Eggtober Octstravaganza - 31 days of Healthy Protein Eating - Carnivore Challenge


(Karen) #181

Alarm on for 7.30 this morning but woke before it went off and decided i didn’t want to get up so switched it off and stayed in bed till 8.30! Did some stair running then downstairs for meds and BP… Bp was lower this morning at 98/61. Outside with jacket on for coffee and books. The cooler mornings are on their way.

Had to stay in for a delivery today so pottered about de-cluttering. Filled a stand up bin (the one that had all the paperwork in that recycled on monday) with cd’s. I have hung on to them even though i have uploaded them all on the computer! Why??? Also got the old photocopier and printer in the car ready for skip and charity shop. I have got loads done today as the delivery didn’t turn up till 4pm. Also sifted through one of my Mums memory boxes. Mums memories not mine, thats what i kept telling myself which made it quite easy … after all this time! All this clearing out is just getting easier and easier to let go. Phew about time too! At this rate i will soon be a minimalist lol

Lunch was a ribeye steak and beef rashers mixed with 3 hardboiled eggs and dinner was a ribeye steak and 2 crispy duck legs… i have one box of 2 legs left in the fridge. Plenty steaks though :wink:

(Bean) #182

I think I will try. I’m unsure if the coffee contributes to my inflammation or not, but there are some clear benefits I could use from fasting.

I’ve read conflicting things about if coffee helps or hinders fasting.

(Bean) #183

Hmm. Anyone have trouble with pork? I wonder if it is bothering me rather than eggs? I might need to drop both for a couple weeks then add one back at a time.

Bought more chuck roasts today. Good price and look to contain a fair amount of rib muscle. Will break into steaks after work tomorrow.

(Robin) #184

You will read conflicting evidence about a LOT here. Personal experience is the only way to learn what works for you.


Thanks for the support!


Today I went in the ocean and surfed. 10 days ago I was in hospital ER.

Everything was still niggling or hurting or squeezing. So, I just went and got my surfboard and swam and paddled out through the lagoon. Then jumped off the reef ledge into the cold, real ocean. I got hit by a few waves. Felt as weak as a baby but stronger than I thought I’d be. I caught one wave in. Then it was up and over the reef ledge on the back of another wave and into the clear water lagoon for some swimming and floating in the sunshine.

Eggs and bacon breakfast after the ocean. Lamb chops in butter for 2MAD. Nice ache in the surfing muscles. I was meant to be at work. This, though, was what I needed.


@PaulL, yea we migjt be talking the same cut. they are very big roast type but down here it seems the fat cap is disappearing more on those cuts. I think ‘my’ Boston Pork Butt might be referred to Picnic…but I see our grocery store trimming more meats in the packs and taking fat off to ‘keep prices’ lower to actually get people to buy at these higher prices ya know. So they are leaning out the cuts to keep the pack cost down on weight so people grab more, but that ain’t me for sure LOL

@Shinita, glad your pork chuck is getting a bit better, I so feel ya when you buy that one that is ‘less than’ desired :slight_smile: it really is disappointing for people like us!!

@JJFiddle, so feel ya on how great this elimination menu is just a way to find ourselves on what meats/dairy etc work for us. I AM you in that I only eat extra extra sharp cheddar, and I only buy a super quality brand. All other cheese means nothing to me now! But like you, the right day and time for that cheese now is important LOL

@FrankoBear, super glad you didn’t fracture that tooth and decades old filling, yea it was time :slight_smile: Sending you fab positive vibes to not fall apart this month and remember the month is already darn near 1/2 thru so you will be ok finishing it off and going into Nov Carni in great shape!!

usually not that much when dealing with store bought kinda but for hogs it can show a big taste diff. on how local farms raise and your purchase of that meat. I raised hogs for nearly 20 years while farming for harvesting and yes there can be a big change in taste when buying local raised vs. like just basic store bought but TO ME, pork almost always tastes the same regardless of source kinda, so…but taste pref. is a biggie on this one for some individuals. :slight_smile:

for me I eat up pork tenderloin alot. I pan fry super fast on high heat in alot of butter. done deal. I love it LOL

