle of the roof, way too many big trees… it needs maintenance and produce energy mostly in summer when we need little… I gave up on it and Alvaro apparently didn’t, he just knows it’s a bad idea now. it would be great to use wind as we have a lot of it… but that’s more exotic and problematic. maybe one day? I think we are fine until we can get electricity, it costs little and it’s simple. but it can change).

Normal TMAD this far. I made soup but it doesn’t taste soup to me, it’s like a roast with too much water… So that happens if I just use pork, no bones or anything other, just meat. I probably will just thicken the water (it’s not so very much anyway) and eat it as meat with sauce. But today I felt no desire to eat it so I ate my leftover fried pork :slight_smile: And eggs, cheese, sausage… Coffee with milk too. I lasted for almost 4 days already… And I didn’t drink any until almost 4pm! And even then, not very many. Good enough for me.

Tomorrow is rabbit day! :rabbit2: I may not eat it yet, it depends when Alvaro will cook it, I have pork and smoked mackerel anyway - and found some expired quark I forgot about. still good - but I will eat fried rabbit liver. Barely any taste but that is nice in its subtle way :wink: It was so long ago I ate the last (half) one.

My workout was still just partial, I keep starting it too late… :frowning: I have muscle ache but finally, I got some improvement, I need to raise the weights for my biceps exercise (it will be 2x10kg :smiley: yay!) , I need to buy more weights. Last time I was shocked by the price for rubber covered 5kg weights… I will buy normal ones, it will be fine, I have 4 rubber one and I use them for the exercises where I put it down more harshly, maybe I wrote about it once.


I tracked. Today’s macros are almost like yesterday’s. Just with 4 times more calories from eggs and dairy and half as much meat for today… But I am very very satiated. It’s a wonderful feeling.
Since I eat fattier meat and scratchings too, my fat and protein intake raised considerably. But I don’t have lean meat now (the rabbit will be but it’s not substantial and the dish won’t even be carnivore) so I will keep eating at a surplus I suppose. I try to avoid butter but it has a powerful siren song… And I don’t resist temptation.

Wait, I do have quark! Not my fav kind so I need to figure out what to do with it. I will make a spread but that has lots of sour cream and butter in it, it won’t make my fat intake smaller than my protein one. And my protein intake is ~150g now and the rabbit may make it worse. Oh well. I go for a long walk tomorrow, at least, I am too inactive lately again, bad sleep, bad foot and not so great weather weren’t encouraging…
I stop tracking for a while. And I will have paperwork in the city (inheritance, still) and cemetery visit in the other end of the country so I won’t try anything hard. But I will have 3 peaceful days first! And it won’t be soooooooo bad but still :frowning: I will be glad when they will be in the past.

It’s still warm outside and it’s night.
It’s almost midnight and most of the country is over 20C… Some place has 26C. That is 68 and 78F, respectively. Some days ago it was mild frost… October rarely has 26C but when it has it, it’s a sunny early afternoon!!!
But I better get used to it as climate change progresses. Alvaro said some grapes find their original Italian homes too hot but they enjoy life in Hungary now, a few decades and we will have one month mild winters and dry, hot summers. I already find our summers unbearable without hiding in my home with A/C… We should get money somehow, forget about this house we spent all our money on (impossible to sell for much for reasons, we didn’t care about that aspect and I don’t regret that, actually) and move to the North… Maybe Poland with their cute multi storey houses in the Tatra Mountains, they impressed us when we went there…
But the language would be a problem, oh well. It’s just some daydreaming, we did that regarding Australia once. I actually love Italy despite not being there ever but it’s too hot almost everywhere. I would love to visit when it’s not summer, though. It’s pretty close… Alvaro’s Mom goes there every year.

(Geoffrey) #258

Good eats in store for the future boys and girls.

Got my lambs back from the processors today. Set a quarter back to smoke on Sunday.

For today it was a salmon and cheese four egg omelette. I’m afraid I went a little overboard with the cheese. Hope I don’t pay for that later. The red dots are Tabasco sauce. I know it’s not pure carnivore but it has no sugars and I love hot sauce.


keeping zc extremely simple.
hit grocery for Tbone steaks on good sale. got alot for the freezer. had kiddo with me who is on fall break from Uni and she said mom ya ever get embarrassed buying SO many steaks and like nothing else in your order and I said, NOPE. I smile all the way from checkout to my freezer LOL No embarrassment here on my part when I have a buggy load of meat ever! In fact I glow with pride HA

got a yearning for some bacon tho. haven’t had it in a while, I think first ests of the day will be a lb. of bacon and a pork chop. Yep, sounds wonderful. Of course Tbone steak for 2nd meal and food done for tomorrow.

easy peasy zc!

(Robin) #260

Lucky you to have that freezer AND full of all that goodness.