---------fast post, stuff to do as usual. not enough time in the day sometimes.

today is thin cut pork chops and maybe a ton of shrimp and sardines or next meal. I am getting caught here. My freezer is low and I went shopping for NY Strip steaks on sale and wiped out. I gotta get serious on massive beef steaks stock piled now. Getting a tad scary how low truly my freezer is in the beef dept. I will most definitely work on that LOL

(Judy Thompson) #188

@beannoise fasting with coffee might hurt your tummy but if not, I don’t see any problem. People fast on all kinds of things -bone broth even. In the omnivorous world, all kinds of juices. I have mostly water fasted. It would be interesting to fast carnivore, having the heightened sensitivity it brings as the “ultimate elimination diet.”

(Robin) #189

Waves and sun… good decision.


Same, only I do black tea with HWC! Just love it.


I can’t fast with coffee as I lost my ability to drink it black. But I really hope I can stop drinking it anyway…

I got 30 eggs today (I still heavily limp after 2 hours of walk… I am almost okay normal though, yay), we only have about 60 now and we can’t get many in the next weeks so I better focus on meat! That is good idea for fat-loss and simplicity anyway… Not like my eggs are complicated now… I still am fine with boiled eggs.

I don’t really get it… Fat is cheaper, usually… Oh whatever. Weird practice. I only saw fat trimming in the LIDL, I never will get over their “light pork loin”… But it’s fine, there are a few packages for people who totally NEED basically fat free pork (no idea how much fat is in that. I guess like chicken breast? surely not much more, loin is quite lean and they take away all the visible fat) and all the other pork loin is normal, not like I am interested in such lean meat but Alvaro loves it so we buy it when it goes on some tempting sale sometimes.
And LIDL would be forgiven anyway as they keep some nicely priced deer (one of the meats that is allowed to be lean as it’s good :D) and their green ham slabs are the fattiest ones ever! And the limit isn’t 1 kg for them like in the local tiny supermarkets… It can be a bother, it’s my number one pork now and I can buy 900g per week in the nearby town (if I go on Tuesday or Wednesday with luck) and my own village has it for way more so I skip. Thankfully we visit bigger towns and the city a lot.

This repetitive quest for getting food is so tiresome sometimes… It would be nice to have some basic order for a week… Or month… And not getting everything one by one ourselves… But this way I see things and get almost everything on a sale…
Let’s appreciate I don’t have many items to buy now. Even Alvaro skips several isles in a big supermarket (as a small doesn’t have so many of those). It still would be nice not to worry or think about my normal meat stuff ever. Oh well. I am too lazy. I don’t even need to hunt or butcher or clean the animal…

I wonder how I will change in the future. I normally barely touch cheese but there are dishes where they are just too good. And I always loved a bunch of shredded cheese on top of something… I put it on my minced pork today. They changed somewhat between the time I took a photo and eating it…

My lunch was small, my dinner was tiny, I haven’t even touched the meatballs (is it a meatball even if it’s flat? if not, how can I call them?) or the smoked pork hock… But I ate some other things (especially dairy but there were more eggs too and I still couldn’t keep my day carnivore but I just can’t try it harder now).
I will track later. Or never but it was a simple day so I probably will.

I probably will do that soon, I got teas for it, they arrived today! :smiley: I can’t just put cream into any tea, after all. I usually drink them pure but some are better with a tiny cream. My new plain black tea isn’t plain enough to drink pure, it has some flavor that is fine but not perfect, maybe some cream would help? Almost surely. Cream is good at fixing food/drinks that needs just a tiny bit of fixing…

(Geoffrey) #192

Fried up some liverwurst and eggs. Does it get anymore nutritious than that? Good eats right there.

(Karen) #193

Stair running first thing … it has become habit again which is good and today i actually felt really good. When i stopped i checked how many i had done thinking it was 30 something but it was 47 so i rounded the number up to 50. Did my hand release pushups and delt work and some air squats.then into the lounge with coffee and books as it was murky rain outside. Tea dance this afternoon which was lovely as usual. Brunch was 1 sirloin steak and beef rashers and 2 hardboiled eggs although i just put the chopped eggs on the plate cold and covered with the bacon and melted butter. It wasn’t as nice as when i mix it over the heat in the pan. It was the whites that i wasn’t keen on cold…funny how my taste has changed radically again.
Dinner was 2 sirloin steaks with jumbo prawns cooked from raw followed by 3 beef rashers just to finish them off. I won’t buy them again i will stick to bacon

Seems i didn’t take a pic of my brunch!


I asked my doctor today to perform some metabolic tests, and she did me one better - she referred me to the UVA Obesity Clinic! I am not obese, but I am what they call “skinny fat” - a high body fat percentage and, especially, a high waist circumference, which is one of the signs for metabolic syndrome.

She said the Obesity Clinic focuses on metabolic issues, and you do not need to be obese to be a patient there. I am really wanting to explore more about insulin resistance etc, so hopefully they will do that kind of testing. She did draw for several tests today as well, including an A1C which I have never had.

The issues I raised that led her to do this were; large waist circumference; the crazy sugar cravings I’ve had my whole adult life; and genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes, as shown by a 23 and Me test.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. OTOH, maybe soon I will have fixed all of it through diet! (Well, not the genetic predisposition.) That would be nice.

(Michael) #195

Last night I ate a very thick and large ribeye. I think since I teach 10 hours straight on Fridays, I’m will have one each Friday night this term. Here was last nights, 25 ounces.

(Karen) #196

No stair runs this morning as my daughter text me about going for a walk. As i wasn’t sure on the time i had, i wanted to get my reading done first and if i had time after that i would stair run but i didn’t have time before she was knocking on my door with a bunch of flowers as a thank you for kitty sitting while she was in Crete.
We walked around rhe nature reserve then had a cuppa in the reserve cafe before finishing up back home. It was a super catch up.
Got my flu and covid boosters this afternoon and so far feel fine. Wasn’t sure they would jab me so soon after my virus but it wasn’t an issue.

Brunch was a nice big tasty rump steak and mix of bacon and prawns in butter.

Dinner :thinking::thinking::thinking: duck legs???

(Geoffrey) #197

Ribeyes for me. Hot seared in an iron skillet with tallow to a nice rare.

(Robin) #198

I’m running out of superlatives to rave about your pics!

(Geoffrey) #199

I took two lambs in today to be processed. One with be finished out normally with chops, ribs, steaks and roasts. The other will just be quartered. Those quarters will be slow smoked in the good ol’ Texas bbq fashion. I cant wait.
I’ve already got the hearts and livers back. They will be a treat.

(Karen) #200

Duck legs it was for dinner yesterday

Went to a dance in the evening and it was awful and to add insult to injury the A38 was closed on the way home … we left the dance about 2215 as we had had enough and got diverted off the main road home at exactly the same place as before when i had that annoying backseat driver with me that i almost kicked out of the car lol. There were no divertion signs and the road just leads ypu to very dark, poorly signposted narrow country roads! It should have taken 40 minutes to get home but it was about 1 & 3/4 hours. I got home and straight to bed at midnight and after a dreadful nights sleep am completely knackered this morning so no stair runs, just resting up and doing what the doctor ordered!

It will be sea bass fillets for brunch and steak for dinner. Just finished reading sitting here in the sunshine. I have my jacket on as the temp dropped through the night and there was a touch of frost on the roof tiles outside my bedroom window. I recall feeling cold through the night and the 2 jabs i had, one in each arm felt bruised so i guess those factors came into play at disturbing my sleep. Also had strange stuff going on in my head.such as the letter T of all things…and words popping with T in them all night…letters, kitty, better, cats wth! Arghhh i don’t really understand but it is what it is. Catch up later,